Saturday, January 30, 2010

AWHB Stories: Passion Gauge 100%

In lieu of an image that depicts them ALL as girls. (It's the Part 2 to the other two.)
EXTRA WARNING! The following document contains sexual content that may be extreme even by porno standards. Consult your local legal code regarding the depiction of: [mind breaking/mind erasure/being fucked silly]. Unless you’re Australian, in which case close this document immediately because your government hates you.

“Captain, do we still have hot water? I just finished playing Baywatch to a not-so-beached whale and….Oh my.”
              “…If anyone asks, I appear to have stumbled upon my own version of Code DTD, understood?”
              “Oh, Captain, you know my price for keeping secrets.”
              Haken Browning was starting to feel dirty.
              Not because he’d woken up this morning to find that Kaguya had inflicted the Spring of Drowned Girl curse on him accidentally amid last night’s drinking.
              Not because he’d gotten her to spend the next few hours helping him explore his new female form.
              Only barely because Aschen walked in on them just as they were planning to clean up (and for Haken, to finally get back in a man’s body).
              But mostly because said Aschen was currently throwing herself on him (‘her’ now?), hungry for her own share of sexual gratification after…whatever it was that currently made her smell of sea water.
              “Ooooh, who knew your Fun Mode could make your skin so smooth?” Aschen was currently in her own “Fun Mode” – the pet name for her “Code DTD” configuration for shedding, among other things, excess heat, clothing, and inhibitions – brushing her fingers across stretches of Haken’s skin and planting butterfly kisses along one side of the collarbone.
              “Ahhh…Aschen, can this wait until later? I’m starting to feel kinda woozy…”
              “Awww, but woozy is the best way for you to feel when you’re like this! It makes you feel SO much more sensitive…” A hand drifted to Haken’s breast. “Like here. Oh, my, these are surprisingly firm…”
              “I-I might still be wet from earlier there…”
              “Kaguya and I found out…I might be an even bigger cow than her…”
              “Well, THAT’s a pretty hefty claim. Do you mind if I verify it?”
              “Y…No…I’m…not quite sure. I’m not sure of a bunch of things at the moment…”
              “It’s OK. That just leaves me more room to improvise.” Aschen shifted her hands away from Haken’s breasts and locked them around the small of ‘her’ back as she initiated a kiss.
              As their tongues danced, Haken felt a tinge of surprise at being the one to receive a Frenching rather than giving one. Despite being a robot, her lips and tongue felt so soft, so gentle, so…
              Wait, “motherly”? Sure, Aschen had taken care of him in that capacity in the first few years following their discovery aboard the Mai Tierra…But did she ever really carry that instinct? And if so, could it apply to the things they were doing right now?
              “Wow, even as a girl, you’re a pretty good kisser.”
              “I…I’m impressed by how well you kiss too…mama.”
              “M-Mama? What in the-“
              Another kiss gave Aschen a second to ponder this turn of events. She needed ten.
              “I…I just realized, in all our time together…You count as my mother ‘cause you did all the ‘girl stuff’ involved in raising me way back when.”
              “The ‘girl stuff’, huh? Well, I can think of ONE thing that I didn’t REALLY do while you were a kid.”
              “You mean…You never-“
              “Nope. Two and a quarter years of diaper changes and I never bothered doing THAT.” The realization crystallized Aschen’s shock into a sly grin. “Do you…want to make up for lost time?”
              Aschen disengaged Code DTD, but the green spandex associated with her normal mode failed to regenerate. Instead, the remaining hardpoints of what little clothing she wore unlocked, allowing her to remove her top and reveal her moderate bust to Haken. “I’m not quite sure you’ll get any out, but…”
              “All I care about is if it feels good, Mama.” Aschen took a seat on the bed as Haken dutifully knelt forward to suckle on one of her teats. “Should I…start with one in particular?”
              “Well, you’re closer to my right, so-“ Aschen gasped as Haken jumped the gun and locked ‘her’ lips around her right nipple. “Whoa there, you’re going too tight! You’ve got to start slower…Aaah, you’re just tugging on it! Slow down slow down slow dow-“
