Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LBS Stories: Kusuha/Bullet

Somewhere in time and space, in the void between dimensions, Cobray Gordon was bored.

So he had the Dis Astranagant run over his DVD copy of Ane: Haramix once again (episode 4 was his favorite, do not ask why). He was getting to the part where the redhead nearly lost it in the pool when he felt another Time Diver make his presence felt.

"You really do need to get laid," Ingram Pliskin said.

"I'm the Time Diver. Don't have time to."

"Well, when I was the Time Diver and Aleph Balshem, I had enough time to jack up Levi and Atad and either have my way with them or watch Viletta have her way with them. You should see what my sister does with her fingers."

"Is that some sort of invitation for me to head over there and start humping random female pilots like you do?" Cobray asked.

"It's an interesting picture, but no," Ingran answered. "You do your thing, I do mine. If you get your rocks off on pregnant redheads, who am I to say no?"

"Good point."

"Which reminds me, shouldn't Kusuha-chan find out about the... modifications I made to her while she was in captivity?"

" didn't."

"Hey, she made me drink that goddamned concoction of hers. Didn't know it was liquid poison. Helped loosen Judecca's grip on me for awhile, though, but raw sewage would probably have tasted better."

"Hmm, how are those two doing?"

"Actually, Kusuha's already done it before meeting her Bullet-kun."

"She did? With who?" Cobray asked.

"With my foolish pupil Ryusei, of course," Ingram replied. "A simple scan of her memories shows she was 12, he was 11, they played doctor, and things got out of hand pretty quickly. Just her luck that she hadn't started a certain feminine function yet."

"I heard in that other universe, Ryusei was..."

"...don't remind me about THAT Ryusei."



Back in The Real World (tm), Septuagint was destroyed, the world was at peace, and Mizuha Kusuha was attending to Brooklyn Luckfield.

In a very special way, of course.

He asked for her help in getting rid of his nasal bleeding issues, and it began with Kusuha (with the help of a certain Time Diver's post-mind-control suggestions) wearing all sorts of things.

The school uniform swimsuit knocked the poor guy off his feet with the force of the rushing blood. She had to square away several pints of B Positive (1) the next time that happened.

The maid outfit, not so much. The short skirt and frilly lace underwear got a drip, but not more than that.

After several weeks of this aversion training, she finally got the nerve to ask him if he had actually done it with a girl. Blushing (but not nosebleeding!) he had shook his head.

Kusuha wondered just what was happening to her as she met his lips with hers, going into a kiss that she had asked Excellen-onee-sama how to pull off (which got Kyosuke's eyebrow quirking when he caught the two of them practicing, yes, with tongue and all). He was too preoccupied with the feel of their dancing tongues to worry about his nose bleeding...

...and sure enough, after enough times seeing Kusuha stretching the usually thin undergarments she wore so he would have an excellent view of her, his fortitude held.

" sure we should be doing this soon?" he asked, after breaking the kiss.

"I really don't know... but in the future, anything could happen, so... I don't want to hurt you, Bullet-kun, but I..." she said, hesitating.

"What's up?" he asked, holding her in a gesture that was more affectionate that "zomghotnessIwannabangyourightnow!"

"Well... my first time was with Ryusei-kun..." Kusuha admitted.

"How'd it go?" Bullet asked.

"It was... it was actually pretty good... he actually got me to... you know," she answered, blushing. "And I didn't even know it at first, only that we got really awkward around each other after that. Also..."

"...they experimented on me on the White Star..."

"Did they put tentacles on you or something?"

"Has Excellen been rubbing off on you?"

"No, it's a serious question," he asked as he slipped a hand inside the school swimsuit. Damn, but I could have a fetish for these, the blonde Psychodriver thought as he gently caressed his girlfriend's ample bosom.

"Well... they... they wanted to see... what a human female does... when aroused... and then... they injected me with something... the medics here said there were no immediate effects... but..."

Bullet's eyes widened as one of his hands went into the crack between her legs.

It's as if there isn't anything to squeeze through! he thought.

"So... is it..."

"Yes..." Kusuha admitted. "I have full control over... there..." she said.

Her boyfriend quickly divested himself of all his clothes.

"What's going on? Aren't you going to..." she asked.

"No, not yet... I just gotta see for myself," he said as he started licking her through the swimsuit.

"Ah! They also did other things to me... things I only found out after you... rescued me..." she said.

"Things like what?" he asked. He licked that little bump between her legs, causing the blue-haired girl to shriek and something to drench his face immediately.

"It tastes like a sweeter version of your drink," he said.

Kusuha's eyes widened. "Of course, I taste-test all my drinks before I give 'em out, even to you, Bullet-kun!"

"Now I have my own energy drink stash, and I'm not gonna share~" he said singsong as he resumed his attack on Kusuha's nether regions.

After an hour had passed by, Kusuha had lost count of how many times she came. There was that part where she came really s-l-o-w-l-y, drawn out by Bullet-kun's WONDERFUL tongue, and there was that time he lightly bit that bump and caused her to open the floodgates on his face.

They had long since ditched the swimsuit, and now he was poised above her for entry.

He slid into her easily, but the big surprise came when he pushed in to the hilt. It was as if his length had entered a miraculous shrinking room.

The clamping sensation was so strong that he had to yelp out in surprise. He tried to withdraw, but the suction of Kusuha's secretions and the sudden increase in pressure made him feel like...

"...Oh man, it feels like I jammed it in a soda straw," he said, pale as a sheet.

Kusuha laughed.

"My turn," she said, and Brooklyn Luckfield could have sworn then and there that he saw his life flash before his eyes.

This was going to be a long night indeed.



"Shot down again," Kyosuke Nanbu said. "It's been two days and your performance has been way below par. Explanations?"

A weary, haggard, eye-bagged, drawn-cheeked Bullet could only mutter.

"If you keep that up, I'll have to call the nurse again."

He didn't notice that Bullet was now shaking his head wildly in mortal dread as his superior went for the intercom.

Unlike Kyosuke, Brooklyn Luckfield had some amazing bad luck.

Even if he was getting lucky.

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