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Asuham Boone Stories: Allelujah/Sumeragi/Suprise

Allelujah sighed quietly in boredom, sitting in the captain's chair aboard the Ptolemaius. Everyone seemed to be gone - Tieria, Lockon, and Setsuna were all actively engaged in missions on Earth. Ian and the two other boys were off to secure the usual weapons and supplies. Feldt and Christina were with them - most likely for the sight-seeing. Christina always tugged Feldt along for her little trips, but Allelujah supposed getting out and seeing the sights would be good for the quiet young girl.

It had been a few months since their interventions had begun, and overall, things had been going well. Which was why he was afforded the peace he currently had. He smiled, supposing he should feel blessed with this free time, rather than feeling bored and burdened by it. The only other person aboard the ship was Miss Sumeragi; and she was either asleep or planning out their next mission details. Allelujah leaned back in the seat, letting out a sigh as he stared out in to the blackness of space before him, suddenly wishing for company. He especially found himself thinking of Christina. The bubbly young girl always managed to attempt conversation, and Allelujah, with a smile, supposed he and Lockon were the only ones who engaged her in return in said conversation.

As the thought crossed his mind, he could hear the sound behind him of the door to the bridge swishing open, and then the steps of a bare foot touching cold floor. There was a girlish 'eep' as the woman's bare foot touched the cold bridge floor. Why was she walking around barefoot? Allelujah swung the chair around to face the new arrival, and he could see Sumeragi standing before her. She was dressed as usual, except her hair seemed a bit more wild than usual, and her feet were bare. And her cheeks wore a light shade of pink.

Ah, she's buzzed again... Allelujah thought.

"What're you doing? Felt like being captain for the day?" The woman asked with a playful smile, resting a hand on her hip and staring towards Allelujah. The young man smiled a bit meekly in return, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

"Just the most comfortable seat in the room, is all, heh." He offered.

"Isn't it?" She replied, approaching the central area, and sitting herself on the armrest of the captain's chair. Allelujah blinked a bit at this, looking her over; her smooth, relaxing scent coming off of her in waves. She smelt like some sort of flower he had never seen before, though he was sure it was a beautiful type whatever it was. Even while drunk, she smelt like this; that was quite a feat, he imagined.

"Bored?" She suddenly asked the young man, as he nodded lightly, trying not to let her being so close affect him adversely. Her long, flowing hair couldn't help but touch his arm in this position, the soft, silken strands flowing all over his forearm, in fact. "I've already lined up our missions for the next two weeks... and everyones gone, so I'm pretty bored too." The woman added to her statement, letting out a sigh.

"That's too bad..." was all Allelujah could manage to say in response.

"Too bad Lockon isn't around. He usually has a drink or two with me and we can talk about stuff until we pass out, hehe." She said, and that managed to make Allelujah frown just a bit. Why, he didn't know why. He didn't feel jealousy, but he felt something negative, hearing that. Sumeragi was quick to take notice as well, offering him a pout in apology, standing up in front from the arm rest, and suddenly kneeling in front of him, holding her hands together in front of herself in a praying-like motion.

"Ahhh, I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying. I turned my mind off and my mouth on."

"I know a better use that mouth of yours could have" a voice in Allelujah's head muttered. Allelujah winced at the tone, but shook it off as quickly as it had come on, smiling a bit to Sumeragi, telling her not to worry about it by it. "Don't worry about it. I'm... ah... I'm disappointed no one else is around too, I guess." He said. It was a lie. He actually found being alone with her somewhat comforting, if not exhilerating in some sort of way.

"Well, hopefully we can be enough for one another, ne?" The woman asked, smiling to him. A druken smile that said something beneath it that Allelujah couldn't quite grasp. The meaning was quickly shown to him as she had rested her hands on his leg, slowly running the fingers along his thighs through his pants. The young man immediately blushed, tensing up just a little bit. She was often drunk - but he hadn't seen this sort of behavior before. Then again, he had never been entirely alone on the ship with her while she was drunk.

Was Setsuna victim to this before? Lockon? God forbid, Tieria?

"Ah... I... well, aha... h-hopefully, yes..." was again all Allelujah could muster, chuckling a bit nervously. The woman smiled once more, this one a more deliberate, sexy smile, as she sat up a bit more - sober or not, she knew what she was doing in some way, he thought. Sitting up a bit more straight, Allelujah could see straight down her top, which barely covered anything in the first place even at face level. She began to unbutton her blue top, letting out a pained, dramatic sigh as she got it off her shoulders, leaving her clad in just a thin dark blue tank-top now.

"It's so hot in here..." She had said.

Allelujah face faulted. It was cold. She had been letting out squeals from the cold earlier.

But his logic was quickly washed away as she sat herself up, and then rested her heavy breasts on his knees, pushing them against his legs as she continued to gently rub his thighs. His eyes were drawn by the cleavage created by the pressure, and a lump formed in his throat as he stared at the cream colored skin of her chest. He could feel his body reacted, though he wished it wouldn't. Sumeragi's gaze was drawn towards the rise tent in Allelujah's pants, just *watching* it grow which managed to suitably mortify the shy Allelujah.

