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LBS Stories: Raul/Fiona/Despynis

Sorry LBS, I thought I posted this already. Also I included your notes. I'm terribly sorry bro


A part in the Ryoto/Rio fic I previously posted where Ryoto says "I just think about karate" was a reference to "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad" where Lt. Frank Drebin finds himself in a similar situation - replace karate with baseball.

Also, the Despynis scene here was inspired by Yanagawa Rio's "Wednesday's Secret".

Fine, I'll cut the crap and give you guys what you paid to see.

Without further ado, the Raul/Fiona/Despynis fic!

Raul Gureden was dreaming.

In hindisght, now that he had woken up, he had totally forgotten what he was dreaming about.

Bits and pieces of it were coming back, though.

There were clouds, and he was flying...

He could hold the clouds in his hands.

Wait, what?

While he wasn't completely awake, he did, however, get knocked out of his funk when he ended up grabbing something round, soft, and pleasantly warm.

This is so cool! he thought. Didn't know pillows had texture like...

He forced his still-sleepy eyes open, only to see his hand cupping a bare bottom.

Moving his gaze up, he saw dark blue hair.

And then he squeezed a bit with his hand, eliciting a moan.

That's when he withdrew it in fright and sat up on the bed in a cold sweat.

"Onii-chan..." a voice called out behind him. "You were really, really wonderful..."

If it was possible for someone to actually break out in a cold sweat enough for a huge drop to comically form on the side of one's head, it would have happened to Raul Gureden at the sound of that voice.

Expecting the worst, he turned around slowly. Very slowly.

He saw his twin sister Fiona clutching the blanket with a very, very satisfied look on her face.

Raul's eyes widened to beyond dinner-plate size at the sight.


"Oh... hello, Raul..." Despynis said, waking up. "I had no idea it would be that... great..."

He started scratching the back of his head with both his hands, frantically trying to remember: what happened last night?

"Could any of you two remember what happened?" he finally asked them.

"Thought you'd never ask... Onii-chan..." Fiona replied sultrily.


Turns out, that last night, nearly everyone who had fought so hard in saving the world (again) got together for a little gathering of sorts.

There was dinner, dancing, and of course, a lot of drinking.

Sanger, as what he was used to doing, stayed away from the alcohol.

Everyone praised Ratsel and Leona's cooking (because Tasuku had wound her around to making something she disliked), and Arado was the only one busy gulping up servings of food, washed down by glasses of Kusuha's Health(?) Drink.

Excellen had not only roped Captain Lefina but also Yun in wearing her trademark bunny girl costume to the delight of everyone who watched. The highlight was the Captain nearly being subject to a wardrobe malfunction, causing Captain Tetsuya to keel over with a nosebleed that made Bullet's look like a pricked finger.



Wait, why was that the only thing me and Despynis remembered? Raul thought. Finding out means asking my sister...

He swallowed.

"Er... you know what else happened here, Fiona?" he asked.

"Glad you asked," she said. "I nearly slipped a disc carrying you and Despynis' drunken asses back here."

At the mention of "drunken", Raul and Despynis finally understood why they felt like Folka was using the back of their heads as sparring practice.


Raul finally remembered bits and pieces of it - he wasn't falling-down drunk like Despynis was, but he did have a little trouble with balance and had to lean on his twin sister a bit too much for her.

When they finally dressed Despynis in her nightclothes (he finally remembered that he was drunk enough not to mind the blue-haired girl's state of undress at the time) and she was sleeping soundly, he had a cup of black coffee to exorcise some of the drunk demons away.

His sister was also sleeping by the time he'd finished his coffee, but before he went to bed (the couch), he heard some whimpering and went over to the girls' room to see what was making that sound.

Despynis was crying in her sleep.

"Tis... Lalia... I miss you..." she said in her sleep, tears flowing from her face.

Raul felt like he had a Revolving Stake jammed into his heart. The one thing he disliked more than being teased by his sister was seeing a girl cry.

Well yeah, it was Despynis, but... he (like nearly every other guy) saw to it that something had to be done.

