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More Than A Match: AC/IS Crossover by Gyrobot

And now, some slightly more wholesome fare from our up-and-coming "incongruent crossover" guy.

More than a match (Noblesse Oblige x Cecilia Wolcott)

Author’s note: The reason why I made this fic was to ease the pain of the netorare fanfic I made earlier and also, Noblesse’s pilot personality matches that of Cecilia’s and since Cecilia wants a bold and noble man…Noblesse’s her knight in shining armor and prince charming in one loving package.

Cecilia was frozen in fear as several men cornered her into a dark alley in London, the lot of hooligans have managed to stalk her long enough to corner. They heard about the fact that she is an IS pilot and an aristocrat to boot, plenty of money to make from ransoming her after they had their “fun” that is.

“Stay away from me! I am an IS pilot and you must be dreaming if you think you could defeat me in combat?” She attempts to escape but ran into the leader of the thugs who immediately ordered his men to grab Cecilia.

“So you think you could run from us? Well it is such a shame…boys, we got ourselves a resistant little one”

The thugs laughed as two of them grabbed her and the leader of the thugs, who had an emblem on his arm that had a dagger plunged into a girl. LYNX/Raven “Lady Killer”, a close ranged AC pilot which uses dual slug guns to immobilize his opponents before attacking with a close combat blade attack. He smirked as he lifts up Cecilia’s skirt,

“Oh my, the third virgin this month…you are special little girl, I don’t have to kill you like the rest of my victims…their screams were so delicious when they were raped…I wonder if an IS pilot is different from normal pilots?”

Tears came out of Cecilia’s eyes as the lecherous man started to fondle her breasts and the two men copping a feel of her thighs.

“No…please, my family will ransom away a good deal of money for you to not harm me…please…”

He pulls out a knife and prepared to rip away Cecilia’s shirt when he was interrupted by a voice…

“Get away from her you thugs” A man, in his late 20’s yelled as he notices the thug’s emblem on his arm…

“Oh look at what we got here, a Good Samaritan, and he looks familiar…a corporate lap dog. I can tell he is a Lynx if anything else.”

“So you are a Lynx? I thought I have heard a girl’s life is in danger to mere thugs…this is disgusting, I have saw AC pilots who are butchers, AC pilots who only live to start endless wars but an AC pilot who has a rape fetish…” He then notices one of the thugs preparing to ambush him…

“Nice try.”

The young man pulled out his gun from his holster and shot him, slumping to the ground from the blow, the rest of the thugs attacked with their fists and blunt weapons…the young man fire at the thugs and steady his aim to deal with the rest of the thugs were in complete panic, Cecilia took the chance and overpowered the thugs holding her. As she released herself from captivity Lady Killer tackled her to the ground and decided to attempt to rape her before that white knight got a chance to stop him. Cecilia eyes shrank in fear as she attempted to resist him…the depraved look in his eyes…if only her father wasn’t so weak…if only she could…

A gun was pointed at the rapist’s head; the young man was brave enough to save her like some sort of fairy tale prince...

“Hey…you are an AC pilot…how about I make a deal, I challenge you to a fight right here…you defeat me and not only will you get the girl but also a bonus to the bounty. If not…tough luck…”

“Heh, I will kill you and then have lots of fun with that girl…”

Lady Killer then gotten off Cecilia, Cecilia stood behind the young man as Lady Killer called in his Core. A bipedal monstrosity with two giant slug cannons…he hops into the mech and it spurred to live with a sinister glow to its main camera…the young man also summoned his Core, a white angel flew from the sky and landed behind him, the Core soon hummed to life as he got into the core.

Noblesse Oblige…

Cecilia stood before two warriors facing against one another, the angel of destruction descended against the black ravaging demon.

“He’s…Leonhardt’s successor, Gerald Gendlin! If I can kill him I will earn enough of a bounty to last me a lifetime! PREPARE TO DIE!”

The enemy Core never even stood a chance against him, within moments of his infamous dual slug guns fired at the Lynx who easily dodged the blitz of bullets aimed at him, as it attempts to ready another Salvo, 3 laser beams struck the armor with a seemingly grievous blow. Lady Killer then fired wildly with the Gatling gun and slug guns, a flurry of metal slugs dotted the sky as the Noblesse Oblige returns fire, withstanding the hits to shield the city from the reckless attacks of Lady Killer. As Gerald prepares to make a final killing blow, Lady Killer makes a sudden dodge and prepares to impale the Noblesse when a laser beam punctures the arm of the blade, destroying the left arm of Lady Killer’s Core.