"Ah~ What do we have here~" the drunk seductress said as the tent had finished growing. Allelujah's face was pained from the pressure his pants created. His mind wished she'd drop it, and realize how silly and improper this was, while another half, 'him', wished for quite the opposite. And it looked like that side would be getting his wish as Sumeragi rested a gentle hand against the tent, moving her hand over it, lightly squeezing. "Looks like this hurts a little bit." The woman said, smiling to Allelujah's face, the drunk woman seeming to derive a sort of pleasure from making the shy Meister squirm under her. "Want me get it out for you? Just say please." She asked.

As if she couldn't embarass him enough. He didn't want to say or do anything. Let alone comply and further this mortifying experience. The continued rubbing and groping pained him even more, as his chest heaved lightly, a soft pant leaving his lips. It didn't take long for the meek young man to give in, as he nodded lightly, swallowing the lump in his throat.


She immediately complied, as if she was eager to continue the show. As soon as his pants were undone, his fully erect cock sprung out, pulsing lightly from the blood rushing to it from her actions. She was taken aback initially, but her simple smile and gripping the base told Allelujah she most likely wasn't new to doing this in some way. Feeling her cool, soft fingers wrap around the base made him groan, closing his eyes and tilting his head back.

Her other hand managed to spread his legs then, his legs weak from his mind obviously being elsewhere. She moved in between his legs, scooting herself closer to him on her knees; her other hand keeping a firm grip on his dick. Allelujah could feel his other side grinning, drooling over the show it was being given, but he doubted 'he' would be happy to simply play audience for much longer. And he worried what would happen if he decided to become an actor on this stage of depravity. The worry made him wish she would stop, but he also urged her to continue. Despite nearing his 20th birthday, he had little to no experience with women in this fashion. That was another feeling he had given to his other side in the past. This feeling of being entirely dominated by a beautiful woman was something entirely new.

And something he wasn't entirely too against.

He was interupted from his deep thoughts by Sumeragi lifting her tank top. He could barely see the underside of her breasts before she suddenly let go of his cock and leaned forward. His cock was buried then in to her cleavage as she smiled to him, letting go of her tanktop, letting it cover her breasts once more, and the dick resting inbetween them. Allelujah could barely make out the bump of the head of his member through the fabric of her shirt, as she pressed her hands against the side of her breasts, pushing them against him as she began to move herself lightly back and forth. "Mmmmmmm. How do you like this?" She asked.

His heart began to race, the feeling of her soft, large breasts pushing against his most sensitive part drove him wild. His soft pant became a labored breath, as Sumeragi simply smirked all the more, playing the part of the seductress quite well. Allelujah's arms gripped the arm rests to his side, not daring to touch her in return, almost afraid she would break and this odd, perverse dream would end if he reciprocated in any way.

She leaned her head down, her wild, beautiful hair falling over her shoulders in the process as she parted her lips, her tongue flicking out, and licking at the head of his cock through her shirt. Though he couldn't feel much, he could feel the damp pressure against the head, which only served to make him tense. Mentally being a virgin, much more and he would pop.

And as the thought went through his mind, Allelujah grunted, lifting his hips up lightly as his head fell forward, panting as a stain began to appear in the fabric of her shirt; eventually the hot, white fluid spurting out a bit, Sumeragi seeing her breasts gleam as the light hit the fluid now smearing her shirt and her cleavage. His cock spasmed, more fluid spilling out, her breasts and shirt thoroughly covered.

"Aw... so fast..." She said barely above a whisper.

"Don't think so." Allelujah's voice came in response, as the young man raised his head. She raised her head, hearing the voice, the tone was different - and she looked in to a golden pupil, his right eye staring in to hers, his hair having parted to the left when he leaned forward in his orgasm. "We're just getting started, Miss Sumeragi." The malevolent voice said happily. Despite just orgasming, the erection inbetween her breasts was still hard as a rock, and with a quick motion, she was on her back, Allelujah, no - Hallelujah having pushed him off of her and on to her back. She landed roughly, but no more roughly than simply laying down quickly - so Hallelujah was obviously being gentle in some way. That wouldn't last long, Sumeragi thought, even in her drunken state.

She was beginning to regret getting wasted tonight.

Hallelujah was quick to make up for earlier. "I told him I had a better use for your mouth, Miss Sumeragi." He chuckled, kneeling down and resting his legs on either side of her upper body, straddling her, as he slapped his hard cock against her cheek a few times. The adrenaline rush Sumeragi had gotten from the tables suddenly being turned make her breath out of her mouth at the worst possible moment, a moment Hallelujah didn't waste. He pushed his cock right in, a hand going to Sumeragi's head to hold it steady as he pushed in until her lips met the base of his cock. She gagged just lightly, but Hallelujah knew she'd adapt quickly. And she did. Even with his cock touching the back of her throat almost, she closed her eyes and obeyed what Hallelujah wanted.