              And then Aschen realized just what her hand had done in the meantime.
              Haken disengaged from Aschen’s teat, giving a yelp as the shock of a firm hand across ‘her’ buttocks registered.
              “…Bad girl.”
              “I-I’m sorry, Mama…I guess I got a little too eager…”
              “I guess you did…You know what that means, right?”
              “I’ll…have to be punished?”
              “Exactly. Kaguya, keep ‘her’ restrained while I find a suitable instrument.” Kaguya rose from the corner of the room where she’d been playing voyeur to the pseudo-incest and forced Haken’s hands behind ‘her’ back as Aschen reached to re-attach her clothes.
              And then Suzuka threw open the door, clutching a pair of strap-ons. “OH-HOHOHOHO! I couldn’t help but hear what was going on in here! Were you going to need these?”
              “…How did you know what I was planning and what the hell made you decide to raid my ‘Very Personal Effects’ drawer?”
              “Well, where else would you keep things for punishing bad subs?” The giddy Shiki-Oni pushed the sex toys into Aschen’s hands. “And by the way, none for me, thanks. I ‘dance’ for either just two or large audiences – it’s an Oni tradition thing, y’know?”
              The door shut just as quickly as it opened, leaving the three occupants of the Captain’s Quarters to wipe the puzzled looks off their faces. “…Eh, I’ll deal with her later. After all, I can only punish one disobedient girl at a time…Kaguya, release her, but put her down a bit.” The princess obliged, letting Haken fall to ‘her’ knees before letting the previously bound arms fall slack.
              “Sh…should I get on all fours, Mama?”
              “You learn quickly.” Haken complied as Aschen put on one of the artificial phalluses. “I’ll bet you were expecting me to just keep spanking you?” ‘She’ nodded. “C’mon, speak up!”
              “I…I was expecting you’d keep spanking me, Mama.” Tears started welling up in the guy-turned-girl’s eyes. “I wanted you to keep doing it, Mama!”
              “Spanking can only do so much, and it can’t quite equal the pain of what you did. But since you were honest, I’ll try to make your punishment go down easy.” Aschen positioned herself in front of Haken’s face. “Get this wet and KEEP it wet until I say stop.”
              Unsatisfied with Haken’s reply, Aschen signaled to Kaguya to elicit a more worthy acknowledgement of ‘her’ compliance with another spanking.
              “Ow! I-I mean, yes, Mama!” Haken extended ‘her’ tongue across the head of the plastic member, wrapping it around a couple times before taking several inches of it into ‘her’ mouth.
              “This is surprisingly good! You must be working off the expectations you had for us back when you were just a randy little boy! …OK, you can stop now.” For some reason, Haken failed to comply. Taking the hint, Kaguya slapped ‘her’ ass again.
              “Guh!” The jolt kicked the mock penis into the purview of Haken’s gag reflex, letting it do the work of removing the unit from ‘her’ throat for Aschen. “S-sorry, Mama, it just…it tasted weird…in kind of a good way…”
              “Punishments within punishments will just keep us here all day, but I can assure you you’ll get to taste another one soon enough. First, though…” Aschen and Kaguya traded places, the latter attaching the second strap-on to herself in anticipation. “THIS needs to go in the hole that’s been going neglected every time we spank you!” Aschen aligned her member with Haken’s anus and slid it in with one slow, determined push.
              “KYAAAAAAAAAH! It…it still hurts, Mama!”
              “Oh come on now, weren’t you telling me earlier how much ‘Haken-chan’ likes it in the ass?” Kaguya had apparently started getting in the proper mood. “Don’t tell me I have to start the next part of your punishment!”
              “You’ll get your turn soon enough, but first she has to learn what’s in store for her ass when she disobeys me!” Aschen began slowly thrusting within Haken’s ass, making sure to push the limits of ‘her’ cavity walls.
              “Aaaaah! It hurts, it hurts! But…”
              “But what?”
              “The other hole…You being in my ass is making my other hole so wet, Mama!” Indeed, Haken’s vagina was beginning to glisten with the feedback from the ruckus in ‘her’ anus.
              “Kaguya…You may proceed.”
