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First Raven: an AC/IS Crossover by Gyrobot

For a minute there, I forgot Armored Core had human characters.

(SPECIAL ADVISORY: Cuckolding/NTR is kinda hot-button throughout 4chan. Viewer discretion advised.)

Armored Core Fapfic: First Raven

GYRO'S NOTE: A fapfic based on a crossover of my Raven: “Magi” and his exploits in Infinite Stratos, an upcoming anime based a light novel series. Think Busou Shiki meets Sky Girls for this one. Netorare Warning (Meaning the girl is cuckolding someone)
“Let’s see…calibrating guns, making sure the unit is ready for the next sortie.”

Magi was sitting inside the seat of the core as he rapidly tapped the keyboard to configure the
movement algorithms and making sure the sights hit what they shoot at…the employer left him
with a skeleton crew for the duty of selling Crest Cores to the military since the end of the 24
hour war ended with the Alliance surrendering and manpower was a luxury. With no hot ass
operator to try and bone in his spare time, the magazines and videos are barely acceptable as
masturbation aid…not when every porn film ends the same way nowadays. Magi sighed as the
main camera finds a young girl talking to some of her friends and a guy…

“What the hell, hey Death Mask, can you tell me who that girl is?”

“I.S Pilot Fan Lin Yin, I.S Shenlong detected, the unit uses a giant dual ended glaive. Close
Range Combat is not advised.”

“Whatever, I fought off several melee cores with a blade a few times and won...”

The Computer then took a mind of its own…

“That is because you are a cheap micromissile whore, but since you saved the world with a
medium weight Core with nothing more than an assault rifle and 2 micromissile batteries I guess
that is self gratification.”

“Are you this naturally snarky?”

“These I.S are equipped with high powered energy weapons…your ballistic weapons…”

“I got special order of ammunition from Crest’s factories, these things eats energy barriers alive.
Especially the Bazookas…but…Lin Yin… she looks like an easy pickings…I like my girls flat
chested and oh them twintails makes her even hotter…well off I go!”

As Magi runs out of the AC Garage, he “accidentally” walks past Lin Yin and her friends. Magi
was in his casual wear for this occasion…with his pilot suit and mech deployment beacon hidden
in his bag

“Yo…so your friend here…she is an I.S Pilot? My name’s Magi, pleased to meet you.”

“Hey! Hey! So what is a man doing around here?”

“Lin Yin why are you interested him? He doesn’t look like he is around these parts.”

Ichika facepalmed at Magi since he knew that the guy is by no means a civilian, as Houki

readied herself to chase off the potential pervert.

Houki yelling at the AC Pilot, “Hey Magi, one word for you…leave…” But Magi simply walked
past the 4 I.S. students, slipping a piece of paper into Lin Yin’s pockets…

“Nice firm rack you got there babe…maybe I will get a closer look another day?” He whispered
to her as he walked away.

“What was that asshole all about?” Ichika muttered to himself as he noticed Lin Yin was
blushing…flushed with embarrassment…

“No…nothing Ichika, I am going to my locker to get books for the next class, don’t wait for me.”
She ran off without saying another word…

Lin Yin’s Locker

Lin Yin took a look at the note that Magi given to her earlier that day...the note contained every
contact detail about him…she was hesitant to meet him again…but he was even more hotter and
seemingly wealthier than Ichika…she looked around her to make sure no one saw her call him…

“Please pick up Magi…”

Magi’s AC Garage

“Goddamnit…you mean that British upper class twit is also one of Ichika’s harem girls? Well I
will need a wing mate to cover me on both battlefronts…the battlefield of love is as vicious as a
Pulverizer piloted by Nineball…”

There was a transmission on his core…

“Magi here, oh hey Lin Yin...what’s up?”

“Hey…want to come over for dinner at my dorm?”

“In my Core or out of my Core, we can take a ride inside it…”

“Just come over tonight…I will make sure no one else knows…”


As Magi turned off the transmission link, he muttered in his contact list…not many Raven
left except former corporate rats who lived long enough to pilot an AC, namely one named
Erymanthian, his core was Mirage Core filled the brim with Missiles and an Energy EO core in
case shit gotten dicey and he ran out of ammo. Guy was a deadly AC pilot in the Arena, Even
with a decent anti missile system you were at his mercy if he gotten a full salvo in…”I really
would hate hire this guy…” As he mumbled to himself, he then prepared himself for tonight’s
date with Lin Yin that night…

Lin Yin’s Dorm, evening

Magi snuck past security to meet Lin Yin for dinner...dressed semi-formally for the dinner affair,
he brought everything needed for a dinner date, a gift certificate to some of the finest shopping
establishments in the nearby area, MP3 filled with R&B/Pop songs containing promiscuous
lyrics and the number one tool of the playboy, a pack of Trojans (He skipped out on the wine
since she was underage). He slips a greeting card to notify that he was here…

“Sup Lin Yin, you are looking fine. So what’s for dinner, and dessert tonight?” The smell of
food wasn’t the only thing that appealed to him, Lin Yin’s scented body was alluring as well, he
pecked her on the neck as he gives her the gift card…”I had to carry light…if I was inviting you
over I would have spoiled you with my paycheck. So what’s cooking?”

