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Primary Colors by Couch: a Team SRX Threesome

And here I thought THE STRONGEST MONTH was boned thanks to my recent addiction to Phantasy Star Portable 2. (Though THAT may produce something worthwhile by the end of the month in and of itself...)

(Couch's Note: Consider this my contribution for The Strongest Month. For all the canon to sort out, it takes place between my old AyaMai piece and Serena's VilettaRadha piece. For purposes of how that all works out, I'd say this is between OG2 and OGG.)

Things had become much more interesting in at the Telekinesis Research Laboratory in the past several weeks. At first, synch tests between Aya and Mai had been somewhat tedious affairs, and stressful to boot. Then there was that night where the two had made love in the R-3. Needless to say, it had been hard for Aya to look Mai in the eye without blushing furiously for a few days. Dealing with the Inspectors, Einst and the rest had been a higher priority for those few days, of course, and Aya was thankful for the distraction of combat. Afterward, though, there wasn't much to keep her focused when she was around her sister.

A few days after the Einst had been defeated, however, Aya was called into Viletta Vadim's office. "You wanted to see me, Captain...?"

Viletta dropped a folder of papers on her desk. "You've uncovered a rather interesting phenomenon, Aya."

Aya froze up immediately. "Wh-What do you mean, Captain...?"

The corners of Viletta's mouth twitched in a smile. "The T-Link System has some rather interesting effects when it's used during periods of high sexual tension." Aya's face went beet-red. Oh gods, she was watching?

"We're going to be making use of the phenomenon, if we can find a way to make it reproducible under somewhat more controlled conditions. That means Mai will be sharing the next version of the R-3 with you as a copilot for more efficient use of this new method...I'm told "Aquarion Contact" would be an appropriate title for it." Viletta looked up at Aya, her look almost teasing. "Is something the matter?"

Aya just stammered for a bit, her thought processes quite thoroughly derailed. Viletta's teasing smirk grew a bit wider. "You should be more careful where you have your romantic trysts. At any rate, this means we have two matters at hand." The captain of the SRX Team rose from her seat, coming around her desk towards Aya. "First, we have quite a lot more synch testing to do between you and Mai, though I daresay you'll find those tests more enjoyable from now on. Second..." and with this her smile grew positively catlike, "you and I will be conducting private sessions starting today, as I will be piloting the R-Gun in Mai's stead."


Viletta leaned forward and pulled Aya into a probing kiss. Aya's eyes, already wide, went even wider as her captain stopped just shy of slipping her some tongue before breaking away.

"After all, it will be important for us to have good synchronization on the battlefield, will it not?"

"Ah...y-yes, but..."

"Hm?" Viletta cocked an eyebrow as Aya flushed and looked away. "Shouldn't Mai be here too...?"

"Oh~?" Viletta nodded. "Yes, that can be arranged~"


A few hours later, Mai Kobayashi came running to the summons she'd received at Langely. I was hoping to get Ryusei all to myself today...why did the captain want me to go to her quarters, anyway?

The pink-haired girl got her answer as the door slid open; she gave a sharp gasp, her eyes taking in the sight of Captain Viletta Vadim and Aya Kobayashi stark naked and embroiled in the midst of a rather torrential kiss.

"Mmm...hmm~?" Viletta broke off the kiss, turning to look over her shoulder at Mai. "Come in and close the door." Still rather shocked (not to mention more than a little aroused), Mai obeyed. "Clothes off." Mai flushed much deeper at this command, but obeyed it as well, folding her arms in a vain effort to conceal her small chest relative to the other two girls. Viletta pulled herself off Aya and slipped over, taking in Mai's figure as she did. "Well, you did regress visibly, but it looks like your curves are coming back quickly, aren't they?"

"Ah...s-someone suggested that I should start drinking a lot of milk..."

Viletta raised an eyebrow. Milk, hm? She made a mental note to check her own supply, before drawing Mai into a rather delicate kiss.

