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LBS Stories: Viletta and Radha

Just like a bunch of kids.

High school kids.

Those were the words that rang through Viletta Vadim's mind as she went through the daily asanas in Radha's yoga lesson.

The Indian woman had finally seen what an amateur doing an Asana of Lotus looked like and enlisted the help of Folka Albark to put the limbs back in their proper position. A very relieved Arado Balanga was also happy when he found out that Radha had operated under the belief that yoga was still some sort of "New Age" thing back here, and that everyone would be at least approaching intermediate skill in the yoga asanas.

Which suited the Captain of the SRX team just fine, as she felt the tiredness and frustration ebb away from her body as the asana started working its magic.

The SRX team, while extremely effective in times of conflict (Zeal, separate, R-Formation, R-Formation, GATTAI DA!, HTB cannon, Zeal, HTB cannon, Renew, Renew, SP Drink, rinse and repeat - the author), they got along like a dysfunctional family did when times weren't that rough.

Ryusei was being his usual shoot-first-think-later persona, Raidese was trying to show him the rational path, and Aya was too busy thinking about Ingram and "those times they shared".

Mai was, well, probably the only sane one on the team. Barring the Captain and Mai's rivalry with Latooni Subota for Ryusei's affections, which appeared to lay elsewhere (think Valsione) for the moment.

Thus, most of Viletta's stress was relieved when the class finished.

After nearly everyone left, Radha went towards her colleague.

"You seem to be coming here more and more often," she said.

"Yeah, it's the day-to-day of the team that kind of makes today a necessity of sorts," Viletta replied.

"What happened this time?"

"Oh, the usual. Raidese and Ryu arguing. Man-child stuff. Broke it up but didn't end it completely... soon they'll start turning getting women in bed as some sort of contest."

"And that worries you?"

"Part of me thinks it's just talk... what worries me if they'll end up hurting people as part of this game they're playing."

"I'm sure they know where to draw the line. You have taught them in that regard, have you not?"

"I'm not even sure I'm that qualified. None of my dates have ended in... you know," Viletta explained.

"Now that I find hard to believe."

"There are a lot of sexists even in this modern age, Radha," she said, and the two women laughed. Sexism. Hah. Explained everything.

"Let's continue this over coffee," Radha suggested.

"Good idea," Viletta answered, and they went their separate ways for the moment.


There was a coffee bar close to where Radha's clinic was, and it was there that the two women enjoyed their lattes while chatting about things.

"And when she said that I looked like that boy, I thought someone had told on me!" Viletta said.

"But he does really look like you."

"There are such things as coincidences," Viletta explained, "it's best we leave it at that."

"But leaving it at that would take most of the fun out of it, especially if you add that Balmarian princess to the mix," Radha said. What did Viletta think? Most of us were open to more esoteric things than what she'd been hiding.

"Still, it pays for a woman to be... mysterious, right?" Viletta asked. "After all, that is part of my appeal."

Radha nodded sagely. "Indeed, I remember Excellen telling everyone that you were the one to cause her to enter her 'bi phase', whatever that was," she said.

"That I can't help. Sigh... and here I thought I'd know better about my team when all of a sudden I hear that the man who headed up the SRX team before I did was boning Kobayashi Aya on a regular basis..." she sighed.

"Major Ingram did?" Radha asked.

"Yes, and since this is all water under the bridge now, he'd also stuff Atad Shamran's turkey on an even more regular basis... guy's a regular god of the wood," Viletta said.

"What about Levi... I mean, Mai?"

"The Major may have been a real horn-dog, but one thing he wasn't was a lolicon."

"True, true," Radha answered... "say, shouldn't you be..."

"I, for one, have many other things to deal with other than my biological urges," Viletta said as she took a sip of her latte. "Isn't coffee bad for a yoga practitioner?" she asked.

"No, not really, if in moderation," Radha answered. "And, speaking as an expert, you have to take care of those urges too. Research says..."

"Screw research," Viletta said curtly.

"Point for me," Radha answered, smiling.

