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AWHB Stories: Horsing Around

Because I just can't wait for Open Beta 2 to start.

Horsing Around
An adult Cosmic Break fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

    “Heee~ey!” The apartment door swung open, Crimrose tiptoeing through with her trademark cheery grin on her face and a big bag slung over her shoulder.
    “What in the world…” Ivis looked up from the novel she was currently digesting at the parcel being carried in by her friend/savior/roommate. “…you didn’t blow your pay this week on Garapon again, did you?”
    “Naaah,” the orange-haired cyborg girl replied – Though the less she knows about how close I came to doing that, the better. “Just had a really big day at the parts swap shop – and I wound up pulling enough of a bonus to get you something!”
    “You must’ve got a REALLY big bonus-“ As Crimrose pulled the bag further into the living room, the bottom gave out, littering an assortment of parts all over the floor. “…Or you could’ve just nicked a bunch of crap from the store inventory,” the frilly-dressed girl said as her eyes narrowed in disbelief.
    “I paid for all this, I swear!” Discarding the bag along with her booster skirt, Crim set about lugging the parts near the loveseat one by one. “I just figured it’d be more fun to put together ourselves, y’know?”
    “Well, if you insist…” Finally setting her book aside, Ivis joined Crimrose on the floor to assemble the various scrap bits. Within the span of twenty minutes, the duo had managed to put together a hollow humanoid torso, set atop a quadruped leg base.
    “This is…you didn’t, Crim.”
    “I did. You were always telling me how much you wanted a pony back in the day. So now…”
    “But in this tiny space?”
    “She’ll be more than capable of taking care of herself.” The smile on Crimrose’s face turned just a little brighter. “What are you waiting for? Turn her on already!”
    Ivis merely pressed a button in the small of the structure’s spine and stood back as the magic happened.

    {Boot Sequence Initiated}
    {Parts Detect: LF-HD01, LF-RAM01, LF-LAM01, LF-LG01+BS01}
    {Sufficient to commence Unit Initialization}
    {Commencing Geo-Cell Restructuring…}

    A faint glow filled the apartment, prompting Ivis to shield her eyes as a fleshy gel rose up from the connection between the torso and waist, filling in the “gaps” left in the upper body construction. As the Zias Geo-Cell compound flowed upward, the form began to solidify around the bracing plates that held several of the parts upward. As the glow subsided, for instance, the girls could see that what was initially a triad of flat bars connecting the breastplate to the waist was being turned into an athletic female abdomen supporting an armor-encased D-cup chest.
    Eventually, the last of the gel reached the unit’s “helmet”, billowing out into a frayed blonde ponytail as the remnants before it delineated into a variety of facial features – slender cheekbones, thin yet pouty lips, gently closed eyes.

    {Geo-Cell Restructuring 80%...90%...Done.}
    {Commencing AI Cartridge Initialization…}

    With one last whirr from within the mechanical portion, the eyelids slowly raised to reveal a pair of azure eyes that were at once bright and tired-looking.
    “C’mon, she’s yours. Tell her that.”
    “I thought you said you were getting me a pony!”
    “A Lazflamme’s kind of like a pony, right? Heck, I bet she’d be even BETTER than a pony!”
    The horse-mecha girl turned slightly to face the two girls. “Hello. I assume you are debating which of you is to be my master?”
    “It’s not up for debate.” Crimrose thumbed at Ivis. “Ivis will be your mistress, and that’s that. You are my gift to her for…well, just ‘cause, really.”
    “Affirmative.” Lazflamme trotted towards the white-haired girl. “I will follow your every command without fail, Mistress Ivis.”
    “M-Mistress?” She was still taken aback by the connotations of that designation. “But I…I’m not cut out to have that sort of control over a living being!”
    “It’s not THAT bad,” Crim replied, “Just think of yourself as one of the players – it’s not like any of THEM have those sorts of thoughts about the ‘bots in their Commandoes, right? In fact…they usually seem to inject a little bit of themselves into whatever they’re using at the time.”
    “So…she doesn’t really think of herself as my-“
    “Not unless you want her to. If you’ve got anything in particular you’d like her to be, though, now’s the time to say it. Non-combat AI forms rapidly between activation and the first combat level gained. Unlike a player, though, I don’t think you’ll be taking her into battle too soon.”
    Ivis sighed. “Well, when you put it that way…I guess I could at least stand having someone to be with during your Swap Shop shifts and an extra hand keeping the place clean when we’re doing Angel Force work.”
    “That’s the spirit!” Crimrose flashed a V for victory. “Now then, I gotta step out to grab some things for dinner, so you two can use the time to get acquainted. And remember: the more attention she gets, the better her AI grows!” With that, she stepped out the door, practically igniting her boosters the second she cleared the threshold.
    Left alone, Ivis racked her brain for ideas as she stared at Lazflamme. “I suppose it’s not as simple as just ordering you to vacuum or whatever, is it?”
    “I DO have some basic housekeeping knowledge, if that’s what you wish of me,” Lazflamme acknowledged, “But I remember hearing you two saying something about how you always wanted a pony. Would you…like me to be a pony for you, Mistress?”
    Somewhere under the layers of gothloli dress and forcibly implanted Geo-Cells, Ivis’s heart quivered. “Uhhhh…that…depends, I guess. Do you have any idea what a pony is and does?”
    The blonde horsebot scratched her chin for a moment as she thought her way through her memory banks. “…I do not, Mistress. You’d have to teach me.”
    The girl buried her palm in her hand, careful not to accidentally nudge the trigger that unleashed Sacrifice. “Well…a pony is…OK, I think I’m going to have to improvise on this one. Wait here, all right?”
    “Yes, Mistress,” Lazflamme responded as Ivis retreated further into the apartment.


