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Unnatural Love: Flay/Lacus by SEED D Cagalli

The futa fic we've been vetting for the better part of a week on /m/ and the first of what I'm told is supposed to be four parts.

It still bothered her. It bothered her a lot.

That Coordinator girl was supposed to be locked up. No... that wasn't the right phrase. “Under confinement”... that was the term. Being locked up involved a cell and a guard to keep a vigilant watch. And yet she was free to just walk about the Archangel, nobody paying any mind to her actions just because she said nice things and stayed out of everyone's ways.

Flay Allster, however, had promised herself that she wouldn't be fooled. That girl, Lacus Clyne, was a Coordinator; the enemy.

Screaming and shouting wouldn't work. She had come to realize that all too quickly. It upset Sai and the others and it wasn't winning her any points with any crewmen. Especially not when, in contrast, that Coordinator girl just quietly continued to go about her business. No, Flay had come to realize she needed a more subtle approach and to fight battles she knew she could win. And the first such battle was to find and take away whatever device Lacus was using to bypass the security locks on the Archangel.

The speech was already running through her head as she walked towards Lacus's room. If she phrased it right and put enough feeling into it, Lieutenant Badgiruel might be swayed. She could even claim it could just be a temporary precaution until the more sensitive and important areas were safeguarded against it. And why would that Coordinator girl try to stop her? After all, she was still a prisoner no matter how everyone treated her... and if push came to shove Flay knew she could yell down at her and keep her under control while she searched the room.

Lacus's quarters were, fortunately, unlocked. Perhaps the girl had been so used to waltzing around that she'd forgotten to lock the one door that really mattered. Then again it wouldn't have mattered.

Before opening the door Flay took one last breath and steeled her nerves, and then keyed the command into the terminal. It slid up with a hiss.

The horror that she saw inside was almost enough to make her get the door shut and run. It was also so mind-shattering that she couldn't even focus enough to do anything but stare in shock.

Lacus was sitting there on her bed. And she stared at Flay with an expression even more terrified than Flay's own, her body equally petrified and unable to even attempt to hide the large, erect penis jutting up from between her legs.

Flay wasn't sure why she kept staring at it. It was disturbing; the most prominent example of the abominable way Coordinators lived and toyed with their own genetics she'd ever seen. And seeing it opened up a whole host of new questions, a great many of them involving if Kira was similar in having both kinds of organs.

The penis itself was abhorrent, proudly standing straight up and not losing its hardness even as Lacus just stayed there, caught in the shameful act and without anywhere or anyone to flee to. Flay couldn't take her eyes off it. Its mere existence drew her hatred, for it was the first penis she'd seen in real life... and it belonged not to someone she loved or even could tolerate... but to a goddamn Coordinator girl. It was an unforgivable offense. An offense just by being there. Robbing her of a moment of nervous intimacy with a lover.

And yet...

… It also gave Flay a strange sense of superiority, to see the perfect pink princess looking so helpless. And best of all, the very thing that was causing her distress was the only part of her that didn't seem to understand the situation.

It was too good an opportunity to pass up. To remind Lacus that she was a prisoner onboard the Archangel. And so Flay slid into the room and shut the door behind her as leered at Lacus. “You...” she hissed, “ARE a freak!”

Instead of hearing a soft voice giving her some naïve answer, Flay just saw Lacus struggle to turn away and hide her erection underneath the folds of her dress ineffectually. Flay wouldn't have any of it.

“Don't hide that disgusting defect from me, you freak!” Flay snapped again, crossing the space of the room in a handful of strides and positioning herself right in front of the Coordinator. She could see the member far more clearly now; how the base of the disgusting, swollen, vein-adorned organ began directly above her vagina and then rose upright a solid six or seven inches. Flay could barely tear her gaze from it. It was wrong on every level, but by simply existing it gave her power over Lacus. And she understood that quite well.

Lacus said nothing, looking off nervously to the side and biting her lip. Her face was beet-red from being caught with her pants down quite literally and even though she wanted it more than anything the girl in front of her would not walk away.

