Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flexible Love by Couch: A Radha Featurette

Between this and Couch's notes, I have nothing to say here. Except maybe sorry for slacking off this month to go be some kind of Setsuna F. Sirknight Slutbat. (And not even THAT; most of my time's taken up by my new job, actually.)

      (Couch's Note: Another member of the Excessive Canon-verse, inspired directly by the title pic.  Enjoy!)

      To say that activity at both Izu and Langley Base had become more active after the "Perfect Health Class" incident would be a gross understatement.  The discovery of Aquarion Contact, and the subsequent upheaval in the EFA's top brass as a result of it, had prompted a flurry of new research at Izu centering around making use of it in the SRX.  Langley, meanwhile, had become involved in a different kind of research, based largely around Excellen Browning and her renewed connection to the Einst.  It was for this reason that Radha Byraban had once again begun working with the EFA, making sure that the aftereffects of the class hadn't affected anyone adversely, especially Excellen.  Upon confirming that she was not, in fact, an evil alien space queen as far as anyone could tell, the next question was what exactly she could do with her new position and powers.  Most of the focus had been placed on her Geass, the eye-based power that let her implant powerful emotional suggestions, but not nearly as much had yet been paid to how much direct contact she could make with the Einst.

      So it was that Radha found herself in one of Langley's unused hangars, standing before a fully-developed Einst Knochen.  The massive creature stood perfectly still, as though it were just another giant robot undergoing maintenance rather than an alien that had spontaneously warped into the hangar just a few minutes ago at Excellen's request.  Excellen had been allowed to leave for the moment once it was established the Einst was no threat and would allow Radha to examine it.

      For the moment, that meant prowling around its feet, examining its structure.  The Einst were an odd type of creature, their bodies a mix of what looked like large bone plates held together by woven bands of plant matter.  The exception was a large blood-red crystal in the center of its chest, a perfect sphere.  How one would get to it without a lift, however, was presently a mystery.

      Finally, Radha recalled Excellen's last few words before leaving: If you need something from it, just ask, alright~?  The Indian woman sighed and looked upward.  "Is there some way I can climb up to you?"  In response, there was a soft thud as a long vine descended from its torso.  Taking hold of it, Radha found herself lifted up as it withdrew the vine, releasing her at the lip of its torso cavity where the core jewel sat.  She reached out to touch it - then gasped as it quivered like liquid at her touch.  Radha quickly pulled her hand away, and the core rippled before returning to normal.  The Einst reacted with a psychic wave of invitation.

      "Ah?"  The core rippled again, this time without being touched, and Radha looked up at the Einst's head questioningly.  "You want me to go inside?"  Another psychic wave, filling Radha with a sense of acknowledgement, and she carefully pressed her hand to the core again.  The surface rippled and then parted around her hand, allowing her inside.  There was a brief sensation of passing through something warm and wet, before breaking into air again.  Radha steeled herself and stepped through, finding herself within the Einst.  Within the core was a nest of tentacles that formed a spherical chamber, the atmosphere warm and slightly humid but breathable.  It was just warm enough that she reflexively loosened her top just a little as she looked around, realizing with a start that the entrance seemed to have vanished.  Well, the Einst had been very helpful so far, it would probably show her the way out if she just asked.

      If she...asked... even with her top loosened, Radha realized she was feeling a bit hot.  And, well, it's not like it was human... "Do you mind if I take my clothes off?"  There was a psychic assurance, and moments later a soft moan escaped Radha's lips as the humidity washed across her newly-bared skin.  It was just the right level of warmth to feel comfortable in the nude, even just the slightest touch arousing.  The vines under her feet were soft and slightly moist as well, a surprisingly comfortable sensation.  She kneeled down and stroked one of the vines, feeling for where it started or ended.  Finding where one vine came to an end, she carefully lifted it, seeing if the Einst would object - when it didn't, she coaxed the vine up to get a closer look.  The smell of it struck her as being just a little sweet, as though it might taste....

      Radha's eyes fluttered shut as her tongue flicked out and brushed the vine.  It tasted like something unidentifiable enough that another lick was required to try and place it.  Another followed, and another, as her curiosity was quickly forgotten in favor of being drawn completely into the experience.  The tendrils around her stirred, some more ends lifting to caress her silky thighs and lean sides, stroking her curves in all the right ways.  She kept licking, seemingly oblivious to how every lick only made her want more.  Her lips parted wider, and it went into her mouth, filling her with that scent that made her head feel so light.

      It was only the brush of a vine against her now-dripping womanhood that brought Radha back to her senses enough to realize she was now completely fellating the vine in her mouth.  Her eyes went wide at this, and she pulled it out, looking down to realize with a start that she was being molested all over by the vines.  Molested, or...being made love to?  She shivered as two vines wrapped around her breasts gave a wonderfully delicate squeeze, followed by a downward stroke across her belly that drew a soft squeak.  She realized how long it had been since she'd felt the touch of a man.  Not since before the DC war, not since...

      She wanted this.  No, she needed this.  "Please..." she moaned, eyes shut once more.  "Make love to me..."

      She found herself delicately lifted into the air, suspended by vines that balanced her body perfectly as others resumed their caressing of her body.  She had never really looked herself over before, but the strokes along her curves highlighted for Radha the surprising realization that she was quite a beauty.  They seemed to know not to play with her nethers just yet, keeping her legs spread apart so the air washed across it, letting the caresses and gentle squeezes make her feel more and more moist, more and more needy, until she couldn't stand it anymore and had to ask.

      "In...inside me...I need you inside me, please..."

      A tendril pushed gently at her nether lips before thrusting inside, gently yet firmly enough to draw a shocked gasp of excitement from Radha.  At last she began to feel satisfied, the pumping sensation deep in her core enhanced by the tendril's gentle writhing.  She heard herself moaning over and over, awash in pleasure physical and emotional.  Big Sis Excell's pleasure, a special gift for a friend in need of healing after heartbreak. A partner who won't ever leave me or hurt me...yes, Big Sis Excell, I'll be your angel!  I'll be your Angel of Healing forever!

      She didn't submit to the pleasure, didn't give in to it or break under it.  Rather, she embraced it, pulled it deep inside and let it suffuse her as she reaped the joys of the first use of her new clinic, her special chamber of healing.

      Hours later, a fully reclothed Radha emerged from inside the Einst's core, onto a new platform-like segment of bone that had grown in front of it.  Her new partner had altered in appearance greatly - she noted with some amusement that it was very similar in structure to the Schutzwald she typically piloted.

      "Mmmm..." Radha purred, stretching as though she now fully appreciated her own flexibility.  "Now then, who's in need of our special healing...?"

      (Couch's Note: This one came out somewhat differently than I expected, as fics written in bits and pieces over the course of a month are wont to do.  Canon status is up to Haken, of course, but I thought I'd give a helping hand in advancing the development of the World of Bliss.)

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