Sunday, October 17, 2010


Some of you may have judged by my lack of /m/erotica activity since THE STRONGEST MONTH ended was due to me being preoccupied. You'd be right. I'm currently active as some sort of German Strangelove Gardevoir Fangire Kamen Rider Kivaara on Kamen Rider: Hour of the Void.

And the following is what happens when our T2 Joker bugs me for a sparring session so hard I have to oblige him under the condition that we do it in our new NSFW channel.

[22:40:43] "That. Stupid." Wyll doesn't finish his sentence; after that *debacle* with Asuka he's utterly furious - which is why he's now down in the training hall utterly *pummelling* one of the bags. He's back in the clothes Haruka had seen him in last - Chinese silk pants, barefoot, no shirt, but this time he's at least wearing padded gloves, which is good, because the bag is pretty damn heavy, and...
[22:40:45] ...he's been here for an hour already.

[22:44:13] "...Stupid WHAT?" Haruka herself had just entered the facility, dressed in her usual business least, until the Octocamo flickered out to reveal her new-model Sneaking Suit underneath. "You should be getting a rise out of people, Ascher, not getting fired up yourself."

[22:45:40] Hamuko peeked her head in. "I remember you. You're that guy from the debriefing."

[22:48:00] A quizzical blush crossed Haruka's face. The German didn't expect to see Hamuko for the rest of the evening. "Hamuko-sama...have you come to train down here? If so, this makes...I think all three of the least likely users of this facility in here at the same time."

[22:49:42] "Train?" Hamuko tilted her head. "I just heard someone shouting angrily."

[22:50:18] "Not hardly." Wyll stops the rocking bag and puts his back against it, panting heavily. "This evening. Sucked. Like. Hell. Also did you get my e-mail?"

[22:52:02] "Two, even. I must say, you flatter me by saying I'm among your leader candidates..." She assumes the empty variant of the Voiceless Dragon stance Wyll had taught her in the previous session. "...But now I'm wondering about this 'Plan B' an old friend of mine mentioned."

[22:52:29] "Leader candidates?" Hamuko walked into the room, confused as always. "Did I miss something?"

[22:54:28] "Old friend?" Wyll quirks an eyebrow. "Wait a second. You mean *that* old friend?"

[22:54:42] A hand dug into Haruka's hip pouch. "...Dang, don't have my phone out to show you. Long and short of it is, Wyll's concerned about the command structure at SEES, insofar as it's less of a structure and more of Kazeda being angry at people."
[22:55:08] "And yes, THAT old fri...wait, how do you know I mean THAT old friend?"

[22:58:15] "Uh... you mentioned her, remember? When you came to me over her." Wyll blinks slowly. "But yeah, what Haruka said."

[23:00:56] "Oh, right...yeah, that's a bit of a given. I'll say this much, I don't care either way as long as SOMEONE is running the show without the emotional instability we've come to see from our current command."

[23:01:54] "Wait," Hamuko sighed. "...Is Tomoe not leading SEES anymore?"

[23:02:25] "No. She stepped down, and put... Asuka..." Wyll shudders. "In charge."

[23:03:27] "Asuka's a nice person," Hamuko pointed out. "But... I thought she'd be a better fighter than a leader."

[23:04:40] "Kazeda was a bit testy for the position even before that sabbatical she took alongside Tomoe...but to have her come back halfway to deranged AFTER leaving command up to THI stand-ins? A disgrace. I'll have you both know I was entertaining thoughts of a coup myself, if not that seriously until Wyll's e-mail."

[23:05:28] Wyll raises an eyebrow. "A coup? Not here, Haruka; you know Gally has cameras all over the dorm."

[23:06:03] "...Eh?! What's going on?!"

[23:07:57] "She's one of the competent ones. She'd agree with u-er, me." The German had a mite better sense than to make needless implications in such matters. "Hamuko...I'm sure you'd share my sentiments, if you've seen what happened after the road trip crew returned." Not to mention the remains of that controller I found shattered the other morning...