“I made a variety of dishes for both of us, try a bit of everything.” Magi helped himself as he
happily ate…

“Wow! You are warrior wife material, a well versed warrior, an excellent chef. I really hope you
are a charming young girl…never ate anything this good before…not when you spend most of
the time eating canned rations.”

As Lin Yin ate with him, Magi was really enjoying his meal and her company, chatting about
what he supposedly do for a living, how he was a Raven during the time when the events of
Nexus happened and subsequently the Alliance/Vertex war which took what’s left of his life as a
Raven away and how the Vertex run Crest Corporation hired him to start a business in I.S. Earth
but how she is really making it easy for him enjoy working here…

“So Lin Yin, what’s your relationship with Ichika? I would have never known about you the kid
managed to be the first guy to pilot an I.S.”

As he was talking to her, she could feel him cuddling with her on the couch…blushing heavily,
she helplessly let him worm into her innermost desires.

“He’s my childhood friend…he never told that big breasted slut Houki that I was the first girl
who he knew well enough…and…have a crush on.” She sniffled as he embraced her…

“Aw…I never cared much about physical appearances, but I always enjoy being with a girl
who’s so mischievous and a Tsundere…a bipolar girl is always a good challenge for this

She held him tightly, and gets on top of him…Magi could feel Lin Yin approaching him heavily
as she closed her eyes, letting him kiss and fondle her, as the top part of her dress slip off. She
unbuttoned his shirt and attempted to fuck on the couch…reaching for a condom in his pocket,
Lin Yin stopped…

“I am not ready to betray Ichika’s trust…he always viewed me as a childhood friend…I would
be stupid to loose my virginity here…” As Magi laid on the couch, he blushed and laughed…

“Yeah, it’s kind of stupid…maybe we should at least wash up…”

Shower room

The warm water washed through with clothes laid about on the floor, as Lin Yin cleaned herself,
she could feel her pussy still wet from Magi making out with her as well as thinking about

“Lin Yin, you need some shampoo?”

“Magi!” Lin Yin being surprised by Magi giving her the shampoo without turning his back away
from her

“Wow…that isn’t too bad of a chest size, good enough for me, which is saying as lot since I am a Raven with taste…”

Lin Yin blushed…there really wasn’t much of a choice anymore…Magi really got her aroused now…she took the shampoo and put it aside and made out with Magi yet again…

“I...I have changed my mind, I want to do it with you.”

She then began to fellate him in the shower…as she licked on the tip…this was her first time
but not Magi’s so inexperienced she attempts to give him a blowjob as Magi watched…as she
attempted to suck on his cock, he made her stop as he carried her to bed…

“Lin Yin…you sure about this?”

“I am fine with my virginity being taken away please do as you please with me…but make sure
it is safe, I don’t want to be pregnant and Ichika finding out.”

Thank god for the Trojans…

He slid his cock inside her pussy, blood flowed out of her pussy as she screams in pain from
being penetrated.

“Magi…don’t stop because it hurts!”

She then grind her hips against his as she felt the juices inside her pussy flowing out…the fact
that her hymen burst from the penetration was also painful but yet so satisfying…

“Ha…ha…aahh…ah…I want you as my first time, I don’t want a nice guy taking my virginity,
you are the type of man I want with me…”

She then felt him thrusting harder, making her scissor him to hold on as he fucked her faster…

“Ah…ah…ah…it feels good, Raven. I love it...fuck me faster…ha…ha…ha...”

Lin Yin’s body felt numb from having a near orgasm with him...but she just couldn’t truly
orgasm just yet with the deflowering fresh on her mind…

“Lin Yin, you look even hotter when we are having sex you know…if this wasn’t supposed to be
your first time, we would have went all out…you want me to cum on you or in you?”

“Shoot your load on my stomach please! Shoot your load all over me!”

Magi then lifted Lin Yin up into the bathroom and shot his load over her naked body…she
smiles weakly as they were both finished…

“Thanks for being my first time Magi…so guess we have to shower again now?”
“No problem…I will get going after this…but not after helping myself to a second round of

Lin Yin nodded as she made out with Magi again…it was so wrong yet it felt so good doing it.

Outside Lin Yin’s Dorm

Ichika stared in shock as he saw Lin Yin and Magi making out as he peeped through the slit
on the door. When Lin Yin wasn’t around that evening with the rest of his friends he knew
something was suspicious about her, so when he decided to see why she would be so inclusive,
he realized why; she was in love with someone else.

“Goddamnit…is he going after the other girls as well…Houki, he going after them as

As Ichika slumps down, he felt tears coming out of his eyes…Houki saw him crying and sat with

“What’s the matter Ichika? What happened?”

“Lin Yin has given her virginity to someone else.”

Ichika watched as Houki attempted to comfort him, as she turned towards Ichika to begin kissing him…

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