Thursday, November 26, 2009

AWHB Stories: Joint Exercise

For all the good it could actually do her, Latooni Subota was getting desperate.

For months, her subtle attempts to ping on the romantic radar of one Ryusei Date had fallen short of the mark. While the lavender-haired pilot was initially content to play the long game, however, recent rumors making their way around the EFA’s gossip sphere were implying that short-term efforts would be needed now more than ever. Apparently, Ryusei’s fabled infatuation with the feminine-styled Valsione was merely a clever ruse to ease his way into the heart of its tomboy pilot, Lune Zoldark. It was bad enough that Lat had to compete with the females already working alongside Ryusei on the SRX team, but with Lune neither confirming or denying these allegations and Masaki probably lost on another continent in his search for Shu, it was becoming quickly apparent that Ryusei’s love would go to the first person – flesh and blood or otherwise – to pull out all the stops.

Per her former reputation as an unerringly precise sniper, Latooni figured one stop was all she needed. An upcoming joint exercise between the SRX team and new Aggressors was to take place at Izumo Base over the coming weekend. Just get close to Ryusei following the giant robot folderol, stick him with a blow dart full of love potion, and cart him off somewhere where he couldn’t escape a declaration of love. The plan was a tad barbaric, but effective in its simplicity.

At least, that’s what Latooni thought until the Saturday afternoon when the operation was to take place.


The afternoon’s various armament tests and synchronization reports had left almost all involved shower-worthy. Luckily for Latooni, none of the other girls seemed to notice or care that she had finished first. This was half of the gambit; now all she needed was for Ryusei to finish in the men’s facilities so he could be stuck with the secret weapon.

A crack in the door. Something resembling butterflies started rumbling about in Latooni’s heart. Surely Ryusei was just now getting out!

Withdrawing the blow dart tube from the myriad folds of her signature maid outfit, Latooni prepared to make the shot. The crack widened slightly as Lat pressed the tube to her lips, exhaling just enough to propel the anti-personnel aphrodisiac-

-right into the cheek of one Shine Hausen.

Wait a minute, Shine Hausen? What the heck was she doing in the men’s room?
Before Latooni could ask that question, however, Shine had retaliated with her own. “What in the…Latooni, what is the meaning of this?”

“What’s the meaning of you being in the men’s showers?”

“If you must know, Sir Rai had left his cell phone in his other pants, and I had to get it to him. Though I guess I should’ve figured on dodging some sort of jungle adventure movie trap in the process…”

“Look, I really wasn’t planning to stick you with that. Come back to my room, we can get that out and I got some rubbing alcohol from th-"

“Your place, eh?” Apparently the love potion was starting to take effect, as Shine took Latooni’s hand. “That’s one less question I have to ask.”


By the time Latooni managed to remove the dart from a particularly amorous Shine, the princess of Riksent had, in turn, disrobed the both of them down to the essential intimates. And in the time Lat needed to wonder whether this sort of thing should be happening with a non-Ryusei subject – and a fellow woman at that – Shine had removed the remainder of her adornments save those keeping her hair in its trademark mix of buns and ponytails, and was hastily working on Latooni’s bra clasp.
“Shine, there’s something you need to know. That dart wasn’t meant for you.”

“Wasn’t it? I don’t know what was in that thing, but it’s really opened up my eyes. All the stress, all the weirdness that comes with my position – I’m willing to throw it all away if it means being with you.” The bra had come off at this point, and Shine was kissing her way down Latooni’s sternum as the two lay on the military-issue futon.

“But-but that dart-" Lat’s protests were suddenly silenced by the yelp from Shine dabbing the tip of her nipple with her tongue.

“You really need to stop being so tense. I can feel something here…something that longs to be touched gently, like all it’s known is pain.”

Latooni’s already inherent shock at the current situation had gone up a notch. How could Shine have made such a close guess about some of the weirder, more depraved parts of her conditioning within The School?

“I know what you’re about to ask. Yes, I’ve been hanging out with Radha. But this isn’t about how flexible I am. It’s about how flexible YOU want to be.” With that, Shine set to tongue-tracing the erogenous zones of the breast that had gone unserviced.

“I…I didn’t expect this to feel so good…”

“Then tell me. Tell me what you DO expect to feel good. I just want to make you happy.”

“D….Down there.” Shine began to trace down to Latooni’s mint green panties with an idle arm, but was stopped by her partner’s own. “No…Through the fabric…”

“Oh, OK. We’ll start off slow.” Shine repositioned herself to get a peek at the panties’ crotch area, and the folds that were faintly pushing against them. “Well, this says a lot about why you wanted to keep them on.” Another meeting between Shine’s tongue and Latooni’s privates began, only this time the slow, sensual drags were marking off the lengths of the most private reserve of all.

“Mmm…Ohhh….” Following the initial spasms, Latooni decided to get a little more proactive, gently pushing Shine’s head against her still-shielded vagina. Another yelp came as Shine’s nose pressed against her clit. Then another as the princess took the hint and pressed her tongue to the nub. “I…I think it’s time…”

“Are you going to-"

“No, but I don’t want anything in the way anymore.” Lat’s fingers moved to push down the waistband of her panties as Shine started tugging on the saliva and love juice-soaked crotch. “…You have control.”

“I…have control!”

First, another round with the tongue. Then, Shine started probing the folds, gauging how much Latooni’s insides could comfortably take. An index finger slipped in without hesitation. Then a middle finger, with just enough pressure to stimulate Latooni’s entire body at once.

With Lat’s moans filling the room, Shine couldn’t help noticing her own so-far-unattended pussy beginning to react. “I hope you don’t mind if I-“

“Go on ahead. This is something you wanted to share with me…Wouldn’t it be best if we did it together?”

With the permission granted, Shine’s idle arm began stroking her own innards, rapidly making up for lost time. Barely able to support herself, Shine gently fell atop Latooni, locking lips with her as her ministrations drove them closer…closer…

Something about their shared body heat made the subsequent orgasm all that much more intense. This wasn’t the sort of teamwork Lat and Shine had as pilots of the Fairlion duo; that was symbiosis if anything. This was two bodies, two hearts, truly functioning as one.

Basking in the afterglow, the two knew they had achieved real synchronization.


Several hours later, the call for lights-out started sounding all over Izumo Base. Shine turned to her companion and started forming an alibi. “If anyone asks, we were playing dress-up.”
“Oh, are you that eager to leave?”

“…On second thought, if anyone asks, we’re having a slumber party tonight.”

“Duly noted. Oh, and I kept wanting to tell you…that dart from earlier? That was for Ryusei.”

Huh. Should’ve guessed…Wait, did you get that from the back of this month’s ‘Popular SCIENCE!’?”

“…Actually, yes.”

“Total ripoff. Y’know that comment about me delivering Sir Rai’s cell phone?”

“You didn’t-"

“I did. Didn’t feel a damn thing.”

“Then, you and I-"

“Yeah. If you can find something that’ll actually work on our boys, though, I’m open.”

“Fairlion costumes?”


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