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LBS Stories: Tasuku and Leona

There was one incident in the life of Shinguji Tasuku that had forever warped his view on women.

But that is not what this story is about... this story is about how the one woman he thought would be the exception, turned out to be the worst of the bunch.


Shinguji Tasuku LIKED being whipped.

It wasn't that he was unused to feminine company, but rather he was relieved at someone treating him other than THAT kind of object.

Plus, Leona Garstein was a good cook... if you asked her to make something she hated. Branch family quirk.

He nearly scared himself to death telling El, er, Ratsel that he was dating Leona, but the man didn't seem to mind and rather encouraged it. He almost didn't notice the sly glint in the man's eye as he left, whistling the theme song of his beloved Trombe.

But, as all good things must go, they come to an end. And how.


It all started when he overslept after reading that manga he snuck in the base. The story about that kid who accidentally snapped an upskirt of his classmate and then the story got kinkier and weirder until it ended up in... wait, he never had time to read the last chapter as he was too tired even to do something about his physical state that time and just crashed into his pillow, asleep.

This lull between conflicts was one thing he liked greatly: to be able to sleep on terra firma. The Hiryuu Kai wasn't that bad, but this was definitely loads better.

So Shinguji Tasuku tended to capitalize on catching snoozes every chance he got.

That was when he slept one hour too long and someone (by elimination Leona) FINALLY had to come and get him out of bed.


Leona Garstein prided herself on her control over her emotions. Worse things could have fazed better pilots, but not her. She prized this aspect of her, being able to maintain a stoic calm in the face of several very bad things, not to mention a mech that looked like the thing she used to watch on TV (only a lot smaller).

All in all, there were very few things that could break this aura of control she had.

This was one of them.

She gasped as she saw her companion still asleep, the blanket thrown half-over the bed, his legs and arms spread wide, talking in his sleep.

"Sensei... if I do this, will you pass me in P.E.?" he drawled while asleep, grabbing a pillow and grinding his hips against it.

Leona's eyes widened as she saw the pillow stretch and deform in one particular area. While she had not completely lost control of herself yet, she observed that she was breathing in short gasps and that her heart was beating very, very fast.

The sound of footsteps jarred her, and she quickly made towards the door, closing it.

She must have closed it a bit too hard, because when she turned towards Tasuku, he was already awake and seated on the bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"So they got you to kick me awake, eh?" he said, still half-asleep.

"Yes, b-b-but what is that?" she asked, pointing.

Tasuku's eyes opened a bit, finally realizing where she was looking at.

"Oh, this?" he asked. "It's more of a bother than anything else. Can't wear anything tight, plus I have to tuck the damn thing under whenever I put on the pilot suit, and..." he finally stopped when he saw her beet-red face.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" he asked.

Plentiful thoughts were going through Leona's head. Though she had her share of flings and group dates with the Troye Unit (there was that time she and Julia ended up putting on a very entertaining show for her colleagues while under the influence) this was completely and utterly different.

The one thought influencing her now was how in the world would that fit into her.

She'd read her share of "dirty" books (but her status as a branch family of the illustrious Bransteins made her hide that fact) but this was completely unreal.

Not to mention she wasn't that good at doing "it", what with her reputation as a total ice queen getting in the way.

As all these thoughts were swirling around in her head, she unconsciously moved a hand to a breast, which elicited the obvious reaction from Tasuku.

If her eyes could pop out of their sockets, they would as she saw that... thing rise above and beyond the call of duty.

The mere sight of it caused her knees to shake, her vision to spin, and her body to react in such a way that Tasuku was quickly going towards her as she lost her balance and her consciousness...

"Hey, what are you doing? ...Huh? Oh no, Leona!" was all she heard before everything went dark.


When she came to, she was lying on Tasuku's bed.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well, uh, when you saw me, you, well, uh, came. And passed out," Tasuku said.

"How did you know I-" Leona started, but when she looked under the blanket that covered her, she had nothing on. "This explains a lot," she finally said after awhile.

"Sure does," Tasuku replied, his secret finally out.

