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AWHB Stories: An Uplifiting Proposition

I'm not a fan of tragic stories. So when Rpgingmaster and ChrisX's For What Hope Is Left turned /m/ on its head, I realized that someone would have to return fire against that example of overzealous Lamia fanboyism.

And then I figured, why not advance my Einst!Geass!Goddess!Excellen agenda while I'm at it?

An Uplifting Proposition
An adult Super Robot Wars fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

    Excellen was pretty sure there was something in the air.
    No, no one had let one rip during lunch in the Hiryu’s mess hall, but nevertheless the Weissritter pilot was positive something stank. Taking care to sidestep Kyosuke as he guzzled another carton of orange juice (seriously, did he KNOW that stuff threw off her mojo?), she took a minute to follow her nose, as it were. Inching ever closer to the source of her discomfort, Excellen glanced around to survey her surroundings.
    Her search had led her to the back of the cafeteria, to a table occupied solely by a rather glum-looking Lamia Loveless. “Hmm? What’s got YOU down? Homesick for Ryusei’s or something?”
    Silence from the gynoid. Never one to pick up on cues to back off, though, Excellen decided to take the seat across from Lamia. “Or maybe Angelg’s new equipment is to blame? I honestly can’t see WHAT they were thinking with the Type-O parts either.”
    At this, the green-haired woman decided to make eye contact with Excellen, though her dour look failed to waver. “You had it right the first time…sort of.”
    “Really?” Excellen’s eyes brightened, as if the perennially perky pilot could get any more enthusiastic. “C’mon, girl, details! You scared of what the others are doing to the boy while you’re not looking?”
    “It’s not THAT…” Lamia turned away once again. “I’m just…starting to wonder if it’s really worth it. I mean, Ryu’s already got five other women looking after him, and I…”
    “Well, if you feel that way, I’m sure you could run it by him and he’d underst-“ Excellen stopped her assurance upon spying what appeared to be a tear forming in the corner of Lamia’s eye. “…Oh God. It’s bigger than that, isn’t it? One of ‘em finally convinced Ryu to knock her up and-“
    “What? NO!” Lamia snapped out of the moment of shock as quickly as it was inflicted, denying Excellen the rise she was shooting for. “I mean…I’d wish them all the best if that happened, but…” The tear finally crept down her face as she resumed her silence.
    “Ohhh, so it’s the OTHER bigger than that.”
    Lamia nodded. “It’s…still kind of hard for me to keep up that kind of relationship when THOSE memories could rear up at any moment.”
    “I’m sorta shocked you managed this much on your own, really.” Excellen took another glance around the room. “But if you want me to give you a hand with the rest, we’ll have to take it someplace more private. Y’know, ‘cause we’re discussing classified information and all.”
    “Are you…suggesting a date?”
    “Depends. Would you like to be able to call it that and not have to worry about what could go wrong if you play along?”
    Lamia pondered this for a minute. “I’d…probably like that very much, actually.”
    “All right then, just follow me.”

[A few minutes later…]

