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LBS Stories: Ryuusei/Lune/Valsione?

Ryusei's take on the following incident 

Lune Zoldark woke up in the middle of the night.

Something wasn't right, and it wasn't the sashimi Leona made (it was actually pretty good, although she thought it was horrible).

She got up and put on her trusty pair of jeans and made her way around the ship, trying to find out why she was so much on edge and also to make her sleepy.

Her once-over brought her to the PT gantry, where she found the cockpit door to her Valsione was ever-so-slightly off. Fearing someone had tampered with the controls, she made towards it...

...only to be greeted by an unusual sight upon opening the cockpit door.

Ryusei Date was asleep on the floor of the Valsione's cockpit.

But that wasn't the "unusual" about it.

There was a box of tissue near him, several crumpled-up wads on the opposite side, his pants were down, and his right hand was stuffed in his shorts.

Lune quirked an eyebrow at this development. Who would have thought he'd actually go this far... she thought. Maybe he hasn't known what a woman's touch is like...


Ryusei Date was dreaming.

Valsione's face was moving closer.

"Ryusei, wake up," she said.

And closer.

"Ryusei, wake up."

His dreamscape was shattered when he felt a hand on his.

Valsione's face turned into its pilot's.

Ryusei knew he was screwed.


"Er... hi, Lune," was all he could say.

But instead of being angry, Lune wore the strangest explanation on her face.

"I suppose I should have expected this to happen," she said, her face in very close proximity to his. "But this is a bit extreme... mind if I ask you why you prefer female mecha to actual females?"

It took several long moments and Ryusei dredging up memories for him to tell the story.

"I've had the worst luck with women..." he finally admitted, "and I only find things out about them when it's too late."

A name flew to Lune's mind at that. Probably Kusuha, she thought.

"Well, you're saving the world now, shouldn't you be glad that you're making your life worth something? Getting laid can wait," Lune answered.

Ryusei actually flustered at the thought "T-t-that wasn't what I had in mind!" he said.

"Then what's the tissue box for?" Lune asked. Point for me.

"Er..." Ryusei said, "I was just wishing that Valsione was a real girl."

"You have a real girl right in front of you and what you notice is the girly mech she pilots? No wonder your luck is bad," she said, and as she leaned in closer, Ryusei could see the lush curves of Lune's breasts under that shirt she usually wore.

She could see where his gaze was, and his face was turning red. "You haven't gotten laid yet, eh?"

He nodded.

"That explains a lot," Lune answered as she leaned away, raised her arms, and pulled off her shirt in one smooth motion.

"Wow..." he said.

"Thanks," Lune answered. It was true that she wasn't as large as say, Seolla or even Excellen, but the one advantage she had over them was that hers didn't sag. Not a bit.

This was one of those times she was thankful for that gravity training in Jupiter - she could wear her tank tops without a bra rather easily.

"You can touch them, they won't bite," she said.

"You've done this before?" Ryusei asked.

"Yeah, a couple of times. Dad said I'd tear my hymen training in Jupiter and it did early on. But mostly I've been content with just myself," she said with a note of sadness in her voice.

"Because Masaki won't jump you?" he asked.

She maintained that blank look as she answered, "Yes..."

"Oh." Ryusei wasn't that dense, but when it came to making people feel better, he had to say something, or try to. "Well, people aren't that dense most of the time. I mean," he said, scratching his head, "you're the first girl to actually show me those, so I, uh, have to show my appreciation."

"How would you do th-" Lune tried to ask but was cut off by Ryusei immediately grabbing a breast in one hand and sucking on the other.

She gasped. He was totally inexperienced, but his earnestness plus the fact that she hadn't paid a visit with her trusty pink Vaibu-chan in over two weeks left her more aroused than before.

"Wait... wait a bit..." she said between breaths, "all my other clothes... are in... the laundry right now," she managed to add.

He immediately stopped, glancing at her with a rather hurt expression on his face.

"You can't be forceful like that... girls don't like it..." she said gently as she swung her legs upward as she unbuttoned her jeans. "Could you be a gentleman and help me pull these down?"

"Sure," Ryusei said as he did so. She was down to wearing a g-string. Inside the Valsione's cockpit, the closed environment caused the smell to become more substantial.

