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Rpgingmaster's Double Feature: Contract of Lust

The second of Rpgingmaster's submissions. It's not /m/, but then again /m/ these days is all about bitching about how Series X is or isn't /m/ anyway. Ergo, no harm, no foul.

(Also it involves lesbians, succubi, and ironclad legalese, which pretty much means I'm posting it anyway based on those factors alone.)

“Contract of Lust”
A hentai inspired original lemon by Rpgingmaster
Rated 18 and above!
Note: This contains scenes of graphic sex and depictions of activities not suitable for minors. If you are underage or are offended by this sort of content, I strongly urge you to heed the laws of your region/your conscience and leave now.
Note 2: This is an original story, though it was inspired by many hentai games and anime, so if certain elements seem familiar, this story was basically written as homage.
Prologue: The Contractor Arrives
   Many people have gone to college with hopes and dreams of rising to new heights and possibilities. Some just want to get a better education so they can get the kind of jobs that let you be so rich you can wipe your ass with $100 bills. And some people just want to just get by.
   Yuriko Mizaka is one of those people.
   In high school, she was the mousy girl whom no guy ever propositioned for a date. Sure, she was kinda shy and withdrawn, and maybe it would’ve helped had she hung around a few males, but being a bookworm, having a mild fear of men (understandable, as her mother had been raped), and having secret desires for the female persuasion probably didn’t help.
   That said college hadn’t been much nicer to her. She had gotten into a very prestigious college based on a scholarship she had gotten on what she was convinced was a fluke, and she was having the same luck. Even though she had her looks upgraded to a touch above average and her bra size was decent if not noteworthy courtesy of a late growth spurt, she was still luckless as ever.
   In fact, she had just left the college library, where she had alternated between studying for a sociology class and secretly eyeing some of the preppy girls who all looked like former high school cheerleader types, wishing she could do things to them that heretofore she had only done in her imagination and particularly erotic wet dreams.
   As she made her way to her dorm room, she tossed her book bag into the corner, flopped on her bed, and screamed to the ceiling:
   “I’d sell my soul if I meant I’d get laid!” 
   Meanwhile, down in the Centers for Lust and Desire down in Hell…………
   Some people picture Hell as that place Dante Alighieri described in his epic poem: a place of fire and torment and suffering.
   They’d be surprised to learn that that part of Hell was the part reserved for Torment. The Lust section looked pretty different.
   In fact, at the same time Yuriko vented her frustration, that’s when a mid-level succubus (who resembled a very big boobed blond with waist length hair) who hadn’t managed to contract any humans over to Hell in awhile (due to being stuck doing bullshit paperwork for a few decades) was also feeling frustrated, and since she had finally been set free from checking off forms for the girls in the soul accounting section just fifteen minutes ago, she decided to take advantage of being a free agent again and contract a human soul ASAP, as she hadn’t done that in so long she was worried she was getting rusty.
   Hell (no pun intended), if she was lucky, maybe she’d get laid as well, which was something else she hadn’t done in awhile.
   [Note: One would think given how she was described, getting laid would be easy. However, considering that her looks are pretty much run of the mill in the Centers for Lust and Desire, it’s harder than it sounds. Also, being stuck doing accounting work meant she got no sex, so she was hornier than a pasture full of bulls at the moment.] 
   Back in Yuriko’s dorm room………….. 
   As Yuriko looked up from her bed, figuring she might as well suck it up and deal with yet another sexless day, that when a burst of light exploded in front of her face, causing her to freak out and cover her face. As the light faded, she heard a sultry female voice utter in a sex kitten voice:
   “You do know you can look, right. I really wouldn’t mind……”
Part 1: Affirming the Interest
   Yuriko was not sure she heard the voice she had just heard, but figuring she had nothing to lose, she lowered her arms and opened her eyes.
   And that’s when her mouth fell open as she felt an incredible urge to drool.
