Thursday, July 8, 2010

AWHB Stories: Sweetschlickulous

(Inspired in large part by Rizon's #musouquest)

An adult Super Robot Wars fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

   For once, Ryusei awoke with a pounding in his head.
   That isn’t to say he actually welcomed the splitting headache, but something in the back of his head did – mostly on the grounds that it wasn’t the usual ache he woke up with. Given that the usual ache was centered in his nether regions – courtesy of Latooni, Mai, or both sucking at his morning wood as if they got 40 miles per gallon on his sperm – any opportunity to rest his equipment would be appreciated one way or another.
   Nevertheless, Ryusei waited for the thumping to subside before brushing the emerald locks away from his eyes and throwing the blankets off his-
   …wait, since when did he have emerald locks?
   Ryusei Date craned his neck to face the mirror…and saw Lamia Loveless’ face staring back at him.


   *ring ring ring* click “Date Residence, Cardia speaking.”
   “Hey, it’s Kusuha. Ummm…that case of Genki Drink I sent over last night – did any of you drink any of it yet?”
   “Just Ryusei and Lamia, I believe.”
   “Oh God…how much?”
   “Just a can each. Is there a problem?”
   “…There shouldn’t be in the long run, but you’ll have to follow my instructions EXACTLY…”


   OK…don’t panic… Ryusei, of course, was having trouble following his own instructions. Nothing big, you just happen to be in the body of one of the girls who’s been sleeping with you for the past couple of months… Finally propping “him”self upright on the futon, Ryusei took several deep breaths and tried to concentrate. Lamia, you there? It’s Ryusei…uh, sorry I’m kinda in control of your body right now. If you’ve got any idea how I can get out and back to normal, let me know.
   A minute passed with no response. Great…she’s not in here with me. Which means she’s likely inside ME. God, I hope she’s all right – being in my body’s probably blowing her robot mind right now…
   He turned to face “him”self in the mirror again. Speaking of which, I certainly don’t feel like a robot…in fact, I feel squishier than ever… Lamia apparently slept naked, which gave Ryusei the perfect chance to get an overview of her body. Heh, THESE are probably why, Ryu thought as he idly laid a hand on one of Lamia’s ample breasts. Y’know, I wonder what Lamia thinks about having a body like this. She said Lemon made her to be ‘more human than human,’ I wonder if she expected to settle down someday and-”Eeek!” Sometime in the middle of Ryusei’s rumination, finger had clashed against nipple, sending a strange jolt through the borrowed body.
   Ohmygod…did I just…or did she just… Ryusei backed his hand up a bit and attempted to repeat the offhand brush, squeaking once again in Lamia’s voice. Oh God, I think I did…but is it right? She never seems to show it whenever she’s here, but Lamia seems to be getting more body-conscious lately…
   A mysterious scent wafted in through the vents. Huh? What in the world… Ryusei took a couple sniffs before realization kicked in. Shit, that’s MY scent! She’s getting her jollies in my body right now! Fine then, I guess turnabout is fair play… Both hands resumed cupping Lamia’s bust when something else clicked in Ryu’s mind. …but that doesn’t mean I have the right to be rough. Gotta leave it better than I found it, after all.


   Cardia creaked the door open to come face to face with ‘Ryusei’, sprawled on the mattress and basted in his own juices, after a fashion. “I see you’re enjoying yourself, Sister.”
   Lamia only gasped as she continued to bask in the male afterglow.
   “Kusuha Mizuha just called; she said she used too much Essence of Water Fetus in the new Genki Drink blend we received last night – that’s why you and Ryu have swapped bodies. I’ll break the news to him shortly, then we can go about setting things right.”
   The magenta-haired gynoid gently shut the door behind her. They say the male mind is ill-equipped to comprehend the bodily stimulus of the female orgasm…it appears the opposite is also true. As long as both Sister and Master behave, though, everything should work out…