    She didn’t want to even consider opening the box. But all the talk of Mistresses and having no idea what a pony was had driven Ivis to pull the silver shoebox out from under her bed. Blowing the dust off, she slowly lifted the cover, as if fearing something would jump out from within.
    Nothing actually DID spring from the box of its own accord, but the items within would be an affront to the untrained eye regardless. Leather straps, ball gags, a riding crop – the assorted bits of S&M gear stirred up frightening memories for the girl.
    Memories of the desire she had to use these things on Crimrose, back in the days when her mind was muddled by the forces of Chaos.
    Memories of a far more destructive appetite for humiliation she’d developed after being detained by Crim herself.
    A tear slid down Ivis’s cheek as she pondered whether this was the right thing to do. Whether she’d be taking unfair advantage of this new opportunity Crim had given her. Yes, Lazflamme was eager and professional to a fault, but would there be innocence lost?
    She closed her eyes and sighed once more as the shoebox cover was replaced. However hard her decision was, it was made.
    Silently, she took the box under one arm and returned to the living room. It’s not like innocence did me or Crim any good in the long run, anyway…


    “Well, Mistress?”
    The lady blinked as Lazflamme addressed her. “I needed a minute to think about it, but I finally decided…I’ll teach you to be my pony, if that’s what you really want.”
    “…I would be honored.”
    “All right, then. Take off your leg booster and get on all fours. There’s some special pony toys in this box that’ll help you learn a lot faster.”
    A click signaled the detachment of the Lazflamme BS as Ivis pushed the various pieces of living room furniture closer to the walls. Ponies needed space to trot, after all.
    “Whoa…” Lazflamme caught her breath as she righted herself on her hands and knees. “Good thing you told me to get on all fours, Mistress – I get a little top-heavy without my booster.”
    “Fufufu…you sure look the part.” Ivis caught an eyeful of the cleavage currently encased in the horse-bot’s chest armor. “Maybe if you shed a little more armor, your weight issues wouldn’t be so severe. Go ahead and take off anything you aren’t comfortable supporting.”
    “Yes, Mistress.” With that, the now-bipedal Lazflamme got to work unbuckling the various support components of her torso, exposing more and more of her peachy Geo-Cell flesh. Soon enough, her entire upper body was disrobed without hesitation, save the helmet.
    “Wow, you decided to take off THAT much?” The Lolita-clad cyborg was rapidly contemplating joining her new pony in this nakedness. “…That actually makes things a lot easier. Ponies LOVE showing off their smooth skin and beautiful bodies.”
    “If that’s the case…then Mistress will love it if I show off even MORE of my body.” The blonde reared up to grab the armor around her waist-
    -and got a lash from Ivis’s riding crop for her trouble. “Now, now, I like your initiative…but ponies do what they’re told, AS they’re told. Nothing more, nothing less. And this…this is a very special place that’s about to be exposed. Only I can say when you can take that off or put it back on. Is that clear?”
    “…Yes, Mistress.” Lazflamme was doing a poor job at hiding her dejection.
    “All right, then…now you may beg for it.”
    “Yes…if a pony wants to show off the majesty of her entire body, she must recognize the absolute authority of her mistress, and trust in it to grant her that pleasure.”
    “O-of course…” She gulped. “P…Please, Mistress…please let me expose my whole body to you…that I may shine forever with the joy of serving you…”
    Ivis grinned. “Not bad for a first-timer. I will grant your wish.” But as Lazflamme’s hands moved to pry at her waist plate once more, they were halted at the wrist by the white-haired lady. “…I said I will grant your wish. After all, this is a mistress’s pleasure to bestow upon her pony.”
