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Unclaimed Bounty: an IS/EF Crossover by Gyrobot

You'll notice that this one's a little more closely proofread and polished than Gyrobot's previous works. That's because I can't afford to leave something I have a vested interest in (namely, myself) in the hands of his always-off Filipino Spell Check.

Unclaimed Bounty: A Mugen No Frontier x Infinite Stratos fapfic

Author’s Notes: Well time for one last hurrah for the Strongest Month. An honor to Haken Browning, publisher of the fics I have decided to do a seiyuu joke of Yukana and Nobuyuki Hiyama with Haken x Cecilia. Sorry, no art this time to draw perverted ideas from.

Lost Herencia, Trodel Stadt

“Sure is a good bounty huh Aschen? For a wanted convict, he sure didn’t put up a fight.”

Haken tossed a bag of money in the air as he walked out of the bounty office, the last target was a Lost Herencia warlord, hanging around certain parts of the wasteland targeting a variety of caravans and even a few military convoys. A lucky strike involving Kaguya seducing the commander and putting a bullet between the bandit’s eyes before he showed Kaguya his “gun” gave him a considerable sum of cash and another one on the kill board.

“Haken, what are you going to do with the money?” Aschen queried as she noted the jingle of the coins in the bouncing bag.

“Oh the usual, booze, gamble it away and maybe spend on a broad…you and Kaguya buy something nice, I got to meet a “contact” somewhere, see you later, princesses.”

Suzuka pouts as Haken walked away from the group.

“Hmmph, let the cowboy do whatever he wants, come on Kaguya, lets hit the nightlife.”

Aschen then changes to her overdrive form: “OK! LET’S PLAY!”

Golden Pioneer Gentleman’s Club

Haken tossed a couple of coins at a stripper as she performed a private show for him. As she dances provocatively for Haken, however, footsteps were heard on top of the dance stage. As Haken was almost finished with the show, the sound of footsteps changed to a sound of a gun, the scope glinted among the stagelights as the assassin prepared to fire…

“Alright…I think I had my fill, time to get going, be seeing you miss…”

The gunman never even got the shot off.

A young girl glanced at her rifle, looking at Haken and a bounty notice for him from the late warlord, a will to anyone who kills him…she decided to follow him as he left the club. As she thought she had him in her sights. Haken was pointing the Longtomb Special at her…

“Well, another assassin, third one I've run into after that warlord got cacked. I'll play nice with you - you accept a one night stand with me and I won’t have to KO you. Sounds fair?”

As another gunman approached them, Haken shot the guy without knowing, just focused on Cecilia and gazing at her well endowed body…


“Well I can give her one of Kaguya’s dresses to wear…”

Haken’s gaze was interrupted by Cecilia firing off a warning shot with her rifle.

“Just give me a share of the bounty and I won’t have to kill you, consider it the fare for the sex.”

“Well, I can’t say no…by the way, your name, Ms. Bonnie Big Boob?”

Cecilia then blushed…never had she been flirted like this way before. As she holsters her weapon, she followed Haken as they walked out of the strip club.

“Cecilia Wolcott…pleased to meet you Mr. Browning.”

Legacy Hotel

Haken caressed Cecilia’s hair as he made out with her, Cecilia blushed as he fondled her breasts…

“Haken…do you like my breasts? Keep fondling them if you like it…”

Haken pinched her nipples, pulling them as Cecilia could feel the ecstatic rush of being aroused by him. Watching as he kept playing with her breasts she felt her pussy getting wet from the experience and her tits getting stiffer as he played with her. He then pulled off her panties and pushed her to the bed as he began fingering her pussy, love juices flowing out of her as she watched…

“Haken, what type of fetish are you into?”

“I'm in a bit of a cosplay mood tonight…try this on.”

Haken then gave Cecilia one of Kaguya’s dresses...Cecilia was in complete shock…

“Haken, I said was going have sex with you, not be a dress up doll!” Cecilia complaining as she smacked him with a paper fan…she then slipped on the dress without the panties and felt so embarrassed to wear something like this in front of the bounty hunter.

“Eh~ What are you doing? I am not wearing any panties down there!” Cecilia remarked.