[23:08:40] Wyll does his freaky "I read your mind by looking at you" thing. "Already working on fixing it. Might have to buy a new one, but if I can MacGyver it together, so much the better."

[23:10:09] "...I'm really confused."

[23:11:30] An eyebrow is cocked. "...DAMN, you're good." Haruka turns back to Hamuko. "One of the CS3 controllers got broken shortly after Kazeda, Aoki, and Ni'Chulainn's return from the trip with Tomoe. And part of Wyll's message said Tomoe might want our lounge setup broken down outright.

[23:12:11] "CS3?"

[23:12:12] "Well, Tomoe looked pretty freaked, but Asuka outright demanded I get rid of *everything*... including the stuff in the bar... and burn all the alcohol." Wyll snorts.

[23:13:15] "...It saddens me, really. All the work we'd set up, put down because a bunch of our comrades went off to better themselves and came back worse." Haruka fights back a sniffle. "If that's not reason enough for my resignation or outright mutiny, I don't know what is."

[23:14:01] "... I dunno, that Kenoko chick doesn't seem too bad, but I could be biased." Wyll moves over and pats her shoulder. "Hey, did you come here to have a good time, or to be a Rider?"

[23:14:46] "..." This is actually something Haruka hadn't had the chance to ponder in all the weeks she'd been in the country.

[23:16:25] "Is that a general question, or are you just asking Haruka?"

[23:16:37] "It's a question you should be asking yourself." Wyll shrugs offhandedly.

[23:18:18] "....Is it bad if I don't know why I became a Rider?"

[23:19:34] He wags his hand. "Well, as long as you're doing the right things..."

[23:20:35] A bead of sweat trickles down Haruka's bodysuit as she exhales slowly. "...I came here because I didn't want the people of this world to live in fear. And I was brought here early because one woman didn't deserve to be trapped with that fear all her life." She turns to Hamuko, misty-eyed. " the course of my service to you, I've learned and done things I never though within my...
[23:20:35] ...capabilities. For me it's not even about being a's about my dreams coming true before my eyes, and doing what I can to make it happen!"

[23:23:18] "Wow. I... wow." Hamuko blinked.

[23:23:59] "Good answer." Wyll smiles gently.

[23:27:18] "...So people train down here?"

[23:27:37] "Supposedly, though most of the people in SEES don't show much interest in learning to fight." He winks at Haruka. "Fortunately I've got a willing pupil here."

[23:28:22] Hamuko shrugged. "I haven't had too much trouble. Then again, a sword makes things a little easy. I think."

[23:28:48] "It wouldn't be a Training Hall if they didn't." Haruka winks back at Wyll. "Truth be told, I was planning to go more specialized training tonight. Gotta get a handle on my Fangire capabilites before my stay with Royce."

[23:28:50] "I meant outside of their Rider forms."
[23:29:09] Wyll blinks at her. "Oh? What's that supposed to mean, Haruka?"

[23:31:04] "...I'm scheduled for a lab stay for a week, now that I've given Royce an upgrade plan for Kivaara that demands our undivided attention. But a lot of it involves exploiting the power generation of my body's Fangire form, so..."

[23:31:50] "You should have a good time," Hamuko smiled. "Royce knows how to have fun!"

[23:33:39] Haruka's grey sneaking suit is already beginning to melt into her Sirknight Fangire flesh as her face is painted with newfound determination. "...May as well kill two birds with one stone, see what I can do physically with this!"

[23:34:50] Hamuko took a step back as Haruka began to shift into her Fangire form. "...Is if good or bad that I've never used Fangire abilities?"

[23:35:32] There's a long, long pause. And then. "- holy shit, Haruka, you were right all along." Wyll murmurs, almost aghast, as he stares at her.

[23:35:49] "...Right about what?"

[23:36:46] "All that stuff about... oh, nevermind." his palm meets his face. "Why are you a Gardevoir?"

