Thursday, December 10, 2009

LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Cardia

Being Ryusei Date was a good thing.

Most of the time.

However, there are times when all the good things combined lead you to chronic fatigue syndrome, bags around the eyes, drawn cheeks, and losing weight faster than you can say "South Beach DIET!!!"

And Ryusei was suffering from exactly that.

He even once scarfed down several glasses of Kusuha's energy drink so he wouldn't completely pass out from exhaustion, but unfortunately for him, Kusuha put oysters (both normal AND of the Rocky Mountain variety) and Distilled Soup #5 Extract in the drink, which did not help at all.

So it was with a lot of relief that he booked a few days leave without Latooni (girl would break his spine if she got too frisky), Mai (same thing, substitute wang with spine), Lune (her special Jupiter training gave her unbelievable "clamping" skills, making the hole marked "Entrance" even harder to get through than the hole marked "Exit" - they tried it already), and Lamia (see Latooni, only literally, not just figuratively).

But alas, even the best of days have their bad moments.

Captain Viletta had him report to the office before he left for his much needed rest time (because whatever he did between sim training and missions was most definitely not restful).

"Good, you're here, Ryusei," Viletta said as he entered the office.

"Hmm, I do believe he'll be the best subject we have for this matter," Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi said, giving the SRX Team Captain a sheaf of papers to sign.

"And you're sure that that was the extent of the repair process done by the Machine Cells?" Viletta asked.

"That's right. Dr. Browning's research notes we recovered as well as personal data from our pilot Lamia Loveless really came through for us."

"Er... pardon me for interrupting, Captain..." Ryusei said.

"Oh, right. Ryusei, I'll need you to do something for me over your days off." Several crew members brought a rather large attache case over to him.

"What's this? Several days' worth of clothing?" he asked.

"No... just a collaborative research project between Dr. Radom and Dr. Kobayashi. It's sort-of a continuation of someone's work."

"Like the Valsione-R?" Ryusei asked.

Viletta fidgeted, the R-1 pilot didn't know just how close he was to the truth. "Er, something like that. All your expenses will be put on the lab's check, because you're technically a research associate now."

Ryusei smiled. Nothing like a paid vacation.

"So all I have to do is..."

"Go home and plug in what's inside, then type out your findings after a week."

"All right, Captain."


The trip home was uneventful, and when he finally arrived at his rented flat (one of the first things he splurged on, as he didn't want to trouble his mom with all the women in his life), he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

One week of rest, relaxation, and NO WOMEN.

Of course, after he had passed all the futons he had hung on the clotheslines to dry from all the wet-spot action they'd been in, he picked the best time to open the case...

...only to facepalm massively when what he saw in the case was a robot girl.

All this fuchsia is searing my eyes, he thought as he put the lid back on and hurriedly made to his room (where there was less light).

When he did, he finally opened the lid again and took a more detailed look inside. The robot girl apparently looked a lot like Lamia-san, but instead of green hair, this one had pink. Together with the fuchsia color scheme of her clothing, it was most definitely not easy on the eyes.

But damn, the mix of machinery and feminine charm was not lost on him as he stroked the robot girl's hip... only to stop when he heard her say "...what are you doing?"

He withdrew his hand and yelped.

"Er... uh... well..."

The robot girl got up from the case and surveyed her surroundings. This is not the Mai Tierra, and this is most certainly not the Frontier. Where am I?

"Could you state the name of this location?" the robot girl asked.

"We're... in my house... near the EFSF base..." he answered.

"EFSF... am I in the Mirror's target world?" the girl asked herself.

"Mirror? You mean Shadow-Mirror?" Ryusei asked. Damn! I knew this was a bad idea! he thought.

"Affirmative. Our original destination was a universe where we could engage the Federation..."

"...yeah, yeah, I know the story - find the Beowulf here, grow skilled enough to beat him then go back home and beat THAT Beowulf, etc. etc." Ryusei interrupted her. "My name's Ryusei. What's yours?"

"My... name is Cardia Basirissa. Model number W06."

"Just like Lamia-san!" Ryusei said.


"She called herself W17."

"I... see..."

"Well, I'm not sure I can say this, but if you need a place to stay while we sort things out..."

"...I thank you."


That night, the last vestiges of W06's programming to keep her mission secret kicked in. She made to lop off this boy's head, but...

...he was awake.

"You can go ahead and kill me," Ryusei said. "It's not like it would make a difference, everyone who matters already knows about Shadow Mirror..."

She tensed.

"...but if you really plan on killing me, how about giving me a kiss before chopping off my head?"

"A... kiss?" the W-series gynoid asked.

"Yeah, you know, you put your lips together, etc. etc..." he said.

The gynoid shrugged. Who was she to deny a dead boy's last wish? He must have not known a woman's touch for him to ask for it from someone who's half-machine, like me, she thought.

And then she kissed him.

Unforunately, that was all her rebooted system needed as Code DTD activated on its own, shedding the last of her previous programming.

She kept on kissing him.

And the fuchsia polymer sheath covering everything but her arms and legs... vanished, the metal plates around her breasts loosening as well.

When Ryusei opened his eyes after they broke off the kiss, he was surprised - but not that much as he saw the gynoid's "clothing" melt away.

"I-I-I don't know what's happening..." she said.

"Relax," Ryusei answered. Why the heck do I always have to do this? he asked himself as he moved behind the robot girl and started working on the usual pleasure points, leaving her a stuttering, quivering mass of nerves about to erupt when he'd finished.

When he laid her on his bed (the futons were still not completely dry), she didn't resist and let him move above her.

"Ready?" he asked.

She nodded, and as he slid in rather easily, she shivered, clenched, grabbed onto the bedspread in a death grip and let out a long, drawn-out moan.

Ryusei smiled to himself, but the smile fell when he opened his eyes.

She fainted?! he asked himself.


Several weeks later, Ryusei was looking forward to arriving home. He had what could be the best housekeeper around, judging from the thieves who luckily escaped with their limbs intact yesterday (the last group of thieves weren't so lucky). And she was also amiable to wearing a meido outfit every now and then.

Unfortunately, when he walked in the door, he swore he could have seen the ninth circle of hell itself.

Along with Cardia, there was Latooni, Mai, Lune and Lamia - who closed the door behind him.

All he could do was sigh as they threw themselves on him.

He could only hope that he could last as long as possible before they started to play "anal probe" on him.




    Been running through Endless Frontier, and Cardia claims Aschen was the only W0x-series to have Code DTD.

    Then again, with their database, orders, etc. FUBAR'd by crashing into the Endless Frontier in the first place...

  2. Ryusei/Cardia is a couple I NEVER considered up until now, but WOW, that is a really, really hot series of images in my head!

    Not to mention I wish I had thought of it first!

    Nice job!

    P.S.- I do think Mai, Lune, and Lamia is a tad overkill, but it doesn't really detract from the quality of the story.