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AWHB Stories: Angel's Judgment

...Because I REALLY can't wait for Open Beta 2 to start.

Angel’s Judgment
An adult Cosmic Break fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning
    “Hey, Crim.”
    “Back when I first heard we’d have the chance to be together again, I got my hands on some…things.”
    “What kind of things?”
    “Things I thought would bring us even closer, but now…I’m starting to regret buying them. I’m not exactly that kind of person anymore, and I’m pretty sure that if I were to become that kind of person again, it’d be because I’d turned back to Chaos. So…if I ever open this box, make sure you knock some sense into me as soon as possible, OK?”
    “I promise.”

    Morning in the Central Ark, about two and a half years since Ivis and Crimrose had that conversation. And the latter was currently standing over the former, hands over hips and usually super-cheery face contorted into a frustrated frown.
    As Ivis blinked out of her slumber, she was REALLY wishing the redhead had forgotten about that ancient exchange.
    “…Why’d ya open the box?” Crim’s tone was uncharacteristically curt.
    “Never mind that, I can see it in your eyes. And on HER face.” Crim pointed to the still-asleep (and likewise still naked) Lazflamme opposite Ivis on the rug, her peaceful smile betraying no idea that her ‘special pony tail’ had been removed the night before – said tail being part of the contents of the forbidden shoebox. “Your eyes are just too honest – all you really wanted was to show Laz-chan a good time, right?”
    “Yeah…” the white-haired girl groggily whispered. “All of last night’s talk about ponies and mistresses and…ugh, it’s all kind of a blur right now.” She clutched her head with her non-Geo-Cell arm. “Can’t this wait until after we’ve at least had some coffee?”
    “No can do, Ivis. Even with the good intentions you had last night, I can’t discount a possible relapse into Chaotic desire. And I’m NOT losing you again just because of a little giddy debauchery.” Crimrose leaned further toward Ivis, breasts hanging within arm’s reach as her voice dropped to a sultry whisper. “…I’m gonna have to purify you all over again.”
    “You can’t…not this early…”
    “Oh, but I CAN. And in your own words, I SHOULD.” Maneuvering around some of the furniture Ivis had rearranged last night, Crim pried open the crystal hutch next to the TV and withdrew an innocent-looking prism.
    “Y-you DEFINITELY can’t…I can’t handle THAT until I’m fully awake!”
    “Trust me, you’ll be WIDE awake by the time I’m through with you. Awake to your TRUE desire, at the very least.” The redhead held the prism in an outstretched hand, as if readying for a magical girl transformation. “Seraph Promotion X…Engage.”
    Ivis’s eyes, already struggling to stay completely open, were forced shut as the crystal in Crim’s hand imploded in a flash of light. A bizarre warmth filled the apartment living room as the redhead’s naked body was enveloped in the glow, her hair taking on an iridescent orange tint, her red eyes glowing with a ruby-like fire…
    …her pubic hair shearing away to make room for the throbbing 9-inch penis her clit had blossomed into thanks to a little (excessively) creative Geo-Cell modulation.
    Naturally, the first thing Ivis could focus on when the light finally subsided was that dangerously unnatural member. The neon green energy wings now bursting from Crim’s back placed a strong second, though. “Shit, Crim, you can’t go Seraph this early in the morning, you probably spooked half the Ark awake with the energy pulse!”
    “The judgment of God knows no subtlety,” Crimrose intoned, her voice taking on an otherworldly reverb. “And if I am to make an example of you to others through some happy accident, well, so be it. I mean, we’ve got a witness already, right?”
    Lazflamme was already rubbing her eyes, shaken awake by the downright incomprehensible nature of what was going on. “M-Mistress? What in the world is going on? Are you…are WE being punished?”
    “I wouldn’t call it ‘punishment,’ per se…but if Ivis is to be a responsible mistress, she must rededicate herself to the Cosmos, the ever-flowing manifest of God’s grace.”
