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Gilded Cage: An AC4A fic by Gyrobot

(ADVISORY WARNING: The following contains non-con/mind-break. I honestly had no idea Gyrobot had this sort of thing in him.)

UPDATE 9/16: Now features a pretty cover image as well as new closing line and afterword by Gyrobot.

Gilded Cage: An Armored Core For Answer Fapfic
Author’s Notes: The last AC fanfic for the Strongest Month, the final fic by me will be a CJG Neptune tribute. Out by the end of September, god this writefag’s creative and perverted juices are at its last legs. This fic in question is a Lilium mindbreak fic, what happened after ORCA completed their goal of destroyed the Assault Cells and her fate at the hands of the last ORCA Lynx.
Ehrenburg Satellite Cannons…

Everything she fought for was in vain...

As she watched her mentor retreat from the combat area against the Lynx, she attempted to stand her ground against the ORCA’s NEXTs, however the pilot was too skillful against her and overpowered her and for her loyalty to the League, she had failed ultimately. The Ambient now lays on the desert sands, the particle poisoning slowly consuming the metal coffin and preparing to take her as well into the desert winds…a bitter fate to die like this…to watch everything burn before her eyes…watching as Old King destroyed parts of Cradle 03 before being put down by reinforcements but not before claiming many lives in the rampage. Her fate is resigned here…to die…as…well…

“We confirmed Lilium Wolcott’s location sir, what are your orders?”

“Salvage the Ambient for parts and bring her to a medical bay, it will not be long before the particle poisoning kills her.”


The hatch was forced opened as several armed men took the unconscious and dying Lynx to a medical transport…

“I know blood is about to be spilt, but at least I could do something right…”

“The Lynx’s AC Garage”: Medical Bay, 2 weeks since the events of Closed Plan.

A warm feeling…like a womb…that was how Lilium felt as she rested inside the medical capsule…but it was the first time she had woken since she went unconscious after her attempt to stop ORCA failed…the tank soon emptied as she began to woke up.

“You have woken, good…thought you were going to be living a life as a vegetable that’s for sure” Said the Lynx.

“You are talking to me for the first time? You got a lot of nerve, so what do you want with me?”

The Lynx laughed at her; of course he wants a favor for what he has done to save her from the wasteland. He tend puts his hand over her breasts and began fondling her…he was quite pleased with the prize he had found, more valuable than any core part is a Female Lynx, the entire League had plenty of female Lynx…She bite her lip as she helplessly watched him molest her, there was little resistance in her part, the sedatives kept her from acting up except the stimulation she got from molestation…

“That’s enough for now, and if you want to know what happened, it’s simple. Humanity will soon leave this broken cradle and into space. I am the leader of ORCA now and you are my first “queen”. I will treat you like a queen…in fact head into your quarters and you will see…”

She walked away, there was little she could do about it, the League was gone, and they are merely shell companies used by ORCA to spearhead space exploration efforts now. The room was rather well kept and comfortable even as a prisoner, a variety of comforts was offered to her and she was allowed a good deal of freedom even in captivity. As she gotten dressed, the Lynx begin molesting her in bed. His hands ran through her underwear as she blushed in embarrassment, she then felt her clothes being pried off as he was finished with his foreplay

“Now Lilium, your training as my queen will begin…and honestly I haven’t got a good lay in months…get on the bed…” He ordered her, she first attempts to resist but he then began to fondle her.

Lilium then laid on the bed, she then watched as he grabs a set of chains and shackles her to the bed. He was preparing the train her fully…

“No…please don’t do this…why did the corporations abandoned me? Why do you want me as your bride?” She cried as he placed his hand on her thighs, running them through softly as he grabs a sedative and injects it into her neck…her eyes became empty as she mistakes the Lynx as her master…”Wong…please discipline this girl for all her failure…” She lets the Lynx kiss her and began slipping his cock inside her pussy…the love juices flowing out of her as she moans. The Lynx then pounded her pussy, throbbing from the fact the she is having sex with her “mentor” and took the sexual pleasure without resistance. It felt good to her, she was a somewhat willing sex slave for the Lynx.


