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Stories by DexterGrif: The Blue Cougar and the Agent from FAITH

A quick dig through the Easymodo archives turned up THIS thing that slipped under the blog's radar for some reason. *checks off boxes for Mediafire, Arcana, and Decade for blaming*

It was a time of great confusion - different universes and timelines had been plucked of their most famous people and thrown together haphazardly. Amidst the confusion, many battles quickly ensued, resulting in combinations that people had never expected... confusing the holy hell out of many casual observers. Haman Kahn’s own Neo Zeon fighting alongside ZAFT in order to halt the efforts of the terrorists working under the moniker "White Fang." The AEUG begrudgingly working with members of the Titans to make sure the Earth was safe from meteor strikes from a very pissed off Char Aznable. Perhaps the most interestingly, Diana Counter would join forces with Terminal in order to ensure that the Gundam Fight wound up being a fair and even fight.
Old Rivalries would be put aside as new rivalries flared up almost instantly. Others would find their "brother" fighting out there, taking comfort that there were people like them from other worlds.
Of course, Human nature as it is... there was also a whole lot of fucking going on.


Within the Neo Zeon flagship Rewloola, tensions were high. Neo Zeon and FAITH were just about to launch a combined assault against the forces of Londo Bell. Some pilots dealt with this by relaxing with a simple novel or classical music - others desired a more physical means of relaxation. One pilot in particular, Athrun Zala, decided to deal with his spare time with reflection in the pilot's lounge.
Athrun Zala took a slow breath as he undid his normal suit's clasps, his mind swimming with troubled thoughts. First, he and a vast chunk of ZAFT were whisked away to some unknown universe - atop that, some of his closest friends from the Bloody Valentine Conflict were also here. Kira and Lacus seemed to be fighting for what they believed to be right, but ZAFT (and by extension, FAITH) were running around and helping out the sides who seemed to be outright intending to destroy everything in sight. It also didn't help that Chairman Dullindal sounded exactly like Char Aznable.
And the pair also strangely sounded like that Quattro guy... whoever he was.
Throwing his helmet aside as he dropped to one of the couches in the lounge, Athrun let out a strangled growl as his right hand palmed his forehead. Why did things have to be so complicated?
Making things even weirder, Cagali wasn't anywhere to be seen either - which left Athrun's already troubled heart in even worse shape than usual.

Rezin Schnyder, the Blue Cougar of Neo Zeon, sauntered into the pilot's lounge, letting her Normal Suit's helmet hit the floor as she noticed Athrun slumped on the couch. A slow smirk flirted across her blue raspberry lips, replaced in seconds by what looked all the world like a feral grin - something that looked more at home on her nickname's namesake finding a potential mate. Letting out a soft hum of interest, Rezin took a seat on the opposite couch.
“What’s got you all depressed?” Rezin tilted her head slightly as she unzipped her normal suit part of the way, exposing what looked like a gray undershirt beneath, “You were like a man possessed out there just a few hours ago.”
Athrun flashed back to what Rezin mentioned. What seemed like a normal fight between Londo Bell and Char Aznable’s Neo Zeon quickly turned to a chaotic mess with the appearance of Kira Yamato in the Strike Freedom. Athrun’s personal confidence in his mission eroded in seconds, only to be replaced by what one of the bridge officers later described as “a fury that made space itself tremble” at the pilot of the Strike Freedom. He wasn’t sure what had happened to make him so angry, but Athrun’s right hand trembled slightly as that rage bubbled up again.
“Whatever,” Rezin shrugged as the Zeon ace noticed that Athrun wouldn’t be talking about that, “None of my business why you’re moping around now – I liked you far better angry, though.” Noticing she finally had Athrun’s attention, Rezin continued, a full smile spreading across her lips, “You heard me. I like my teammates pissed off at the world. Keeps them alive...”
Athrun shook his head, about to say something… but Rezin cut him off.
“…and damned attractive.”

Athrun finally looked up at Rezin, confusion in his eyes as his mind and mouth could only agree on one sound to make, “W-wha?”
Rezin’s smile turned feral again as her gloved hand slipped back up to her normal suit, unzipping the space suit further down. The gray fabric beneath the normal suit turned out to be a sports bra, restraining a bounty of cleavage. The zipper continued down, unveiling a well-toned stomach and a hint of amber hair below Rezin’s waist as she stopped. Athrun’s face flushed a light red as Rezin began to show herself off to the pilot from FAITH, freezing him in place on the couch.

“I think you heard me well enough, Mister Coordinator,” Resin flicked her tongue across her upper lip after she spoke, shrugging the shoulder of the normal suit off her left side while leaving her arm still covered, “I’ve always wondered what a ‘genetically perfect human’ can do compared to a mortal man. And I’m not about to miss my chance.” Before Athrun could even think up a half-assed response, Rezin slid her shapely rear off her couch and pounced at the Coordinator – pinning Athrun to the fabric underneath.