    “By which she means she’ll personally POUR a bunch of it into me,” Ivis cracked.
    “Damn straight,” Crimrose retorted, one hand already steadying her dick. “Now prepare yourself, Ivis…prepare to receive the purest blessing of the Cosmos!”
    “So you already know what she’s goi-oh. Oh my.” Lazflamme could only watch in equal parts awe and horror as Crim floated back towards Ivis, cock level with the white-haired girl’s oddly accepting mouth. “Mistress…are you sure you-“
    “The sooner I get it out of her system, the less we have to put up with this silly religious streak of hers. And besides…” The gothloli idol batted at the glans with her tongue. “…the taste is incredible, as ever.”
    “Mmmm, Ivis…you’ve become accustomed to using your tongue so…” A faint blush played across Crim’s cheeks. “To have such an eager hole in the service of the Cosmos…truly, it is a beautiful thing.”
    As if to say “shut up and do me already,” Ivis let the rest of her mouth wrap around the member, letting four inches work their way down her throat as her ‘good’ hand set about stroking further down the shaft.
    “And this is…rededication?” Lazflamme scratched her head.
    “It is rededication, penance, absolution…a thousand words all meaning the acceptance of the Cosmos’ truth into the soul…and in this special case, about half a cup of semen into the body.” Crimrose began to buck her hips, slamming more and more of herself into Ivis’s gullet. “Such is the way that transgressions of lust are forgiven.”
    “Transgressions of…but Mistress didn’t do anything wrong! All she did was teach me how to be a good pony for her!”
    “This may be the case…but she did so by using things she feared would lead her back to Chaos. So in the very least…” A moan squeaked through the solemnity of Crim’s words. “…I must remind her that the Cosmos – God’s light – will always be within her.”
    Ivis’ stroking sped up as Lazflamme tried to roll this information around in her brain. “…So wait, how does MAKING her suck on that help forgive her?”
    “It doesn’t. But we had a prior arrangement…” A blissful shiver coursed through Crimrose’s body. “…Ivis requested that should she ever go astray, I was to lead her back in this fashion. So in essence, this is HER desire all along.” Another spasm shook the godly reverb out of her voice. “And I…I thank her for it…for this moment of oneness with her…our hearts, bound together by the blessed Cosmos…aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuugh!”
    The neon green of Crim’s Seraph wings flared anew as she spilled her load into Ivis, the white-haired lady’s eyes rolling back as the warm fluid gushed down her throat. A couple trickles of near-fluorescent white escaped the corners of her lips, and it was all Lazflamme could do to keep from leaning in and licking them clean herself.
    One detachment of Slot B from Tab A later, and Ivis was all over that deed anyway. “So warm and filling, as usual…I guess we can agree that the box is no longer off-limits?”
    “Yeah, totally.” The serious Seraph Crimrose was gone, replaced once more by the eternally cheery regular Crim…and yet her dick and wings remained. “As long as you go easy on your pony until she gets used to it, of course.”
    Said pony was confused. “Wait, how come Miss Crim’s speaking like normal, but still looks like…”
    “Like I said,” Ivis raised a finger matter-of-factly, “the sooner I get her off when she does this, the quicker we’re rid of her proselytizing. But even though THAT fades after the first orgasm, she’s good for about four hours in seraph dickgirl mode.”
    “F-four hours?” Lazflamme’s eyes bugged out at this prospect.
    “Mm-hmm…more than enough time for you to get a turn with me, if you want.” Crim’s voice shifted to that of a mockery of her Seraph form’s. “Come, child, accept the Cosmos within you…” The charade was short-lived, her faux-haughtiness breaking into a giggle.
    “So…you wanna try her?” Ivis glanced at a nearby clock. “She’ll at least be good until her shift at the Swap Shop starts at ten, if you don’t want to right now.”
    “But…I DO kinda want it right now, Mistress…” The blonde’s eyes locked onto Crimrose’s penis as it slowly regained some of its lost girth. “…And it looks like Miss Crim wants it right now, too.”
