Sunday, November 22, 2009

Couch joins the writing: Mai/Aya

Couch gives out a short but sweet fanfic

There was only so much one could process at once. Aya had gone through several revelations in just a short time – her sister’s reawakening as Levi Tolar, that they hadn’t been born sisters, that everything she’d known about herself was just something put in her by the T-Link System. She’d put up a bold front, pushed it into the back of her mind while there was still a battle to be fought, but now she needed time to truly recover. So she retreated to where she felt safest – the cockpit of the R-3.

Was it quite so safe now? Setme had noted that the T-Link System onboard the R-3 was a shackle, a stabilizer for the memories she’d been implanted with. But somehow…

A knocking on the cockpit hatch roused Aya from her reverie. She opened it up, giving a little gasp of surprise to see Mai looking in. “Mai…what are you doing here?”

Mai blushed a little. “I thought you might be in here…can I come in?”

Aya nodded, shifting aside to make room – the R-3’s cockpit was a bit small for both of them, meaning they couldn’t really help but touch each other. After some squirming, the pair found an arrangement which was more comfortable, with Mai seated on Aya’s lap. Aya noticed, with a little flush at the thought, that her sister was much smaller than herself, a side effect of Judecca’s incomplete regeneration.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, before Mai spoke up. “About…about earlier today…” She winced a little at the memory of her actions. “I’m so sorry, Aya. What I did-”

She was cut off by Aya’s finger on her lips, and a soft smile. “It’s okay. I’m not worried about that anymore.” Her finger drew away, as her smile faded a little. “What I am worried about, though, is us.”

“Ah?” It took Mai a moment to remember, before she nodded, turning away a bit. “But I…” She tried to find the words. “I want to be Mai.” The young Psychodriver looked back up at Aya. “I want to be your sister Mai. Please?”

Aya hesitated, then nodded. “I don’t care if these memories are a lie…I’m your sister now, and forevermore…”

They weren’t really sure, afterward, which one of them leaned in to kiss the other, or whose hands moved first, or whose tongue. By the time they were naked in each other’s arms, neither Kobayashi sister cared; they were too focused now on drawing closer to one another, Aya’s ample chest squishing against Mai’s smaller bust. Aya’s hands slid across her sister’s back, one sliding down to cup and squeeze the tender flesh of Mai’s rear in her lap – Mai gasped, but quickly reciprocated with a squeeze of Aya’s breast.

It wasn’t long before their psychic natures came into play. Being a Psychodriver typically didn’t mean much outside a T-Link System, but being in the R-3’s cockpit meant both could bring some of their abilities out. Particularly those involving remotes… Aya was in the middle of a deep kiss when she grabbed control of one of the remotes hidden behind her cockpit chair, shaped much like a Strike Shield in miniature. It was meant to be a personal defense system if someone or something attempted to seize the R-3, but now she put it to a more discreet use, letting it act as a third hand for her that slipped around to tease Mai along her hips. Mai broke off the kiss, gasping in surprise and turning to see what it was that brushed along her nethers. The moment she saw the small device, she began looking for a second; finding it, she returned the favor on Aya, earning a moan for her efforts.

The kiss broke off, as both sisters wanted to keep their breath for what came next; Mai felt a flush of relief that one part of her hadn’t been regenerated. Holding each other tight with their arms, they began probing each other’s folds with the remotes, slowly pushing deeper inside until they had buried their toys deep inside one another, leaving both panting as they held still for a bit for their bodies to adjust to the intruders. It was only once they felt comfortable that they started to move again, picking up where they’d left off on their lovemaking as their wills compelled the twin remotes to start in on slowly pumping back and forth, each thrust accompanied by a surge of emotion from the Twin Contact. With a mix of pacing and intense desire, the pair went for hours before they finally collapsed into each other’s arms, trembling like leaves in the breeze as they fell asleep.

Outside, Viletta surveyed the TP level results. “Twin Contact produced nearly three times its normal output at the moment of orgasm…” She saved the results with one hand, while withdrawing the other from her pants to lick it clean. “The next version of R-3 will have to be a two-seater.”

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