[23:38:59] "Garde...oh, you use the localized names." She idly pokes her red chest wedge. "Only thing I can think of is subconscious form modification. I'd been thinking about being Hamuko's 'saa naito' for several weeks before my first full mutation, and now, well, I'm apparently a Sirknight."

[23:40:20] "Of course I use the localized names, the first one I picked up was a Ruby cart while I was in Australia... Japanese, as you may have figured out by my German surname, is not my first language." Wyll deadpans, almost idly. "... still, that's pretty interesting."

[23:41:52] "...the fact that I can moderate myself as a monster, or the fact that the form tailored itself to match my fetish?"

[23:42:21] "...People keep using this word. Does it mean what you think it means?"

[23:44:49] "Long and short of it is, a fetish is something non-sexual that people think of while doing sexual things, and manage to get even more turned on from." Haruka blushes, a hint of color thus returning to her whitened face. "...Can't say I ever pegged myself for a gijinka fan, though. But I REALLY wanted to make you happy, confident, whole...maybe THAT's part of it."

[23:46:31] "One could argue that you qualify by default, regardless." Wyll points this out with a catsmile he may well have picked up from Alice.

[23:46:52] Hamuko blushed as well. "Oooooh! ...Um... So. Training?"

[23:47:51] "Yeah. Training." She takes the empty variant of the Voiceless Dragon stance. "Want in?"

[23:48:32] "...I'm allowed to do that?"

[23:49:37] "You probably *should*, regardless. The more people who are semi-competent without resorting to their Gear, the better." Wyll shrugs and looks at Haruka. "... actually, I wanted to teach you some strikes and strike defenses, since we only did pure defenses and takedowns last time."

[23:50:05] "Um... okay... but I've never actually fought before, and I don't know how to do the Fangire stuff or real martial arts stuff..."

[23:51:47] "I guess we'll focus on the latter for starters. The Fangire stuff, I think we'll have to handle on a one-to-one basis." A glance at Wyll. "I think we're OK for strikes, I don't feel any physically weaker in this form anyway."

[23:53:15] "*You* think you're okay. Rabbit punches and kicks won't take you all the way... but here, surprise me." Wyll matches her stance, fluidly; his version is far more graceful to watch - in fact, he makes it looks so easy that it's almost a joy to watch him move. "Come at me, then, both of you. I'll teach you defenses by example and fix any flaws in your technique."

[23:55:19] Haruka smirks. /Hamuko, rush him and pull back RIGHT before he counters. Let Aiko drive if necessary./ She shifts her weight onto her front foot at that mental signal.

[23:55:51] Hamuko blinked, confused as all get out. Nonetheless.....
[23:56:43] She charged the man, right fist reared back. But right before she swung with the right, she dropped it in favor of one with the left.

[00:01:02] Wyll doesn't quite go for the first punch, and he would *prefer* to retreat from the second, but he doesn't; he drops his left hand and then raises it, deflecting Hamuko's punch at the wrist with the back of his own and moving his arm in a wide circle - the motion deflects her momentum past him, giving him ample opportunity to deal with Haruka.

[00:02:17] And Haruka proves a handful to deal with, having JUMPED forward with a fist reared to slam into his side from above.

[00:04:31] "Kuh -" he grits his teeth, *catches* her hand at the wrist with his right hand, and spins, leading Haruka through *hard* - and throws her into Hamuko from point blank range. "Gah, that was close...!"

[00:06:11] Hamuko ends up a foot or so away, the Sirknight Fangire on top of her. "Owie..."

[00:06:59] "Oi..." Haruka props herself up off of Hamuko. "So you're good for three-dimensional assaults after all, Ascher..."

[00:08:42] "I've been caught down a few too many dark alleys; you learn to keep your ears open. *Really* open. My sense of hearing is absurdly good; I can fight with my eyes shut if I want to." he leans down and offers them both a hand up. "Up y'come."

[00:09:04] Hamuko eventually managed to get onto her feet. "Haven't taken a hit like that before...."

