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Another CJNeptune fic by Anon-er, Gyrobot

Don't ask me why he decided to tell me his non-Anon identity, just enjoy the Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer-induced VA joke/sex romp.

Well another one by me, this time I am doing a happy sex fic with Sven from Gundam Stargazer with Verde/Greenheart from the same series Neptune was in. This voice actor reference is an ode to Daisuke Ono and Rina Sato.

A Certain Older Console-tan

     “Alright Sven, we will split into 3 groups, I will go protect Planeptune from the enemy forces, you take Reanbox and Accelerator will patrol Raystation and Ruwii. Just make sure to send back

reports and keep our forces in line”
     “No problem, you just make sure not be caught by surprise by the Ryoni and Sven…remember the old score we got to settle.”
     “Got it, I will make it back in one piece…”
     The lush rolling hills of Leanbox served as a idyllic backdrop to her sister Islands Planeptune and Raystation and Ruwii. However amongst the gentle hillside was a mobile suit which was the owner of former Phantom Pain pilot Sven Cal Payan, ever since his “Resignation” from Phantom Pain, he and Selene was in a relationship but beyond dating her, he never felt the necessity to enter a committed relationship with her. Even though his attitude towards coordinators has change, he could not abandon his past as a member of phantom pain, which Selene accidentally to bring up…
     “Sven, I need to tell you something…it’s about the DSSE”
     “What is it?” 
     “A few months ago, a vessel sent out by the DSSE went missing and none of the factions was willing to spare resources to find what happened to it. I was wondering if you can help me out? There is a special organization called KNIGHTS which deals with beyond-Mars travel. I will like you to join it…”
      “What about you? Why are you not coming along?”
      “I feel that this situation is more of the task of a military pilot. Please keep in touch with me…”

     “I will keep you posted”

     And then the communication blackout occurred and the team is stuck in this world against their will. It will be a while until someone could provide a rescue effort. But the place looks like it could support the entire crew…how will they thrive here remains a problem.
     As Sven returned to the transport ship for repairs and refueling, Sven noticed that they had a shore leave, most of the guys however decided to stay in the ship…rumors went on about how there seems to be no man in the place and that only a fool will try to visit the city. The rest of the girls went on a shopping spree however…wearing a cloak and hood, Sven entered the main town of Rinbox…  
     The capital of the city resembled a 15th century European city. The sound of boards and storeowners drowned out his footsteps as he checked out the goods, healing potions, explosives, garments and other goodies were strewn about. But also modern comforts from places like Planeptune also added to the list of consumer goods. As Sven buys some souvenirs for Selene, he noticed that not all soldiers stayed at home…several of them solicited a pair of girls in an alleyway not far from the stall.
     “Hey, the lot of us are here was wondering…interested in coming back to the ship with us? We are here to provide ‘Protection’ from the threats in the region and…”

     A blond haired girl interrupted them… “Why I thank you for the support here, but we can surely fend for ourselves. We don’t really need to come with you do we…” One of the soldiers then pulled out his sidearm and aimed at the girls…”LISTEN YOU WHORES! WE ARE NOT HERE TO BE LEFT WITH A PENT UP SEXUAL APPETITE! EITHER YOU FOLLOW US OR WE WILL…”


     Pointing his gun at one of the soldiers’ heads, Sven started at both of them “Take them away forcibly and have your way with them? You guys really are no better than “Our Fair Lady” Regiment* if you do this type of shit. Either you go back to the ship right now, or I will claim that you are harassing the native for personal benefit. I may be a soldier but sure as hell I know first impressions are a lasting one!” The group of soldiers then mumbled and walked away until Sven could not see them. The blond hair girl took a sigh of relief. “So, want to come back to Gust-tan’s workshop for some tea?”

