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AWHB Stories: Curious Alchemy

(ran out of suitable Excellen/Alfimi, so here's some solo Alfi)

Curious Alchemy
An adult Super Robot Wars fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “…is…ke…ig sis…”
              A groggy Excellen Browning strained to follow the strange sound back to its source.
              “…Wake up…big sis…”
              Syllables started to gain coherence as the female’s eyes focused on the speaker.
              “Oh…you’ve awakened.” Einst Alfimi’s lips curled into the sort of grin that usually spelled trouble for Excellen and her compatriots.
              “Wishing I hadn’t – it’s, like, 2:00 AM or something.”
              I apologize…but it was the only way…”
              “Only way to do what?” As a spark of frustration finished rousing Excellen from her slumber, she caught a glimpse of her and Alfimi’s surroundings. “Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep inside your partner.”
              “You didn’t…”
              “Then why the hell are we inside the Lichkeit?”
              “…I carried you.”
              The blonde’s brain attempted to wrap itself around how the barely-five-foot-tall Alfimi could manage that as her body started taking stock of the vaguely familiar room. The “conditioning chamber” within the Persoenlichkeit was still the same mix of disconcerting organic walls and a strangely comforting floor of tendrils. The only thing new about this room was…
              “Alfi-chan…do you mind telling me why I’ve been tenta-cuffed to the wall?” Excellen shook at the wrist bindings on her outstretched arms for emphasis.
              “It was…a necessity. You will understand once I explain…why I brought you here.”
              “And PLEASE do. Otherwise, if I’m still stuck like this by the time Kyosuke gets up-“
              “You’ll be released in due time.” The blue-haired girl strode toward her captive. “As for why you are restrained…it is to keep you from…restraining yourself.”
              “The last time we met here, Big Sis…I sought to understand a certain…function of yours…No, series of functions.”
              “You mean…that time when we-“
              “Yes, THAT time. Then, you had held back, for fear of overwhelming me. Ever since your…ascension, however, I’ve come to understand…what this sort of physical contact means. And yet…I require still more data.”
              “On sex? You KNOW you could just ask me anytime. Everyone seems to want to default to me as the expert anyway.”
              Alfimi shook her head. “If I had asked of you, you would have still held back. It MUST be done like this…so the data will be untainted by your…misplaced concern for my innocence.”
              A faint gurgling noise erupted from the tentacle-floor just beside Alfimi. Once it subsided, Excellen spied a series of red and blue flashes within the predominantly green mass.
              “Ah, Lichkeit has…produced the tools I requested.” Kneeling down, Aflimi dug at the mass of tendrils, withdrawing several brilliant red and blue crystals. “I would like you to focus on…this one in particular.” The girl piled the crystals on top of the growth, withdrawing a superball-sized red orb.
              “Oh? That’s…well, the old ones were a lot more jagged, but…”
              “Indeed.” Alfimi brought the crystal to Excellen’s eye level. “The Mild Keil were initially grown…far more uncontrollably than this. At such a scale, however…Lichkeit and I can take full advantage of their…soothing properties.”
              “Soothing properties?”
              “Yes…Please, focus on the crystal…let its glow wash over you…”
              Excellen blinked for a moment, then let her eyes take in the sight of the orb.
              “Let the crystal’s glow flow through you…let it melt away your troubles and reservations…”
              Part of Excellen’s mind was barking “Hey! She’s trying to brainwash us again!” Said part was immediately quashed by the majority of her higher brain functions, eager to resume the break from duty they’d been afforded by sleep.
              “Now…let yourself relax…let my voice offer you guidance…”
              Excellen’s breathing slowed as Alfimi’s voice reverberated in her mind. Her voice was calming, soothing, everything she’d promised so far. And if she’d been so consistently honest, why…
              “In a moment, I will undress you. Please remain still until this is complete…in the meantime, focus on my touch…and let me know if it is agreeable…”
              Excellen nodded, blinking in the process. A familiar wash of red filled out her normally blue irises as she awaited Alfimi’s handiwork.