[00:10:19] Haruka takes the hand. "It's no Decade shot, but better you figure out what smarts NOW instead of being overwhelmed later." After releasing her grip on Wyll's arm, she resumes the Empty Stance.

[00:11:09] "Haven't taken a hi- Ooh. Right." Wyll grins a little, and changes his stance - suddenly, a *very* linear LFF, right fist up and high, left held almost straight to his hip, but moving in a slow circle. A boxing stance; 'flicker'. "Sorry, was meant to be striking."

[00:11:34] Hamuko ended up assuming what could only be described as a horrible bastardization of a boxing stance.

[00:13:34] "Now here's something Wyll taught me, last time we tussled." Not bothering to go with the crowd, Haruka merely glanced at the pair. "Keep your weight forward anytime before the moment of attack, and your momentum gets locked forward. Same goes for a full frontal guard like the boxing stances you've got going."

[00:16:14] "O-Okay...."

[00:17:08] "She's right." Wyll's actually a lot more forward that usual, but that's because the purpose of this stance is *thoroughly* different from his usual stance. "Still, keeping your hands up is a good place to start, as long as you're quick enough on your feet to avoid kicks. Remember to keep them up far enough that you can drop or raise your arms to block, but not so far up that you can't see....
[00:17:10] ...And make sure your elbows are rounded slightly, improves the strength of the guard."

[00:23:04] "Ascher's usual open-palm stance is tailored for keeping the arms generally rounded, actually. The rest, however, is physics." She shifts her forward legs several times to emphasize. "Leave it forward, you have less potential force to exert with each strike. So keep your weight on your back foot instead, and lean in on each blow. If you can get a little waist rotation in on a punch, even better."

[00:27:00] "Heh, that was fast. Good girl. Basically, all the power for a punch actually comes from your legs and hips." Wyll praises Haruka offhandedly, then refers to his own stance. "This stance is... considerably different, as it's not a purely defensive stance. But try me, you'll see what I mean."

[00:28:53] "All right..." /This time. I'LL lead. Snap to his flank when he counters me./ The Sirknight Fangire pushes forward, this time thrusting her back leg into a flying knee as she pushes off with her leading heel.

[00:30:38] Crap. Flicker's not meant to counter knees. Wyll grits his teeth and pushes off his back leg, moving to Haruka's outside and lashing out with a flicking jab aimed for the Fangire's face - it's actually *very* fast and a lot stronger than it has any right to be; he uses his elbow as a lever and flicks his wrist at the last second, adding a *lot* of momentum to the strike that shouldn't really...
[00:30:40] there.

[00:31:38] On Wyll's right came a kick aimed at his midsection, courtesy of Hamuko's left leg.

[00:34:32] Having all his weight on his left leg gives him the leverage he needs - Wyll goes back to the right, swaying *very* low (so low that he goes clean under Hamuko's leg), with his right leg sliding behind her own pivot leg - and then as he stands up, he twists his body into her, extending both forearms to either side with hands curled ever so slightly. The blow strikes her across the chest with...
[00:34:33] ...forearm and back of wrist and blows her back over his right leg and hip, planting her firmly on her back.

[00:35:09] "...Owie..... again...."

[00:36:45] Haruka rubbed at her impacted cheek. "Well played once again. Watch those head shots though, Wyll, I keep my brain there."

[00:37:27] "That's why I'm wearing gloves. You both okay?" Wyll stops, breathing a little heavily; he's still a little worn from his brutalization of the punching bag, apparently.

[00:38:07] "I think so...." Hamuko slowly gets her upper body off the ground. "That still stings."

[00:38:33] "I'm still pretty good to go." She extends a hand to Hamuko. "You'll get used to it after a bit. Probably not the way I have, but still..."

[00:39:44] Wyll smirks faintly. "Why do I get the feeling that's why you're really here... anyway, the point of the flicker stance is actually, as a boxing stance, to be used to dodge and counter punches, though due to the even distribution and low front hand, it's actually pretty good for blocking a lot of things. The idea is more that you'll push off your front leg to dodge, then push off the back...
[00:39:46] ...leg to add power to the counterpunch."