   In front of her was a stunningly beautiful blonde who was completely naked and hot as hell. Long legs like jutting ivory towers, a very well trimmed pubic area flanking a delicious looking snatch, boobs that looked to be about E-Cup, a face with seductive blue eyes, perfect teeth, and devoid of any age marks, and looks that proclaimed the urge to procreate.
   That in and of itself was making Yuriko wonder if she wasn’t having a hallucination. After all, nothing this good just happened to her.
   At least, that’s what she believed until the perfect looking woman pulled her white blouse and black skirt attired body against her naked flesh, and as Yuriko got undeniable evidence that she wasn’t dreaming, that’s when the woman in question whispered in her ear,
   “I understand you wanted to give your soul for a chance at this.”
   Yuriko’s breathing damn near ceased at those words, and that’s when the woman suddenly guided her gently back to her bed, laid her down gently, then lay down next her and said, in a cheerful tone,
   “Why don’t we talk about that?”
   Yuriko’s mouth took a few moments to respond before managing to ask,
   “Wh-Who are you?”
   “Call me Ruira. I’m what you might call a succubus.”
   Yuriko (who had never heard that word before) drew a blank.
   “A succubus?”
   Ruira sighed,
   “Basically, I’m a sex demon”, and as if to prove the point, her eyes shifted from blue to blood red, and intricate rune like symbols appeared all over her body like tribal tattoos.
    As she finished, Yuriko just lay there, wondering if this was real or if she was going to wake up soon.
   And that’s when Ruira reached over, cupped Yuriko face in a perfectly manicured hand and said dryly,
   “I’m real, and I’m not going away.”
   With that, Yuriko’s brain and eyes finally started to agree, and that’s when she sat up, turned to Ruira, eyeing her up and down shamelessly as she asked,
   “What should we talk about?”
   Ruira’s body went back to the state she was first seen in as she drew her knees up and replied,
   “Well, you said you would sell your soul to get laid, and believe it or not, I’m here to take you up on that offer.”
   “You want my soul?”
   “You got it. In exchange for the services of a demon, you have to exchange dominion of your soul to them, and depending on what services you ask for, how much dominion over your spiritual self we control will be decided.”
   Yuriko paled. “Does that mean that I can’t back out?!”
   Ruira smirked, “Well, you’re still able to do that right now, but as soon as you flat out reject the help I plan to offer you, you have nothing to worry about until the next time you talk about wanting to exchange your soul. However, before you do that, maybe you’d like to hear what’s in it for the two of us if you agree to this.”
   Yuriko nodded.
   “Excellent, but before we begin, maybe you’d like to get more comfortable?”
   Ruira only smiled.
Part 2: Discussing the Terms
   When Ruira said “get more comfortable, she meant “let’s both discuss this while naked”.
   As far as Yuriko (who by now had accepted her lucky break as reality) was concerned, she practically tore off her school uniform in response, and as her running shoes and black socks joined her boring white panties on her discarded clothing items pile, she suddenly realized her underwhelming figure and felt horribly inadequate as opposed to the ironic angelic loveliness of Ruira.
   However, she kinda forgot about her discomfort as the naked demoness pulled her into her lap, and as she calmly informed her of her options, Yuriko found her barely B-cup chest and just recently shaved vaginal delta being expertly groped and fondled as Ruira explained what they could do.
   “By signing over your soul, that means that when you die, your soul goes to Hell as opposed to whatever afterlife you were aiming for, and since you are an agnostic right now, that simply means your soul would’ve been in purgatory, which essentially means that your afterlife would be rather pointless and empty. However, by accepting a contract with me, it would go to Hell, and since we usually put souls to work in exchange for whatever they asked for help with in their mortal life, you would wind up as my subordinate in the Lust and Desire division of Hell.”
   Yuriko actually smiled, as that actually sounded pretty sweet.
   “However, if you at any time try to renege on the contract, your soul will be eternally tormented, but only if you sell us your soul and then later try to screw us over.”