              Normally the bra would be the first thing to go, but Alfimi’s stature demanded a certain directness to the contrary. Excellen’s thighs spread lightly as one of the Einst girl’s hands prodded between them, tracing upward until the fingers ran up against the black lace. The second hand danced across her right hip, seeking the waistband of the blonde’s last safeguard against this sort of intimacy.
              “Are you…excited, Big Sis?”
              “I figured as much…I’m told this sort of wetness corresponds with…such desire…” The magic fingers slipped underneath the fabric as Alfimi softly tugged away the panties, Excellen shifting her legs just enough to let them fall away as the waistband dragged past her hips. “Now then…answer me this: will I be required to undo either of your restraints…to remove your bra?”
              “Excellent…” Another gurgle echoed from the floor as the tentacles underneath Alfimi shifted, rising to put her at eye level with the sheer brassiere and the breasts delicately suspended within. Once more, the girl’s fingers inched their way across Excellen’s body, inviting sensation after sensation as they worked toward the garment’s connection points.
              “The shoulder straps hook into the front. Undo those first.”
              “Ah. Thank you…” Prying one of the D-cups away ever so slightly, Alfimi pinpointed the strap and disconnected it. In moments, the other shoulder and back clasp were also dealt with, the bra practically leaping off Excellen’s chest in its pursuit of the previously discarded panties. “Now then…please tell me…the kinds of things you like doing while naked…”
              The tenta-stool receded as Excellen complied, allowing Alfimi to step back and cast off her own garments as she attempted to make sense of her Big Sis’s enumeration. As with the previous times they had met here, there was some confusion about esoteric terminology, but not so much that Alfimi was unable to formulate a course of action.
              “Lichkeit…lower Big Sis a foot or so, please…but leave her wrists bound as they are.”
              The room’s consciousness (rather, that of the machine the room was inside, but still…) silently complied, the tendrils around Excellen’s wrists seemingly melting downward, prompting the blonde to take to her knees to compensate.
              “Hmmm…something about this seems…off. Excellen?”
              “Given your wrists being bound as a constant…what sort of position would excite you the most?”
              The scenario Excellen proceeded to describe shifted the room into overdrive, as several other tentacles were willed into action to make the hypnotized blonde’s idea a reality. Alfimi giggled at the thought of her counterpart becoming eager to imprison herself so as the actualized fantasy took hold: now all four of Excellen’s extremities were centrally bound near the floor, hands behind her back, legs pulled apart at the knees, breasts jutting out in anticipation of what would come next.
              “This sort of restraint…leaves you totally at the mercy of your partner…it’s absolutely perfect.” One last tendril rose from the floor, passing across Alfimi’s own mound with a familiar tickle. “You’ve been so honest with yourself…it’s about time I was honest about why I brought you here…”
              “I want you to…be my first.”
              “Your first? But, the ascension…”
              “My being penetrated then was…more random than not. I’d like you to be…my deliberate first time.”
              “I would…be honored…” The tentacle snaking up Alfimi suddenly disengaged from the floor with a pop, the new tail end leaping toward Excellen’s midsection and squishing against her pubic mound. Alfimi quickly grabbed a blue crystal from the pile from earlier and shined it on the point of contact, causing the end of the tentacle to fray. The frayed ends then wormed across Excellen’s hips, weaving together and withering off such that the woman was now possessed of an organic (and altogether alien) strap-on.
              As if responding to the role now taken by its tail end, the excess length of the tendril sloughed off Excellen’s newly-8-inch-long mock phallus, falling into Alfimi’s hand. A flash of the blue crystal across these leftovers, and they turned into another mass of split ends, latching onto Alfimi’s wrists with a considerable amount of slack remaining.
              “Alfimi…this feels so good…it’s going inside both my holes…”
              “Perfect…it’s becoming one with you…as I wish to…”
              With that, the blue-haired girl embraced Excellen, hugging her petite chest close to Excellen’s bust as the tenta-cuffs around her wrists bound themselves together behind the blonde’s back.
              “You’re so close to it…it’s – I’m – about to be inside you…”
              “That sounds wonderful…Big Sis…”
              Excellen’s attachment dove into Alfimi’s eager flower, eliciting a sharp cry from the girl.
              “Oh God…does it hurt? Is it too tight?”