“Damnit…she is forcing me to cum…” The Lynx pulls out the cock out of her

Lilium then orgasms and squirts from the pleasure given to her, the Lynx attempted to finish with a blowjob in her mouth but she turned away as cum spilled all over her face. The sedatives were starting to wear off…apparently he underestimated the augmentation done to her…

“That is for today Lilium, you can clean yourself up after this…” He said, walking to a shower room and unshackling her.

Lilium cried as she realized that her mentor is not coming back and that she was stuck being his bride from now on…

A Week Later…

*Pant* *Pant*

It was that time again for her…another day of training…

“Master, what are you doi….mmmhmmm…mmhmm!”

The Lynx was teaching how to properly give him a blowjob and did so by forcibly putting it
inside her mouth, Lilium had no choice but to suck into it, tears flowing out of her eyes as she sucked on the cock, her tongue wrapped his cock and gently caressed the tip of the cock. She kept on sucking it, in her eyes she was sucking her mentor’s cock as a form of training…but it was terrible, being forced to do such things. But Wong will be happy if she was sexually trained in bed…she didn’t mind…until cum flowed in her mouth. Pulling out the cock, cum got on her hair as he ejaculated on her face.

“Master…fuck me stupid…I don’t mind you cum inside me, go all out wit…OW!” Lilium’s words were cut short as he thrusts into her, like a listless doll, her body bounced back and forth from the intercourse, the Lynx thrusts his cock inside her, the cum covered cock acted as a lube as he fucked the former Collared, to him she was reduced to a doll for him to play with. A doll that he dressed up, played “teatime” with and had sex with when he chose to, Lilium was his ultimate prize as an Orca. This doll responded to his every whim and she was willing do anything to satisfy him.

“Master, are you ready to cum yet?” She said in between the moans, the Lynx thrusts even harder in Lilium, the cock insider her pussy getting stiffer and stiffer. Lilium scissors him as she feels an orgasm coming from her…

“MASTER! I’M GOING TO CUM!” She screams as watches as he thrusts even faster…cum flowing out of her thighs, the Lynx then pulled out his cock and shoots his load all over her stomach.

*Pant* *Pant*

Lilium was breathing heavily as she attempts to recover from the orgasm, cum flowed out of her mouth as she felt the sedatives wearing off and realizing that her mentor has gone away again…but her body could not resist…to her it was another day inside that gilded cage, a toy for the last Orca Lynx, a miserable fate for her if there is one. She fell asleep almost immediately after the Lynx was done with her training. Just another day of her miserable existence as the Lynx’s sex toy…

A month later in captivity: AC Garage

She didn’t chose to resist anymore…she had accepted her fate as the “queen” of the Lynx.

As she had sex with him again, he injects another dose of sedatives into her neck. But to her, Wong Shao-Lung was gone…she had accepted being the Lynx’s doll as he was banging her again after shooting another load of cum on her body…being covered in cum and she loved it…

“Master, please fuck me harder…ha…ha…” He slid his cock inside her, cum flowing out of her as she moaned. She then watched as he began fucking her, the cock pushing back and forth as cum flowed out of her. She didn’t resist at all, just watched as he pleasured her in bed, submitting to her carnal desires, the Lynx kept fucking her as she moans heavily.

“Master, are you going to cum again? Shoot a load inside me please; I want as much cum inside me please.” She grinds her pussy against his cum covered cock, feeling a load inside the cock and a load of hot cum flowing inside her…she watches as he finally had enough cuddles Lilium after the intercourse. Rubbing her stomach, she knew that she was going to inevitably impregnated by the Lynx and that she will spend her days being the precious doll of the Lynx…a bird in her gilded cage…a fate that she has accepted…

“Forgive me, my former master. Lilium has betrayed your trust.”

Writer’s Notes post fic:

The creation of this fic was inspired by the strongest month of course, but why Lilium and not Wynn D.? Well here were the reasons which motivated me to write a mindbreak fic featuring Lilium?

-Her character, a submissive lady-like figure who shows a great deal of respect towards a certain figure which made it easy for me to drum up a plot about breaking her.
-Fandom, there is more Lilium fanart for me to work a plot around compared to Wynn D.
-Her fate: She said she was disabled, if she had a death scream type death “MASTER SAV…” for example, It will be a lot harder to explain.
-I just like the artist renditions of her avatar.

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