Haken then half stripped Cecilia, showing her breasts as he slipped his dick into her, cum flowing out of her as the dick went in.

“I may as well cut to the chase and fuck you now, Cecilia…” Haken said as he pressed her against the wall and thrusts his dick inside her…love juices flowing out as he banged her. She looked at Haken as he placed his hands around her hips and continued to fuck her.

“It feels weird having you penetrating me…please be gentle…” Cecilia felt a warm throbbing feeling inside her pussy, Haken penetrating her with his “Revolver Stake” as she watched…
“Ahh…ah…ah…AAAAHHH!!!” Cecilia moaned…the climax could be felt as the dick became stiffer…

“No…no…what’s happening…why are you lifting me up…what are you….AAAAHHH!!!!” Cecilia tried to stop Haken from cumming inside her, but it was too late. He already had unleashed a “Jackpot” load inside of her. Tears came out of her eye as she watched as cum overflowed…


“Ooops, I didn’t mean to cum on the bedsheets…oh well, let the housekeep worry about that…” Haken was being sarcastic…obviously he wasn’t sexually satisfied yet, and decides to take a smoke before doing it with her again…”So, ready for round 2?”

Cecilia was completely embarrassed…

“This is bad…are you happy now Haken?” Cecilia facepalmed as she realized that he accidentally came inside her. “I hope today I am safe…”

As Haken takes off the rest of his clothes, Cecilia also stripped the dress and got to bed with him…

“Haken…would you like a paizuri?” As she began titfucking Haken, sucking at the tip…she began taking control of the situation, enjoying herself as she sucked and played with his cock, cumming all over her face and breasts, she kept sucking on the cock and making Haken orgasm as she finished sucking on his cock. Covered in cum, she opened her pussy and signaled her desire for Haken to fuck her again…

“Hey…when I see your face, it makes me want to do it with you…so put that cock in me and fuck me stupid!” Cecilia taunted Haken as he then penetrated her with the cum covered cock.

“Alright, let’s go all in.” He said as the dick went in…Cecilia moaning as she saw the cock go in…banging her on the bed, the cum and love juices splashing out of her as she throttled back and forth with Haken who held her hand as she felt like she could orgasm at moment, Haken enjoyed every moment of it, it was like he seized the ultimate bounty in the world. Cecilia right now was one hell of a one night stand material. He didn’t need to worry about cumming just yet, he just needed to wait for her to give in and both of them can cum together…

“Cecilia, you ready to cum yet?”
“I am going to cum!” Cecilia moaned as she felt that her pussy is getting extremely wet, juices flowing out of her…”Cum inside of me!” Haken then began his final push inside her, a hell and heaven moment for both of them. She watched him slow down…*Pant* *Pant*

“Alright…this is great…” Haken thrusted his cock and suddenly, a surge of cum flowed from his cock…splattering all over her pussy as Cecilia arcs back from the orgasm….

“AH!” “AHHH!!!!!” Cecilia screamed as he came inside her

He had cummed inside her…the cum flowed inside her as she scissored her legs between him, cum flowing out of her as he pulled out the cock and she breathes heavily…watching the warm sticky cum flowing out of her…Cecilia’s legs spread as she was done with the intercourse for the evening…

“It feels so warm, Haken…I love it…” Cecilia smiled as she expunged the rest of the cum inside her after a short rest…”So about the money…” Haken walked off to the showers…cleaning himself up before leaving the room…

“Keep it, I got plenty more targets to hunt, you are just a one night affair…no need to worry about it…” Haken remarked as he got into the shower…

“So Haken, am I a worthy bounty?” Cecilia smiled as she asked him…

“You are definitely a worthy bounty.”
Afterward: This concludes the last of the strongest month (and last IS fapfic until January 2010 when the anime comes out.), the plot and H scene is based off a favorite doujin of mine by Nazonokai called Koharu Biyori 4 (A To Heart Doujin). I may make some CJG Neptune Fapfics in the next month or two since rule 34 is abundant and I generally write what inspires me from porn.
HAKEN'S AFTERWORD: ...oh fuck you Gyrobot, I said no GaoGaiGar ref!

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