[00:40:23] Hamuko took the hand, slowly getting up. "Gotcha."

[00:42:21] "Hmm, so full-frontals still have their place too..." A strange glint flashed across Haruka's ruby eyes as she pondered this.

[00:43:52] "Sorta. Hamuko, take a break for a sec, I'm gonna use Haruka as a training dummy." Wyll's stance shifts again, back into Voiceless Dragon. "Come at me, straight punch, right to the face."

[00:44:21] Hamuko made her way over to a wall to watch.

[00:45:21] "One straight, coming up!" A quick leg pivot accompanied the green arm that shot for Wyll's face.

[00:48:29] Wyll's eyes narrow - THAT looks familiar - and he slips the punch to the outside, grips Haruka's wrist and leads her on while he steps in, under her - and he yoinks her arm down, simultaneously slamming his shoulder *up*, into her armpit. It's enough to raise her off the floor momentarily, and he stops the minute her feet hit the ground again. "... now what do you think would happen if I...
[00:48:30] ...were to do that to your *elbow*?"

[00:49:27] "...IT would hurt?"

[00:50:46] "It ALREADY hurts." Haruka rubbed at her armpit gingerly. "Now imagine that pressure on a part of you that isn't so tightly attached to the rest of you. Hence Wyll's elbow example and the obvious broken arm that would follow."

[00:52:33] "Bingo. See, you're a good student." Wyll smiles and releases her, retaking his stance. "Again, I'm gonna do something different this time."

[00:54:25] "Different somethings are always good..."

[00:56:40] "....Another attack?"

[00:59:09] Haruka's eyes shifted slightly, trying to read Wyll...and not getting much. Not in a mood to cheat, however, she decided to simply throw another haymaker at him.

[00:56:52] He actually does the same move this time... only this time, when he performs that weird pseudo-shoulder charge, Wyll kicks out Haruka's ankle and tips them both back, dropping her hard onto her back over his hip and coming down with an elbow to the gut. With a grunt, he twists and straddles her hips, left hand on her collarbone to keep her down and right hand raised for a knockout blow. "......
[00:56:54] ...following?"

[00:58:46] The subdued Sirknight gasps slightly, half at the speed of Wyll's counter and half at her own bizarre enjoyment of the sensation.

[00:59:15] "You catch that, Hamuko?"

[00:59:29] Hamuko nodded.

[00:59:49] "Good. Now then." Wyll looks down at Haruka and smirks. "Try and get out."

[01:01:27] Her chest still pinned, Haruka goes for the obvious solution. A hand clasps around Wyll's wrist as its opposite braces for the impending counterblow.

[01:03:59] In response, Wyll leans down further on that arm, swinging his free hand in for an elbow aimed for the side of her head. "Yah -!"

[01:05:31] The German's free hand catches the elbow mere seconds from her lime green coif, but the force Wyll's put into it leaves the pair at a standstill.

[01:08:09] "Heh, not quite..!" He shifts, raising his right knee from her side so that he can send it arcing down towards her gut!

[01:10:37]   ...Fuck. Both of Haruka's arms are occupied, and her legs won't be able to knock away Wyll's in time! Her mind races in anticipation of the coming deathblow...
[01:12:48] ! wait, that's it...
[01:14:50] Haruka snaps her eyes shut, not out of fear, but to focus herself for use of her trump card. /'ve got me right where you want me.../ The tattooed Seal of Kiva on her sternum started to (inwardly) glow white-hot with lust as she tried to thrust that desire into Wyll's mind.

[01:16:28] Hamuko blinked. Was she...

[01:17:42] And then the surprise. Wyll's mind feels like it's got more armour plating than a main battle tank... though if that similie is accurate, his mental armor doesn't weaken so much as start to *melt*; his cheeks flush and his breathing goes from relatively steady to hoarse breaths. "That's... quite a trick..."