   As Ruira finished that statement, she forgot all about the fact Ruira was expertly kneading and fondling her modest breasts as she instantly conjured up some hideous mental images of what eternal torment might entail, and as she shuddered, she immediately decided if she took the deal, she was not going to attempt welching on it.
   That’s when Ruira caused her already heightened blood pressure to go up as she sucked on her right earlobe for a second before murmuring,
   “Well, it’s nice to know you don’t plan to make my job harder, Yuri-chan.”
   Yuriko shivered in delight at how kinky having her earlobe suckled felt, and the semi permanent body blush she had begin wearing since this whole incident began got even deeper as she realized the pet nickname Ruira had given her, but before she could enjoy it, her rational side realized she needed to ask what kind of help she could get and what would be required of her in return.
   Ruira, who could apparently read her mind, confirmed that by then saying (as she turned Yuriko around so they were now straddling each other’s naked waists),
   “Good idea. Let’s talk about that, shall we?”
Part 3: The Contract’s Wording
   As Mizaka Yuriko continued to straddle Ruira, the demoness in question reclined against the pillows resting against the headboard like she was sitting on a lawn chair. As she did, she started explaining to Yuriko what kind of help Hell could offer her.
   “Based on your situation, we can offer you the following deal: We’ll upgrade your looks and sexiness, let you live out your natural lifespan getting all the sex you could ever want, then when you die you become a low level wage slave in hell’s lost soul division until some demon or demoness decides they need help, and in a few eons you might get noticed by my division and I could put in a good word to promote you to being a succubus trainee. Or, assuming you don’t mind forfeiting most of your human lifespan, I could turn you into a lesser succubus and after a couple of years of being my apprentice, we’ll take the rest of your human lifespan in exchange and you’ll automatically join the Lust and Desire division down in Hell where you’ll be working with me and the rest of the succubi doing what I do.”
   As Ruira paused, she added, “Of course, you could just reject both offers and I’ll leave.”
   Ruira paused at that, looking into the panicky face of Yuriko, and she grinned from ear to ear as she read Yuriko’s mind.
   To wit:
   “Well, my life have been pretty unremarkable up to this point, and Ruira is offering me the chance to get laid as much as possible, and considering when my human self dies I could wind up doing the same thing, option number two sounds pretty good. I do hope I’m not forced to sleep with men or anything, so I might need to see if I can just seduce women if I become a succubus. Also, the whole sexiness upgrade sounds wonderful!”
   As Yuriko’s face assumed a crinkly smile at those thoughts, Ruira told her cattily,
   “If you just want to be a lesbian succubus, I think we can accommodate you. Our incubi or male counterparts have an entire division devoted to seducing men, so your request isn’t unreasonable in the least. In fact-“, and this is when Ruira pulled Yuriko against her so that she was face to face and told her huskily,
   “I just happen to work for that department.”
   Moments later, Yuriko lost control and tried to kiss Ruira, and was disappointed when Ruira held her back, smirking playfully as she explained, “Sorry, but we can’t go that far unless you make a decision.”
   Yuriko paused, then resumed the straddle position as she asked, “And what would I have to do to make the decision?”
   Ruira pulled Yuriko up her body slightly so that their crotch areas intersected and explained, “Well, I’m afraid that you will have to provide two services to us before the deal is sealed first, and one of them involves penetration.”
   Yuriko paled. She was one of those rare women who had been born without that little flap of material in her uterus commonly termed “the virgin barrier”, but the thought of getting  a phallic object inside her terrified her, despite the fact she had never had it done before. As she thought about that, she kinda forgot to wonder how a woman would penetrate her, and-
   “It’s not so bad, really. Since we’re demons, we invert what most religions consider normal and we basically ass fuck you until we come and that’ll be the first seal on the contract. After that, we take a small blood sample from you during the second part to make everything complete and irrevocable, as the first part is basically a good faith pledge.”
