Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AWHB Stories: Graze Bonus

What better way to kick off TPT's THE STRONGEST MONTH than with something Grims has been hounding me for for months?

Graze Bonus
An adult Endless Frontier/Touhou Project crossover by /m/’s Haken Browning

    “I still can’t believe a place like this is so close to the Frontier…” Kyon Feulion drifted across the wild landscape of Gensyoko, one hand steadying herself atop her faithful broom as the other clutched the mapping device her current mission required. “It’s almost like a second Elfetale, really…wonder if that’s why I got this assignment.”
    The witch pondered this as her route took her over a certain half-frozen lake. “Wow, the climate here can shift almost as fast as in the Frontier, too…I’m getting goose bumps alre-“
    Kyon’s complaint about the cold was interrupted by a shout of “HEY!” from below. “Oh crap, the locals are on to me! Gotta get away fast…” Her efforts to escape, however, were pre-empted by a pillar of ice shooting by mere inches from her position.
    “Holy moley, it’s a Marisa Custom!” The juvenile voice from before rang out, its owner rising from the grass near the lake. “If I S-rank you, I can equip your head parts on Hustler-kun! Dunno what exactly it’d DO for him, but-“
    “Uhhh…what the heck are you talking about?”
    “Obviously you’re here to challenge me to a danmaku battle!” The blue-clad, blue-haired ice fairy put her hands on her hips. “You better be ready to taste defeat, though, ‘cause eye’m the strongest!”
    “Dan-what now? I’m just here to do some mapping…and frankly, you don’t look like the strongest anything.”
    “What kind of place are you from where you haven’t heard of Cirno the Breaker? My danmaku is maximum – here, eye’ll show you!” A flurry of ice shards erupted from her hands, whizzing by Kyon and off into the afternoon sun.
    “Oh, THAT’s what you mean by ‘danmaku’…Well, where I’m from, those who hear of Kyon Feulion tend to be vaporized shortly afterward.” The witch tipped her hat, letting out two remote cannons that pursued Cirno with intermittent thunder blasts.
    “Well, I guess it’s on, then!” As the bits retreated, Cirno shot out another ice flurry that forced Kyon to dive.
    “You better believe it!” She banked the Bronte Broom sharply, kicking up a magical dust cloud that forced the fairy upward.
    The sky over Misty Lake soon erupted with all sorts of bullets, icicles, and energy blasts as the pair attempted to outshoot and outmaneuver each other simultaneously. An even match between Cirno’s experience and Kyon’s unpredictability kept the fight going for the better part of half an hour, until…
    A last-minute charge by Kyon slammed their hitboxes together at high speed, sending the duo tumbling into the lake. The fight took a turn for the visceral as the girls took to clawing and kicking each other away in order to rise to the top first.
    Luckily for Kyon, she’d had one hand on Bronte-kun the whole time, which effortlessly levitated her above the lake as the two resurfaced.
    “You…you never told me you played by Australian Danmaku rules,” Cirno grumbled between gasps for air.
    “The hell are…oh, forget it. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve beaten ‘the strongest’, seeing as how I could shoot you here and now.” One of Kyon’s fingers drifted toward the trigger on the Bronte Broom’s throttle, but hesitated. “…but dammit, you just look too cute for me to do it. What say we call it a draw and find a place to warm up, hmm?”
    “A draw? Why…why would you-“
    “Well, for starters, we need to get you out of that dress before you contract hypothermia.” Kyon brought the broom down just enough for Cirno to grab on. “Brrr…feels like I gotta get out of THESE clothes, too. Is there anywhere private where we can-“
    “Yeah. Eye’ve got a cabin on the north side.” The fairy grabbed the rear of the broom in one hand and pointed with the other as Kyon slowly hovered upward and forward.


