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LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Lune/Lamia

Whoops, we're missing a thumbnail. Probably 'cause Japan hasn't drawn any two of this fic's three participants together yet.

Ryusei Date needed to see Lune Zoldark badly.

It was about that one time (two weeks ago) when she caught him in the Valsione's cockpit.

Though he'd managed to avoid opening his big mouth, there was another, more terrifying thought crawling on the rim of his mind.

He was afraid he'd knocked the girl up.

Ryusei Date hurried all over the place, desperately looking for the blonde.


It was but half an hour later when he stumbled onto her, doing some sort of exercises at the gym.

"Uh, hi Lune..." he said, sauntering over to her. I shouldn't be so awkward around her, people might think of things! he thought.

"Ryusei," she replied with a smile. "So nice of you to come over and see me."

"Er... we need to talk," he said. For goodness' sake, why am I becoming a wreck? She's just one of our fellow pilots, he thought.

A voice in the back of his head answered, "because you two just had the most amazing sex ever a few days ago. She admitted as much the morning afterward."

"What is there to talk about?" she asked.

"Well, remember that time..." Ryusei started, nervously. "Well, I heard Excellen talking about how her and Kyosuke were gonna start a family after all this was over, and then..."

Lune's eyes widened for a moment, but she smiled afterward.

"You don't have to worry about that... when my dad gave me 'the talk', he also had me on the pill and such. I had some problems with 'hormone imbalance' when I was in my early teens so that helped too."

"And you still take it? I mean, that medicine?"

"Yeah, I missed taking it for a week and ended up on a rampage. You might want to ask Captain Lefina how that ended up, I don't remember most of it," she said.

With that admission, Ryusei finally lightened up. "Sorry about making that jibe about you wearing a Valsione costume, I was only kidding."

"I hope you're not apologizing just for a chance to get into my pants again," Lune answered.

"No, not really, that wasn't my point," Ryusei said, flustered. "I just wanted to apologize."

"Well, it's a moot point anyway. It's been two weeks since that happened and Vaibu-chan isn't cutting it, so to speak."

"Are you saying what I'm thinking you're saying?"

"Oh, yes... I've only gone two-thirds of the way in showing you how to pleasure a woman and... oh, no."


Lamia Loveless had the unfortunate timing to walk into the gym just when Lune said that she wanted Ryusei with her.

"I was just passing by," she said.

Lune started scratching the back of her head. She never thought she'd be the one to break the silence about what they did back then.

"You do know what I meant by that, eh, Lamia-chan?" Lune asked.

"As much as I know the whole lot of it, I have never actually dealt with it firsthand..." Lamia explained. "Echidna, however, had been made by my Mistress to share with her, uh, physical interactions.

"Thus, I'd like to join you. This knowledge would be useful in the long run."

You could have heard a pin drop in the following silence.

After a minute of this uneasy silence, Ryusei pulled Lune aside.

"You don't think she'll tell on the others, will she?"

"I don't think so, she doesn't have any reason to. Besides," she added, "I haven't actually done it with another woman before."

Ryusei's eyes widened. This was getting interesting.

"And you don't mind sharing me with her?" he asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Lune answered.

"Could you not converse like I wasn't nearby?" Lamia asked, clearing her throat.

"Er, well, we don't mind you wanting to learn about this from us, but..." Lune asked, making strange gestures, "aren't there going to be any... problems with this sort of activity?"

"My physiology permits me to run the whole gamut of human experience. My Mistress, after all, had made me as the most perfect of her creations," Lamia answered, feeling a little sad at the thought of her Mistress.

"Well, that and another thing," Ryusei said.

"Pregnancy?" Lamia asked, and they both nodded. "Well, Mistress didn't see fit to include it in me, but..."

Lune smiled as a thought came to her.

"I have some morning-afters in my room. You can have some of those right after," she said.

"Would that prevent anything unfortunate from happening?" Lamia asked.

Lune just grinned as she nodded, grabbed both Ryusei and Lamia's wrists, and slowly made their way to her room.


"Don't be too hasty to tear your partner's clothes off," Lune said gently as she watched Ryusei and Lamia apply themselves enthusiastically to that little gaffe she said about kissing.