[01:20:00] Hamuko's knees began to wobble; she wasn't sure why. "D-did that thing get more powerful?"

[01:21:33] "...Never expect your enemies to be as considerate as your sparring partners, Ascher." /But as long as we have this moment...touch me. Caress me, fondle me, stroke me grope me ravish me make me feel ALIVE!/

[01:26:03] "Nngh..." The low growl in his throat suggests that Wyll is doing his utmost damndest to *not* give in, and he's doing fine... for now, but that wall of steel is definitely starting to give, and Haruka can literally feel him heating up against her. "... you call this... considerate...?" he pants out.

[01:26:30] Hamuko was on her knees now. "W-what are you..."

[01:29:52] "...Kenoko said this: everyone fights. Some with different weapons than others." /And I've got you right where I want you: wanting me. And I want it too. BAD. Take me, Ascher! Right now!/

[01:32:05] "Such... a cheating... bi..."

[01:32:20] Hamuko was now panting. "Haruka, do you have ANY idea..." Op, make that Aiko.

[01:33:03] That's as far as he gets before her mental assault overwhelms him; Wyll shifts and pins her down, *hard*, sealing Haruka's lips in a hungry kiss. The last rational spark of thought in his mind makes a brief complaint, and then settles back to enjoy the ride.

[01:34:18] Somehow, Aiko was on her feet, pointing at Haruka. "Bedroom. NOW. You're not going to be walking tomorrow."

[01:34:57] Her concentration strained to its limit, Haruka accepts the sudden embrace with abandon, the creeping ache in the front of her brain giving way to short breaths...and her Fangire form giving way to reveal her regular (if highly aroused) human self.

[01:38:18] Aiko began to push Wyll off of the Neo-Fangire. "Oh no. You've probably got someone already. She is MINE."

[01:39:57] "haaah...haaah...ha...Aiko..." The sneaking suit-clad girl merely lay at the interloper's feet. " queen...please..."

[01:40:51] If Wyll actually *notices*, it's endlessly unapparent; largely because he's far too busy with Haruka - he's shifted to pin her hands down hard to the mat, nails digging roughly into her skin, and is by now biting harshly into her neck. "Nngh~"

[01:41:40] Aiko settled for a headbutt to Wyll's ribs, trying to use force.

[01:43:56] *Thunk*, that works, though he doesn't roll anywhere near far enough, and is still quite firmly locked onto Haruka - though he moves from her neck to licking and nipping at her shoulder.

[01:45:00] "...Okay, if she's going to play dirty...." And now there was a foot flying towards Wyll's crown jewels.

[01:46:10] "ahhh..." The sigh is a mix of relief and arousal. "...I was wondering why he was going for my neck like that. I wanted him to do me, not tear me open like a bag of crisps!"

[01:47:05] Wyll gets *real* lucky here, if only because he actually scrambles around to start licking his way down Haruka's collarbone - and Aiko kicks him in the shoulder instead. And that's more than enough to snap him out of it, at least for a second. "Wh, what the hell...?"

[01:47:26] "Hands *off*," Aiko growled. "Mine."

[01:47:51] "G... ah..." He pulls away, *fast*, blushing furiously. "Haruka, that was *not* fair."

[01:49:24] "What battle IS, Ascher?" She smirks. "The key is to put the imbalance of power in your court. Any tactician knows this - hell, anyone who's ever played an RPG knows this."

[01:50:08] Aiko began to pull up Haruka, adding, "I was kind of hoping to do that to your balls."

[01:50:32] Wyll's still panting, furiously. "Bl.. .blame her, not me." he manages to get out. "God... Haruka, s... stay out of my head... damnit..."

[01:52:25] "...Fair enough. You did well as my first full-power test case for mind-groping, anyway." Now on her feet, Haruka caught a whiff of Aiko's, er, 'fragrance.' "...if I can even call it that anymore, since there's collateral damage to deal with now..."

[01:53:21] "'Collateral damage'? Haruka, you WISH that's what you could call it."