   As Ruira finished, Yuriko relaxed slightly, as aside from the painful sounding ass fucking part, those seemed not too unreasonable.
   “Oh, by the way, to show good faith on our end, as soon as you agree to the contract, the appearance upgrade is given you for free. Also, as for the ass fucking, we understand that it tends to hurt mortals when done raw, so we have ways of avoiding most of the pain that we’ll employ to make that part as effortless as possible. Also, since you’re planning on becoming a succubus, you’ll also be getting a stripped down version of succubi powers when you become my apprentice, so you’ll gain the same ability to enjoy pretty much every sexual act ever conceived.”
   “And what powers are those?”
   “The ability to shape shift into whatever you want to fuck someone as, grow your own prick and screw people with it, mind and dream reading, the ability to enter dreams and fantasies and interact with them, unlimited sexual stamina, immortality and a few other perks we can discuss once you decide.”
   Yuriko paused for the briefest of instants before she damn near screamed,
   “YES! I’LL DO IT!”
Part 4: Affirming the Decision
   Ruira almost collapsed into laughter over how easy this whole soul seduction had gone, and from scrying Yuriko’s mind, she detected no hesitation. However, she held Yuriko’s shoulders, looked her dead in the eyes, and her words took on a serious, non playful edge as she said, “Yuriko Mizaka, know that if you truly accept the price of your soul in exchange for power and desire, you can’t turn back. This compact shall last for eternity, and this is your last chance to back away. Do you understand?”
   Suddenly, the sexiness of the situation drained away as Ruira’s seriousness cut through Yuriko’s euphoria, but as she regained her composure, her mind and heart reaffirmed her earlier decision, and in utter seriousness, she told Ruira,
   “I accept.”
   For a few moments, nothing happened, and then Ruira’s face broke out in a smile as she pulled Yuriko into a kiss.
   For the next two minutes, the two of them enjoyed a long slow kiss, with Yuriko’s eyes closing as she enjoyed Ruira’s lips. Ruira’s eyes closed as well, but her hands expertly stroked Yuriko’s body as she fulfilled the good faith she had promised, and she poured her magic into Yuriko’s body.
   As the kiss ended, the preparations were complete, and Ruira pulled away, lay back down in a reclining position and snapped her fingers.
   A blinding flash enveloped Yuriko for a brief second, and then faded just as quickly. As it did, Yuriko noticed her skin was faintly glowing as she felt a transformation begin.
   Her hands suddenly lost all the scars she had endured from a hot iron from when she was seven, and her badly trimmed nails grew until they resembled elegant dagger points as her flesh grew taut as all the imperfections vanished.
   Next, she saw the blemishes on her legs disappear as she felt all the signs of age fade, and the occasional pain she felt from where she broke her ankle in sixth grade vanished forever as her flesh stretched taut and lustrous over her now healed bone and sinew.
   Her stomach grew tight, her torso filled out to cover a slightly bony rib cage, and her breasts expanded in front of her eyes to a respectable D-Cup. Her face had the beginnings of age lines virtually vanish, and Yuriko could feel a slight tingling sensation in her mouth as three molars she had lost in childhood regenerated.
   In fact, in the space of a few minutes, her entire face got a lift as her cheeks got slightly less pouched, her chin rounded off, her eyes given really nice eyebrows, and her ears got a slight reduction in size to look less like satellite dishes and more like seashells.
   The finishing touch was her hair, whose faded brown frizzly look disappeared as it grew waist length and turned a lustrous ebony sheen as all her split ends instantaneously disappeared. And, with that, the glow faded, leaving her staring in shock at her sexy new body, and leaving Ruira looking at her while resting a hand on her jaw, murmuring,
   “I think I outdid myself.”
Part 5: Servicing the Account
   After a few minutes went by of watching Yuriko feel up her now sex personified body in awe, Ruira told her to stand up and turn around.
