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Lord Guilford's Stories: Believe in our Bond (Yuuki/Carla)

"It's not like a I really... mind how he is. I mean, he's really cool and he keeps me from doing anything crazy it's just... I wish he knew when it was okay to let up a little." Carla was lamenting woes of her relationship with Yuuki to - of all people - the de facto captain of the Kurogane, Ratsel Feinschmecker. She'd found herself going to him for more of her troubles than almost anyone else on board, and found that his wisdom and attentiveness were certainly not just an act.

Ratsel tapped his chin thoughtfully. Carla had approached him once again for advice, and he'd found that the deck of the Kurogane afforded privacy to speak without being too private and raising suspicions. Carla was a charming young woman full of energy, but she wasn't always the brightest bulb so he had no qualms about assisting her. "Yuuki is a bit on the cold side. He reminds me of my brother in that regard." He turned a pointed look at Carla. "You've been a bit tense lately yourself."

Carla pouted at that. "Tense? Me?"

"We haven't been able to leave the Kurogane much, and I know how active you are." Ratsel chuckled as he turned to the door. "You need unwound, and he needs... warmed up, shall we say," he instructed with a glance over his shoulder. "I hope that's all the advice you'll need."

Carla blushed brightly and stuck her tongue out at Ratsel, wondering if he was really just a perv, but took his advice to heart.


Yuuki Jaggar liked to take time out of his day for tea at 3 pm if he could manage it. Normally he'd just be scoffed at by superior officers, of course, but Ratsel Feinschmecker was no normal superior officer, and Yuuki found the time to brew himself a nice cup of tea and have a snack almost every day when he liked. Ratsel, of course, valued the role of food in a man's life, something Yuuki couldn't disagree with.

Today he had all the time in the world - practically the whole day to himself. Thus, he'd taken his time brewing a fine pot of golden monkey black tea that he'd brought on board, and found asparagus and prosciutto for a sandwich. He often wondered what sort of connections it took to keep the Kurogane's kitchen so well stocked, but didn't want to risk asking any questions and losing access to the miracle.

He'd just finished when a familiar voice pulled him from one of the finest parts of his day - not that the voice was unwelcome, mind. "He~ey Yuuki," Carla called to him as he stepped out into one of the Kurogane's corridors. "I'm done for the day, you've got the day off too right?" She was ever so slightly pink - it was cold out where the Kurogane was hiding right now. She'd probably just finished another one of her Q&A sessions with their captain, something that he couldn't grudge her as he'd asked the man for advice from time to time as well.

"I was just going back to my room to read, but if you're done for now we could certainly find something to do around here." Even with teatime, a battleship could only hold one's interest for so long.

Carla fidgeted a little, not what he'd expected. "W-well we could just go to your room..." Was she nervous about something? Had something happened? She was smiling so it couldn't be bad.


Yuuki didn't know just how not-bad it would be.


Yuuki laid down on his bed, his arms crossed behind his head after leading Carla into his room. He wasn't sure what Carla had in mind, but she kept things interesting compared to his lack of creativity. He wasn't surprised at all when she sat down on his bed next to him by his head, but the hand Carla pressed on his chest... she looked down at him, still pink. Nope, it wasn't just the cold, and she was breathing differently. He told himself that he was just being observant but there was no mistake - he was far more attentive towards Carla than anyone else he knew. "Carla...?" he left hanging for an answer.

"Yuuki... what I had in mind..." and then a hand was on either shoulder and she leaned down before he could react at all, and then her lips were pressed against his a moment later.

THAT was what she had in mind. Yuuki's palm would have met his forehead if he didn't have something more pressing at hand.

Lips and tongues met enthusiastically; Carla had shifted to straddling Yuuki, and she pressed against him as she hungrily leaned in for more of him. Hands followed suit, groping and grasping through clothing as their bodies heated up, but it wasn't enough for long.

Almost reluctantly, Carla sat up though she kept her eyes fixed to Yuuki's, and then both parts of her top were off in just a few swift movements that left Yuuki blinking. "I'll never get over how you do that, you know."

Carla tossed her bra aside a moment later, exposing her ample breasts - she was down to just her panties and yellow stockings - and winked at him. "A woman's gotta keep her secrets, you know." She wasn't telling that she'd gotten lessons from Excellen months before.

Yuuki put on his serious face, regarding her for a moment. "Carla... I've never known you to be the sort of person to be able to keep a secret. Ever."

A pause passed between them.

This was followed almost immediately by Carla breaking into a fit of giggles, prompting a broad and honest smile from Yuuki at what only she would have known was a joke. He could too take it easy.

Carla bent down towards Yuuki, reengaging their kiss but bending her back away to leave room between them - Yuuki gladly took the hint as he let his fingers trail their way from her thigh to one of her breasts, kneading and massaging, his fingers lightly playing across her nipple. She responded by grinding against him, his erection growing and pressing against her even through his trousers. Fingers traveled across her body again, brushing the inside of her thigh - she nearly broke the kiss in a lusty sigh - before reaching her panties, wet in the front.