“I...” she weakly said, “I don't know how or why-”

“Oh don't act like this is a huge surprise to you!” Flay shouted. “I'd bet it would be a huge surprise to everyone else though! So tell me: how many other people know you have a dirty little dick down there, hmm? Are there gossip articles about what you like to get off to every night?”

“... no...”

“Well you were obviously masturbating when I was coming in here, so you had to have been thinking of something. Was it Kira? Were you imagining bending him over and ramming this thing into his Coordinator ass?” He hand shot down, almost ripping the dress away before grabbing hold of the dick. “Or do you prefer women?” She asked as she let her hand slowly travel down the length of the member. “Do you like the idea of me jacking you off, right here, right now?”

She slid her hand up again, getting a drawn-out moan from Lacus. It was clear the bitch couldn't get enough of it, with her entire body leaning forward and offering no resistance as Flay went faster and faster. Lacus's moans soon became little more than anxious gasps and Flay loved every second of it. To actually touch the girl's abominable dick was a small price to pay to see her looking so weak and caught up in petty hormones.
So much for for the infallible Lacus Clyne.

And then, with a sense of smugness and satisfaction, Flay let go. Lacus's eyes snapped open immediately and she looked down in surprise.

“Hungry for more?” Flay asked, adopting a domineering tone along the way. She got a very needy nod from Lacus. “Very well then.”

She leaned forward, reaching and holding Lacus's hands down with her own. This last insult -and this was nothing more than an insult- was also going to be the most dangerous and she didn't want to get taken by surprise.

Lacus's panting returned in full and then redoubled when Flay's face neared her cock, and the redhead slowly stuck out her tongue. After a moment's hesitation to assure herself this was the last thing she'd do, she let it touch the member.

Lacus's hands trembled, attempting to escape Flay's inhibiting grasp, but they stayed put and Lacus was left helpless as Flay dragged the tip of her tongue up the folds of her dick. Lacus's moans grew louder and louder until, suddenly, she came.

Flay pulled back as quickly as she could, but it was still too late. Torrents of spunk splashed onto her face and she recoiled in disgust. She'd hoped that Lacus would hold out a few more seconds so she could the entire length of it, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Even more of the cum landed all over Lacus's body, a great deal of it just on her face and chest alone. A few wads had even managed to avoid hitting either of them and fell back onto the bed and stained it. The smell of spunk was in the air and in Flay's nose, simultaneously almost making her retch and yet having a strange kind of allure. She pushed the thoughts aside and glanced over to the disgraced Lacus, smiling victoriously at the sight.

This was the first time she had ever touched a dick and it hadn't been in the name of love or compassion... but in the name of power. To reduce someone she hated to a disgraceful state.

And it had been worth it. She doubted any man, Natural man, would have given her the kind of performance Lacus had. And that more than made up for any damage Flay had done to her own dignity.

She walked over to a cleaner part of Lacus's bed and knelt down, wiping the cum on her face off on it and she was just about to turn and leave when she heard a very a very content moan. Flay thought nothing of it and walked to the door, pausing to kick aside some small pink sphere thing that had rolled onto the floor at some point before touching the pad.

The door didn't open. Flay looked over to the pad in confusion and hit the key again.

“You'll have to forgive Haro, Flay. I guess he didn't like what you did to me. And far be it for him to just let you leave after that.”

Flay turned around and her blood ran cold. Lacus was standing there, clothes and faced still adorned with much of her own cum, and giving Flay a very deviant half-smile. The fear was gone from her eyes and instead they carried an air of focus. Her pupils had shrunk to pinpoints, and the blue of her immense irises seemed to be staring holes through Flay.

The sense of pride and satisfaction was gone in Flay. This wasn't the same Lacus that had sat idly and allowed her to toy with her cock, a cock that was jutting up again and hungry for more.

She futilely tried the door again, as Lacus closed the distance between them and snake her arms around Flay's in all of an instant. Flay moved to scream, but it was preemptively muffled all too easy as Lacus leaned forward and forcefully kissed her.