[01:55:22] "God... damnit..." Wyll looks like he's *literally* holding himself back from just pouncing on her; his entire body is flushed with heat. "Call it... a fucking... success..."

[01:56:41] Perhaps Aiko sensed this, as she pulled Haruka from the ground to her arms. "Go give someone positive reinforcement or someth- NOT US. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to show Haruka how much of the Kama Sutra she burned into my skull."

[01:57:21] "*Fuck* you..."

[01:57:34] "She intends to." Haruka playfully scoffs.

[01:57:46] "Yes, I think I will."

[01:58:39] Wyll would very cheerfully give them both a very rude sign were his hands not balled into fists to prevent him from doing anything *dumb*. "Go then."

[01:59:15] With Haruka now in Aiko's arms, Aiko began to march out of the room. "I think I will. And I'm locking the door."

[02:00:04] ~= NSFW - All Below Logs to /m/erotica Instead of KRV Workspace =~
[02:04:32] The door in question sweeps open, Haruka's hand lazily pulling the zipper of her sneaking suit down as she quivers in her carrier's arms. Her tattoo is filled with a faint is the rest of her freshly exposed chest.

[02:05:25] The woman is deposited upon the new bed- Hamuko had gotten a bigger one in the wake of what had occurred- as Aiko closed and locked the door behind them.
[02:05:34] "Do you have ANY idea what you're doing to me?"

[02:06:01] "...I was just thinking about overwhelming Wyll the whole time."

[02:06:34] "...You also managed to bring me into control and got me bothered. Your new powers flipped the switch."

[02:07:28] "I...I had no idea...please, Aiko-sama, forgive me..."

[02:08:02] Aiko's eyes lingered on the exposed chest. "I'll be forgiving you all. night. long." She jumped onto the bed, next to Haruka. "I'm dead serious about you not walking."

[02:09:43] "I wouldn't have it any other way...make me yours. Please." The rest of the suit was peeled off in short order, revealing a mere pair of cream-colored panties as Haruka's only shred of decency remaining.

[02:11:13] Aiko practically *ripped* her own shirt off as she placed her head on Haruka's chest. "I intend to, saanaito."

[02:12:45] "Saa...saa naito..." As if at her queen's command, an aftershock of green flashed into Haruka's hair.

[02:14:38] Hamuko kissed Haruka's lips hard as her hands wavered to the Neo-Fangire's breasts. "You know, Hamuko always wondered why she liked doing this so much."

[02:16:41] "Mmmmph..." Haruka's own hands drifted across Aiko's body, one teasing at her breast as the other smoothed its way down her spine.

[02:18:08] The woman shuddered slightly as she then ripped off her bra, breaking the garment- she could always buy another. "I guess I know now." The hand that hadn't ripped off said garment was now hard at work playing with those breasts.

[02:20:33] "So queen...feels so soft..." The German relaxed her grip on Aiko's front in order to slip her panties down one leg, her other arm continuing to savor the smoothness of the brunette's back.

[02:22:14] A nipple was tweaked as Aiko went in for a round of French kissing. While one hand was still playing with Haruka's boobs, the other was beginning to snake down Haruka's backside.

[02:24:46] A moan escaped Haruka's lips as her hands probed at the small of Aiko's back. "Mmmm...if yours is half as good as Royce says mine is..." A quick pinch to Aiko's bum to test this theory.

[02:25:24] Aiko gasped as a certain someone's bottom was slapped. "Ah, Royce. I should thank her for teaching us how to appreciate that region."

[02:27:13] "I know I'll have all week to thank her..." Haruka sent a line of butterfly kisses down Aiko's shoulderblade. "...So remind me I'm yours tonight. Let me know my queen's happiness."
[02:31:12] "...take me. Make me surrender to your touch, submit to your every desire. I am yours, my queen. My body is yours to use as you will."

[02:32:39] Aiko began to nibble lightly on Haruka's neck as she fondled Haruka's ass. "Mmmm, Royce has very good taste...."

