Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unnecessary Update Part Meh

If for some reason you were depending on us for doujin/CG set links instead of just grabbing things from e-hentai as they were actually released, you might find our selection wanting thanks to the seizure of Megaupload by the U.S. Justice Department today. We (read: Haken) do not forsee the return of MU's filehosting services, due to the scope of criminal activity engaged in by MU's top brass - particularly things that cross the line from Internet Piracy into Actual Piracy, and so on into Legitimate Criminal Concerns.

Megaupload links have been deactivated and struck-through in nearly all pertinent posts; only time will tell if we have to scrub other file sharing sites' links. In the meantime, keeping in /m/erotica's (read: also Haken's) stance that /m/ is not ready for new R-18 works, no new doujin/CG posts are planned at this time.

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  1. You might want to reupload Tanktop ga tamaranai!, the mediafire and rapidshare links are down.