Lacus's body, the same that she had toyed with so shortly ago, seemed to have some strange newfound strength; enough to hold Flay tightly in spite of her best efforts to break free. The one part of her she could still move freely were her eyes, and those could only stare into Lacus's own blue ones, their pupils slowly returning to their normal size.

“You know... when you caught me I wasn't quite sure what you were going to do,” Lacus whispered as her lips moved to Flay's ear, letting the semen on her face smear on her cheek. The Natural girl struggled to push Lacus away and somehow get out of the room. “I thought you'd hate Coordinators so much that you'd just scream it up and down the halls of the Archangel that I happened to have a little extra under my dress.”

“G-g-g-get-” Flay shivered in disgust as she felt Lacus's hard member rest onto her thigh. The Coordinators hands then began to roam, first grasping hold of her skirt and unfastening it. It fell to the floor, and then she felt Lacus's hands move and grip her rear.

“Not so good with words now, I see,” Lacus mocked as she squeezed Flay's butt and then lifted her from it. The girl that had handled her dick before with such arrogance in her voice was now helpless, legs flailing uselessly as Lacus carried her back into the room and back to the bed.

Once there she turned and let her prey fall onto the bed. Flay tried to retreat further into the room -a pointless action that would at best delay Lacus for a few moments-, but the Coorindator's sharpened reflexes let her stop that by simply grabbing hold of Flay's shoulder with her left hand and her wrist with her right.

“I suppose this is the part where I note that your body's more honest about all this than your words are,” Lacus teased. Letting go of Flay's arm, Lacus let her hand drift over to the Natural's neck and pushed her chin up so they could meet eye-to-eye again. “Well?”

Flay spasmed, trying to answer by biting down on her hand to no avail as Lacus shifted her hand to press down on Flay's chest just above her breasts to keep her steady. Her other hand then began to slowly move, first crossing over one of Flay's breasts before moving down the valley between them, letting her fingers just barely touch the fabric enough for Flay to feel them.

“What are you doing?” Flay said, trying to summon if not her strength then her courage.

Lacus broke eye contact just long enough to look at Flay's panties. She laughed softly. “They're quite drenched, you know?” With one smooth gesture her hand finished traveling towards them and then ripped them clean off. Lacus held them up for Flay to see. “I wonder when they got like this? Perhaps when you were handling my penis?”

“That's a lie!” Flay snapped.

Lacus didn't answer at first, instead letting her free hand's fingers squirm and move through the fabric's damper sections before she let it drop on the bed next to Flay's head. Lacus's examined her hand for a moment, seeing the collections of moisture on her fingers. Nectar from Flay's vagina no less. She brought her hand up to her lips and licked it once before smiling. “Oh? Then I take it that this all happened when I grabbed you and pinned you to the bed? It seems either way I look at it, for someone who claims to hate Coordinators you seem to enjoy getting intimate with them. Or at the very least, with me.”

“Why would-” Flay started again, inexplicably finding herself short of breath surely from the terror of the situation, “I... I ever like seeing you get off?!?”

Lacus shrugged as she reached down and began to pull off her dress. “I don't know that. All I can say is that, without a doubt, some part of you has enjoyed your time in my room. And I'm glad to know I could bring out this side of you!”

“What side?!? You're a freak! A mosnter! All those people-” Flay's protests were silenced and replaced with moans and the occasional gasp as Lacus swiftly brought her mouth down to Flay's. They were the only resistance Flay could manage as Lacus completely overpowered her and pulled open the top of her uniform.

A hand began to play with her breast, easing it out of the cup of her bra before kneading it gently. The surprise was all Lacus needed to force her tongue into Flay's mouth, making the girl make all sorts of different noises as she struggled completely and utterly in vain to stop being ravaged.

Eventually Lacus broke the kiss, a thin strand of spittle continuing to connect their mouths for all of an instant before Flay began to twist and squirm, gasping for air.

“I bet you want me to stop, don't you?” Lacus asked as she freed Flay's other breast and pinched her nipples between her middle and ring fingers. That drew a pained murmur from Flay as she threw her hands up and tried to push her rapist off. It was a futile action, one that only earned a laugh of amusement. “My... you keep claiming to absolutely hate me... and yet you do something like this...”

