Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Couch Stories: Varying Degrees of Genki

Holy crap we forgot to do a Valentine's Day thing. Or for that matter a February thing in general. Luckily, here's Couch with the rebound (and a revisit of Ero Generation memes old and new).

While Lamia had technically been told she was allowed to use her new powers as Big Sis Excell's Angel of Joy in unsexy ways if she desired, she was still fairly certain it was cheating to be using it like this. Rather effective, but cheating. And to be honest? The sound of Kusuha's increasingly panting complaints were worth it. Right now she was having a mock battle with the blue-haired ATX member, who was testing some new equipment in case Bullet was ever incapacitated. RyuJinKi wasn't as strong as the combined RyuKoOh, certainly, but it was hard to tell if that was the actual reason it was having a hard time landing a hit on Lamia's Vaisaga.

"Above you, Miss Mizuha." Lamia calmly announced. "Blazer Blades."

"K-Kinkobo!" Kusuha attempted to deflect the kunai using her machine's staff, but was suddenly assaulted with a mental image of running her tongue along Bullet's. Though the pleasure faded almost as quickly as it came, it was enough to allow two of the blades to hit her right shoulder. Damage indicators flashed, and Kusuha winced, dropping towards the ground in order to get some room between herself and Lamia's close-combat machine. She jabbed outward with the Kinkobo, the staff extending to several dozen times its usual length in the blink of an eye, but Lamia casually slid around her jabs and swings even as the Vaisaga dropped ever closer.

Finally, close enough, Lamia popped the Vaisaga's katana from its sheath. "This is the end. Vaisaga, Full Drive!" Just as Kusuha was about to finally land a hit, the Vaisaga vanished, reappearing mere feet away from RyuJinKi. "Lite Saber...Enhanced."

"Lamia-sa~aaahn~!" Before she could react, Kusuha felt her knees suddenly tremble in pleasure. More damage indicators racked up as hit after hit was scored in rapid succession, but all the blue-haired girl could do was yelp as the sensation of being unbearably horny flashed in and out of her mind. By the time it stopped, she was on her back, the tip of Vaisaga's sword pressed firmly against her neck.

"I believe that's enough for today, Miss Mizuha."

"I'll say..." Kusuha groaned as she realized her flight suit was now feeling rather moist and sticky. Fortunately, she had a means on hand of getting some sweet revenge...


A short time later, Lamia sighed in relief as her body settled into the bath of the Hiryu Kai. It was nicer than the one at Langley, one of those side benefits of the Hiryu having been originally built for deep-space exploration before it was a warship. As the green-haired gynoid's breasts bobbed upward slightly, Lamia found herself feeling a bit of the same arousal she'd recently been assaulting Kusuha with. Perhaps I should practice using Code DTD and see if Ibis wants a turn with-

Lamia's impending masturbation was interrupted by a pair of hands clasping firmly around her breasts. "Oh, Lamia-san~?" Kusuha's voice was far more hot and breathy than usual, and smelled ever-so-faintly of...orange...?

Lamia squirmed slightly. "Yes, Miss Mizuha...?"

"That was very rude of you, to just ran off after a battle and leave a girl feeling so unfulfilled and horny~" Kusuha gave a firm squeeze, earning a gasp from Lamia that distracted her from the sensation of something pushing against her rear. "Shouldn't you take better care of your teammate~?" Lamia looked down as if to see beneath the water as the pressure underneath her continued, the sensation of something hard between her legs now rather clear. She reached down to feel with one hand, and drew a second gasp as her fingertips brushed against the tip of Kusuha's freshly-grown "kinkobo". Kusuha giggled, taking one hand off massaging Lamia's chest to wag an empty can of Ladies' Genki Drink: Red Rocket Strength in front of her face. "I always keep at least one spare in my quarters, just in case~"

Rather astounded, Lamia began slowly stroking her fingertips along the tip of her teammate's shaft, drawing a soft purr from Kusuha as she shifted forward to squish her own impressive breasts much more firmly against Lamia's back. "That's the way...want to see it better?" Rather than respond, Lamia turned around to press chest-to-chest against Kusuha, before lifting her up to sit against the side of the bath so she could properly examine her friend's red rocket. Acting all but instinctively, Lamia leaned in and closed her lips over the shaft to begin giving head.

"Oh gods..." Kuusha moaned as she felt the gynoid's tongue and lips start their work, "that's...that's way better than my hand..."

"Mmmhmmm..." Lamia had plenty of practice in the art, of course, thanks to Ryusei - meaning she also knew how to use her biggest asset for this sort of thing. Even as her lips pulled away from all but the very tip of the seven-inch shaft, it was smothered tightly between her pillows as she began treating Kusuha to a round of paizuri. "Is this the type of better care you desired~?"

"Almost..." Kusuha managed a heady grin. "I've still got my womanly parts, you know..."

"I see...well, then~" Lamia triggered a round of Code DTD to get herself into the appropriately bouncy frame of mind, and heat up her breasts a bit at the same time. The gynoid gave a rather uncharacteristic giggle as it hit, her voice turning noticably higher and more genki. "Yo~ou handle those big boobs, and I'll show you how much a harem teaches about being with another girl~"

Kuzuha was about to inquire, but was promptly distracted by her head rolling back as she let out a bellowing yelp from Lamia's fingers beginning to show her pussy some attention. Even after plenty of control exercises, she couldn't last more than a few minutes under such ravishing. "Oh gods Lamia I can't hold it it's about to-!"

"Yahoo~!" Lamia whooped in delight at the resulting creampie, Kusuha's hot spunk filling the space between her breasts quite nicely. "Mmm, nice and big...but I bet that's not all you've got in this, is it~?" Kusuha simply moaned, but a bit more fingering as Lamia pulled away a bit gave the answer she wanted. "Oooh, Kinkobo-chan's still so long~" She rather casually shifted the one hand from fingering Kusuha's pussy to stroking her cock, using the ample female juices as lubricant. "I bet he wants some hot angel pussy, doesn't he~?"

"L-Lamia...?" While Kusuha had heard of Lamia's newfound proficiency with Code DTD, she had yet to experience it in person, and it was rather surprising to watch her friend turn around, press her breasts against the side of the bath, and wag her ass invitingly as she sprouted her wings. Surprising...and rather hot. The angel-induced pleasure building in her loins most definitely helped with that. Finally she decided to just roll with it, letting a grin come to her face. "Alright, then, I'll show you my Kinkobo-chan's real power~!" Taking advantage of the offered position, she grabbed hold of Lamia's breasts from behind as she penetrated deep inside the gynoid's eager love tunnel.

"Haaah~! Oooh, that the spirit~!" Lamia rewarded Kusuha with a quick burst of pleasure, on top of that already provided by her tight but eagerly yielding snatch. It wasn't long before she had Kusuha thrusting just the way she liked it when she was feeling genki, nice and fast with her boobs grinding back and forth against the lip of the bath with every thrust. The gynoid angel whooped again in ecstacy, savoring each and every moment until finally her body could take it no more, and neither could Kusuha's. The hot, gushing sensation inside her was just the trigger Lamia needed to go over the edge. "Ya~aaa~HOOOO~!"

[Battle Mastery Earned]

Following the cleanup and afterglow, Lamia found herself cuddling against an exhausted Kusuha, absently comparing chest sizes and grinning at finding she was still bigger. "Mmm, that was fun...but one request~"

Kusuha looked up. "Ah?"

"You said you keep a spare can of Red Rocket around, right~? Well, then..." Lamia leaned in to give a teasing whisper.
"Next time, bring two."

((Couch's Notes: I was determined to put out something for February, so here it is. Enjoy!))

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