Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Bliss: Lune/Valsione(!?) by Couch

Almost thought we'd wind up lying fallow for December, but Couch came through with a little something for our stocking.

Holiday Bliss:
A Lune/Valsione?! Special from Couch 

      On the first day of Einstmas, my true love gave to me~ 
      Lune Zoldark spent much more time at Ryusei Date’s house than her own lately, for various reasons…well, one reason, really…one big reason…but regardless, she did need to go to her quarters every now and then. 
      …a huge freaking box? 
      The fact that said quarters contained a rather large box covered in wrapping paper and a large ribbon when she arrived was a bit of a surprise.  Lune was wary at first, approaching the mystery present carefully and checking the tag. 
      “A special holiday treat from us to you – love, L&C?”  Puzzled, Lune set to work unwrapping the present, pulling the ribbon off and tearing away the wrapping paper to reveal the metal container underneath.  “Now how do I open this thing…ah, here we go!”  A clasp at the side unlatched, allowing the container to slide open, revealing what looked like nothing less than a human-scaled model of her Valsione, roughly the same height as Lune herself but otherwise a perfect replica of her mech.  All except the eyes, at least, which she couldn’t observe in their shut condition. 
      “Let’s see – oof – now how do you turn this on?”  Lune hoisted the miniature Valsione from its container over one shoulder and set it out on her bed, looking for the on switch.  This involved climbing on top of it before she finally found a small switch near the base of the right ear and flicked it.  Valsione’s eyes flicked open, taking in Lune’s face. 
      “Scanning…” she uttered in a dull robotic tone, “…facial recognition complete.  Lune Zoldark identified and registered as mistress.” 
      Lune sat back, taken aback and blushing furiously, as Valsione blinked and took on a more human expression.  “Ah…hello, mistress.  How may I serve you today?” 
      “M-Mistress~?!” Lune stammered, even as Valsione sat up with her hands behind her for support.  “I’m not your-“ 
      “I was programmed with serving you as a primary function, be that in battle or other pursuits.  You are therefore my mistress, are you not?” 
      “I…I guess…”  Recognizing the uncomfortable nature of their position, Lune slipped off to the side, letting Valsione sit up properly. 
      “Well, then, what would you have me do for you?” 
      Lune hesitated quite a bit further, uncomfortable with the idea of having a servant.  “Well, what can you do…?” 
      “I am capable of most of the same actions as your larger machine, weapons included.  I can also remove my armor if you desire.” 
      In response, Valsione lifted a hand to her elbow, pulling a latch that let the gauntlet slide off, revealing an expanse of slightly tanned skin underneath, the same tone as her face.  The rest of the armor followed, leaving Valsione nude save the yellow prongs on either side of her head that formed her ears.  Lune flushed much more deeply as she realized just how sexy her mech actually looked.  Seeing this, Valsione smiled.  “Do you like my appearance, mistress?” 
      “Y-Yes…”  Embarrassed though she was, despite being no stranger to female liasons by this point, Lune’s eyes soon wandered down to see whether Valsione’s body came with all the trimmings.  Indeed, a cute tuft of dark pink hair stood over a slightly pouty slit, and each breast was adorned with a perky nipple.  “Are…all of these really functional?” 
      “I am designed for sexual functions as well, mistress…” It was now Valsione’s turn to flush.  “Though I must admit I have not had the opportunity to test.” 
      “Eh?”  Lune looked up.  “You mean you’re a virgin?” 
      “Yes, mistress…” 
      Lune considered this, and a grin slowly dawned across her face.  “Well, then, I think I do have something you can do for me~” 
      It was not long before Valsione found herself gasping and moaning, writhing under the ministrations of Lune’s expert fingers.  “Aaah, m-mistress…mistress~!” 
      “You can call me Lune, you know~”  Lune flicked her tongue across her gynoid’s right nipple, her free hand holding Valsione’s rear for support. 
      “L-Lune…Lune, that’s so good~” 
      “Mmmhmmm~”  Lune quickly found herself enjoying the act of showing her new friend the ropes, much as she had with Lamia some time before.  To be quite honest, she couldn’t tell the difference between Valsione’s taste and a human’s.  Her texture inside was just the same as well - almost a perfect match for Lune’s own, even.  Curious about this, she tried stroking Valsione along some of the points she was most sensitive, and got the same reactions.  “Oh?  You’re based off me~” 
      “Your body…it feels good in the same ways and places mine does.”  Lune paused in her efforts, taking Valsione’s hands and guiding them to her body in the same spots she’d just been pleasured in, encouraging her to try.  “Ohhh…yesss, that’s it, that’s right~” 
      “Do you want me to do this for you, Lune?” 
      “Oh gods, yes, more~” 
      The pink-haired gynoid obeyed, beginning to return each and every favor with careful precision, much as Lamia or Cardia did whenever Lune had them for playmates.  Lune trembled slightly as she began to realize just how good a partner Valsione was in this regard, drawing her quickly towards her limit.  Finally, her body could take no more, and she let out a long cry of orgasmic ecstasy as her world went white. 
      It was quite some time and several orgasms from both girls later before they found themselves cuddling, rather comfortable in one another’s arms. 
      “Mmm, you’re a…you’re a wonderful present, Valsione…tomorrow I think I’ll introduce you to some of my friends…”  Lune briefly compared their figures, and Ryusei’s fetishes.  “And maybe see if that armor of yours fits on me…” 
      “It seems W18 is adjusting nicely.” Cardia murmured as she adjusted in bed. 
      “Mmmhmmm~” A Code DTD-buzzed Lamia giggled.  “Hey, gimme a bit more of that touching you did six minutes ago~?” 
      Cardia shifted again.  “Like this?” 
      “Oh yeah~” 
      (Couch’s Notes: Wanted to get something out before Christmas, so here you go.  Enjoy, and happy holidays to all!)

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