She had grabbed Lacus's breasts. Not simply put her hands on them and tried to push Lacus off, but honest-to-goodness grabbed them through the cum-covered fabric of Lacus's top. It had to be some sort of trick... why would she do that? Why would she-

“I think I'm coming to realize what kind of person you are, Flay Allster,” Lacus announced as she reached up and ran her hands over her own face, removing the bulk of the cum that was still on it. She pulled herself forward and let her whole body rest on Flay's. The girl hadn't removed her hands from Lacus's breasts when she had the chance, and now they were pinned tightly between their bodies.

“Whatever you say it's not true!” the words were meant to be a defiant retort... but they came out more like a whimper. Flay could feel her body almost burning from the futile attempts to get out from under this monster of a woman. Her heart was beating furiously and then-

Her eyes opened wide in terror as she finally felt the length of Lacus's cock resting against her vagina.

“Oh god... oh god you can't seriously-”

Lacus smiled as she watched Flay begin to divulge into pathetic sobs and blubbering, unsurprised when she tried to flail her legs around uselessly. She reached up, cupping Flay's face in her spunk-covered hands and leaned in close, almost as if to kiss her again. And the moment their lips faintly touched, she stopped.

“... Why are you doing this?” Flay pleaded. If Lacus had been a Natural and lacking in sharpened senses, she may have not heard the weak, helpless voice. But she had. They were the words begging for mercy here at the end, when it had long since been established mercy would not be given. “I hate you... so why-”

“Then why come in here?” Lacus asked as she sat up straight, pulling Flay up with her. “Why grab my penis and then lick it?” She forced Flay's arms up in the air and then wrapped one of her own around them, just below Flay's armpit so she couldn't lower them. Her other hand returned to Flay's rear, rubbing the cheek briefly before tightly grabbing it and getting her penis into position.

“What you are, Flay,” Lacus continued as she nuzzled the girl's face gently, smearing her seed all over her, “Is someone who gets off, as you put it, being touched by freaks.”

Flay quivered. She could feel the warmth of the freak holding her. The warmth of her breath, of her chest, of that erect mass in position to rob her of her virginity...

… And then in one swift motion she thrust in to the Natural girl. Flay's screams filled the room, being fueled not only because of the physical pain of having the most sacred depth of her body violated, but more importantly because the person that was doing it was a Coordinator. A freak. A monster. Something not even human.

And worst of all... she could feel that some dark, blasphemous corner of her enjoyed every second of it.

Lacus groaned in pleasure as her hand squeezed and groped Flay's ass, pulling her closer and letting Lacus's penis dive further and further within her. This was the first time she had ever done anything like this, and the sensation was incredible. Flay's tightness, her tears, the way she looked so desecrated... it was heaven.

“Oooh...” she moaned, looking down at Flay as she continued to pound into Flay, “This is... mmm... this was a wonderful idea of yours.” She loved the way Flay looked, hair long since having lost any order and simply splaying out everywhere, face glistening with the same seed that would soon fill up her insides... and the most perfect sounds of torture coming from her mouth. She kissed Flay's dirtied cheek, moving her mouth closer to Flay's ear. “Don't you just love this, Flay? You're squeezing me so tight I can't help but wonder.”

“But you need to-” Flay gasped as another wave of forbidden, wrong pleasure washed through her as Lacus thrust in once more. “Get out of me! If you do then... then-” The rest was lost in a pained cry.

Lacus paid no mind to Flay's struggles as she continued to ravage her, planting a sloppy, lewd kiss on her lips and let herself just go with the rhythm. Flay's body felt so warm and perfect... something Lacus knew she could lose herself in.

A strange feeling began to stir inside of her member. She broke off her kiss and smiled. “I'm close, Flay. I'm close to cumming-” She gasped as a tingling sensation began to grow more and more in her cock, “-for the first time ever inside someone! Can you just imagine what it will feel like?”

