Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LBS Stories: Sexcellen, Alfimi and some Tentacles

Excellen Browning was looking for Kyosuke Nanbu.

Not because it was that time of the month where she was friskier, more teasing and more flirtatious than usual, but because she'd seen that girl alive and bouncing around again, this time with Axel Almer.

Axel... while he had done some really nasty things to them in the past, she had to remind herself that the Kyosuke of the world he came from was some sort of half-human force of nature that levelled hordes of grunts with the Nacht, or so went her memories when being in that "conditioning chamber" with the blue-haired girl.

Those memories made her even friskier, as the things she thought only happened in those M-rated animated OVA's happened to her back then.

But the real reason was that, well, she wasn't completely confident that the blue-haired girl would abandon her pursuit of Kyosuke, even though the collective she'd been formerly affiliated with was gone.

It was this frame of mind that Excellen was in when she bumped into Einst Alfimi.


The blue-haired girl had been doing a little thinking of her own, too. Ever since willing herself back to life, she'd been thinking strange things. Particularly about what she did to Excellen (it was hard enough going into the frame of mind that they were different people now) to enlist her aid in furthering the Einst goal.

They had started with hurting her - specifically the part of her that was Einst and regenerating it, with no success whatsoever. She'd do whatever it takes to help the Einst, but not if it would entail fighting her former allies, who were trying to bring her back.

Alfimi had the leap of logic that if pain couldn't make her do it, then why not pleasure?

She watched dispassionately as she instructed her Persoenlichkeit to pleasure their captive to degrees her human mind would not have conceived of (except in those things she watched).

It started by releasing several green tendrils to bind and hold Excellen gently, but firmly... Alfimi kept her from struggling by invoking the Einst aspect within her.

Without warning, everything became a synchronized blur of motion as more green tentacles burst from the Persoenlichkeit's "conditioning chamber" and started to tease, touch, and grind against Excellen Browning's erogenous zones.

She could not withstand mere moments of this assault upon her senses and started to senselessly babble about "coming", whatever that meant to Alfimi (even now, she still didn't understand).

She shuddered, writhed, and gasped as the Persoenlichkeit varied its pace: one time it went about its task in a painfully slow manner, causing every light touch to cause thunderbolts to pass along Excellen's body; and another it would go about in a fast, almost rough manner, making her moan, scream, and thrash in ecstasy.

"Why do you change the rhythm, Persoenlichkeit?" she remembered asking her knight in a thought-question.

"I did what would cause the woman to respond more forcefully. It would seem that their physiology revolves around a change of pace," it replied.

"How many of your tendrils can you insert?" she asked again.


"Do it, then."

She observed, inquisitively, as the Persoenlichkeit unleashed three tentacles at last. One played along the edges of Excellen's lips and then slowly moved towards her as she maneuvered a free hand to get it into her mouth. The last two slid along her hips and teased the two entrances at her crotch mercilessly. Rubbing and sliding against her hips and against one another, the tentacles were soon coated in a strange liquid Alfimi would look into at another time.

She was transfixed as how the fluids were worked into a froth by Excellen's gyrating hips.

"Please... do it... put it in me... both of them..." she begged.

Alfimi nodded, and with a suddenness that made Excellen gasp and widen her eyes, the two tentacles finally plunged into her: shallowly at first, but gradually deepening as the pace quickened.

The obscene splats and Excellen's moans echoed throughout the strange silence of the Einst world, with it finally coming to an end as she climaxed spectacularly at the tentacles embedding themselves in her deeply and rapidly.

Persoenlichkeit finally brought its "conditioning subject" back down.

"Will... there... be more...?" Excellen managed to gasp out as she was placed before the blue-haired girl.

"There will be... if you come with me," Alfimi answered slowly. "What was it like?"

"Better than... the best," Excellen said as she passed out.

Alfimi marked that note in her head for later analysis, but she'd never get a chance for another time, as everything went to a head all too quickly.


"I just remembered recently," Excellen said.

"Then my hold... on your memory... must have weakened..." Alfimi replied.

"You never did follow up on your promise," she said.

Alfimi's eyes widened a bit. "Promise?"

"Yes, you promised me another go with that thing you brought here."

"That's not a thing... that's Persoenlichkeit. You hurt it... by assuming so."

"Still haven't tried it?" Excellen asked, in full "teasing mode" again.

"It did not... seem important... except to get you... to help us out."

"It's not a problem," Excellen finally replied. "You don't know what you're missing. Ask your... uh, Persoenlichkeit that if it can accommodate two."

Alfimi knew what this other person meant, and sensations she had never bothered to elaborate on started burning their way through her underdeveloped body.

"I want to... not this way..." she said at last.

"Don't worry, you're still in control of it, right?" Excellen asked.

Alfimi sighed as she nodded, and they made their way to the PT hangar. She combed over her memories, wondering if she would end up moaning and thrashing the same way Excellen did.


Strange feelings went through Einst Alfimi as she held Excellen Browning in an embrace in the "conditioning chamber" inside Persoenlichkeit. Envy at her counterpart's impressive bust, unfamiliarity at their naked state, and arousal.

Rapidly increasing arousal as Excellen went towards her and started kissing her deeply.

She eased herself off from Alfimi, earning more moans as she started nibbling the blue-haired girl's ear, her hands blazing trails on Alfimi's chest.

She whimpered. Is this what giving yourself over to your animal urges means? she asked herself, but could not find an answer once Excellen began sucking on her.

More moans came from Alfimi as Excellen's hands went lower and lower... "I see it... you have something here that hasn't been touched or kissed... Alfimi, you're so cute..." she said as she kissed the blue-haired girl again.

"Can I...?" she asked.

Excellen nodded.

A tentacle wrapped itself around Alfimi's leg, sliding in between her crotch and the tip pointing towards Excellen.

She knew what the blue-haired girl was up to, and she'd be damned if she wasn't going to go along. Nodding her assent, she lay down on the (rather soft) assemblage of tentacles lining the bottom of the chamber.

She had barely opened her legs when Alfimi immediately moved in, trusting the tentacle to know where to go. She moved her hips forward, filling Excellen in one go.

The blue-haired girl smiled as she got the exact reaction she was looking for. Armed with her knowledge, she started moving her hips back, and then forward, grinding against the tentacle she was plowing into the other girl.

It was only a matter of time before they erupted in release, both girls wrapped around each other, descending from the height of sensory overload.

"That's what it's all about," Excellen said, "we'll do the rest of it when you're a bit older."

"I understand now..." Alfimi said as she planted a kiss on the other woman's cheek. "...onee-chan."

For once, Excellen could not say anything except hug the blue-haired girl closer to her.


Excellen never did get to talk to Kyosuke that day.


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