              “If you want this in your other hole, you’ll need to get it wet like last time.” Haken skipped the tongue play of the previous faux-blowjob and deepthroated the strap-on, letting the rocking from Aschen’s thrusts bob it around in ‘her’ mouth to coat it in saliva. “OK, ease up on her a bit, I gotta be able to pull it out.” Aschen desynchronized her pushing to accommodate, then stopped altogether once Kaguya was clear of Haken’s mouth.
              “Wh-why’d you stop, Mama?”
              “Because you need to stand for the next part.” With a little push in the shoulders from Kaguya, Haken got on ‘her’ two feet surprisingly well for someone with a whole other person attached near the small of their back. “…I hope you understand what is about to happen. Once Kaguya is inside you, you’ll be spoiled for marriage.”
              “…I don’t care.”
              “I don’t care because…I already belong to her…and to you, Mama…”
              “…I was going to say the same thing a lot more angrily, but it’s nice to know you’re being happy about it.” Aschen reactivated Code DTD as her hands wrapped around Haken’s breasts. “And for being so honest, we’ll make it feel SO good for you to become my slutty daughter!” The strap-on inside Haken’s ass started gently vibrating, along with the one poised to enter ‘her’ pussy.
              “Hwaaaaa-ohhh, yes! Please…Kaguya…finish Mama’s work…make me her daughter…your slut!” Kaguya obliged, thrusting into ‘her’ birth canal with a force usually reserved for the final strike of the Nanbu Ittoryu Gekka Bijin.
              Aschen tightened her grip around Haken’s chest, spreading her fingers to lightly pinch ‘her’ nipples. “Remember, this is still technically your punishment. Do you remember what you’re sorry for?”
              “I-I’m sorry for…being too rough with your breasts…”
              “…And for getting myself punished just so you would spank me…”
              “AND?” Surprisingly, this was from Kaguya.
              “…A…And…and for being a boy! I’m sorry for being a boy all this time when I could have been your slut daughter all along!”
              Aschen whistled. “Wow, apologizing to yourself for something that wasn’t your fault. I never thought we were THAT good.”
              “Please…I’m sorry for everything…just, please, keep filling me up…keep pushing deeper…I…Mama…Kaguya…I want you inside me…forever…”
              “We can’t exactly do THAT, but we promise it’ll at least feel like forever, OK?”
              “Yes…please…I-I’m…Are you about to…”
              “Yeah…I’m almost ready to…”
              “What kind of mother would I be if I couldn’t come with my lovely daughter?”
              “Then…I want to swear…on all of us coming together…that we’ll be like this whenever we can…and that I’ll be yours forever…”
              “YES! Yes, Haken-chan, we swear! We swear that we’ll take your holes whenever we want them…”
              “…And make you love it! Because that’s what family’s for!”
              “Thank you…Kaguya…Mama…Ohhh, I’m gonna-“
              “I’m about to, too!”
              “It feels so-“
              And thus the oddest, most perverted equivalent to holy matrimony in the Endless Frontier was consummated.

[A little while later…]

              Haken’s stomach churned from emptiness, awakening the three from the afterglow of their shared orgasm. “Huh. We really should’ve bothered with lunch. And breakfast.”
              “Well, should we make ourselves decent and get something in town?”
              “But I don’t want to be decent anymore!”
              “Tough cookies.”
              “Whaddaya mean tough cookies, Mama?”
              “And quit calling me Mama! Good God, does Stockholm Syndrome really set in THAT hard with you?”
              “But…But we swore…”
              “Kaguya’s ejaculation was delayed by 0.73 seconds. It won’t hold in court.”
              “And who the hell are YOU to keep track of those things?”
              “There are certain obligations Haken still has – as a MALE, mind you – that demand ‘she’ be less hasty in swearing eternal oaths. As far as I’m concerned, we coerced ‘her’ confession and declaration. It never happened.”
              “The hell it didn’t!” Suzuka’s voice rang out from the air duct. “Marion says she could hear Haken babbling like a third-rate porn star from the other end of the ship!”
              “Well, fine, it happened, but we can’t count it!”
              “Can I be the notary if you re-enact it?”


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