My word, I just see them lip-locking and I feel all hot and bothered... she thought as she went over to them. "Let me kiss you too, Lamia."

And kiss she did, hungrily going over the green-haired girl's mouth and entwining her tongue with hers. Ryusei goggled over this for a bit, and started removing his clothes as he watched.

Now down to his underwear, he decided to join in by grabbing Lune's breasts from behind and kissing her neck, causing her to moan. Sliding his hands under the tank top she usually wore, he began massaging them slowly, causing every slight touch to her nipples to send shockwaves through her.

Lune, in between kissing AND moaning, decided to pay it forward. She snuck her hands under Lamia's dress and started massaging the green-haired girl's substantial mammaries.

"What are you-oh..." was all she could say in response.

"Relax," Ryusei and Lune said as they went around and started divesting the green-haired girl of her clothing.


Lamia wasn't a prude by any stretch of the imagination - it was just that she hadn't had a chance to figure out what this thing called love (or lust) was all about.

And now she was lying on Lune's bed wearing nothing but her imagination as Ryusei and Lune - both in similar states of undress - attended to her, touching here, kissing there, and generally avoiding the typical erogenous zones.

The result was that they found more new ones on Lamia than they originally thought.

She was now sweating, panting and shuddering as Lune gave her another deep kiss, going lower until she made it to one of her breasts.

That was when she yelped in surprise as the sensation of a mouth around her nipple caused a chain-reaction within her that surprised her partners.

"Oh, she comes easily," Lune said mischievously. "You'll probably enjoy getting licked."

"Licked?" Lamia and Ryusei asked.

Lune lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide - Lamia noted her lack of hair there, similar to hers.

"Ryusei, come here," she purred as he wondered how this was going to be done.

"Lick me, here," Lune asked.

Lamia watched breathily as he put his tongue into the folds of Lune's snatch, causing the blonde to gasp as he accidentally hit a bump on the way down.

"Ooh, don't do it directly... there, you found it..."

Out of curiosity over how she would react and maybe instinct, Ryusei shoved his tongue into her sopping hole.

Lune's eyes went wide as she started squirming.

"Oh, your tongue is... aaah!" she said as she screamed her delight and emitted fluids all over Ryusei's mouth.

Panting, she finally managed to say, "You're a natural. Now go do the same to Lamia here then let's move on to the next part."

Lamia froze. Was the physical reaction Lune went through something she could do as well? Doubtful, she went towards Ryusei and enveloped him in a hug, licking Lune's juices off his chin before kissing him.

She tastes good... the green-haired girl thought. I might try what he did later.

Lamia then lay down on the bed beside Lune, who got up on her elbows to watch and maybe sneak in a few licks on the green-haired girl.

She saw Ryusei trail a line of kisses from Lamia's neck down to one breast, then the other, from the place between them down to her bellybutton, and lower... she opened her legs in anticipation... only to let out a moan as Ryu's tongue found its target.

Emboldened by what he saw happen to Lune, Ryusei tried something different - he moved his tongue up, and down, around and around Lamia's nether regions, getting rewarded with sighs, moans, and yelps of satisfaction.

The flurry of sensation going through the green-haired girl's mind kept bulding up with every loop and thrust his tongue made until finally, her mind was a blank and she was coming in a massive fashion, toes curling, hips raising, and a long moan, followed by several exhausted breaths.

"How was it?" Lune asked.

A blush shone clearly on Lamia's face as she said, "It was... very good."

"Sure you ready for the next part? We can always take a rest," Ryusei said.

"No... I need to know as much as I can, as soon... as I can," Lamia answered.

"Hmm, how about you watch Ryu and I and then you join in afterward? I did, after all, rest a bit while watching you two go at it," Lune said, running a finger through her own womanhood and then licking the fluid off it. "I'm sure you're really, really waiting for this, aren't you, Ryu?" she asked, teasing.

"As long as you only call me that in this situation," Ryusei answered as he went close between Lune's legs and eased himself in for entry.

