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LBS Stories: Ibis & Sleigh

There'd be a thumbnail here, but the infamous "Rape Ibis/Don't Rape Ibis" macro doesn't apply, even as an accurate portrayal of the "Sleigh-Cam".

She was angry.

Exceedingly angry.

Sleigh Presty was normally not the type of person to wear her heart on a sleeve, but this was one of the very few times she cut loose and poured it on.

That was one of the reasons why she got into that one-night stand with the younger Branstein brother. Technique-wise, he only had one good hand, but he used it well. And she didn't mind it being her first, as she'd torn something below when she took one turn too sharply during simulations and twisted her legs and hips in reflex a bit too much. He didn't mind as well, as although the Branstein family had buried their grievances by double-teaming Archibald Grims and shoving beam rifles up his Ash Saber's rear exhaust port, he still seethed with plenty of concealed anger.

Anger at the only person to have a liking for him to be too young, and he'd secretly fumed at being called a lolicon by his fellow pilots behind his back.

It was this frame of mind both were in when they threw themselves at each other, tearing at each other's lips in frenzied kisses, gripping so hard to leave bruises, but still maintaining that very thin line that was an obligation to "make it worthwhile for the other person".

So it was that what started as very furious and emotional congress finished with much tenderness, cuddling, and (both of them thought it was an urban legend until they experienced it firsthand) a simultaneous rise to the heights of pleasure.

It was calming, therapeutic, and it was something they vowed never to do again, as a month after this she nearly scared him into another black hole by saying her time of the month didn't come.

It came the next day.

But those thoughts were not on Sleigh Presty's mind right now.

She had that little strumpet right where she wanted her.

And now she'd pay for her brother's death.


She raised her hand to strike the girl, but abruptly stopped.

This wasn't it.

Why, at the moment that you're about to call down the wrath of heaven, do you get cold feet?

It turned out that she was still as wound up as that time she had a drink with the younger Bernstein.

But this was different.

Her heart ached even more.

She didn't expect her to stand there, trying to keep the emotionless face for as long as she could.

But her eyes reflected something more.

Sleigh refused to acknowledge this until now.

She looked straight into Ibis' eyes and saw not her sadness... but her own.

Ibis' sorrow reflected hers, and her refusal to acknowledge it, wrapping it instead in thoughts of revenge, rivalry, and superiority.

That gaze simply blew all that away, and she was left with the truth she had been too frightened to admit.

One tear fell.

And another.

Then another.

Until Sleigh Presty couldn't take it anymore, burying her shoulder onto Ibis', crying like she had never done before.

The tears she shed were for her brother, of course, but it had also been for Tsugumi. For Ibis. Above all, for herself.


The way Sleigh looked just before trying to slap her tore through Ibis like a G-Drive beam. To see someone you looked up to unable to do anything about her sorrow made you want to reach out and say you understand.

It had been an accident.

No one wanted this to happen.

And she knew that all Sleigh wanted was to apply reason to yet another unreasonable event. To exert the only control she had left over the sorrow that she could not let out.

With Sleigh finally understanding this, all pretense was finally dropped.

She cried on Ibis' shoulder. She wailed while her arms wrapped around her rival, her target, and now...

...Her what?


She finally finished crying.

Her eyes were ringed with red, and she was sniffing, but slowly she was regaining her bearing, one of the things that Ibis secretly envied her.

"I-I-I don't know what to do now," she finally admitted.

"This happened to me too, before I understood," Ibis replied quietly.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"Not just me. Tsugumi, too. She was also torn by what happened."

"Now I see... that it wasn't right for me to take it out on her. And also on you," Sleigh said, exhaling deeply. "How did Tsugumi take it?"

"I thought she handled it better than I thought, until that time in her room," Ibis answered. "Now that I think of it..."

She grabbed Sleigh's shoulders and pulled her close. Too close.

Close enough that their lips finally touched.

Ibis Douglas is kissing me! Sleigh thought, momentarily panicking. I can't believe I'm kissing a girl!

But all that panic was being washed off by a lulling feeling of calm Sleigh never thought would come back to.

Not since that night.

She finally understood how Ibis and Tsugumi coped with the loss, and silently hoped that she'd finally let her brother rest in peace.

Sure, the method used was rather unconventional, but...

...Her thoughts were abruptly cut off as Sleigh found herself in Ibis' room, the door was shut, the shades were drawn, and Ibis' hands were all over her - in places only one person (aside from herself) went before.

There was a quiet desperation in the way Ibis took the initiative in things - Sleigh fought off the thought that the reason this was so was because Ibis had such a boyish figure - only for her to let out a slow, satisfied groan as Ibis grabbed her rear end with both hands and squeezed.

"Not... just... you..." she managed to get out as she reciprocated the action.


It had been slow, almost painfully slow, yet with a pace that reminded Sleigh of a sort of despair in Ibis' actions as her hands weaved magic across Sleigh's all-too-willing body.

Mouths connected to other body parts while still others signalled the start of an all-too-familiar act by doing the thing they were meant to do in such a situation.

Ibis and Sleigh ignored this, lost in a torrent of physical and emotional release.

So that's why... Sleigh thought. She always understood that "bigger was better", often ending up just the slightest bit jealous of her companions for being better endowed than her.

Not this time.

The slightest touch on Ibis' breast caused her to moan, shudder, and pant in obvious arousal. When Sleigh sucked on them, her eyebrows raised slightly. Is it possible for someone to climax from this alone? Looks like it, she thought, but was interrupted as Ibis hurried to return the favor.


An hour had passed, but owing to their need, they were still well on their way to that penultimate goal. Slow is as slow does.

"W-what are you doing?" Ibis asked as she wondered just what Sleigh was doing with their legs and was nearly knocked into a parabolic orbit once more as their nether lips melded together.

She then nearly made it to a hyperbolic orbit as Sleigh started moving.

Slow, slow, fast, slow...

The pace quickened, and after several near misses, they were worn, sweating, and still trying to find that which they needed.

It only took a few more moments until they both hit that natural high, embracing each other as the flood washed over them.


"For what it's worth, I'm still sorry," Ibis said after many moments had passed.

"I know," Sleigh answered.

"Where did you learn that?" Ibis asked.

"Just something I read," Sleigh replied.

"Maybe we could try it with Tsugumi," Ibis said mischievously.

"That's a good idea, Number 4," Sleigh said, smiling. "But that will have to wait for tomorrow. Good night, Ibis."

"Yeah... next time, Number 1," Ibis said, yawning. "Good night, Sleigh."

"Love you."

Sleigh only answered with a light kiss as Ibis pulled the blanket on the two of them.

Saving the world was tomorrow's business.


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