The effect on Ryusei was near-instantaneous, eliciting a gasp from even Lune.

It's not that Ryusei was extraordinarily-endowed (that would be Tasuku, but no one made a comparative measurement of the Alpha Numbers' member length yet), but that Lune's experience was only limited to those who were half or at best, two-thirds of what the Psychodriver was carrying.

And there it stood out in attention, responding to the smell of the fluids Lune emitted when Ryusei started work on her breasts.

"They sure missed out on a lot," Lune said as she stood up and closed the cockpit door. "I'm going to make sure you'll have something... unforgettable."


"Some girls like it rough, some like it slow. Others like both, depending on the mood they're in," Lune said before they were at each others' mouths, tongues sliding in and out and rolling against one another.

"Yes, that's it, keep going," Lune said as he moved his mouth to her ear and neck to lavish them with kisses. She grabbed one of his hands and put it to her chest. "Do this at the same time," she added.

After a minute of this, she whispered, "suck on my nipples too," which Ryusei obliged. His hard-on was getting rather painful now, but he'd sit through it, because something better would be coming along shortly (pun unintended).

While his mouth was on one breast and his hand on another, Lune guided his other hand between her legs, to where her entrance was waiting.

Ryusei's eyes widened as his hand felt something much, much different.

"Don't be nervous, let me guide you..." she said soothingly as she moved his middle finger towards her already-moist entrance. She let out a moan as the finger slipped in easily.

Now this was something else. Ryusei was thankful he'd been doing a bit of meditation or he'd have come all over her. He shuddered at the thought, and that he was really close to doing so.

She noticed this, and brought her hand to the base of his throbbing member and squeezed slowly but forcefully. Ryusei let out a sigh as a lot of his tension ebbed away.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" he asked.

"Somewhere... and let's skip ahead to the fun part. I haven't had something like that in me in a long while," she replied as she pushed him playfully down onto the cockpit floor.

"Ready?" she asked as she raised herself on top of him.

He nodded...

...and let out a gasp as Lune brought her hips down, engulfing him completely.

"How is it?" she asked as she moved her hips.

"It's too good...
I'm gonna... ugh!"

Training in Jupiter paid off well again as she clamped down on him, cutting his orgasm off.

Ryusei thought this would only take awhile - and forgot about that.


She was clutching onto the handlebars while he pounded her from behind with all the force he could. It was heavenly - a few moments ago, she'd foregone stopping him because she was that close to coming as well.

She stopped when he moved a little too hard and ended up bumping into her in a different way. She stopped and shrieked, shuddering for a full minute while she clamped down even harder on him - he didn't mind though, because it was like she'd gotten even wetter at that.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I just came... hard... I know you haven't... keep going..." she said, between gasps.

He redoubled his effort once more; and Lune at that moment started to lose any sense of space, focusing only on that wonderful sensation between her legs and on her two breasts...

"Come on... Ryu... deeper... yes... oh, I've never had it this way before... so wonderful... are you coming now, Ryu? Are you?" she said.

The feeling of warmth, wetness and tightness was all he could bear. Withdrawing halfway to conserrve his momentum, he put the last of his energy in a rapid-fire series of thrusts that knocked the wind out of Lune and had her shredded nerves still giving her mini-orgasms.

"Oh no... not too soon... I'm coming again... Ryu... Ryu... Ahhh!" was all she could say as her senses were awash with that sensation all over again - Ryusei only grunted in release as he poured it in an impressive quantity inside her.

"Oh... I'm so full of you, Ryu..." she said, the high wearing off, but... "all this in me... Ah..." she finally said as another mini-orgasm passed through her.

Though he was also worn ragged, he managed to get them both lying down on the Valsione's cockpit.

"Not bad for my first time?" he finally asked.

"You were terrific. The better you get, you'll have everyone falling in line... but for now, I'd like this to be our dirty little secret," Lune said as he put his jacket over her like a makeshift blanket.

"Of course. Er, I don't suppose you could put on a Valsione costume next time?" he asked.

She smashed her palm to her face as hard as she could, which wasn't that hard as she was totally worn out. Bad habits were the worst of habits to break, indeed.

But breaking those habits would be for another time.


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