Saturday, December 26, 2009

Doujin: Leaz Kouboh doujin collection

Since /rs/ is down, here the Leaz Kouboh doujin collection provided by /m/'s Metalman

Contains 40 doujins(!)

Also, some doujins have already been posted, you can find the Tank Top doujin(involves Lune/Valsione being fucked by the Einst Tentacles) translated here


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AWHB Stories: Britannian Pie Omake (not that adult)

NOTE: The following may not actually be adult content. Blogger lacks post-by-post jump cut headers and all that.

Intended for use following reading of Britannian Pie only (scroll further down).

AWHB Stories: Britannian Pie

C.C. Probably came after staring at this artwork, yup not photo

LBS Stories: Kusuha/Bullet

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Doujins: Random Doujin pack 1

Just some random SRW doujins found in my HD, includes 3 Ibis Doujins, a J doujin, a W(!) doujin and a whole lot of Seolla

Oh and 1 LOE doujin thats loli, included it because well, where can you see Iron mask reap dem loli with his tentacles(seriously?) for those who hate loli, skip the first few pages and enjoy the Judau/Puru subplot.

Oh and included a Secret Society M, a Setsuko doujin that was translated by Sahadou

and also a crossover doujin of Eva/Nadesico/ZZ

DL Link:
One for now bros, my internet is kinda shitty tonight:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AWHB Stories: Loo The Dew

Doujin: SRW and Endless Frontier doujins from Kamille

Who is this captain again?

Thank you so much Kamille for these wonderful doujins! Hope you don't mind if I upload them here.

[Samurai]Batorufurudo Super Robo
[Samurai] Ichigeki Hissatsu Super Robot (Super Robot Wars)
[Z-TABUKURONEKO HOUSE] Harama Kingdom (SRWL Endless Frontier)

Dem Links:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doujin: Godannar set and LOE set from Metalman W9

Includes official doujin(lol a fanbook that was made but the official creator)


Also contributed by Metalman. LORD OF ELEMENTAL DOUJINS! That's right! LOE


LBS Stories: Raul/Fiona/Despynis

Sorry LBS, I thought I posted this already. Also I included your notes. I'm terribly sorry bro


A part in the Ryoto/Rio fic I previously posted where Ryoto says "I just think about karate" was a reference to "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad" where Lt. Frank Drebin finds himself in a similar situation - replace karate with baseball.

Also, the Despynis scene here was inspired by Yanagawa Rio's "Wednesday's Secret".

Fine, I'll cut the crap and give you guys what you paid to see.

Without further ado, the Raul/Fiona/Despynis fic!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

AWHB Stories: Joint Exercise

Doujin: Fantasy Wind Doujin set

Here bros, a set of Doujins made by possibly my favorite SRW Doujin artist Fantasy wind(who made a few SRW:Endless frontier doujins too, check my older post which were contributed by MEtalman)


Will add more links later

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Doujin: Code Geass: Hide and Seek 1 and 2

Remember kids, never trust a doujins cover! Thats why I posted dem pages.

Presenting another classic Doujin from Fakku. This is the Hide and Seek series. The first one stars C.C. getting into trouble with 3 of Zero's unknown mooks. THe second one has Anya, making sweet love!

Don't let the covers fool you btw. These have the very good art(They have the best looking Anya in a doujn ever!)

Download links:

Couch joins the writing: Mai/Aya

Couch gives out a short but sweet fanfic

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doujin: HOLY SHIT 14 Mugen no Frontier Doujins!

THATS RIGHT BROS 14 DOUJINS ALL COURTESY OF METALMAN W9. Includes 3 new doujins as well!

Download link(1 for now Media fire link by Metalman, will upload later as well)

Doujin: SupeXFro [English]

Look kids, official rule 63 yuri!

doujin is classic. Anyway enjoy this doujin in English. Translated by Zetsurin

Download links:

Mediafire seems to be shitty today so only two links

LBS Stories: Viletta and Radha

Friday, November 20, 2009

LBS Stories: Ryoto/Rio

Doujin: Tank Top Gataranai! [English]

Tentacles? ON MY VALSIONE?!?

Found this in my HD after doing some cleaning up. It involves Lune getting "entangled" while inside her Valsione which for some reason also gets violated. (seriously)/m/ in general


Also Linux Black Sarena is fucking Awesome!

LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Lune/Lamia

Whoops, we're missing a thumbnail. Probably 'cause Japan hasn't drawn any two of this fic's three participants together yet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little something from Tequila Gundam: Katina and Russel

Someone's probably drawn/macro'd a suitable Katina/Russel thumbnail by now, but as of 1/12/10, Andy (operating as Haken in certain markets) doesn't have it on his hard drive.

LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Lune/Valsione?

Ryusei's take on the following incident