    The cabin barely looked the part of a proper residence, seeming more a place for Cirno to store random things than anything else. Off in one corner, a red mechanoid lay slumped over. “You seriously were planning to put MY head on THAT thing?” Kyon queried at the sight.
    “For a moment, yeah…but then I realized you weren’t a robot like Hustler-kun. It wouldn’t have worked.” The ice fairy tossed her dress aside. “Grrr…I still feel WAAAAY too cold. Uh…don’t look, OK?”
    “Well, I got pretty soaked back there, too.” Kyon was herself halfway out of her teddie. “And if I’m not looking, how do I know YOU’RE not looking, hmm?”
    “Fine, fine, we can both look.” Cirno had finally disrobed, a thoroughly drenched bra and bloomers cast aside to reveal her still-shivering nakedness.
    “Heh, if I knew THIS was under there, I’d have tried to get that dress off a LONG time ago.” The witch doffed her own various intimates – even the vernier cuffs that held her ponytail in place.
    “Huh? You’ve still got your tail…does this mean you’ve been a youkai this whole time?” The fairy pointed at the thin tendril poking out from beyond Kyon’s spine as it lazily swished behind her.
    “Oh, I, uhhh…” Kyon blushed. “There’s people back home who’re all sorts of half-things and quarter-things. I have no idea where I got this, to be honest.”
    “Maybe if I got a closer look…” Cirno advanced on the appendage, taking the tip in her hand. “Feels kinda slippery, but not quite scaly.” She squeezed lightly, prompting Kyon to gasp. “Yup, this is definitely a youkai’s tail. Meaning if I do THIS…” Her whole hand cupped the lower length of the tail, rubbing up and down with a gentle squeeze.
    “C-Cirno, what are you doing-“
    “I never agreed to that draw. So now eye’m gonna beat you.” Her jerking motion suddenly intensified, getting another series of squeaks out of the witch. “Youkai get really hot and bothered when their tails get stroked. I can feel your hitbox growing already just from this.”
    “My…M-my hitb-box?” Kyon stammered as the sensations in her tail shot across the rest of her body.
    “Never mind. You were so nice, not finishing me off back there. So eye’m gonna finish you off in a nice way, OK?” With that, Cirno ceased stroking Kyon’s tail…only to take the tip of the appendage into her mouth.
    “Aaaahh…haaaah…” The only thing the witch could focus on was how her tail was going down the fairy’s throat, how she was gingerly teasing it with her tongue…and how hot and wet she was getting up front.
    “Go ‘head and touch it if you want…eye’m getting warm down there, too. Let’s warm up together, ‘k?” Cirno fell to her knees as she resumed her tongue work, letting the tail practically fall into her mouth as one hand attended to her nethers.
    Kyon only nodded breathlessly, pawing at her own vagina as the euphoric sensations began to overwhelm her knees. Eventually she also lowered herself to knee level, careful to keep from accidentally yanking her tail from the fairy’s throat – and that magical tongue that made everything feel so good.
    Time stood still for the pair as they sat facing one another, eyes locked with each other yet fluttering as they wordlessly masturbated, letting the pleasure say all that needed to be said. Their petit bodies drifted closer together as the heat inside them kept rising, nipples delicately grazing against each other, hands briefly switching places as the girls took to stimulating each other…
    “…Let’s lick it together, Cirno-kun.”
    “I wanna taste it, too. And you make it look like it tastes so good…”
    The fairy let the appendage disengage from her throat as Kyon spread her legs for the next portion. Her tail flicked back slightly before lashing forward between her legs, letting the witch pull it taut between her butt cheeks. Another moan escaped her lips as she drew the remainder upward, resting it against her pussy and within her not-quite-cleavage as the tip approached lip level. “Let’s share this wonderful taste, Cirno-kun.”
    They embraced, bodies rubbing against each other passionately as they alternated licking at the tail tip and locking lips with each other. Kyon could feel the tail becoming more rigid – and quite possibly thicker – as it ground against her insides and received more and more oral service. And surely Cirno could likewise sense it, as she bobbed herself up and down against the tendril, panting and gasping as if the pair’s union was the only thing in the world…
    …A faint hint of vanilla.
    Two explosions.
    Powerup icons everywhere.
    And at the epicenter, two young women who’d endeavored to dry off, only to soak each other in their love juices.
    “You’re…pretty strong…”
    “…You’re still the strongest…”
    With that, the exhausted girls collapsed onto Cirno’s makeshift futon. The cool night would come soon and undo much of their work, but the morning sun would greet them warmly.



    A transmitter beeped to life in the dead of night as the girls lay asleep in each other’s arms.
    “-hat’s going on? Your position hasn’t changed in eight hours!” Henne Valkyria’s exasperated voice rang through the cabin clearly, but did nothing to rouse its occupants. “Kyon, are you safe? Answer me! KYOOOOOON!”
    The only response was static. Then…a pair of raw signals, each carrying the same message.
    “Mistress has found a friend.”
    The last thing to play over the radio was a sigh of relief.

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