The words all but made Flay's heart stop in sheer terror. The monster wasn't going to pull out. She was going to fill her up... in there... with.... with-

“No...” Flay choked out between sobs, newfound and unexpected strength filled Flay's body. “This is wrong... stop! You can't just do this! Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god-” She twisted and tried to move her arms... only to realize that the only thing she could do with them was bring Lacus closer and feel the burning heat within the Coordinator's body. And all too quickly the shock and pain inside of her made Flay reflexively do just that and find physical support in the same person that had driven her to that.

“But you'll love it Flay... you'll never feel better than-!” Lacus's deviant whispers gave way to a groan of pleasure and for a moment Flay feared for the worst... but no climax came. She was running out of time

“Please!” Flay cried, desperately trying to hold onto her sanity. “Just stop! I'll do anything I swear so please-”

“Sorry,” Lacus chided, speaking slowly to keep coherent. “You're... my first... and I'm -oooh.. I'm your first. It's so romantic I... aaaaaah... I couldn't stop... even if I wanted to.”

Lacus's pace redoubled and Flay knew was helpless. Unable to push Lacus away. Unable to fight her off or deny her pleasure. Unable to convince her to show mercy here at the end. Unable to get abomination out from under her, out of her.

… And then it came.

Lacus's mouth clamped down on Flay's as her cum poured into the Natural's womb. Flay could feel it filling her up, being released in hot jets and ropes. She howled out in defeat, praying for salvation in the form of someone coming to rescue her. No salvation arrived.

The confines of her vagina continued to fill at an alarming rate as Lacus continued to cum again and again. Soon enough the seed began to spill out onto the bed and their thighs, their heat conflicting with the temperature of the room and contributing to the amoral ecstasy torturing her. And long after Lacus's load had been fully spent she continued to hold Flay close to her body, cradling the poor, exhausted girl.

Finally Lacus smiled and guided Flay backwards onto the bed. After admiring her handwork for a second she smiled and spoke again. “Now tell me... did you honestly hate-”

A pained fire suddenly returned in Flay's eyes. Out of nowhere one of her hands came into view, slapping the side of Lacus's face painfully. The Coordinator winced from the attack, only for her other cheek to be struck next as Flay forced herself up and off of the bed, tears beginning to stream down her face anew. In her hand was one of the bed's pillows, no doubt meant to be used as an admittedly useless ward should Lacus attack again.

“Are you-” she bawled as she back away to the wall, “Are you insane?!? HOW COULD I LIKE THAT!?! OR YOU!?!”

A pang of guilt ran through Lacus as she stood up, her mind racing.

“YOU RAPED ME, YOU BITCH!” Flay screamed before pathetically throwing the pillow at Lacus. “WHAT JUSTIFICATION COULD YOU- COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE?!?”

She was almost expecting for Lacus to jump her. For the process to begin again and to continue until Flay could tolerate her. Could accept her. Admit that she quite possibly loved-

She ran for the door as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran and slammed her fist down on the controls with all her strength. It still did not move. She looked back in fear, expecting a second round of ravaging to commence and Lacus to be about to pounce her again, but the pink-haired Coordinator was still standing where she had been before... not even looking at her anymore.

“LET ME GO!” Flay screeched, “LET ME GO OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL-”

“Haro. It's pointless.”

Gone was the air of control in Lacus's voice. Instead the words carried a sense of defeat and humiliation... and immediately afterwards the door hissed open.

Flay fled, crying and screaming all the while. At the same time Lacus simply stood there. Her penis, the thing that had caused all of this, dangled beween her legs almost as if in shame.

She turned just in time to see her room door close again. And with that, she sank to her knees and cried.

A/N: Well, for those of you that are curious, this fic (and follow-up stories) are based off a collection of pictures done by the fanartist named Moon Flower. They have their own website and it's worth a look for all the SEED redesigns (featuring black Murrue and amputee Natarle) and some pretty sexy rule 34. Just... tread carefully. There is definitely some hot art there, but there's also pics of General Revil getting raped by the Black Tri-Stars. You have been warned.

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