Carla gave herself just enough room to speak. "Mmm... do it Yuuki..." and he rubbed against her through the thin cotton. She moaned lightly, pressing against his hand, tightening her grip on his shoulders. By now Yuuki knew the right ways to tease her, make her putty in his hands. As her juices flowed, soaking a pair of panties that she did not at all mind ruining, Yuuki slipped his hand under the waistband. His middle and forefinger pressed against her entrance without going in, prolonging the experience for her as long as possible.

Carla's breath came short and hard, and she pulled her body up until her breasts were as even with Yuuki's lips as she could think enough to manage. "Y-Yuuki!" she moaned as a tongue flicked around but not across her nipple, and he finally slid one finger into her wet and welcoming entrance. He moved slowly, never stimulating directly, and then a second finger. Carla pressed hard against him, her moans and shaking hips a cry for release, until finally Yuuki pressed a third finger in - this one taking the merest hint of effort - and Carla let out a sharp cry, almost a chirp and certainly something that only Yuuki was allowed to hear.

Yuuki slid his hand out from inside of Carla, dripping wet with her juices, and she slid back to lay against him with their faces close. "How much more can you handle?" he asked her, arching an eyebrow. If she wanted to stop at working with hands, well, it was more than they'd managed lately anyways.

Carla reached down, grabbing hold of Yuuki's wrist and bringing his hand to her face and past her lips as she licked his fingers clean of herself. Yuuki almost felt like coming just from that, another oddity that remained secret between them. When she was finished she finally spoke. "You know I can handle plenty <3" and yes, Yuuki could hear the <3 in her voice quite clearly. "Now," and she rounded back on top of Yuuki, "away it goes!" and she'd gotten his shirt off as easily as her own. She shimmied down his legs, looping fingers into pants and boxers and slowly working them off making sure to press against him wherever possible. "I know... this isn't something you learned from dancing..." Yuuki breathed out as his erection, on the upper limits of 'average' but more than enough for Carla, was exposed. Carla giggled a little as she leaned down towards the object of her attention. "I learn lots of things lots of places," and if there was some weird way to take it then so be it. Yuuki breathed in sharply as her tongue ran around the tip, licking away the already present pre-come. She would tease him back, not letting him go all the way until he was ready; she took just the tip into her mouth, fingers barely touching the shaft as she moved up and down. Her other hand worked on her panties; despite the wetness she was able to get them off around her stockings one-handed without missing a beat. Yuuki would have commented on how impressed he was if he wasn't so busy making sure he kept breathing properly. Carla pulled away slowly, letting her tongue trail behind her before sitting up. "I hope I didn't tease you too long... you know I want to come with you." Yuuki mock-grimaced though he could barely hold back a smirk. "You know I can handle plenty," he echoed, though the <3 was a trade secret of girls like Carla and Excellen. Carla only giggled again, repositioning her wet entrance above Yuuki's length. She went down slowly; once again, only letting the tip in at first. It was harder to wait though when it was also her pleasure at stake, but Yuuki had already been good to her so she'd play nice (naughty?) and try to give him the same. She smiled down; one hand took hold of one of Yuuki's, while the other went behind her to aid in her balance, as she slowly slid down on Yuuki. Carla spread her legs to the side; she was almost in a split by the time she'd taken all of Yuuki. They were warm, especially where their bodies made contact, even where it was merely incidental; and then Carla slid up, her hips almost swaying, and then down. They let out a breath in unison. Again, their breathing shaking in pleasure. Carla took it slowly, taking Yuuki's length in fully before rising up almost to the tip and then down again, a gasp or moan or shuddering breath accompanying each motion. Carla began to speed up little by little; her hips moved ever so slightly at first, but shook more and harder the faster she went. Their breaths became moans more and more often, and louder as fire raced up their bodies. Faster; harder; she took all of Yuuki in. They held fast as long as possible; neither was new to this, and they knew themselves and their partners well, the depth of feeling aided by mental sensations rarely felt in so peaceful a time. Soon, each knew the other was ready; one last shake of Carla's hips, Yuuki thrusting his own up against her as he emptied his load fully into her, their hands grasped tight; Carla 'chirped' as she had before, and Yuuki groaned loud and long as one final wave of ecstasy rushed through them both and into each other. *** Some time later... Carla was practically skipping through the corridors of the Kurogane humming some inane tune when she nearly literally stumbled across Ratsel, who seemed to be looking at... a light fixture. Leave it to him to handle the maintenance crew's job when he didn't have anything to cook. "Well... you certainly seem to be in high spirits," he remarked casually, "and Yuuki was almost smiling when I passed by him earlier. I never see him smile unless it's tea time. So... you followed my advice?" Carla blushed and giggled cheerfully.

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