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AWHB Stories: Britannian Pie

C.C. Probably came after staring at this artwork, yup not photo

Britannian Pie
An adult (mostly) Code Geass fanfic by /m/’s Andy Waltfeld

Nightfall at Ashford Academy brought loneliness to the Lamperouge residence. Lelouch was off coordinating the Black Knights’ next moves as Zero, and Sayoko had taken Nunnally for an evening shopping spree, leaving C.C. with an empty mansion and nothing to do in it.

Well, nothing except wait for her routine delivery to arrive. Faced with the droll solitude of hiding from Britannian authorities and most everyone else who didn’t need to know of her existence, C.C. had taken to ordering in various samples of Japan’s (well, for now, Area 11’s) finer cuisines. And what finer cuisine was there but the cheesy, greasy goodness of Pizza Hut?

At approximately 8:15 PM, the night’s order was announced with the door chime reverberating throughout the mansion. C.C. raced to the front door, Cheese-kun plush and reward sticker sheet in tow.

“Order number B78019, two large Pan Pizzas with extra cheese?”

“That’d be me.” While confirming the order, C.C. couldn’t help but notice this wasn’t the usual delivery driver. “I don’t remember there being any female drivers serving this area. You new?”

“Transferred from a ways north, actually. Your total was ¥2450, will that be cash, credit, or-“

“Hang on, my card ought to be here somewhere.” Putting down her promotional goodies, C.C. checked the side table where the other female residents’ purses were usually kept…and found nothing. “Oh crap, my usual card’s not here. Just put it on this address’s tab, I’ll pay it tomorrow.”

“All right, one moment.” The driver shifted the pizzas in order to reach the card reader on her hip. “I’ll just key this in as a pending payment and…Oh, dear.”

“Oh dear what?”

“Says here you’ve got about a month’s worth of unpaid orders charged to this residence. And all those orders were delivered at about this time, too. Are you trying to hide all this pizza from somebody?”

“Well, normally the guy who takes care of the tab doesn’t pay too much attention to how our credit invoice is itemized, but-“

“Even so, it’s not a good idea to use someone else’s money without them knowing. But tell ya what – you’re the last delivery on my shift, so I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll pull some strings and get all that debt off your account, but in return…” Here, the driver leaned towards C.C. in such a manner that her ‘Excellen’ nametag – among other things – was highly visible. “…You let me in and the two of us enjoy this pizza. Together.”

C.C. could hear…no, she could feel the italics in that last statement. Did this woman share the Geass of Absolute Control she bequeathed to Lelouch? Or was this some other power entirely?


Her guesses at the nature of Excellen’s persuasiveness were halted by yet another exercise of it, a snog perfectly calculated to lead into full-body contact.
*Eyecat-no, it’s just another bump where [adult swim] flaunts its smug superiority over people who watch the block for anime rather than Family Guy reruns.*
It took Excellen several tries, but she had finally gotten C.C. out of her trademark straitjacket. “My, it looks like all this pizza has been going straight to your butt. You got a boyfriend who appreciates a fine booty?”

“I’ve…never really paid attention.” With her arms finally out of the jacket’s sleeves, C.C. fumbled for the pizzas lying on the bed, only for Excellen to pull her arm away.

“Uh, uh, uh! If you want that so bad, you can’t eat it the regular way. Like I said, we’re gonna have it together.” Those italics again. Just what was she doing?

As if to illustrate, Excellen finished disrobing and opened one of the pizza boxes, pulling a slice out in a particularly deliberate manner. “Y’know, the elasticity of cheese is a strange thing. If you’re just eating pizza to eat it, it pulls apart nice and clean. But when you eat it to show people you’re eating it, it just stretches and stretches, and when it finally breaks off-“ The strands of cheese holding Excellen’s slice to the rest of the pizza broke away here for apparent emphasis. “-It detaches in such a manner that you get cheese stuck to your body. But both you and I know that this errant cheese won’t be too useful around here.” With that, Excellen pulled one of the strands in question off her arm and the slice, kneaded it into a ball-like piece, and pressed the mass of cheese onto her nipple, stretching it across the areola. “Now then, your first test. Nibble and lick at this until it’s all gone. No biting ME, and no eating the cheese off in one fell swoop.” As C.C. obliged, Excellen got to work preparing the cheese dangling over the other side of the slice for the same treatment.

With the impromptu cheese pastie finished, C.C. gazed at Excellen’s other breast, expecting to repeat her ministrations…only for the blonde to grasp at her bra clasp with the hand not holding the slice. “Come on, now. Pizza isn’t a one-man food unless you order a Personal Pan. I gotta do you, too.” Excellen promptly squished the second cheese lump onto the pink flesh of C.C.’s breast and started copying the green-haired girl’s tongue work. The combined heat of the mozzarella and Excellen’s tongue started to rouse something in C.C. that hadn’t been called forth in quite a while.

“OK, for this next part, we’ll need the cheese that naturally occurs on the slice, sauce and all. Trust me, there’s a good reason for it.” Anticipating what Excellen was about to suggest, C.C. pulled the cheese off of her slice and tore it roughly in half. “Straight down the middle. You’re a fast learner.” Excellen took one of the halves of cheese and pressed it sauce-first onto her pubic mound, and waited for C.C. to follow suit. “Next up is your standard 69. Same rules for taking care of the cheese apply. And no ass play; you didn’t order the pepperoni for it.”

Nodding in compliance, C.C. got onto her back as Excellen moved into position over her. As the two began stroking the strips of cheese draped across their vaginas with their tongues, C.C. couldn’t help but notice that Excellen’s rear end was almost as well-developed as her own. It would be a shame that they wouldn’t be able to compare each other more closely. That disappointment quickly faded, however, as Excellen’s teeth and tongue broke through the cheese and sauce covering her clit. Moaning slightly as the rest of the pizza detritus was similarly cleaned out, C.C. began to move in for the main event…only for Excellen to lift off of her.

“Sorry, but you’ve gotta follow the rules! But luckily, we’re down to only two parts of the pizza left. One is the main dough of the slice. We’re not gonna use that, it just isn’t sexy enough. But the crust…” Excellen tore the length of hardened bread from the rest of the slice’s remains, then started removing another from a new slice. “…I think you can tell what’s coming next. You’re lucky you ordered Pan crusts; Hand-Tossed just doesn’t hold up as well in such a damp environment.” Handing the crust from the original slice to C.C., Excellen returned to the 69 position and prepared to thrust it into her waiting hole. “All right, on three. One! Two! Three!”

The two pushed their crusts inside, prompting a wave of new sensations. C.C. found herself somewhat lost trying to comprehend the passion coming from her pizza. Was it Excellen she was having sex with or the pizza? Was it just the pizza or her pizza? Her pizza covered in Her juices so warm so hard her pizza Pizza Butt pizza slut want pizza so bad want it inside want to come want to-


Sometime around 1:00 AM, Lelouch retrieved the footage recorded by the Cheese-Kun Cam. Fast-forwarding through the playback, he made mental notes of the timestamps following Excellen’s departure. The results were staggering – a solid two and a half hours of C.C. sprawled on the floor, masturbating with pizza crusts and draping cheese all over her other erogenous zones.

After deciding he’d seen enough, Lulu dialed a certain individual on his cell phone and clipped on the voice/ID masker. “Mr. Koubou? This is Zero…I’ve managed to recover the footage of your agent and the aftermath of her handiwork…Somewhere around three hours, including Miss Browning’s actions…Yes. Full color and uncensored. I can have stills ready by next Comiket…A pleasure doing business with you…Now and forever, Pizza Hut Supports The Rebellion.”


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