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Gyrobot's CJNeptune: Neptune & Noire's Threesome Affair

Hey, something for me to look forward to following a rapid succession of car troubles. (Even if Kira continues to be the "star" of the show...)

Neptune and Noire’s threesome affair 
Author’s notes: Another one…more information on the series and thus more fun…now it is time for Noire, aka PS3-tan. While Asami Imai’s work history isn’t as well know as Rie Tanaka’s. Her work with Souichiro Hoshi in Luminous Arc 2 as one of the potential romance options is good enough for me. 

Compa’s Bedroom 
  “Kira...please…please take it eas….OW!”
   “Ha…ha…Neptune, how are you holding out like this?”
  “It hurts Kira...even though you just popped my cherry a few days ago…ah…ah!”
  Neptune bends over as she watched Kira penetrated her vagina, love juices spilled out of her as Kira thrusts deeply in to her, Neptune closes her eyes as cum started to spill inside of her. Compa-tan watched as she took notes on Neptune trying to not to get an arousal by Neptune’s moans and screams. Ever since Kira accepted Neptune’s offer to save the worlds from the majikkon, her calls for a savior from beyond the worlds was also a demand for sexual arousal by a man. Since then, Kira and Neptune had been having sex whenever they were off duty. Neptune clenches onto the bedsheet as the load inside her vagina starts to spill out, Kira thrusts faster and Neptune moans faster and could almost feel her tongue sticking out from the orgasm Kira was giving her…

  “Neptune, how are you holding out? You fine?”
  “I…am…going to…break Kira…please…sto…AHHHHH!!”
  Neptune suddenly arches back as Kira’s load fills her inside as her pupils shrink from cum intake. Kira pulls his dick out of her as she lays flat on the bed.  
  Cum flows out of Neptune’s pussy as she lays flat on the bed, eyes empty from the amount of pleasure she had received. Compa-tan almost aroused herself listening to her best friend having sex…looking at the love juices in her hand from masturbating herself while watching Kira having sex. Compa-tan takes a breath and smiles, “Kira, you and Neptune were amazing” 
  “Compa-tan, that was too much for me, I am not some sort of public use object for Kira.” Neptune gets up as she is handed a bottle of cold water. Spitting some of the water out as she had also given a blowjob to Kira and got a load in her mouth for it. 
  “Uh, what do you mean public use? I mean, we have been having a bit of casual sex…certainly…”
   “Casual? Why not just bang me in my goddess form instead of banging me as a girl with a chest that only beats Nippon-Ichi and Blanc’s? Are you THAT kind of person?” Neptune felt angry… “KIRA! YOU STUPID GAMESHARK USING MAJIKONNE!” She then throws the bottle on Kira’s head.
  Neptune heads into the bathroom showering as Kira looked the other way as both of them cleaned themselves up, normally Neptune would be happy to let Kira clean her up but right now she was in no condition to let him wash her. As Kira head out on patrol, he decided to search for Ryoni and Majikonne in the region. Neptune turned to her Goddess form and head her own way, trying to find Majikonne as well.
  “Stupid Kira, thinking that just because he had sex with 3 other girls that he has the right to fuck me like a cheap slut…ah well…he is the only one who can defeat Ryoni Majikonne so…fuck him…I will save this world myself…”

Lasdition Industry Sector 

  The Strike Freedom was a stark contrast to the smog and smoke of the land that Blackheart protected…Kira was in a deep thought as he thought about Neptune’s words. No matter how many time they will have sex, Neptune regards herself as an innocent young girl out to protect the world from the forces of evil and that Kira was just another person she recruited to help her out…he should be more faithful however, the fact that he is sleeping with Neptune, which not only has a fault in having an affair behind Lacus, but also one that is deceptively like a loli. Kira’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard the sounds of battle as a girl with twintails was fighting off several Majikonne with only a buster sword.  
  “Haha! Is that all? I can do this without my goddess form you know…” She laughs as she walks away…just as she walked away…one of the monsters hiding from her glowed ominously as it struggled to maintain control of it’s own body. 
  “I AM ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!” Said the Majikonne as the creature turned to a giant robot with cracks in its armor, the creature had a boxy feel to it, as guns were mounted on the arms, shoulder and it’s chest…It aimed its gun ports at the girl as she was caught unaware of the attack... the guns roared to life as lasers attempted to tear her apart. Kira took this moment to intervene…firing several beam rifle shots at the robot. 
  “This is Kira Yamato of the Knights, please escape from the combat area!” The Strike Freedom’s DRAGOONS flew in several directions, hitting the robot...the weapons were now more effective with Neptune’s blessing bestowed on the Gundam. The Ryoni attempted to fire back but was soon interrupted when the girl attempted to finish off the Ryoni… 
  “THIS IS IT FOR YOU!” She leaps and carves off the head of the unit, As Kira fired a barrage of beams at the ryoni, she leaps away just as it exploded…”Alright, that’s finished.” As he was about to leave, the girl opens the emergency hatch of the gundam, causing it to shut down. “You are Kira huh? Well…you are now my “prisoner” and you best come with me…”
  “Alright…I probably shouldn’t have interfered”