Her cheeks sunk in as she began to suck on the hard cock filling most of her mouth. She could taste the semen on it from his earlier release, and her tongue lashed around the underside, the tip playing with the throbbing veins peppering his large member. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see Hallelujah's satisfied, holier than thou grin as she continued with her duty. Despite the situation being one she wasn't entirely thrilled with, she was still enjoying it, the alchohol clouding her enough to forgo the logic of sucking off a demented killer. Her panties were wet, her thin, tight white pants stained at the crotch from how hot she was. Before she realized it, one of her own hands was at her crotch, rubbing herself as she continued eating Hallelujah's dick like a hungry animal.

She moaned against the meat filling her mouth, squirming her body under his impressive weight holding her down. "Just a bit more and we can reach the main event, Miss Sumeragi." He said, pleasure tinting his voice as he moved his hips lightly, fucking her mouth with gusto. She needed to breath, so eventually she had to pull her head off of Hallelujah's dick, panting softly, but not wanting to displease him in the process. She ran her tongue along the side of it as she took her breath, tonguing the opening at the tip eagerly, before she took it back in to her mouth, sucking.

After a few moments, Hallelujah was satisfied. But he didn't want to finish like this. He was strong, but Allelujah's body was weak. He suddenly pulled his cock free from her mouth, his long, thick erection dripping from her saliva coating it. He got up from her, taking her by the hair and tugging her to her feet as well. She let out a squeal in pain as he did so, reaching out to hold his arms, to stop him; to let him know she could do it herself. But he still did it anyway. He pushed her over the captain's seat chair, bending her over. Her rear end was lifted now, her ass pushed out for him as she was bend over, her face buried in to the captain's seat cushion. He roughly spanked her, a devilish grin forming on his face as he watched her butt cheeks move lightly from the motion. She squealed as as he had spanked her, but she wiggled her butt for him afterwards nonetheless - pain or not, she *was* enjoying it.

He was quick to get her pants off, noting the moist spot in her pants. Her thong was likewise dripping wet, but he had no interest in that hole. With both her pants and underwear at her ankles, Hallelujah took a moment to bask in the glory of his oh so intelligent captain bent over like a dog in heat right in front of him, her pussy dripping and her ass wiggling, wanting something inside. He was a cruel man, but not *that* cruel. He obliged her, pushing the head of his cock against the puckered opening of her asshole. The woman immediately squealed, a squeal that said "no" to most ears, but to Hallelujah, meant "please continue". She was lucky he had her moisten him up beforehand, right? He could have gone in dry.

In a swift, quick motion, he pushed his hips forward, his hands clamping on her ass cheeks as she cried out in an anguished groan between pain and pleasure. The invasive feeling of the long cock in her ass made her fingers grip at the captain's seat cushioning, crying out in muffled groans against the leather seating. He began to thrust back and forth now, her entire body seeming to tighten and wrap around him, making him groan in pleasure and glee, her pained cries like music to his ears. She'd learn to like it. Most did.

And though it hurt, it felt so alien she wanted to cry, Sumeragi did find something enjoyable about it. A fact which showed from one of her hands sliding inbetween her one legs, two fingers immediately sliding in to the dripping moist pink of her pussy. She moaned another moan of pain and pleasure in to the leather as her body rocked with Hallelujah's every thrust, her breasts jiggling back and forth with every rythmic movement. He spanked her every now and then, her butt cheeks eventually growing red from the abuse. Every cry gave Hallelujah more pleasure, and Sumeragi more excitement.

"You're such a masochist, Miss Sumeragi." He said, licking his lips, now making his thrusts more deliberate; harder, deeper. All Sumeragi could manage was a pleasured yelp. She continued to finger herself, juices dripping down her fingers as she groaned out Allelujah's name, Hallelujah's name, God himself, moaning whatever came to mind first, her ass contracted, her pussy doing the same. She found herself screaming now, screaming in to the leathered seat as she orgasmed, a rush of juice flowing over her hand as she pushed her ass back against him, lifting it up moreso, contracting hard.

Hallelujah hadn't expected it, inwardly smirking that even in this realm the tactical genius Sumeragi Ri Noriega could provide a surprise or two. He felt his own climax rushing forth, and with that feeling on coming, he quickly slid his cock out of her asshole, grabbing her by the hair and turning her around. She weakly managed to herself in her seat, her pussy juices quickly spilling over the leather seat as she leaned in to the seat, panting. A few strokes of himself and Hallelujah was free, aiming at her face as his cock shot a spurt of hot white fluid on to her exhausted face, her eyes closed, her chest heaving from labored, panting breaths. Two more loads shot on to her pristine, beautiful face, another in her hair, and his cock spasmed once more, the final shot shooting warm fluid down her shirt, more cum spilling down her cleavage.

Hallelujah stood there panting, a weak smile on his face, as he closed his eyes, leaning his head forward. "Have fun with the clean-up, pal." He worded with a dork chuckle, and when the man raised his head once more, Allelujah's gray pupil was greeted with Sumeragi sitting in the chair, her naked lower body splayed open, and most of her upper body covered in a coat of thick, white semen. The man blinked once, twice, before squealing in terror and immediately running out of the room, unable to think, or even coordinate, as he fell on his face about three times in the process of trying to run out of the room.

In the chair, the weakened, violated Sumeragi managed a weak smile, licking some of the semen clean from her lip; thinking that maybe she should visit Alellujah more often.

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