              “No…it’s…it’s you…”
              “It’s you inside me, Excellen…I could never feel any pain from my Big Sis being inside me…”
              “So this is…all you really wanted of me?”
              Excellen’s left eye shifted from the amber red of Alfimi’s hypnosis to a stark magenta. “Well, then, be sure to get your fill.”
              Alfimi’s own eyes went wide. “How can…how can you resist me?”
              “I’m not resisting YOU, I’m resisting that slapdash hypno job of yours. I told you before, I’m the expert at this sort of thing. Now then…since I’m actually enjoying this, and we’ve got plenty of time till dawn…”
              Alfimi’s face twisted into an intense confusion – and yet, her hips kept rocking, eager to feel Big Sis in her insides. Her chest kept bobbing up and down, nipples brushing against their counterparts.
              “…I, Excellen Browning, command you to take all the pleasure from my body that you want!”
              Alfimi moaned her compliance, willing to life still more tendrils to facilitate fulfilling her Geass. One twisted itself across her legs, binding her thighs to Excellen’s. Another merged itself with the strap-on array, forming nubs that began tickling at her clitoris and anus. Still others undid the previous wrist and ankle knots, only to re-tie them such that Alfimi’s limbs were bound to her Big Sis’s. And one last one tied itself around the red Mild Keil crystal she’d used to hypnotize Excellen in the first place, holding it precariously in its middle before wrapping itself around the ladies’ mouths.
              What the…this isn’t one of mine…
              Heh heh…”soothing properties.” The makeshift ball gag threaded into place, Excellen and Alfimi’s lips both spread across the ruby-like orb. Focus on the crystal, Alfimi…let its glow wash away everything but the pleasure of being with Big Sis Excell…
              I…I… This new sensation brought a pleasure unlike that which her tangling with Excellen currently gave her. And yet, those sensations became wildly amplified…so much better…so much better when…
              I…I obey…Big Sis…
              Her body rocked up and down, timed against Big Sis’s body to let the pink nubs on their chests clash.
              Yes...I obey Big Sis…
              Her waist rocked up and down, the feeling of Big Sis inside her pussy – and now, slightly inside her posterior – becoming ever so much warmer…
              Feels so good…to obey Big Sis…
              A muffled moan tried to escape Alfimi’s lips as the pleasure began to build up into a concentration of hotness and wetness. Feels so good…to be with Big Sis…something’s going to come out…if I let it out, it’ll feel so good…and I can be with Big Sis forever…
              As if reading Alfimi’s thoughts (truth be told, she kinda WAS), Excellen let out a faint moan of her own. The tentacle cuffs around the girls’ wrists shifted slightly to allow Excellen to clasp her hands around the small of Alfimi’s back. Even I can’t quite handle forever, but…I’ll be here for you. Whenever you wish to serve Big Sis Excell, just call for me and we’ll do something like this. Because…because I…
              The pangs of an impending climax washed over Excellen. Because I love you! Because I love my friends and I always want to be there for them! And if I get to be with them like this…
              The crystal gag fell away as the duo shared an explosive orgasm, the pent-up wetness inside Alfimi trickling down Excellen’s shaft as hers shot back at the Einst girl’s insides. As the various tendrils holding them to each other snapped away and receded into the floor, a far stronger bond between the two was sealed as they kissed, eager hands still savoring the sweat on each other’s bodies.


              The girls awoke to the scent of a fresly-peeled orange.
              Make that the scent of FIVE freshly-peeled oranges, as Kyosuke Nanbu pitched another of the fruit at the pair.
              “Kyosuke…normally you throw fruit for a bad performance.”
              “…It’s 10:00 AM and you never showed up for breakfast. I’d say that’s about as bad a performance as you can get.”
              “Oh, come on. Maybe you ought to let me show you how well I can perform, hmm?”
              “I said-“
              “You say a lot of things. Given your current track record, I’m not that inclined to listen.” Kyosuke tossed a couple sets of extra clothes into the Conditioning Chamber before stepping out, leaving Excellen wondering why the bold text and the Geass didn’t work on him. Picking up one of the oranges, she pondered its role in this…for about three seconds, then she broke off a few slices and laid the rest at Alfimi’s feet.


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