    The path Excellen had chosen to lead Lamia on meandered clear across the Hiryu, passing through nearly every portside facility and stopping at a very special point in the hangar. “You seriously want me…to get in the Rein Weissritter with you?” Lamia queried as she gazed up at the partially Einsted mech.
    “Trust me, it’s more spacious than it looks.” As if to demonstrate, Excellen popped open the hatch, tossing the zipline down for Lamia to follow her up. “Plenty of room for two in here, and it’s even soundproofed!” She retreated into the cockpit as Lamia followed her up, leaving an arm outstretched to beckon the gynoid inside. “C’mon, there’s a special surprise just for this sort of thing!”
    Lamia ducked inside, closing the hatch as her eyes followed Excellen’s other arm towards the rear of the cockpit, and what appeared to be a ladder. “Oh?”
    “Yeah, just climb on down.”
    Lamia complied, her eyes snapping shut for a second as the black and gray of the Weissritter’s cockpit gave way to splashes of pink. “What in the world…”
    “I call it ‘Weissy’s Honeymoon Suite.’” Excellen motioned for Lamia to dismount the ladder as she started descending herself. “Basically, it started growing an extra chamber like Alfimi has in her unit…though I asked Weissy to remodel a bit. Make it less tentacle-y, y’know?”
    “Hence the heart-shaped bed in the middle?”
    “Exactly. Far more inviting than a bunch of slimy green things looking to grab and poke at you, don’t you think?” Lamia couldn’t help but agree as Excellen motioned for her to take a seat near the “point” of the bed. “Never quite expected to do something this serious in here, though.”
    “Something serious?”
    “Yeah, as in the reason I brought you down here. The reason you’re so anxious…” Excellen paused for a moment. “…You’re still beating yourself up over Hellgate, aren’t you?”
    Lamia clutched her head at the mention of that incident as all sorts of horrible memories began flooding back. The pain and humiliation of being connected to the ODE System so forcefully and provocatively caused new tears to well up in her eyes. “You…you don’t know what happened to me back then…” she whimpered. “You could never know…”
    “I can make an educated guess.” Excellen put her arm on Lamia’s shoulder. “That knocked us ALL for a loop, for one. You don’t race against the threat of nuclear detonation and come out squeaky clean. But to actually experience that sort of torture…Lord knows I could never wish that sort of thing on anyone. Especially not you.”
    “Still, I…” Lamia batted at her tears. “There’s still days…where I look at myself in the mirror…and all I can see is me, chained up and naked in that damned Bartoll…”
    “That…that must be why it’s hard for you to stay with Ryusei…” The hand on Lamia’s shoulder rose to gently ruffle her hair. “When that sort of thing is seared onto your image of yourself naked, how could you possibly enjoy being intimate?”
    “Yeah…and yet half the time Lat and Mai are with Ryusei, they have to pin him to the bed so they can satisfy their urges…I look at that, and wonder how those three could possibly enjoy it.”
    “Well, if bondage isn’t exactly your thing, then it’s not your thing. Hence why the tentacles don’t come out in Weissy’s Suite unless they’re asked for.” Excellen motioned to the decidedly tentacle-free walls for emphasis. “But more importantly…just because you’re alone in knowing how low some people will go doesn’t mean you have to be alone anywhere else.”
    “You think I…see myself as alone?”
    “My Freud’s a little rusty, but…” Excellen cleared her throat, putting on her most pronounced Eastern European accent. “…In a vord, ja. As an automaton, you haff a tenuous grasp of ze parental figures’ link to ze id und ze ego at best, exacerbated by ze death of your mother figure (a Nietzchean folly at that, given ze robotic creator-parent-god imprinting trifecta und my memory of you shooting down Lemon yourself) und ze closest thing you haff to a father figure being, well, Axel.” She coughed, returning to her usual dialect. “God, that voice hurts to do. Point is, yes, you show every obvious sign of self-perceived isolation and you’re liable to kill yourself when you stack the Hellgate PTSD on top of that. But you don’t have to suffer. None of us want you to suffer. And I’m sure YOU don’t want to suffer any more, either.”
    “Then…what do I do? What CAN I do?”
    “You have to remember that you’re not alone.” Excellen patted Lamia’s shoulder once more. “And I can help keep that fresh in your mind, AND deal with your body-image issue in one go. But you have to trust me.”
    Lamia grimaced. “Is it because…the solution you have in mind involves sex?”
    “More than that…” The blonde stroked her chin. “I mean, I can go easy on the sex if necessary…but the main part is, you have to be under one of my ‘special trances’ for at least the first bit. If you go into one of those with any thought that I’ll betray your trust, I might actually do so because of psychotic feedback.”
    “Psionic feedback, Excellen. And…you don’t have to worry about the sex. If that’s what it takes to keep these nightmares from coming back whenever I’m alone or naked…then do it. Please.”
    “All right, then. I can at least promise I’ll be gentle. Just look into my eyes…” Lamia complied as Excellen’s left cornea shifted from blue to Geass purple. “Please lie with me, Lamia. Caress me and drink of me as your heart desires…”
    Excellen’s command over Lamia was sealed with a kiss as the two tumbled into the center of the bed, their bodies enjoying each other’s warmth, their hands fumbling with each other’s clothes in a desperate rush to amplify that warmth. Soon enough, the duo had disrobed and Lamia was making good on her orders, her hands enjoying every curve of Excellen’s body as the half-Einst woman savored the feel of the gynoid’s body against her own.
    “Excell-sama, when you say ‘drink of you’…” Lamia’s query trailed off as a hand gently pinched at one of Excellen’s nipples.
    “If that’s how you wish to do it, then do it.” Excellen gasped as the flesh was tweaked in Lamia’s fingers. “It hasn’t come out that way yet, but somehow my body will manage.”
    “All right…” As Lamia took the nub into her lips, Excellen willed herself to start lactating with a nudge from her Einst aspect. Within seconds, a small trickle of milk began to flow into the gynoid’s mouth, leaving Excellen panting as Lamia dutifully sucked down every last drop.
    “I never knew…this could feel so good…” A certain other wetness began to well up in Excellen’s nethers as her other breast suddenly felt heavier. “Lamia-chan…please get the other one, too…”
    “Yes, Excell-sama…” Releasing the pressure on the first nipple, Lamia quickly licked it and the areola clean before clamping down on the second conduit. The new flow of milk started almost immediately, the warmth seeming to spread across her whole body.
    “Ah…so good…to be pouring life into Lamia-chan…” Excellen was herself enveloped in the heat of the moment, and a hand wriggled between the women’s bodies to stoke the fire even further. “You’ve done so well, Lamia-chan…I’m about to come, and I want to share it with you…” Another otherworldly push, and the sensations of Excellen’s finger play were duplicated along Lamia’s folds. The blonde moaned as she intensified the stroking of her pussy, listening for the tell-tale signs that the green-haired woman was experiencing the same stimulus. A series of muffled pants signified success in this endeavor, and Excellen capitalized on it with a furious two-finger insertion deep inside.
    Within seconds, Lamia dislodged herself from Excellen’s teat with a faint pop as ripples of orgasmic bliss coursed through the pair. Her energy flushed from her in the burst of passion, the gynoid rolled off her partner, breathing faintly as something akin to sleep crept up on her senses.
    Excellen let the afterglow wash out of her system before surveying Lamia’s body. “You’ve done well to let so much of my essence inside you. This’ll make the business portion THAT much easier.” Taking a deep breath, she focused her Einst energies on the spiritual residue of all the breast milk Lamia had drunk, stretching and reinforcing that energy until it could pry at the woman’s mind…