He walked silently to where the sleeping girl lay, and very gently brushed a finger across her tear-streaked cheeks.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered, "...for everything."

That must have been all it took for her to awaken, as she opened her eyes and gazed into his.

"...What's wrong...?" he asked, for Despynis had suddenly held onto him in a tentative embrace, her face too close for his comfort.

"Raul-san... I'm frightened..." she said. "Please don't leave me..."

"Of course I won't leave you... not while I can help it..." he said, stroking the top of her head (like you would a cute puppy or something).

"Please..." she said as he tried to disengage himself. This is just great, he thought. She's hugging me right now because she needs someone to-

His thoughts were so rudely interrupted when he felt her lips close on his.

But damn, she tastes wonderful, he said to himself.

Wait, why the hell am I doing this?

No, you're not, another voice in his head said. She's the one doing it to you.

While he was flabbergasted by the turn of events, his mind was completely blown out of proportion when the blue-haired girl grabbed his hand and put it on her breast.

"I don't want to be alone... please stay here with me..." she whispered, breaking the kiss.

"What about my sister?" he asked her.

"I don't know..." Despynis answered, and followed it up with another kiss, this time slipping her tongue in his mouth.

Holy crap! What's she doing? Raul asked himself. Though I'll admit, she's a good kisser... who'd she learn it from?

He thought these thoughts were a way for him to find a way out before resorting to the inevitable.

Turns out he was just delaying crossing that line.

They kissed again, and this time, one hand started moving all over Despynis' body while he massaged her breast with the other.

The girl's whimpers were now of pleasure, not sadness.

He had unbuttoned Despynis' pajama top and pulled down the bottom, and he was admiring the girl's body.

"Have you done this before?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"Of course she hasn't," a familiar voice said.

Raul looked over with horror to see his twin sister already undressing with a rather seductive smile on her face.

"Wouldn't want to miss this for the world... Onii-chan..." she said, causing Raul to get flustered. Why'd she have to wake up at a time like this?

His indecision was shortlived as he started working with his tongue going down while Fiona began kissing Despynis as their breasts touched.

Despynis moaned as the twins went to work on her, synchronizing their efforts to send the girl to heretofore unheard-of highs of pleasure.

And hit the apex of sensual bliss in splendid fashion, she did - Raul licked that little bump along her nether regions while Fiona took a nipple of the blue-haired girl's in her mouth and bit down firmly.

By the time she had recovered from both the sensual high and the exhaustion, she saw a sight that boggled even her.

The twins were all over each other, hands and mouths going everywhere.

"I see..." the girl said as she watched them. "That's what you meant when you said you did everything together..."

"Not everything... but you can join us if you like," Fiona replied.

The dark-haired girl needed no other invitation and dove right in.

It was a few moments before Despynis was secreting her juices like mad all over again, but this time it was in preparation for something else entirely: Raul had placed himself along her entrance, waiting for the right time to make his move.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

Despynis nodded... and tried to block out the pain as something tore inside her while he pushed forward.

"Ouch..." was all she could say.

"Relax, Des-chan," Fiona said. "It will be gone in a while."

She tried to ignore the pain, but it would take a pretty long while before she got used to something other than someone's finger (Raul's) or tongue (Fiona's) in her.

Once it was fine though, she was swept into a sensory whirlwind as Fiona lay on top of her, kissing her while Raul's hips ground against hers as he pistoned in and out of the blue-haired girl.

They had started slowly, but after several climaxes by the girls, they had sped things up to the point where they were grunting when their hips made contact.

When Raul ground his hips further, he hit a bump on the girl, causing her to go into what seemed to be her most massive orgasm ever - her eyes went blank, she shuddered, whimpered, and clamped down onto Raul's member so tightly it caused him to climax as well. He jerked forward several times, filling the blue-haired girl up and driving his twin sister to her own climax as well.

They fell into a satisfied slumber, Raul in the middle.


"...and that's what happened," Fiona finally said.

"Did I really do that?" Raul and Despynis asked simultaneously.

"Do you want a re-enacment?" Fiona asked.

Their only reply was to tackle Fiona Gureden to the bed and throw the blanket on.


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