   Finally removing “him”self from the bed and adjourning into the guest room’s shower, Ryusei once again took stock of the body he was currently occupying. Just as well that this is the one place I can really do anything without giving Cardia an extra load of laundry this week…showering as Lamia should let me feel every possible spot where she gets turned on. “He” turned the knob to the desired setting, letting the first sprays of cold water splash against Lamia’s face and torso. Jesus, that’s starting off kinda cold! Is someone else using the hot water? So cold…boobs feel so cold, gotta keep ‘em dry until the hot kicks in… Once again Lamia’s hands grabbed at her D-cup chest, this time as Ryusei instinctively attempted to shield them from the icy water.
   His efforts were rewarded with another spike of sheer feeling from the android’s nipples being tweaked. Wow, she’s far more sensitive here than I am, that’s for sure… Deciding to run with it, Ryusei continued kneading as the water warmed up, the constant brushing and pinching at Lamia’s nipples making them stiffen. Ryu let another moan escape her lips as the perked-up nubs magnified the pleasure from the breast play.
   Wow, everything feels kinda weird all over now… The tingling sensation Ryusei was inducing on Lamia’s breasts started to trickle downward, following the rivulets of shower water coursing their way across her abdomen and pubic mound. I know if I start playing around down THERE, it’ll feel even better, and yet… One hand dared to lower itself, but shot back over the breast it was fiddling with. I…I just can’t bear to let go of these! Now what? Ryusei racked his brain to find a solution as he continued maintaining the current state of arousal when the solution hit him.
   Rather, “his” elbow knocked against a certain length of soft pipe.
   Detachable shower head? Durr, why didn’t I think of that? One arm detached from the ministrations as Ryu lifted the nozzle out of its docking clip, twisting it ever so slightly as to keep it spraying onto Lamia’s body. Position legs just so, and… A gap between Lamia’s thighs briefly opened to accept the spraying portion of the shower head, then closed up to allow the spray free access to the more permanent gap between them. “Haaaaaaaaaah…” Ryu struggled to keep Lamia’s legs clenched as her womanhood was bombarded with warm water.
   “So…so good…” Hands playing with tits, shower gushing into her pussy, Lamia would look the epitome of femininity were her motor functions not currently driven by a rather inquisitive male. Is this really what the girls feel like when I’m inside them? God, it’s such a rush! Lamia’s eyes fluttered shut as Ryusei’s imagination took the wheel. Somewhere in the haze of pleasure, Ryusei imagined himself as several of his paramours in turn – first Mai, then Latooni, then drifting on to Lune and Cardia and even Aya – all straddling the shaft of his regular male body. If this is really what the girls are feeling when they’re with me, then I…I…


   *ring ring ring* click “Date Residence, Cardia speaking.”
   “Oh, hi!” Latooni Subota’s voice was surprisingly chipper for 9:30 in the morning. “Mai just called and said her and Aya’s sync test for the day was cancelled, and we were wondering if we could move up our afternoon visit to, say…right now?”
   “…My apologies, but that’s NOT quite possible today.”
   “Keeping him to yourself today?”
   “Not quite. Master is currently having…sort of an out-of-body experience, and-“
   Cardia was interrupted by an orgasmic howl coming from the guest shower.
   “Was…was that Lamia?”
   *sigh* “It’s a long story, Genki Drink is involved, and I’d appreciate if you would stay on the line for this one…”


   The shower long since turned off, Ryu!Lamia lay sprawled in the bathtub, panting and moaning as ‘her’ digits continued to dance across those wonderful little nubs. Ryusei savored every new pinprick of pleasure as Lamia’s fingers continued their work, this time letting one hand drift across her slit and caress the various sensitive features therein…
Eyes still shut to the world beyond ‘her’ feelings of bliss, Ryu only barely heard the shower curtain drift open…


   Snapped out of ‘her’ euphoria, Ryu!Lamia squinted upward, only to come face-to-face with…Himself, I guess?
   Lamia!Ryu towered over ‘his’ fellow bodyswapper, manhood still glistening from the woman’s own misadventures in a guy’s body. “Sounds like it was as good for you as it was for me.”
   A weak “mm-hmm” escaped Lamia’s lips.
   “Cardia says we wound up swapping because of the Genki Drink we shared last night, and that we can fix it by just having another can each. However…”
   “However what?”
   “…We won’t be able to change back until tonight. Apparently Latooni and the rest of the gang want to see how well you do as me this afternoon, and vice versa…”
   Lamia sighed as this bit of news drained the last of Ryusei’s arousal.


   Snapped out of ‘her’ euphoria, Ryu!Lamia squinted upward, only to come face-to-face with…Is it just me, or does this guy with the white hair look kinda like Ingram?
   Cobray Gordon steeled his gaze, apparently giving no thought to the perverted tableau before him. “So, Ryusei Date…you have figured out why your companions desire your body. But do you know why they desire your heart?”
   “Uhhh…I’m a nice guy and I can’t stand to see bad things happen to them?”
   “…This is an acceptable answer.” The shadow of Ingram Plisken, former SRX Team commander and traitor to the Balmarians, faded into view behind the newcomer. “All right, we can spare him,” Cobray barked at the apparition.
   “Fine, but the next one we hit that looks like he came from THAT world, I am SO dropping the hammer.”
   Ryu!Lamia stared as the two men (well, one man and a ghost) vanished, the sight far harder to comprehend than ‘his’ current predicament.


   Snapped out of ‘her’ euphoria, Ryu!Lamia squinted upward, only to come face-to-face with…Katina? But she…since when did she wear Latooni’s dresses?
   “Wow…looks like the jump was TOO precise,” the SRWQ iteration of Katina Tarask half-averted her gaze. “Anyway, you’re needed back with us pronto. I’ll give you ten to finish up.” The blonde hellion laid a set of spare clothes on the toilet.
   “Ummm…first of all, I’m not exactly Lamia. Second…are those Axel’s clothes?”
   “…shit, wrong turn!” Katina withdrew some sort of transponder from within her petticoats. “Dumi, throw the emergency return switch!”
  Ryu!Lamia stared as the woman vanished, wondering just WHAT could possibly possess Lamia to wear Axel’s clothing…and what to do with the jacket and pants that the mysterious alternate Katina left behind…

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