    “All right then, we’ll call this your big pony duty for the day. Go ahead and get on all fours.” As Lazflamme complied, Ivis glanced across the rug for a sign of the tail plug she’d entrusted to her the previous night.
    “Oh, if you’re looking for her tail, I hadn’t had the chance to wash it yet.” Crimrose bent down to pick up the toy, inadvertently dangling her member right in front of Lazflamme’s face as she handed it to her fellow cyborg.
    “Thanks, I’ll be back in a minute. You two go ahead and start without me.” Picking herself up off the floor, Ivis strode into the kitchen as the pony-girl and angel-girl stared at one another.
    “So…you ever seen one of these before?”
    “I know yours grew out of what Mistress has in the same area…that’s about it.”
    “Yeah…I guess it’s a tall order to ask that, seeing as how your AI was just now reinitialized.” Crim leveled the half-erect dick near Lazflamme’s mouth in anticipation. “Don’t worry, just let your tongue do all the work and don’t try to fit too much in at once.”
    “Yes, Miss Crim.” The blonde eagerly lapped at the tip in an imitation of Ivis’s teasing. “Wow, Mistress was right…this tastes strange, but in a nice way.”
    “Heh…it sure feels like you learned from the best.” She nudged at the pony-girl’s lips, subtly inviting them to part – and they complied effortlessly. Between Lazflamme’s doggy-style posture and her own deflated status, Crimrose managed to slide six inches of herself down that eager throat before triggering a faint gag reflex. “And it seems you’ve got a natural talent for this sort of thing.”
    A muffled “Mm-hmm” resounded from the blonde’s throat as her tongue caressed Crim’s shaft. Her eyelids started to flutter as the warmth of the member began to course through the rest of her body, the pleasure driving her to spread her ‘hind’ legs…
    …which was exactly the chance Ivis was seeking as she emerged from the kitchenette, the newly-sanitized butt plug sliding back between Lazflamme’s cheeks. “Guh-hmmmm!” she moaned as the intruding device buzzed to life, the two sources of pulsations joining to rock her very core.
    “Wow, I didn’t expect Ivis to make that a surprise…” Crim could see the pony-girl’s eyes rolling back as she continued pumping into her mouth. “I think it’s starting to hit me, too. I haven’t felt this tingly all over since…”
    Ivis herself was becoming rapidly aroused by the duo, sliding a couple fingers into her dampening pussy as they writhed wordlessly in their own bliss. As the heat began to build up inside herself, she was finding it harder and harder to keep her eyes focused on the pair.
    Likewise, Crimrose was finding it increasingly difficult to hold back her impending ejaculation, the tightness of Lazflamme’s throat and the slick ministrations of her tongue proving irresistible.
    And Lazflamme herself? All she could think of were the pleasurable aches in her throat and groin, and how wonderful it would be for her mistresses to keep them going forever…
    Eternity came in a heartbeat for the trio, love juices gushing everywhere as their bodies overloaded with sensation after lustful sensation. Ivis was the first to collapse, having not had any support during her masturbation. Lazflamme and Crimrose gently pulled away from each other shortly afterward, still briefly connected by a ribbon of saliva and semen before their exhausted bodies fell back onto the rug.


    The strains of an alarm clock radio filtered into the living room as artificial sunlight began pouring through the window in earnest, rousing a still-Seraphized Crimrose from her slumber. “*yawn*…That was pretty fun. Maybe next time, we could-oh crap, time! What time is it?”
    The LCD clock atop the entertainment center blinked 9:30. “Damn, I’m gonna be late!”
    “Late for wha…oh, yeah, right. Work.” A considerably less groggy Ivis pulled herself from the floor. “And I’m falling behind on giving Lazflamme a tour of the Arks. There’s only ONE way we can do everything on time.”
    “You couldn’t mean-“
    “Yes. We all shower together. Right now.”
    “…You just CAN’T let me try and keep my day job, CAN you?”


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