Gust-tan’s Atelier

     The inventor’s workshop was a work of magi-tech. As Sven took a seat at the front entrance, the second girl came out with some tea and a few munchies. As Sven sipped a bit of his beverage, the young introduced herself as Verde…

     “So, are you with those men earlier?” Said Verde as she drank some of her tea and taking a cookie from the snack plate
     “Yes, I was part of a ‘Peacekeeping mission’ at the order of KNIGHT. Sven Cal Payan, Squire of the 25th Dagger of the Strikers Regiment, I apologize for the misconduct of the troops I was supposed to lead.” As he was sipping his tea, he was also gazing at her cleavage lustfully. “So, what were you doing earlier?”

     “I was just out grabbing ingredients for Alchemy as well as fighting off a group of Majikkon in the region…you heard of them?”
      “Majikkon? What the hell is a Majikkon?”
      “Evil creatures who wants to cause harm to all of Geimuyokai, of course. If not for the bickering between the goddesses, the new threat will be solved…”

      “What new threat?”
     “Some organization calling themselves “Our Fair Lady”* has been entering the caves of Rinbox, trying to awaken what they call “Bald Space Marines”…”

     “Bald Space Marines, I know those guys, hardcore killing musclemen who is bent on bringing brown and bloom to the world…” Sven about them while he was back in Initiation with some of the soldiers, as he finished the rest of his tea Verde poured him some more as she accidentally spills some milk on her dress. “Oops, mind if I went off to change?” Sven prepared to leave as he also got tea on his shirt, “Looks like we have to change together.” He said as they headed upstairs together…

Guest Room

     As Sven takes off his shirt, he saw Verde strip behind him, taking a peek at her while removing his shirt and grabbing a clean one from his bag, he noticed that Verde was none too interested in putting her clothes on and that she was looking at him. Lifting one finger off her hand covering her areola…”Sven…I was wondering…would you like spend the day with me?” Avoiding the same density of Natsuru, Sven accepted her offer by kissing her…

     As her tongue locked with Sven’s Verde reached for Sven’s dick and began to stroke his shaft and making out with him, while she played with his dick. Sven grabbed her back and fondled it.
     “Sven…do you like grabbing my ass? Go ahead, cop a feel.” Fondling her ass softly, he then stopped kissing her and licked one of her nipples. Causing her to blush and she strokes even faster, nearly causing Sven to shoot his load on her. “Ok Verde, maybe we should just get on the bed first…” She nods and gets on top on Sven, she slides her wet pussy into Sven’s dick as she felt blood spilling out of her pussy, straddling him on bed, she softly moans as she continued to let Sven thrust deep into her pussy, love juices and electricity can be felt as both were engaged in the intercourse. “Sven...ah…ah…ah…defloration never feels so good...I like how you are the one who gets to pop my cherry…” Sven then grabbed her boobs and fondles them as she bounced up and down, more love juice flowing out of her pussy…as she gets all sweaty and hot, she felt a sudden moment of exhaustion…”Oh dear…it looks like I had a RROD…sorry…you want to rest?” Sven shook his head and proceeds to grind her pussy with his cock as she lays on top of him…she didn’t notice that he hasn’t cum inside her yet and made out with Sven as he banged her in her exhausted state. “Verde…I am going shoot my load, you want it inside? Or want me to spray all over you?” Verde then suddenly felt alive yet again and moans heavily as she plays with her breasts. “SVEN! CUM INSIDE ME! CUM INSIDE ME!” As she continues to push her body rapidly against Sven’s cock, she feels a sudden burst of liquid inside her…”AAAAHHHHHH!!!” Slowly pulling out the cock, she opens up her pussy as cum flowed out of her pussy. “My oh my…you have wonderful endurance…I am not done yet however…”

      As the clothes were left hung to dry in the afternoon sun, Sven watches as Verde gives him a paizuri as she sucked the tip of his cock, as she sucked his cock. Sven notices a radio call from his communicator. “Command to Noir, you there? Kira was reported missing over.” He decided not to get up as he was too busy having sex with her…as he shot his load on her breasts, she cuddled with Sven, “So, have you reconsidered about the previous offer to go down the caves with me? I could use a real man to protect me from the horrible monsters inside the cavern?” He nods as she fell asleep…there is still the matter of taking a bath with her. As they cuddled in bed, he could see Gust-Tan playing herself using a carrot…

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