Somewhere within Lasdition… 

  “So…a man appears in our lands…I have already heard this from Rinbox…apparently that well endowed titty monster has decided to use mercenaries to fight this war…am I correct?”
   Sven…that asshole natural was too busy gawking at her tits while being sucked off by her…it was too late, another war is going to start all because everyone at the moment is thinking with their libido…
  “Sven’s is one of my men…we are stranded here and we just want to help.” 
  “So you guys are stuck in Geimugyogai and already within the last week a goddess has been deflowered? I may as well join in as well! Maybe if you do well, I won’t have to destroy you…my name is Noire, or Blackheart as the people here call me.” 
  Noire unties Kira from the chair as she leans towards him…as she changes into her nightgown Neptune crashes in.
   “Ow…Kira, are you hurt? Noire didn’t beat you within a half of an inch of your life now?”
   “I am fine Neptune, so why did you come here for me?”
  “I am sorry Kira, I was too impulsive…I really like you and I was wrong for letting my emotions get in the way of protecting the Gemiugyogai…Kira…lets work together to fight the Ryoni and Maji…” 
  “Yoohoo Kira, my little boy toy, I AM READY!” As Noire stood in front of him posing erotically, Neptune holds on to Kira,
   “Stay away from Kira, he is not yours!” Neptune grips him even tighter…Kira then began to make ou
  “Kira, don’t ignore me for that flat chested girl! I mean why did you take her virginity first…you and I also have a bond!” 
   “Neptune, don’t cry. I mean why do you both have fight? I am here to stop the fighting between the goddesses. I want to work with both of you to stop the evil that plague this world. Come on, lets just put aside our grudges for one common goal.”
  Neptune pushes Kira onto the bed as Noire and Neptune took turns giving Kira a blowjob, Neptune sucked him back and forth as Noire looked at Kira’s dick with confusion, inexperienced with sex, trying to lick the tip of his cock. 
  “Kira…your dick…its really stiff…Neptune, help me out, how do I give him an oral blowjob?”  
   “You just need to know how to use your tongue and suck it a bit now and then. Like so…” As Neptune instructed Noire as she sucked on it...
  “Mmm.mmm….mmm…your turn Neptune…” 
  “Mmmaa…mmm….mmm…faster Kira? Or should Noire get a taste 
  Kira then felt a climax and shot the load on their faces…
   “Damn, I came too early…mind if your play with one another?”
   Neptune then turned to Noire and licked her pussy wet as she moaned “Ah…ah…ah…that’s not like you Neptune, why would you do something like this with me? Ah…ah…ah…”
  “Noire-nee…you need to relax…mmm…” 
  “Ah….ah…Neptune, my pussy feel so loose right now…Kira, what are you…OUCH!” 
  As Neptune stopped licking Noire’s pussy, Kira began sliding in his cock into Noire’s virgin body, leaving blood spilling out from her defloration as well. As he thrusted back and forth Neptune gets on top of Noire as both of them were fucked in different intervals.  
  “Neptune….ah…was your first time…that painful?” 
  “I took it worse from Kira…ah! Kira, stop that!” 
  “More…More…cum inside of us, Kira or I will kill you if you don’t that. Its not an unsafe day for either of us even though we are figuratively programs so its ok!” 
  “You sure about that, you two ready to finish?” 
  As they continued, Neptune’s love juices flowed out of her as she made out with Noire…she could feel that Kira was about to cum. And she really doesn’t want another load inside her. 
  “Noire! What are you thinking? Kira shot his load inside and outside of me the first time we fucked…no Kira, what are you…NOOOOO!” Neptune was the first to receive a load inside of her. 
  “Kira…please cum inside of…AAAHHH!” Noire then felt an explosion of cum inside her… 
  As both of them lay of each other, both felt cum expunging out into a pool, breathing heavily as they both did it. 

A while later… 

  Neptune fell asleep almost immediately after the climax…as Kira was wiping Noire’s cum filled pussy, Noire smiled happily… “Kira that was an amazing first time we had. I wonder if Blanc ever tried to do it yet.” As both decided to cool down after the intercourse, Noire took the opportunity to cuddle Kira.  
   “Kira…remember how Neptune said she had a bond with you…I also feel a tight bond with you as well. I want something from you…”
  As the palm of her hand slid across Kira, she shifts to her goddess form…still naked. 
  “Kira…bind a pact with me, and I will grant you strength” 
  Kira couldn’t resist the temptation of her spell…his hair becomes light brown as tattoos appeared on his body and his hand being bound with a gem on his hand that disappeared.
   “What was that?”
  “A Flash Drive, now you can summon the strength of a goddess…right now the pact is bound with me and only me…its up to you Kira to decide which goddess to serve, I won’t make you decide yet.” Blackheart giggles as she cuddles him. 
  Neptune meanwhile as both of them were cuddling together, could hear them talk… 
  “Kira…please…don’t be seduced by her…” Neptune grips her side of the bedsheets tighter… 
To be continued 

HAKEN'S NOTE 5/17: an artist's rendition of the preceding found its way onto /m/:

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