It was Cecilia, in her I.S. “Blue Tears”. The I.S. proved to be a worthy adversary for the AC, this British I.S. was equipped with the Starlight MK 2 Sniper Rifle, and like the name of its I.S. the Blue Tears attack bit system, capable of keeping the enemy at bay with its energy weaponry

Lady Killer turned and fires at her with no avail, with most of the weapons being destroyed by precision fire, except for a slug gun which he prepares to fire at her point blank.

“You little bitch! You thin…hurgh!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was impaled by Noblesse in the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly as the core fell to the ground and leaving a crater from where it stood.

As he glides softly to the ground, she looked at him, a prince off his white horse as he checked her body for any possible bruises. The Lynx was everything she dreamed for…someone who is courageous and bold, a defender of the weak, and his dashing good looks. The ideal man she wants to marry…

“What’s your name? I have been waiting for the perfect man in my life.” Cecilia asked, flustered with an emotion that she cannot contain…

“I am Gerald Gendlin, the Lynx of Rosenthal, and you?” He held her hand gently and kissed it.

“Um…um…I am Cecilia Wolcott, British representative of the I.S. Academy.” She said, unable to hold her feelings towards him.

“An I.S. , powerful weapons of war meant for use by women, I was here along with a series of corporations to be representing a faction of Core Pilots…sadly not all of them are as noble as I am.” He sighed, Cecilia blushed as she embraced Gerald tightly…it was a case of love at first sight…

“Gerald, would you like to spend the night with me?” Cecilia kissed him without warning…

Gerald then finished locking lips with Cecilia to accept her offer, as he carried her to his core, a one seat unit, she sat on top of his lap as the bumpy ride made Gerald’s dick stiff from her riding with him…he was also lusting for the girl as well apparently.

Hotel Luxury Suite #16

Gerald was making out with Cecilia inside the hotel room, refusing to go home that evening. She rebelled against her father and instead was relaxing in a hotel room, spoiling herself and Gerald and making herself ready to lose her virginity. Dangerously alluring nightwear, a bottle of the finest wines and the mother of all modern comforts, all of a means to make her first time memorable

“So Cecilia…why did you take me here to this hotel when well…you are only a teenager?”

“A woman can do whatever she likes now that I.S. has dominated the battlefield, tell me. Why have decided to shift the balance of power again?” She asked,

“Several months ago, in an attempt to find an “Alternative” to the Cradles, the League discovered Crossgate tech, sending Lynxs and Ravens across the portal, we wind up here…now the corporations are interested in making investments here, as Rosenthal’s pride and joy, I was planning to sell some Normals and maybe a NEXT. But then you came around and well…you are good looking…” The conversation was soon interrupted by Cecilia kissing him again, she just wanted him to break her virginity.

“Well then, do you enjoy the company of a girl who wants a man of vigor and courage? I hate men who are weak and submissive towards me. That is why I can do anything without my dad getting in my face about what I really want fuck in bed with.” She then saw Gerald get on of her, she made out with him again as she was carried off to bed. She could feel his hand pulling away her clothes as both of them continued making out.

“Gerald…this is my first time…ok, when you are ready.” Sweat beads through her naked body as he caressed her, rubbing her boobs she watched him pushing the tip of his dick against her pussy.

“Ok, I am going to start now…” Gerald slips his dick inside her, Cecilia closed her eyes tightly as she feels him penetrating her…

“Ahhh….ahhh!” She screamed as he began to penetrate her.

“Did it hurt? Cecilia” Gerald holding her thighs as she put her hands around his neck, kissing him, she then relaxed herself as he began thrusting back and forth with her with Cecilia moaning softly with each time he thrust inside of her, “Ow…your dick feels…so stiff…faster please.” Cecilia then feels him going faster, her body losing control as she felt her body losing control of herself as a rush of euphoria overwhelmed her. Tongue’s sticking out from the excitement and all…

“Master!!!! I love it…it feels good…cum inside me when you can!” Cecilia pushing herself against him as the love juices flowed out of her

Apparently the pleasure’s too much for her, she was about orgasm before he does…


Her orgasm forced him to cum inside her before she was finished with her orgasm…tongue stuck out, Gerald shoots his load inside her pussy as tears came out of her eyes realizing he cummed inside her…

“No…this can’t be…you…just came inside me?” Cecilia looking at cum and blood flowing outside of her forming a pool of red and white liquid and breathing heavily from the intercourse, she gets on top of Gerald and began making out with him. “Gerald…I think I have found the perfect man in my life…everything about you…you are the fairy tale prince every princess dreams about, I just hope you and I can continue to be an item.” Cecilia then cuddled him, making sure this dream would last just for a little while.

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