Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alfimi/Excellen/Kyosuke? - Dream Bonding

Life, lame crossover attempts, reading other peoples' fine work and other things have slowed me down.

Still, though, that episode 19 of OG: The Inspectors got me going enough to write this, so enjoy.

So much purple.

That was what the first thing one Kyosuke Nanbu witnessed right after he wearily closed his eyes in the wake of another patrol mission.

One more day before the Hiryuu would make it to the moon, and their designated objective.

And after that... who knew?

Okay, I've never dreamed of that much purple, even while experimenting with illegal substances as a teenager. That last time, I thought the cards were moving and dancing, straight out of an Alice in Wonderland fantasy gone wrong, he thought. Maybe that's why I've stayed on the straight and narrow ever since.

As he went further and further into the figurative labyrinth that was this... dream, he found himself being inexorably pulled forward.

What's going on?

You do not know?

An ethereal caress that was the voice of... Einst Alfimi... called out to him.

Wait... Alfimi's even in my dream?

This is not just your dream, Kyosuke. We are... bonded, yes, that is what Excellen tells me.

Excellen? What have you done with her so far?

Nothing that you don't know already. Still, there is one thing that intrigues me.

What does?

You are in her dreams nearly all the time now. And her body reacts... strangely.

He had an idea as to where this was going, but he had to press forward. It wasn't in his nature to back down.

And when he finally broke through the last layer of the labyrinth, he found himself in front of a fantastic sight.

His partner Excellen was bound with those green tentacle-like objects the Einst frequently used - and that wasn't the odd part.

Excellen's blue eyes were red and defocused, and seeing him here caused her whole body to redden.

He knew this because both girls were wearing nothing but air.

What's going on here? Explain yourself!

In time, Kyosuke, in time... but first... I want to satisfy my curiosity.

With a motion of her hand, he was likewise bound with these Einst tentacles.

The blue-haired girl cupped Excellen's chin softly, whispering in her ear...

He's here. He's watching you.

She slid her tongue into the part-Einst's ear, causing her to thrash in her bonds, the blush becoming deeper.

Don't you like it?

Kyosuke... is watching me?

He's watching you... do this to me?

Don't... don't look...

A pale hand quickly began massaging a breast, and the thrashing began to quicken. Alfimi curiously rolled a nipple between her fingers, causing the other girl to let out a strangled moan.

Strange... very strange, the pale girl mused. She seems to react much more forcefully than when I do it to myself. Is it because mine are smaller?

She then let go of Excellen and repeated the previous procedure on herself, her complexion reddening as she felt both pilots' eyes on her...

Yes... it feels a lot better when people see you...


Let Excellen go, it's me you want!

Ah, but both of you are here to... increase my understanding.

Understanding...? What are you talking about?

Another wave of Alfimi's hand, and the tentacles moved, revealing that Excellen's inner thighs were beginning to glisten with moisture.

She is ripe.

She is blossoming.

And she seems to blossom only for you.

Alfimi pulled her alter ego's face towards her, gently but insistently beginning to kiss her.

Kyosuke's eyes nearly bugged out when he saw Excellen reciprocate even in her diminished capacity.

I... I need it...

Patience... now is not the time...

Something... anything...

Very well.

Alfimi snapped her fingers, and in a flash, a tentacle appeared, heading to the spot between Excellen's legs... and began to run its length alongside her nether regions...

I'm sorry... does this frustrate you?

Kyosuke didn't answer.

Your body betrays your feelings. But I cannot give her to you yet. You have to take her from me.

You can watch, though.

He thrashed against his bonds to no avail.

You can watch... and see if I'm doing it right...

All this time, the Alt Eisen pilot couldn't help but be aroused at the sight, and even more so when the blue-haired girl decided to join in the activity, sitting astride the same tentacle rubbing both girls simultaneously, exchanging furious kisses and Alfimi's embraces generating an erogenous friction between her diminuitive bust and Excellen's generous ones, the pace growing faster and faster as the tentacle began to drip the two girls' combined fluids as they went faster, faster, and then...


His eyes popped open with a start.

Excellen... I'm going to save you... Kyosuke Nanbu thought.

Maybe after I take a cold shower, though.

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