"How long was I out of it?" Leona asked.

"Couple minutes," Tasuku answered. "Just got back here from sneaking your clothes into the laundry."

Leona smiled. "You shouldn't have."

"You're my Mistress, of course I'd do it. I might have a few clothes here that might fit you..." he started, but was interrupted by a hand on his shoulder.

"So you're comfortable being around women like this?" she asked.

"Well, I have been used to it," he answered.

"I have a good idea as to why, but I want to hear it from you," she said, her usual demeanor returning.


Slowly, Tasuku let the tale unfold. It was when he was ten years old that the babysitter his parents hired found out that he was extraordinarily endowed by nature.

After a few close calls, he managed to get cornered in the bath and get all sorts of wonderful things done to him.

Several years later, when he thought that incident messed his head up real good, he took it to the school guidance counselor, who, despite her thirty-odd-years of age still looked fine. When she found out the reason why, what happened next was predictable.

And Tasuku got to know firsthand that being literally hung like a fire hose wasn't all it cracked up to be, as classmates, teachers, even single parents of his schoolmates started coming onto him in droves.

He was also unfortunately cursed with some physiological condition that allowed it a little circulation when in use. The consequences reminded a history teacher (also female) of a certain thespian who made his mark in the prurient film industry.

And so he finally quit school after being cornered by the school's female swimming team in the locker room. He took up repairing Personal Troopers, and the rest, as they say, is history.


When he finished, Leona understood why he was that way - he didn't want to be known only for that. Grateful, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Now, more than ever, I'm proud to be YOUR Mistress," she said in a VERY sultry tone of voice that left little to Tasuku's imagination.

I'm dead, he thought.


He realized that not only was the stoicism some sort of cover (what she was covering for, he'd find out at a better time and in better circumstances), but that she approached him shyly, like someone about to do "that" for the very first time.

"You've done this before, right?" he asked.

"Yes, but not in this way," she answered.

It was a simple thing, really, but Tasuku found out that his hands were shaking as he made his approach.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know," he replied. Normally when women were throwing their all-too-willing bodies at him, he didn't mind. But... "I think it's because I like you and not just because..."

She giggled, causing him to raise an eyebrow.

"Me too, this was something I was looking forward for some time now," she said as their lips met again.

Soon all hesitation was gone as they were at each other, trying to devour one another. Hands roamed everywhere, and as Tasuku took the initiative with a "ladies first" that left Leona smiling, he took it with his hands and mouth towards her breasts.

He liked the sight of Leona's bust - not too large, but perky and very sensitive. He'd had enough with large busts and large nipples and was grateful that Leona had small, light pink nipples that were slowly darkening as he'd weave his magic on them.

The effort left her shuddering. I suppose I should thank those people for showing him how to please a lady, she thought. Maybe later.

They took turns pleasing each other until it came to, ehrm, the main event.

It took a lot of time and plenty of (natural) lube, but when the insertion was successful, both of them were pleasantly surprised.

"I didn't know you could do that," Tasuku said. "Nobody's gotten more than three-fourths of the way in..."

"What can I say?" Leona said in between gasps. "It's talent."

They shared a little laugh before going at it again, this time challenging each other to higher and deeper waves of pleasure before ultimately exploding against one another in climax.

Before he'd completely fall asleep with Leona in his arms, Tasuku thought that it was a damn good idea the walls of his room were soundproofed.


Several days later:

The alert sounded, signalling the start of a practice drill.

Everyone was making haste for their PT's, except for one lagging behind like a tired stew.

"Tasuku, come on!" Katina said. "Or else I'm going to kick your ass three times harder later at sims!"

Leona lightly gripped Katina's shoulder. "That's not how you motivate him," she whispered.

"Tasuku! If you don't hurry up, I'll really bring the candle next time."

Tasuku's eyes widened, and he made extreme haste towards his PT, earning several odd looks from his fellow pilots and a strange little smile from Leona.

"Didn't he call you his Mistress?" Katina asked.

"Oh, you, that's just metaphorical," Leona replied offhandedly.

If only they knew.


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