[02:35:02] "Ahhh...huwaaaah...." The white-haired girl's eyes hopped between blue and red between flitters of her eyelids as her senses started to recognize a certain wetness.

[02:36:05] Aiko seemed to notice since she grinned, but continued to play with Haruka's breasts. "You're the eager one, aren't you?"

[02:38:37] "Ohhhh, yes..." The German hugged the brunette even closer. "Make me yours, my queen. I'll be yours forever...I'll be your s...your sl..."

[02:39:16] "My what?" A quick peck to the forehead as a hand caressed Haruka's bare belly. "Say it."

[02:41:45] "I'll...I'll be my queen's love slave! I'll exist to serve you with my body! Please...just let me...let's be like this...happy together...forever..." Tears of anxiousness trickled down the side of Haruka's face.

[02:42:49] The response was a head nuzzling into Haruka's neck. "Silly Haruka," Aiko chuckled. "You make it sound like I'd trade you in."

[02:43:09] The hand began to reach south, towards that holiest of holies. "Would I do that?"

[02:45:16] "...I know you wouldn't." A hand slipped around to Aiko's own abdomen, feeling its way towards the girl's own pubic mound. "...I just want you that bad. I want to see the happiness on your face...always..."

[02:46:13] Aiko grinned as she stopped nuzzling. Her hand was teasing the entrance.... "You wanna know what? Hamuko wants to see it too."

[02:48:36] "...Then let's...together..." Haruka's lips met Aiko's once more, tongue seeking tongue as two fingers pinched at the brunette's clit.

[02:49:15] Aiko's eyes shot open as she mimicked the action. "Oh.... that was...." She moaned in pleasure. "Mmmm...."

[02:50:58] "Aaaah..." The German's head was sent spinning at the teasing of her nub. "Mein fraulein...sieg...mein fraulein..."

[02:51:55] Aiko pinched again as she nibbled at one of Haruka's nipples. "Mmm, I want more, Haruka! Don't keep me waiting!"

[02:54:17] "Haaah..." Her breath was white-hot, and her chest even hotter as she slipped a finger inside Aiko. "My queen...satisfy my Aiko-sama...want to...give myself to mein fraulein..."

[02:55:14] The nibbling continued as a finger of Aiko's began to slide in and out of Haruka. "Mmmm....."

[02:56:40] "Guwaaaah..." The white-haired Fangire's ministrations only intensified. "I queen's...saa queen's...coming knight..."

[02:58:11] A second finger slipped inside as Aiko moaned quite loudly. "Don't stop.... I order you not to stop!"

[02:59:48] "I won't stop...I don't want to stop..." Aiko's two fingers were quickly matched by Haruka's second and third. "Want my queen to...want to cum with my queen..."

[03:01:13] Aiko had no choice but to respond with her own second and third. "Saanaito... your queen is ready...."

[03:06:34] "I...I'm going to..." Haruka's mouth lay open as her mind finished the rest. /I'm yours...I'll be forever yours...on this, I swear.../ The rest of her body followed suit as it was rocked by orgasm, her juices running into Aiko's hand like a faucet at the perfect temperature.

[03:08:08] Aiko practically roared with pleasure as she was practically using Haruka's fingers as a piston, cumming long and hard.

[03:11:11] Haruka's vision faded back from white within seconds, but her release had left her incapable of doing much besides breathing deeply. "Ai...Aiko-sama..."

[03:11:41] "I know," Aiko breathed. "That was...."

[03:12:20] "...what's Hamuko think?"

[03:12:52] "She's still squealing. She'll have to get back to you."

[03:15:18] "...Let her take her time. You said you wanted me all night, right?" Albeit still feeling weak, Haruka cracked a mischievous smile.

[03:15:48] Aiko grinned as well. "Yeah. I also mentioned you not being able to walk. Have at you, saanaito!"

[03:17:49] " queen is relentless..." They kissed once more, Haruka once again ready to bask in submissive joy - and Aiko ready to oblige by rocking the German's body.
[03:17:59] = =

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