Walked right into that one, Viletta thought wryly as she smiled. Still, she mused, maybe I am wound up too tightly. Maybe that was Ingram's secret - why he managed to hold himself together.

But... she thought as she stirred her cup of coffee, if I went the same way as him, would that mean I'd become like him more and more?

"Penny for your thoughts, Viletta," Radha said. "You've been zoned out for awhile now."

"I don't know..." she answered. "Part of me wants to be my own person, but I seem to be tied to Ingram more than I thought... to the point where I could feel what he was feeling when he was... using an emotional bond to strengthen Aya... and when he was re-introducing these habits to Atad..."

"Let me ask you a question, Viletta," Radha said seriously. "Do you think Ingram cared for them?"

"In his own strange way, yes, he most certainly did care for them," she answered.

"So what's so bad about ending up rather similar to him? You do have the same care in you, but the two of you do it in different ways."

"Well, I never thought of it that way..."

"You're siblings, right? It would only make sense for the apple to fall off close to the tree."

They shared a laugh as they finished their coffee.


A couple of weeks later, Viletta Vadim was again in a problematic state.

"Er, hi, Radha," she said as she entered Radha's yoga clinic near closing time.

"Thought you'd already gone home," she answered.

"Well, I have a sort of problem," Viletta said.

"Go on..."

"I don't have the best of luck when dating. And it's getting frustrating."

"Frustrating?" Radha asked.

"I find myself more often wanting to have someone close by when I go to sleep."

"Same here. Sigh... it's hard when someone sets a standard for you."


They looked at each other for a long moment.

"This doesn't mean we're..."

"Of course not. We're just adventurous."

"Aren't we at that age where we grow tired of adventure?"

"After helping save the world? I think I'm entitled to at least a little enjoyment."

"So is your apartment close by? I'm still stationed at the base, but with my rank I could take a few nights off. Matter of fact, I have several weeks worth of leave still unused."

"We could walk it there. And you can keep those days, this will probably only last until tomorrow."

"What about tomorrow?"

"Worry about that later, let's go..." Radha said, dragging Viletta's arm as they walked to her home.


They started as soon as the door to Radha's apartment closed, locking lips immediately. Hands went to their usual places, but Radha stopped when she noticed Viletta wasn't her usual "take-charge, no-nonsense" self.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"It's just... I'm not used to this."

"Well," Radha said, all the while continuing to kiss the blue-haired woman, "you HAVE done it with other women, right?"

"There was... that time with Excellen... and Lamia... and the other time with Project TD... and the Kobayashi sisters..."

"So you prefer groups? Who would have guessed, the SRX team captain was as kinky as her predecessor, or worse..." Radha said, teasing as she shoved her tongue in Viletta's ear.

Most of the trek to the bedroom was forgotten, but they'd figure out the route they took the next morning; they left a trail of their clothing from the front door to the bedroom.

And in there things really heated up: limbs and tongues intertwining with each other, culminating in a mutual exchange of fluids from prolonged oral stimulation.

Radha's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when she felt Viletta's tongue extend even further than she thought possible. Before she could figure out what and how that was supposed to be, her tongue hit a bump in her walls, causing her to erupt violently in climax.

"What... what was that?" she asked, panting.

"Well, that's why most of the girls like me a lot," Viletta said, grinning. I so happen to have a really long tongue, like that Simmons fellow."

Radha nodded as they resumed their lovemaking, with their winding limbs and tongue in a rhythm all their own.

Viletta marveled at Radha's flexibility, while Radha marveled at all the spots inside her Viletta's tongue could slink too.

Plus she darn near passed out when Viletta "accidentally" went into the "exit" hole and not the "entrance" hole.

After several waves of slow arousal followed by a furious dash towards release and a sudden stop to tame the fires of desire burning within them, they finally had had it and were so passionate in their expression that Viletta's tongue actually poked the very end of Radha's love tunnel.

The resulting orgasm caused a chain reaction that caused both women to shudder nonstop in release for several minutes.

And as they fell into a deep slumber, Viletta began thinking about how this would change everything.

Or how it couldn't, she couldn't tell for sure.

All she knew was that she liked boys and girls with equal intensity.


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