It was the first time Lamia laid eyes on Ryusei's manhood with lustful intent, and her mind was abuzz with the usual question of "is THAT going to fit inside me?!" answered with "I'm a perfect creation, more human than human. Of course it will fit. And it will most likely be better than his tongue."

She gaped as he eased the tip to Lune's waiting hole, and pushed slowly... until he was inside her completely.

"Like... what you see?" Lune asked.


"You're ready, just a little demonstration for your sake," Lune said as they started grinding their hips against one another.

Lamia unconsciously started rubbing herself as she watched their coupling grow even more heated and desperate until at last Ryusei grunted and poured himself deep within her.

"You really saved up a lot for me," Lune said, sighing, "oh... I feel so full," she added.

Ryusei raised a concerned eyebrow. "It takes me a while to get myself going again after that, but-" he tried to say, but was cut off by Lamia getting to between Lune's legs.

"I'm still a bit raw from-ah!" she said as the green-haired girl began mounting a concerted assault on Lune's womanhood with her tongue. She saw that going in a pattern heightened the sensation she perceived, and so she did.

"Yikes!" Lune exclaimed as Lamia hit a bump and started licking around it. "Oh no... if this keeps up I'll... ah!"

Lune shuddered violently in orgasm, causing the fluids emitted inside her to mix with Ryusei's contribution, leaking out in spurts from her, most of it hitting Lamia's face.

"Not bad?" she asked after Lune's shuddering had mostly ceased.

"Not bad... and look, he's itching to go back in action," Lune answered. Sure enough, Ryusei was all ready for more after witnessing that exchange between two girls. Could Lune and/or Lamia be bi? he asked himself, before being thrown off the point by Lune easing him onto the bed.

"The first time usually hurts," she explained, "so we'll have Lamia be in control so she won't get hurt too much," she added.

"That will not be a problem," Lamia said as she readied herself for entry above Ryusei. "It... tore when I took a crash some time ago..."

"That's a relief, but the feeling will be disconcerting at first," Lune said as she helped the green-haired girl lower herself before Ryusei.

She made sure that it was at the correct place before she nodded to Lamia to move her hips down slowly.

"It's not budging," Lamia observed.

"Push a bit harder," Lune said.

"No... it's not that..." Ryusei remarked. "I had a lot of trouble getting my tongue in her..."

"Then it means we'll be here awhile," Lune answered. "Lamia, try to relax."

Minutes passed, but Ryusei could only get in up to halfway. While Lamia was well-lubricated, it was becoming difficult to push through. Fortunately, the green-haired girl was getting in every bit of sensation she could from it, so she could weather this new experience pleasurably.

All three were visibly relieved when Ryusei finally felt Lamia's hips against his. "How does it feel?" Lune asked.

"Strange... I feel so full... it feels a little good..."

"It's gonna be much better when you start moving," Lune replied. "Ryu, could you?" she added as she poised herself so that his tongue would be able to probe her awaiting hole.

Lamia started moving, with a little difficulty at first. But with her juices flowing at the sensations and Lune kissing her, it gradually grew easier and easier... and her breathing grew heavier and heavier.

It bothered her reason as to why something as messy as this could feel so good, but the thought was banished as she ground her hips against Ryusei's with greater and greater abandon.

All three of them were sweating heavily and reduced to panting and muffled moaning when Lune finally let out a strangled "eek!", shuddered and let her fluids trickle freely down Ryusei's face.

He then ground his hips and thrusted in and out of the green-haired girl with enough force to make her juices dribble and scatter all over, with a stray drop alighting on Lune's shuddering face as she came.

"It's-it's-it's-it's... happening..." Lamia whispered, and then she let out a loud "Aah!" as her hips clenched, her eyes rolled back, and a flood of sensation washed over her.

As she clenched tightly on Ryusei's member, he grunted again and discharged himself deep within the green-haired girl.

The three of them collapsed in a pleasured exhaustion afterwards.


"That was... very informative..." Lamia finally said as the three of them were snuggling.

"Told you you'd like it," Lune said. "Maybe we'd get you to wear an Angelg costume next time."

Ryusei and Lamia gaped.

"What? I was just kidding..."


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