    With that, she yanked away the front waist plate sharply, eliciting a yelp from the horse-girl. As the rear plate fell away in kind and Ivis got to work unfastening the thigh and calf plates, she couldn’t help but notice Lazflamme’s lack of undergarments – on the contrary, only a metallic band of silver separated her belly from her pubic mound, serving more to delineate the division between Body and Leg components than preserve any decency.
    “Mmmm…such beautiful legs, and a puffy pony pussy to boot. I’ll bet you really love being a pony by now,” Ivis cooed as her fingers traced across the blonde’s labia.
    “Yes…Mistress…” Her acknowledgement came out far more breathy this time as her mistress’s touch sent a euphoric jolt up her spine.
    “Ponies live to be given this pleasure by their mistresses…and to earn it by satisfying their mistresses’ every desire.” Ivis ceased her ministration as she stepped back to unfasten her own dress. “Return to all fours at once. I have something in mind for you to earn that pleasure right now, actually.”
    Lazflamme gasped once more as she complied with another “Yes, Mistress,” staring longingly as the white-haired woman discarded her various garments. Ivis’s naked form served a stark contrast to her own, tanned unevenly to leave light brown patches in the no-man’s-land between her garter and stockings and on her right shoulder where the sleeve of her dress joined the rest of the garment simply at her armpit. Her left arm was another story, rendered a cacophonous ivory by the surgical introduction of Zias Geo-Cells – a faded pink ring between her shoulder and torso serving as a testament to the early barbaric standards of Cosmos infusion.
    “Mistress, you’re…”
    A dour expression crept across Ivis’s face. Please don’t say ugly, please don’t say ugly, if you say ugly, this whole charade is gonna fall apart…
    Her jaw dropped. “How…do you really mean that?”
    “Yes…this is the body of someone who’s experienced everything the universe has to offer…” Lazflamme crawled forward, her nose leveling with Ivis’s clit. “…And above all, it is Mistress’s body. That alone makes it everything I could ever want.”
    “Y…you have no idea what that means to me…” The horse-bot’s appellations left Ivis at a standstill. She’d been afraid for years to have her occasional trysts with Crimrose outside of the comfort of a dimly lit bedroom, and yet here she was, exposing herself under the bright living room light, and Lazflamme was just drinking it up.
    Like I’d been teaching her the whole time.
    The white-haired girl’s eyes drifted to the box of ‘toys’ yet unused. Does this mean…doing these sorts of things doesn’t really risk me turning back to Chaos?
    “Are you all right, Mistress?” Lazflamme’s voiced echoed throughout the room, throughout Ivis’s head.
    …And then she knelt down and kissed the blonde.
    “Mmmph…mmffstress?” She stammered as Ivis’s tongue disengaged from her mouth.
    “I’m more than all right…in fact, I feel more at peace than I’ve been in years.” She stood back up, her now-glistening mound once again at eye level with Lazflamme. “I don’t need to regret being your mistress anymore…all that matters is that we share every pleasure.”
    “That’s…all I could ever ask for myself, Mistress…”
    “Then let’s experience that pleasure together…drink of me, Lazflamme. Let your mistress’s juices flow into your pony body…let my essence course through you.”
    She complied wordlessly – their desires were too synchronized now to bother with formality. The blonde’s tongue wormed its way across Ivis’s folds, into her eager hole, ever seeking more of that sacred dew – that nectar whose sublime taste was reason enough to bind herself in eternity to this woman.
    And ever did it flow as Ivis grew weak in the knees from the sensation, loosing more and more of her essence down Lazflamme’s throat as her eyes fluttered shut from the strain, until…
    “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” The orgasm felt as if she were expelling her very soul, the deepest reserves of her love juices splashing across the horse-bot’s face as her licking and sucking continued relentlessly. “So good…my pony…so good…love my pony…my Lazflamme-sama…”
    The white-haired girl slumped forward, prompting Lazflamme to break off in order to set her down gently. “Mistress…you look flush. If you wish to wait to reward me, I-“