   ‘Now it’s time for part one of your contract payment to begin.”
   Yuriko complied, feeling a little nervous, as she had never been the recipient of an anal intrusion before, but most of her nervousness faded as she felt Ruira press her naked body against her back as she said soothingly,
   “This shouldn’t take too long as long as you follow my instructions, and if it makes you feel any better, I don’t exactly enjoy this part myself, but it’s company policy, so I’ll just try to make the experience as pleasurable as possible, okay?”
   Yuriko nodded.
   “Good. First, I’m going to loosen you up so it won’t hurt too badly, so try not to squirm too much.”
   Yuriko complied, and that’s when Ruira’s right hand started glowing softly with a blue light as she lowered her pointer and middle fingers to Yuriko’s sphincter area. Yuriko twitched slightly as she gently massaged the entrance to her backside, but started to relax as she felt a rather pleasant warm feeling start to make her colon relax, and as her back entrance opened up, Ruira slowly worked her fingers inside until they were completely buried in Yuriko’s ass, then she said quietly, “Brace yourself.”
   Yuriko’s eyes squinted shut and her body went rigid as the blue glow discharged throughout her backside, and was surprised that aside from a warm feeling emanating from her butt, it didn’t feel too bad. In fact, as the surge of power faded, the inside of her backside felt like someone had lubed it up with a jar of K-Y jelly and whatever might have been in her digestive tract at the moment just vanished, leaving her intestinal tract feeling totally clean.
   As Yuriko felt relaxed, Ruira sighed to herself as she willed her crotch area to elongate her clitoris into a faux penis like shape, and as finished the transformation, she positioned herself at the entrance to Yuriko’s rear, and just before she began, told Yuriko,
   “Get ready!”
   Just as she said this, Yuriko felt her eyes bug out as Ruira’s faux phallus thrust into her backside, and despite the fact that aside from some pressure it didn’t feel all that bad, she still got the urge to cry as her brain was reporting: “Danger! Danger Will Robinson! I wasn’t designed for this!”
   However, just as Yuriko started to panic, that’s when she felt her body being pushed into a bent over position as Ruira’s hands gripped the side of her hips for balance, and as Ruira pistoned in and out of her backside, Yuriko found herself actually starting to kinda enjoy the sensation of being pegged by a sickening hot woman.
   In fact, just about the time she was starting to enjoy it, she felt her crotch flowing like a river, and as her thighs slowly started getting soaked from anticipation, Yuriko’s brain realized that Ruira was about at her limit. With that in mind, Yuriko hastily decided that she was going to try what she had only read about and was going to attempt to come with Ruira-
   And that’s when she felt Ruira explode into her with one lusty scream of pleasure, and as a massive bolt of what felt like raw lighting shot from Ruira’s body with it, Yuriko screamed in passion as well as she orgasmed as well, feeling herself flow like a faucet as Ruira continued to ejaculate what felt like raw energy along with her feminine essence inside her ass.
   About a minute later, Yuriko felt Ruira’s faux prick leave her backside like a cork from a champagne bottle, and that’s when she felt her knees start to give out from the raw power of the smaller successive orgasms she had been having in the aftershocks.
   Thankfully, before she crumpled to the ground, Ruira (whose crotch had receded back to its ordinary feminine form) put her arms around Yuriko and guided her to her bed, where they both collapsed side by side and spent the next fifteen minutes in each other’s arms, recovering from their sexual escapades.
Part 6: Closing the Deal
   About fifteen minutes later, both Yuriko and Ruira had recovered, and unbeknownst to Yuriko, what had happened to her was thus:
   The power she had felt flow into her was Ruira’s demonic essence, which directly imprinted itself on Yuriko’s mind, body, and soul, more or less making Ruira able to force Yuriko to completely submit to her will if need be due to their connection. In less malicious ways, this also meant Ruira could use Yuriko’s body as a soul vessel, communicate telepathically with her, or increase or decrease the flow of power she granted Yuriko, who now had effectively become a demi-immortal on the way to almost complete immortal.
