Friday, December 25, 2009

LBS Stories: Kyon/Henne

Kyon Feulion knew she was in big trouble.

The Endless Frontier had been united, and it was back to the usual troubles and squabbles again.

That wasn't the thing Kyon had that got her so worried.

She had, by now, accumulated the single worst mission record of any Orchestral Army operative - the girl herself was a walking panoply of failure.

And even now, she was coming to grips with the real reason why she so enjoyed failing... was the first time, and it had hurt so much she had a lot of trouble walking or sitting straight afterwards.

...The second time was more of the same.

...So did the third, and the fourth.

...And many other times after that.

What had changed, was when her superior Henne Valkyria got a little too carried away in carrying out her version of an APOCALYPTIC punishment, causing poor little Kyon to squeal, tears flying out of her eyes each time she was pounded.


And that was the minor concern she had.

The real concern Kyon Feulion had... was...


"I seriously suggest you take a good look at your policy of corporal punishment, Henne," Ezel Granada began.

"Sir, I have never gone out of line, nor broken any bone..." Henne answered.

The man chuckled darkly. "Henne, my dear, you may be a splendid fighter and a decent leader, but you lack knowledge of the nuances of human conduct."

"What do you mean?"

"Ever heard of reverse psychology?"


"Another failure?" Henne asked, and it was only now that she saw a blush creep over the girl's cheeks.

Figures, she started to like it.

"Well, I'm not putting you over my knee this time."

Kyon's face turned into one of ABSOLUTE DESPAIR.

"But if you accomplish the next mission, I might think about it."

The silence in the room was thicker than they thought.


Sooner or later, Kyon's mission record had improved greatly, to the point where she had become the most successful operative in the Orchestral Army.

But every time she walks past her fellow soldiers, they keep wondering why, after every successful mission, she has difficulty walking...


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