Saturday, December 5, 2009

Doujins: Random Doujin pack 1

Just some random SRW doujins found in my HD, includes 3 Ibis Doujins, a J doujin, a W(!) doujin and a whole lot of Seolla

Oh and 1 LOE doujin thats loli, included it because well, where can you see Iron mask reap dem loli with his tentacles(seriously?) for those who hate loli, skip the first few pages and enjoy the Judau/Puru subplot.

Oh and included a Secret Society M, a Setsuko doujin that was translated by Sahadou

and also a crossover doujin of Eva/Nadesico/ZZ

DL Link:
One for now bros, my internet is kinda shitty tonight:

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