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LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Mai/Latooni and a little suprise in the end

AWESOME SRX FIGURE THe....... oh and delicious Lat and Mai too btw

The last thing he needed was to wake up at the hospital.

Needless to say, Ryusei Date, our hero, did just that.

He opened his eyes and closed them again.

Ugh... he thought. This has been a very bad series of days. First off, I hear Lat starts seeing the Princess of Riksent, then Mai starts seeing Lat, and then they find out about me seeing Lune and Lamia-chan on the side and then...

...oh crap.

He still remembered the previous night.

That was when Lat and Mai, under the influence of what had clearly been a previous interaction, dropped their differences and proceeded to corner and jump him.

And they saw women are the weaker sex.

Whoever said that was a goddamn liar.

**Flashback!** (Insert Banpresto eyecatch bit here.)

They were both wearing silk negligees, sheer and lacy and revealing an awful lot of skin through its translucency.

They also started to slowly and sexily walk upon him carrying all sorts of equipment they had planned on using. The fact that both had sported those three-inch heels just for this occasion served as the final fact that this was planned down to the last detail.

He could hear their thoughts as clear as crystal coming through, and this was one of those times being a Psychodriver sucked.

"I'll take him on the top, you take the bottom."

"No, Lat, you give better head. I'll take the top."

"You have bigger boobs, Mai-chan."

"Fine, I'll take the top. Don't be greedy and get him off so soon."

"You're a spoilsport."

And then they had pounced on him, half-dragging and half-carrying his still-wriggling form to his room and tossing him onto the bed.

"Cardia-san, could you be so kind as to..."

"Yes, my lady," his traitorous maid answered as she procured two pairs of fur-lined handcuffs.

The following five minutes was all they needed to secure his arms to the bed, so he'd be absolutely helpless against the two girls' advance.

He once thought about distracting himself so that he wouldn't rise to the occasion, but when Mai found out about that "anal probe" technique, she simply shoved a finger up Ryu's rear end, and he was reflexively ready to go in an instant.

Needless to say, ever since then, they had abused that technique with impunity. ...It helped that they stuck around and gave him breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, dinner in bed, and even a midnight snack in bed. Guess they knew that what they were doing were... strenuous, to say the least, and they had nearly brought him to a bag of bones before they stumbled upon the idea of feeding him.

Let's not forget that in this frame of mind, depravity often takes over as Ryusei had to learn how to eat using a woman's body as a plate.

Not to mention Lune just had to teach those two the secret in applying a choke hold on him whenever one of them lowered themselves on him.

The end result was that Ryusei Date, SRX team pilot, now had a harem.

A harem of ravenously and perenially horny girls who just had the good sense to share him with all of them.

He opened his eyes, and there he was, still handcuffed to the bedpost, looking on the already-familiar sight of Lat and Mai doing excellent lip service to each other.

His hapless maid was now slumped in the other end of the room, evidently being the first one they had practiced on before they turned on Ryusei. He could see the evidence of their stimulation, as she was leaking fluid from between her legs and she was still shuddering every now and then.

They really know how to do a number on W06, he wryly thought, but his thoughts immediately stopped when the two girls turned to him.

"It's time..."

" first?"

A familiar scent came over him as darkness came. He knew what to do - he extended his tongue and flicked it here and there, like a snake. Upon feeling the bump, he wound his tongue around it awhile, rewarded with a squeaking and moaning Mai for his trouble. After that, he moved his tongue down, and feeling the hole with the tip of his tongue, inserted it.

Am I glad those friends of mine when I was in grade school teased me with the nickname "Gene Simmons", Ryu thought as he felt a familiar sensation of tightness wrap around his member, and a moan from Lat.

...If more aliens came here, they'd no doubt be very surprised to know what the pilots who beat them in giant robots do in their spare time, he thought as he started grinding his hips and moving his tongue this way and that...


Princess Armana Tiqvah had finally stumbled upon the Earthlings' greatest strength, which was oddly enough their greatest weakness.

She was blushing and unconsciously beginning to exude her own fluids, and she was thankful that her status as royalty allowed her to do her own research in relative privacy - her bodyguard Luria was stationed just outside the door.

Our people no longer take part in this... this barbarous ritual... she thought. Only those who are enslaved by the basest of instincts would use this as a source of pleasure... if this is true, then why am I, a royal Balmarian princess, affected by it?

She shut off the video feed and straightened herself out.

This was one part of that world she had to see and know for sure.

The defeat of the Septuagint was another big surprise, and she herself did not know which one was more dangerous.


Aya had finally stumbled upon Ryusei's house - he had been absent for awhile now, and taking his weekend leave really seriously. After knocking on the door, a fuchsia-haired woman in a French maid outfit opened the door.

"Oh, good evening," Aya said. "Is Ryusei home?"

"Yes, he is. You are Mai's sister?" the maid asked.

"Yes... why do you ask?"

"She is here as well. Shall I take you to them?"

"Please do."


Ryusei had finally gathered his wits, and when he opened his eyes once more, he saw Aya was at his doorway aghast at what she saw.

Ryusei was handcuffed to the bedposts, with Mai slumped on top of him with his head wrapped around her legs, and Latooni was likewise out of it, with the purple-haired girl's hips joined with his, both drenched in fluids.

"So THAT's what you've been doing during your days off!" Aya said, furious.

"Not that I could help any of it, they practically threw themselves at me," he said.

Latooni woke up, and extricated herself from Ryusei, revealing the big reason why they had done so.

After an awkward minute, Latooni nonchalantly shoved the index and middle fingers of one hand up Ryusei's rear, earning a grunt as said big reason expanded to its full size.

Aya gasped.

If Ryusei could palm his face, he would.

However, he was still cuffed to the bedpost, and essentially helpless.

So he just sighed as Aya quicky divested herself of clothing to join them.

And they say being a player is the best way to be... whoever made that up, I'm gonna shove the R-1's TK sword up his bum.



He had been less than twelve hours in the hospital when he found out a startling fact.

Most of the nurses who were taking care of him had changed their uniform to something... older, whiter... and...

NOW Ryusei could palm his face.

This is a disaster... he thought.


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