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AWHB Stories: Mama Will Fix It

To quote the meme: If Aschen were my Mom, things would be sexier around here.

(HAKEN'S NOTE: More self-indulgent Fem!Haken tripe. You've been warned.)

Mama Will Fix It
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “Hmm? What is it, Haken?”
              The cowboy and the android were standing in the middle of the sparsely furnished bedroom Aschen had claimed as her ‘charging station.’ “I’ve been thinking about what happened a couple days ago…A lot.”
              “A couple days…I thought we agreed that Kaguya and I forced that from y-“
              “Yeah, I know, and I was pretty caught up in the heat of the moment as well…But I can’t stop thinking about how nice it felt, just to let myself go like that. I think what I’m trying to say is, I love you as much as I love Kaguya, but I feel like I can really only express that love as a girl, so…”
              Aschen could see one of Haken’s hands slipping into his longcoat, fumbling for something other than his prized guns. “…So you want to try being my daughter again tonight.”
              “Exactly.” He withdrew the object – a bottle of ice water.
              “Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to be brother and sis-er, sister and sister?”
              “Maybe, but that would imply we were growing up together. Instead, you’ve spent nearly 20 years looking the same way you did when John Moses found us.”
              “…That doesn’t exactly help explain things.”
              “Then let me try this: on the one hand, Haken Browning has spent 20-ish years as John Moses’ son and Aschen Brodel’s kinda-sorta brother. On the other hand…” Haken unscrewed the cap and poured some of the water over his face, letting it trigger the Spring of Drowned Girl curse behind the recent series of perverted events. “…Haken-chan was more or less just born a couple days ago, and is trying to latch onto a parental figure.”
              “…You have a strange definition of ‘latching on’.”
              “Well, you were ‘latching on’ to me under the same definition the other day. Would you like to do it again…Mama?”
              “…I know that you’re not going to stop with this now that you’ve started. But then again, I can’t refuse such a request from my lovely daughter, can I?” A quick kiss on Haken-chan’s lips sent both their eyelids fluttering. “So what would you like to do this evening? Do you need me to punish you for being a boy again?”
              Haken-chan waited to disrobe herself before replying. “No, Mama, I’m not in the mood to be naughty tonight. Though there IS something I screwed up on last time that I’d like to do right.”
              “I see.” Aschen’s purge armor dissolved as she removed her chestplate, leaving her as bare as her ‘daughter’ save the mechanical portions of her arms and legs. “Remember what I said last time, I don’t know if you’ll get any out…”
              “Remember what I said last time – it doesn’t matter to me as long as Mama feels good.” Haken-chan leaned forward to suckle on one of Aschen’s breasts, but the green-haired woman stopped her with a hand pushing against her chin.
              “Not like this, Haken-chan, you’ll lose your balance.” Aschen took a seat on the futon behind her, brushing away a couple of diagnostic wires. “Put your head in Mama’s lap and be gentle, OK?”
              “O-OK…” Descending to her ‘mother’s’ level, Haken-chan gently took Aschen’s right nipple into her lips as she was embraced by the gynoid.
              “There, doesn’t it feel good? Not a care in the world, just the taste of your lips against your mother’s flesh…You really ARE getting into this, Haken-chan.”
              “…Half of that was going to be MY line, Mama.” She resumed sucking, eyelids drooping as the warmth of the moment overtook the pair.
              “Ohhh, that feels MUCH nicer than before…You must be SO thirsty, Haken-chan…But I don’t feel any milk about to come out – would you care for some juice instead?”
              “Juice, Mama?”
              “Yes…you’re making me so wet further down, and I don’t want that juice going to waste…Please, Haken-chan – drink from your mother’s pussy…”
              “Mama, I…”
              “…I wanted to say something dirty like that.” Rolling onto the floor, Haken-chan got on her hands and knees and poised her head between Aschen’s legs. “It smells so good…I can’t resist the smell of Mama’s pussy…” She bent forward and started licking, lapping up the dew trapped in Aschen’s folds. “Mmmm…it tastes so good, too…so much sweeter than your cock…” Her tongue pried into her ‘mother’s’ birth canal, seeking more fluids with which to quench her thirst.
              “Ah, Haken-chan…” Aschen’s headband split apart, sliding back to denote the activation of Code DTD. “You must be wet down there right now…Licking Mama’s pussy like this must be making yours go crazy…”
              “It is, Mama, but…” One of Haken-chan’s hands drifted towards her mound. “But I don’t want to come just yet. I want to see Mama come from having her daughter attend to her naughty pussy…”
              “Please, Haken-chan, let’s come together…I can see your hand, waiting to get yourself off from drinking your mother’s slutty juices…”
              “Are you…thirsty too, Mama?”
              Haken-chan pulled away from Aschen’s vagina and laid down on her back. “Then come on down…lay on top of your daughter and let’s drink each other’s cum together…”
              “All right…” Aschen complied, mimicking her ‘daughter’s’ ministrations as they moved into a full-blown 69. “It smells so…I can’t put my finger on it.”
              “Yeah…like I knew I was thirsty for something all my life, but never quite figured out what it was…”
              “How does it feel, knowing the answer was ‘your daughter’s cum’?”
              “…I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Aschen’s tongue dipped down into her ‘daughter’s’ hole as Haken-chan’s poked upward into her own. “Ah…keep going…I’m starting to feel it…”
              “Me too, Mama…So good…so wet…”
              The next thirty seconds were silent save for the moans of mother and daughter enjoying each other. Tongues probed sensitive flesh and scents of lovemaking clouded Haken-chan and Aschen’s minds as they writhed in incestuous passion, finally flaring up in a shared climax that sprayed their most private of juices onto each other’s lips.
              Exhausted by the ascent to bliss, Aschen rolled off of Haken-chan’s body and caught her breath. “Mmm…you were so sweet…”
              “So were you, Mama…”
              “Now then, who exactly are you again?”
              “I’m trying to make sure you don’t lose yourself like you keep trying to do in these situations.”
              “Oh. That’s easy, then – I’m Haken Browning, captain of the Zeit Krokodil and fiancĂ©e of Kaguya Nanbu…and also Haken-chan, slutty daughter of Aschen Brodel. And you are?”
              “Aschen Brodel, bodyguard of the Zeit’s crew and passengers…and also Haken-chan’s perverted mother.”
              “Well, now that we’ve gotten the introductions out of the way…care for another go?”
              “I’ll get back to you on that in a minute.”

[In the hallway just outside Aschen’s room…]

              Kaguya let out a faint moan as she rubbed a finger against the soaking mound beneath her dress. “They’re going for another round? I was kinda hoping I’d get Haken to myself at least once tonight…”
              “Well, if all else fails, you could let Big Sis Suzuka take care of you…”
              Kaguya nudged the Shiki-Oni away. “Dammit, does ALL the sex on this ship have to be incest? I mean, you could kinda say we’re all one big happy family, but still…”


(With Regards to Osapon)

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  1. This was a STRANGE mix of kinky, touching, weird, and a healthy dash of canon nods.

    The sum of all the parts was a pretty entertaining read....If You Know What I Mean.

    Great story!