Friday, October 1, 2010

Dial 0617 by Couch: A Code DTD Stress-Test

(Sadly this fic involves Lamia instead of Aschen, but this is about the best approximation of Cardia's fate regardless.)

(Couch's Note: This one's got some odd placement, since it is directly inside LBS's story that first introduced Cardia to the harem. It was specifically requested to occur in-between the main story and the epilogue.)

It was mildly awkward to find out you had a sister you didn't know was still alive.

It was far more awkward to find out you were screwing the same guy.

Such was the case when Lamia Loveless came over to Ryusei Date's home to find a magenta-hued gynoid her records indicated was her much elder sister, W06 "Cardia Basirissia". In a maid outfit.

Lamia stayed silent for a moment, summoning up a measured tone. "...W06."

Cardia looked up from her dusting and blinked. "W17, I presume."

"I was under the impression the Neverland never made it to this universe."

"There were some unforseen events." Cardia gave a shrug. "I cannot say how I arrived, but I appear to have been installed with W07's Code DTD in the interim." Lamia flushed at the mention of the code, mother's last gift to her favorite W-Series units. Other than its forcible use by Axel Almer to restore her sanity after she'd been enslaved by Duminass, she hadn't dared touch it. It took a moment longer for recognition to dawn.
"W07 is also still active?"

"She was acting in the service of W00 when I last saw her." Cardia's gaze traveled up and down Lamia's figure. "She was the basis for your design, yes?"

Lamia nodded. "Though...more care to aesthetics was given after the project shifted from combat androids to high-performance pilots."

"I've noticed." Cardia's gaze lingered tellingly on Lamia's rather massive bust, causing the younger gynoid to fold her arms reflexively and flush. "They had a companion of roughly your figure as well."

Lamia did her best to shake off her blush. "The matter remains of what to call one another...numbers is a touch impersonal, wouldn't you agree?"

Cardia nodded. "I believe Ryusei suggested we refer to one another as sisters."

Lamia considered this, then nodded as well. "Sisters we are, then." She managed a smile after a moment. "Well then, sister, shall we grow more acquainted? I have never had the opportunity to observe you in person."

"...Why yes, I believe I would enjoy that."


Less than a minute later both girls were stripped bare, lying in Ryusei's bed facing one another. Both took the opportunity to fully examine one another's figure, before Cardia made the first move in kissing Lamia's chest, drawing a soft moan.

"Mother put quite a lot of effort into these, didn't she?" The pink-haired gynoid ran her hand along the vast expanse of soft synthflesh. "Much larger and more sensate than my own."

"Oooh...y-you are not poorly endowed yourself, though..." Lamia managed to reach up through her trembling and deliver a gentle squeeze, earning a gasp from Cardia. Lamia tilted her head slightly at the strong reaction. "And you have also received physical upgrades."

"I-I suffered rather severe damage before awakening here...perhaps the parts used in my repair were based off yours?"

"Oh?" Lamia considered the implications of this and smiled. "Then it is a delight, to know part of myself is within my sister~" She leaned in and kissed Cardia's chest, to her moaned delight as she submitted to Lamia's attentions. It was some time before she could reclaim the mental collection to resume her own attention to Lamia's chest, and after a short time the two settled into a harmonious rhythm of rubbing, kissing and kneading one another. At almost the same time they shifted away from their chests, to explore hips, legs and everything in-between, save that most sensitive of places they dared not touch yet, for fear of having their own touched before they were good and ready.

"I...I believe I'm ready, sister..." Cardia shivered as her body approached its limit. Lamia nodded, shivering equally. "As am I." A slight shift of position, and their folds pressed against one another, beginning to grind together almost mechanically. The synchronization between the two W-Series started out weak but grew in strength sharply as they discovered each other's pattern, soon reaching a level of harmony that no two human women could have reached. Cardia pressed forward, mashing her chest against Lamia's much larger bust in an effort to claim a kiss from her. Lamia responded in kind, taking the kiss and turning it inhumanly deep and passionate, taking advantage of the ways in which their gynoid bodies did not match a human's.

They'd both hit several small peaks by the time the kiss broke off, and Lamia could feel a much larger one coming up. To her surprise, however, Cardia leaned in and whispered softly in her ear, "Use this when I do..." followed by words she hadn't expected to hear.

"Code DTD: Forced Elation."

Lamia was struck with a sensation of overwhelming joy that seemed to deny her orgasm for a few moments longer, but when it came it came with a triumphant cry of ecstatic pleasure, matched by an equal scream from Cardia. Both sisters sported nearly the same expression, one of wide-eyed excitement as they were wracked with every kind of positive emotional feedback they could receive. Lamia's world went white, and for a moment she understood what Lemon had given them this for.

This is a special world of pleasure humans can't reach, one made just for us...for me and my sisters...

By the time Lamia reclaimed some measure of her senses, she felt Cardia cuddling up against her, still riding the wave of enjoyment. "Thank you..."

Lamia hesitated to respond for a moment. "N-No, thank you...I hadn't realized that was even possible..."

Cardia looked up and smiled rather happily, seeming much more chipper than before. "I started studying the code after I found out it was installed...we were left quite a vast rootkit for ourselves. I think we were supposed to use it to improve ourselves further." She giggled, in a manner rather unlike her earlier demeanor. "This is a function Aschen uses a lot, for instance~" She gave Lamia a light squeeze, drawing a soft gasp. "Oooh, you are big~"

"Aah..." Lamia groaned. "You'll...have to show me that, then..."

"Mmm, in a bit~" Cardia giggled, rolling Lamia onto her back and kneeling above her sister, a rather wicked grin on. "For now, I think I'd like to try being the energetic one~"

Lamia felt rather thankful that sleep was something Lemon had elected to make optional for the W-Series. She wasn't going to be getting any tonight.

(Couch's Note: Well, it's slightly late for The Strongest Month, but hey, it's clang clang. Enjoy!)

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