"Mmm~!" Mai's eyes went wide again, but it wasn't long before she succumbed to Viletta's mouth, or her hands for that matter, as they firmly gripped her rear and squeezed. She moaned softly around Viletta's lips as the older woman's touches became increasingly enjoyable. By the time Viletta broke off the kiss, Mai was cuddling against her chest - the cuteness of the sight was enough to draw a warmer smile from Viletta.

"Come on, then, Mai, your sister's waiting..."

"Ah?" Mai pulled away from Viletta's chest to look behind her, where Aya sported an inviting smile and legs spread just wide enough to reveal the extent of her wetness. Mai pulled away from Viletta and moved to join her sister, before stopping sharply at the foot of the bed and dropping to her knees. Aya gave a curious look, then gasped as her sister's tongue lashed quickly across her folds.

"Ohhh...M-Mai~!" Aya's head tilted back, her mouth opening slightly as Mai's continuing ministrations challenged her to catch her breath. She was light at first, running her tongue over her sister's nether lips and little more, but a hot breath across Aya's delicate nub marked a shift in tone to deeper tonguing. Every lick was rewarded with a little more of Aya's female juices and a low moan. Viletta stayed where she was for a bit, save to turn in place and allow her fingers to nurse her own dampening folds as she watched the sisters play.

Finally, however, Aya gave a loud cry as Mai's tongue pressed hard against her clit, and Viletta took this as the cue to make her move. Striding forward, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around Mai's body, making sure that her left hand's glistening fingers pressed against Mai's right nipple. Mai pulled away from Aya's folds, gasping in surprise.

"That's enough, Mai. I believe it's time you let Aya return the favor." Mai nodded briefly, and with Viletta's assistance she quickly found herself lying face-down on top of Aya, her nethers planted firmly over Aya's lips. Now it was her turn to cry out, as Aya's tongue quickly began returning each and every favor in earnest, driving the smaller girl much more quickly towards her own orgasm. She hit it, but rather than be pulled away as before, she felt a new weight settle on her back as Viletta laid herself down on top of her, sandwiching Mai between her and Aya. Mai wondered briefly why, before the answer sent her squealing. Viletta's hands gently spread her rear open a bit, and a bit of pressure from her tongue drilled into her ass, causing the young Psychodriver to see stars. She squirmed and moaned, ravaged on both ends as Aya joined in with renewed vigor on her folds. Viletta's breasts squished heavily against her lower back, matched by Aya's against her abdomen, and by looking up as best she could Mai caught a glimpse of the two engaged in tribadism, their juiced-up clits grinding back and forth against one another - before Mai could see more, she shuddered as another intense orgasm rocked her body, and another, and another after that.

It was only after she had been rendered all but mindless that the attack upon her senses ceased, Viletta rolling off to the side to inspect her own drooling nethers almost casually. "Three about you, Aya?"

"F-Four, if you count the one Mai gave..." Aya carefully turned her sister around, turning their position into a somewhat squishy hug. "She must have come five or six times, though..."

"Seven." Viletta's soft smirk returned. "Good work today. Synch tests are cancelled this week while we prepare the new equipment, but I'll expect you both in on time next week." She rather gently turned Aya on her side so that Mai was once again pressed between them, this time with her chest pressed between two larger ones in front and back. "Oh, and Mai?"

"Aah?" Mai roused slowly to consciousness, looking over her shoulder as best she could at Viletta.

"Since I will be assuming the duty of piloting the R-Gun, you will be in need of a new machine until the new R-3's cockpit is developed." Both sisters raised an eyebrow, and Viletta nodded. "You'll rather enjoy this one, I believe. It's a new prototype, the ART-1..."

(Couch's Note: Well, this was originally intended to just be Aya and Viletta, but somehow Mai wound up involved too. I hope you enjoyed, and perhaps look forward to seeing more from me in the near future, if I end up with any other assignments I don't feel like doing.)

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