   In short, Ruira had, technically speaking, lied about the first part merely being a good faith pledge. In fact, Yuriko now had the majority of the succubus transformation she had been promised already delivered, and the second part was merely what would finish the process.
However, it’s doubtful that Yuriko would’ve cared as the transmutation had also imprinted centuries of sexual knowledge on her, and as soon as the two of them recovered, their legs had intertwined as they furiously engaged in tribadism, and both women were near incoherent as they furiously rubbed their currently shaved pubic areas against each other moaning in bliss as they felt yet another series of orgasms about to occur.
   Moments later, the familiar feelings of release occurred, and as Yuriko shuddered once more as she felt herself flow, that when she felt Ruira twist her around so that her back was to the succubus in question, and before she could complain, that’s when she felt one of Ruira’s hands fingering her as the demoness’ crotch started frotting itself against Yuriko’s side.
In response, Yuriko just lay there, moaning in lust as Ruira’s fingers played her like a harp, and that’s when she felt Ruira’s breath on her ear as she whispered,
   “And now, to seal the compact in blood…….”
   Yuriko was barely rational at this point, and it wasn’t until Ruira’s teeth (in truth, they had turned into fangs at this point) sank into her neck that the point (pun intended) sunk in.
However, just as the pain finally registered, she felt Ruira suck her lifeblood, and that’s when the pain was replaced by pleasure so intense her body surrendered all motor control while Ruira’s continued to suck down her juices as the rest of the magic that would transmogrify Yuriko flowed into her bloodstream…….
Part 7: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
(Set a few hours later)
   As Ruira got up from the bed, she smiled to herself as she admired her handiwork.
Yuriko was lying face up; eyes closed, and with a smile on her face like she won the lottery. A quick check of her eyes had revealed they had changed from their rather boring shade of brown to a seductive ruby, and her flesh was already attaining the runic markings that defined all succubi. In fact, though Ruira hadn’t informed her of this, her back already had faint markings for where wings could sprout from, if she so desired.
   However, as she lay there asleep, recovering from her transformation, Ruira’s own black bat like wings unfurled from her back and crossed themselves over her body as she decided to teleport back to Hell and inform her boss that-
   “No need, Ruira.”
   Ruira jumped for a second, then turned around to see an equally naked and slightly older purplish-red haired succubi with triangular ruby fashion glasses, a busty hourglass figure, scarlet bat wings, and runic tattoos from head to toe, with her face markings resembling a seductive hand cupping her cheek, and a smile on her face as she looked at her own subordinate proudly as she said,
   ‘Well, I decided to check on you after I heard you finished pushing all that paper, and it seems you just bagged another human soul ASAP. Not only am I proud of you, I think I’ll be explaining your situation to the higher-ups and get you an extended vacation here on Earth with your new apprentice.”
   Ruira bowed and blushed, muttering, “I don’t deserve your kind words, Erinys-sama.”
    Suddenly, she felt Erinys’ hands on her shoulders, and she knew what the woman whom had offered her the same deal as Yuriko had been offered wanted, and she got on her hands and knees, pleased to know she would be getting rewarded. As her tongue started furiously lapping away at Erinys’ red furred vaginal center, she grabbed two handfuls of her mistresses’ beautiful ass as she proceeded to lick away.
   As she lost herself in frenzy giving her own mistress the feminine equivalent of head, Erinys looked down at her own protégé in appreciation, then at Ruira’s new lover/familiar, and sighed to herself in contentment as she guided Ruira over to a nearby chair, where she sat down as Ruira continued to enjoy her nectar.
   As she ran her fingers through Ruira’s flowing blonde locks in contented lust, she continued to look over at the newly created succubi still slumbering away and thought,
   “And yet another Contract of Lust has been made.”

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