    “Lamia…can you hear me?”
    “Yeah. I’m kinda inside your head right now. Just relax.”
    “Given the circumstances, that’s kind of…an absurd request.”
    “OK, ummm…try to concentrate on the warmth in your body right now. Feels good, doesn’t it?”
    “Good. Hang on to that feeling, keep it in the front of your mind.”
    “…Got it. But my body feels like…” A pause. Then: “What? I feel…even warmer! Excellen, did you just-“
    “Yep. Because you’re not alone. In fact, while you’ve got that warmth in your mind, I want you to repeat that after me. I’m not alone.”
    Another pause. “I’m…not alone…”
    “I have friends who are here for me.”
    “I have friends…who are here for me.”
    “I have friends who love me.”
    “I have friends who love me.”
    “I have friends who will always be there for me.”
    “I have friends who will always be there for me.”
    “I have a body to be envied.”
    “I have a body to be envied.” Excellen chuckled inwardly before continuing.
    “I have nothing to fear from being naked.”
    “I have nothing to fear from being naked.”
    “I have nothing to fear from my memory of Hellgate.”
    “I have nothing to fear from my memory of Hellgate.”
    “I can survive anything through my faith in my comrades.”
    “I can survive anything through my faith in my comrades.”
    “I can survive anything through my faith in myself.”
    “I can survive anything through my faith in myself.”
    “Good girl. How do you feel?”
    “It still feels so nice…but it’s fading again…”
    “What if I told you I could make it so it never faded?”
    “I’d like that…what’s the catch?”
    “…You become a demigoddess. How’s that for a catch?”
    “That’s a rather strange catch.”
    “It’s true. I can do that.”
    “I’d love to see you try.”
    As if rising to Lamia’s challenge, the warmth in her body exploded into a network of pleasurable sensations. “I don’t try when it comes to sharing my joy with others.”
    As the blissful heat coursed through Lamia, her senses slowly returned to reality. “Why…why are you giving me this…this…”
    “Because you’re my friend, Lamia.” Excellen’s hand clasped inside the green-haired woman’s. “And friends do what they can to make each other happy. So why not make you my avatar of eternal happiness?”
    “Ava-what no-AHHH!” Another climactic shock surged through Lamia’s body as Excellen’s efforts to uplift her started to physically manifest themselves. Blue lines started to crisscross her skin starting outward from her pubic mound, patterning themselves in a mix of circuit etchings and tribal curves. The tattoo on her upper arm twisted and shifted, eventually settling on a design far removed from the “brand” Lamia was given by the Shadow-Mirrors.
    And all through the metamorphosis, Lamia panted and moaned in rapture as Excellen’s engrams replayed themselves on speed-loop in the back of her mind. By the time she orgasmed and settled the mystic energies in place, the repetition ensured that any recollection of the Hellgate incident would never again be a trigger for depression.
    The blue markings receded in the midst of Lamia’s afterglow, her breathing and heartrate slowly normalizing from the rollercoaster of arousal she’d just stepped off. A yawn from Excellen punctuated her return to reality. “Ugh, that took a lot out of me…Think I gotta take a nap to recharge. Lamia, you need a hand getting out?”
    “Nah…” The gynoid turned to her partner. “I’m pretty exhausted myself…and I can’t bear to leave Excell-sama alone…”
    “Fair enough.” They took themselves in each other’s arms once more. “Rest well, my Angel of Joy. You’ve got a lot to learn about what you can do, and the night will be young yet…”