    “No…” Ivis weakly uttered. “I’ll forget if I wait. And I want this to be…something neither of us will ever forget.” Catching her breath, she pawed at the shoebox until her hand finally caught on a black device. “Here…you’ve earned this.”
    “It’s…some sort of tail?”
    “It’s a very special pony tail.” As Ivis struggled to her feet, she gently brushed Lazflamme’s ass with the blonde hairs of the specialized butt plug. “From now on, whenever we do these things, I want you to wear this. Not only will it help keep your legs limber…”
    She slid it in raw, but encountered no resistance. Geo-Cells didn’t exactly follow the normal rules of waste expulsion, after all. “…it’ll also keep you eager to please Mistress.” A quick nudge of a button at the base of the hairs, and the plug started buzzing in Lazflamme’s asshole, sending shivers through the horse-bot’s body.
    “So…so good, Mistress…”
    “And now we can begin the final lesson: ponies love to trot around, carrying their mistresses and spreading their joy wherever they go. Go ahead and trot a few laps around this room – stay on all fours and don’t stop until you come. Got it?”
    “Yes, Mistress…” Hands back on the floor, Lazflamme aligned herself to go clockwise around the living room. The shivers from the tail plug permeated her every step, and she couldn’t help but wiggle her butt a bit whenever she moved her ‘hind’ legs.
    The first lap was but a moderate crawl, the girl getting a feel for moving about on hands and knees. Faint gasps marked her progress, prompting Ivis to follow her with her eyes. The gothloli cyborg’s gaze seemed to betray a longing for her to go faster.
    And so Lazflamme attempted to increase her speed on the second lap. Her arms stumbled a bit at first, but as she shifted more of her weight toward her rear, she managed to shave precious seconds off her time without violating the all-fours rule…and was summarily rewarded by her hips adding a lateral roll to the vibration of her tail.
    By the time the third lap commenced, Lazflamme’s body and mind had solidly linked speed with pleasure. Being fast made her tail feel good, her tail feeling good made her ass feel good, her ass feeling good made…and so on down the line until her thoughts were consumed by pleasing herself and Mistress with her galloping.
    That mindset paid off as she was about to commence the sixth lap – with her anal cavity bombarded by multiple degrees of vibration, the blonde’s body finally seized up in orgasm. Lazflamme’s nethers leaked into the rug as she slumped over, content with the pleasure she’d obtained via Mistress’s guidance.
    Ivis turned the girl’s quivering body to face herself. “Well…what did you think? Of being a pony, I mean?”
    “It’s…wonderful, Mistress…you’re wonderful…and I…I’m…”
    “You’re going to make a wonderful pony.” Ivis hugged her, leaning in close. “And a wonderful friend…Lazflamme-sama.” Their lips locked softly as she pulled the ponygirl upright, the embrace becoming mutual.


    With enough food for three in tow, Crimrose ambled her way into the apartment, past the shuffled furniture…
    …to find Ivis and Lazflamme sleeping on the living room floor, passed out from whatever the heck they were doing naked. “Well, huh, guess they’re not hungry. Come to think of it,” the redhead yawned, “I feel kinda tired too. And they seem to have the right idea, with how humid it is in the Central Ark tonight.”
    Quickly stuffing what was to be the evening’s meal in the fridge, Crim returned to begin discarding her armor for the impromptu naked sleepover. But right as she finished unbuckling the plates around her waist…
    “Huh?” She easily traced the noise back to its source, seeing as how Lazflamme’s tail plug was now trying to wriggle its way out of the horse-girl’s butt. “She couldn’t have…”
    And then her eye caught the old silver box, lightly pushed next to the entertainment hutch. “Ugh, she DID…which means I’ll have to show Ivis who’s REALLY the master of the house tomorrow…”
The ditzy grin returned to Crim’s face as she knelt down to sleep alongside the pair.


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