Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little something from Tequila Gundam: Katina and Russel

Someone's probably drawn/macro'd a suitable Katina/Russel thumbnail by now, but as of 1/12/10, Andy (operating as Haken in certain markets) doesn't have it on his hard drive.

“Oh, Katina, I didn't expect to see you here,” sounded a familiar voice that echoed in the room as I awoke. “I brought him an energy drink to help him recover.”

“That'll probably do a better job disciplining him than I will.” This voice was that of my commander, sounding quite irritated with something.
I opened my eyes and slowly glanced around the room to see where I was. The infirmary? I slowly try to move my body but a sharp pain keeps me down, I must have broken something. I must have gotten Katina's attention because she glanced over, then asked Kusuha to leave the room. This can't be good, she's mad at me.
“Katina, wait, I can explain.” I said desperately.
Of course I couldn't explain, I don't even remember what landed me in the infirmary. She was sitting on the opposite side of the room in a chair, arms crossed and not even looking at me.
“If you didn't go and break a rib I'd have you running laps up and down the Hiryu, you know that right?” She said flatly.
A rib? Something banged me up pretty bad to get the commander this worked up over my health. Suddenly, I began to remember the situation. We were out patrolling for the Aerogater bugs that have recently begun attacking. We found a group and began to eradicate them, there must have been ten or so because we fell into a tight formation to minimize damage. The battle went smoothly until a second group closed in, Katina was getting impatient and wanted to end the fight quickly, breaking formation. I couldn't do much to stop her so I covered her back. One of the bugs' ring lasers must have hit my stabilizer because the next thing I know was I blocked a ramming attack aimed right at Katina, yet lost balance and was thrown into her machine. That crash must have knocked me unconscious because I woke up here. Oh man, she must be mad that I damaged her machine. That's not good, she's extra strict to the ones who even scratch her Gespenst.
“Russel! Don't space out on me when I'm talking to you.” I just keep adding fuel to the fire.
“Lieutenant, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to crash into your mach-”
“Shut it, I don't need to hear excuses.”
“Yes, sir.” Not good, what is she going to do to me when I recover?
She walked towards the door but to my surprise she simply locked it. This is even worse than I thought, she's probably going to make me drink that stuff Kusuha makes. She turned back to me and began talking.
“You're going to make this up to me.” she said.
“I promise I'll work with the mechanics to fix up your machine as soon as I can get out of this bed.”
“My machine? This isn't about that.” She looked away, I could see a trace of concern on her face. “You can't go getting yourself beat up to protect me. I don't want dead men on my hands.”
“Lieutenant?” I questioned back, not sure how to respond.
“So you're going to make this up to me.” I was certainly confused, I've never seen the commander like this. It's not like her to express concern at times like this, I've only ever seen her get angry at us for losing battles or getting injured. I tried to sit up but she just pushed me back down by my shoulder. “Don't move.” She turned around and I could hear a zipper. My heart began to race, of course I had ideas about all the ways this could go, most of them bad. Her pilot suit dropped off of her to the floor and she turned around in a sports bra and some tight shorts.
“What are you doing?” I asked, again, not sure how to address this situation.
Without a word she pulled down the shorts, she was wearing nothing under them. I looked at her face, hoping to find an answer. She had a very plain expression but she was beginning to blush. That's the last thing I expected to see from her. She moved towards the cot and stepped up onto it right next to my head then moved one leg to the other side of me. She squat down near my neck and put her hands on her knees. Her face now showing a very serious demeanor.
“If you can pleasure me, I'll overlook some of the punishment I had in mind.” she said flatly.
“What?!” I retorted, but she took my hand and moved it to her exposed pussy.
“I made myself clear.” she said then removed her hand from mine. “Don't delay, you know I'm not usually this generous.” My eyes were glued to her face, thinking this was some kind of joke, but slowly they trailed down past her chest and stomach to my target. She has a beautiful body, it was fit from all her strength training, yet she hides this in her pilot suit. I wonder why she would.
While examining her perfect form, I began to move a finger slowly down the lips of her pussy. She gasped when I began, she was already turned on before I even touched her, but I didn't expect her to be this sensitive. I moved my finger slowly at first, unsure of how far she would take a joke but it soon became clear she was serious. Her breathing became faster the faster my finger moved. I began pushing a finger into her when she reached down and grabbed onto my finger.
“Now, I want you to use this.” She moved my finger to my face and gently circled my mouth with the wet finger. Her juices were already on my lips, I had no choice but to obey.
She moved her body close to my mouth and I closed the distance with my lips. I was being ordered like a dog, but I didn't care, perhaps I even liked this, I couldn't help but notice my own erection during this time. I began using the tip of my tongue, tracing her pussy up and down. Her quick breathing resumed and her straight posture quickly turned into a slump over my face, I could glance up and notice her biting her lip as I pushed my tongue into her. The more I moved my tongue up, down, in and out of her the more the more noises she began to make. It was only a matter of time before she began to moan.
I moved my hands to spread her pussy but she slapped them away. “I told you just what I wanted.” she said with a newfound composure. She straightened herself up while I resumed licking her. Her moaning became a slow string of mmm's and aah's as she moved a hand down to play with her clitoris. Not long after she closed her eyes tight and arched her back, I glanced up at her and she grabbed a tuft of my hair tight, her other hand now clenching the bed sheet.
“Aah! Almost...faster!” She let out between moans, I moved my hand up to play with her clit, she didn't care now.
“Mmm, uhh..” I had never heard sounds like this from our commander.
Suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it fiercely, my face was shoved against her crotched as she convulsed, letting out a loud moan. What felt like a minute passed by, she was breathing heavily still on top of me before she stood up and jumped off the bed. My face and part of the pillow was damp with the lieutenants juices.
“You've still got a ways to go to fix what you did.” she said as she pulled up her shorts and refitted her suit. I lay there watching her, resisting to put on a smile out of fear of how she would react.
She moved to the door and unlocked it. She turned around and with a fierce expression on her face she said to me “You're my plaything from now on, I'll tell you when you've payed off your debt to me.”
With that, she turned and left the room. I stared at the ceiling for a while, wondering what my protective nature got me into. I quickly dismissed it because I realized I was smiling.
“I guess this is the way it is going to be.” I said to myself, breathing a sigh of relief.


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