[OMAKE – Lamia’s Test Drive]

    “So exactly what can I DO as an Angel of Joy?”
    Excellen made some notes on a clipboard as she glanced at Lamia. “Why, lots of things. Primarily, though, you’ll be able to summon up extremely intense levels of pleasure for yourself or whoever you wish.”
    “…So I’m a sex goddess.”
    “No, I’M the sex goddess. You’re my second-in-command. I’m sure you can find some un-sexy uses for that power, though.” Not entirely certain WHY you’d want to, but if you stumble upon something that works, I ain’t stopping you.
    “OK, anything else?”
    “An angel needs wings, right? Concentrate on flying for a little bit.”
    Lamia did so, the ecstasy of floating in midair eventually prompting the appearance of two familiarly feathery wings.
    “Oh, VERY nice. And that brings me to one VERY special feature…”


    The door to the Date residence swung open the second Ryusei approached the curb. “Ah, you’re just in time, Master,” Cardia Basirissa greeted him. “Miss Loveless has arrived just moments ahead of you, and claims to have a surprise waiting in your bedroom.”
    “You say that as if anything that could possibly go on in there is still a surprise to me.” Setting down his bags and kicking off his shoes, Ryusei decided nevertheless to humor his gynoid maid.
    Upon opening the door to his bedroom, however, he was met with a legitimate surprise. Lamia was curled up at the foot of the futon, clad in what appeared a very erotic variant of the Angelg’s armor plating. “Oh, Ryusei-kun…won’t you be my angel tonight?”
    …At least she didn’t spring for the Type-O equipment, Ryusei thought as he resigned himself to being ravished by a real-life mecha musume.

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