Finally realizing he had an excuse to escape this crazed woman, Athrun spoke up for the first time in what seemed like forever. Athrun’s throat felt dry and his voice nearly cracked as he spoke up, his eyes trying desperately not to notice the heaving flesh just in front of his face… and failing, “A-ah, I have to go. Cagali-“
“Isn’t here,” Rezin cut Athrun off once again, “I’ve heard about her, though. But since she isn’t here…” the auburn-haired pilot leaned in, her hot breath brushing against Athrun’s neck as she whispered in his ear, “…you’re all mine, Mister Coordinator.”

With those words uttered, Rezin moved her head slightly and took a sharp bite at his neck, as if marking her territory. Athrun let out a sharp cry of surprise and jerked slightly to one side, instinctually trying to slide away from the crazy woman biting him. Rezin pulled back, leaving her lipstick on Athrun’s neck as well as the bite. Keeping the Coordinator pinned, Rezin reached for the clasps of Athrun’s own normal suit, prying open Athrun’s last defense against her advances. Rezin slid her hands beneath Athrun’s normal suit, sliding across his surprisingly muscular chest while she used her mouth to muffle Athrun’s faint protests with a kiss. Rezin’s eyes snapped open as she felt something growing rather solid between her and Athrun, pulling away from the kiss to see what it was.
Ripping away Athrun’s normal suit, leaving the pilot undressed from the waist up, Rezin was only mildly surprised to find that the ace pilot she was currently molesting went naked under his normal suit – but said surprise was secondary compared to the cock staring her in the face.

Looking at Athrun’s shaft of flesh, Rezin wasn’t sure how to react. A vast percentage of her simply wanted to continue and think later, but there was a smaller portion of Rezin that simply wanted to laugh at the mental image flashing through her head of Athrun’s father yelling at the doctors who crafted Athrun, demanding that his son be built with a cock that was probably a good nine inches long.

Carefully, Rezin clasped her right hand over Athrun’s shaft, using her thumb to gently massage his flesh. Raising an eyebrow as it seemed to grow even larger, the Blue Cougar couldn’t help but laugh softly as she slid off Athrun – her gentle massage slowly turning into pumps with her hand.
Kneeling in front of Athrun, Rezin kissed the top of Athrun’s Coordinated cock, tickling the mushroom of his shaft with her tongue. Smirking as Athrun could only moan softly in reply, Rezin opened her mouth wide and slipped Athrun’s wand inside. Suckling softly at the genetically superior pilot, Rezin felt her arousal build as Athrun moaned her name aloud.
Athrun wasn’t sure exactly what he should do – he didn’t expect the… bitchiest pilot he’d ever teamed up with to jump him like this, much less make it utterly plain what she wanted him for. Somewhat overwhelmed at the older woman’s advances and the tight feeling building up in his loins, Athrun ran his right hand through Rezin’s light brown hair, praying quietly that no one else would barge into the pilot’s lounge for the time being.

Letting out a noise of approval at Athrun’s ‘petting,’ Rezin took a deep breath and tried to take Athrun as far inside her as she could. Four inches… five… six… Rezin felt his tip push at the back of her throat, but Rezin was unable to down much more. Disappointed, Rezin pulled away – her lips parting from Athrun’s flesh with an audible pop. Licking her lips hungrily, Rezin began to run her tongue along the underside of Athrun’s shaft from hilt to tip, letting her right hand pump and massage the ‘top’ side.
“M-miss Schnyder…” Athrun tried to warn the aggressive Neo Zeon pilot as the pressure surrounding his cock grew exponentially, threatening to fire off in the pilot’s face.
Despite not being a Newtype, the Blue Cougar certainly had enough experience with males to know what Athrun was hinting at. Pulling back from Athrun’s shaft again, Rezin licked her lips before taking him in her mouth again. Rezin shook her head back and forth, toying with his cock while her hands fondled what she couldn’t inhale.

The member of FAITH let out a strangled gasp as Rezin assaulted his flesh, resulting in every single ounce of built-up tension exploding from the coordinator’s cock and into Rezin’s waiting mouth. Astoundingly, Rezin swallowed most of Athrun’s superior seed without hesitation. Coughing, Rezin pulled away as Athrun’s cock proved too much for her, the last jet of seed spurting up onto her lips, bra and chest.
Slipping off her sports bra, Rezin frowned as she realized that Athrun’s seed wouldn’t really come out. Tossing it in the trash, Rezin teasingly groped her own breasts as she teased Athrun, climbing up onto the couch next to the Coordinator. Rather than try and mount the Coordinator, though, Rezin found herself leaning over one of the arms of the couch, presenting her ass for Athrun as the woman slid off the rest of her normal suit.

Biting her lower lip, Rezin glared teasingly at Athrun, kicking him once with her foot, “You’d better satisfy me, Mister Coordinator. Because we’re not leaving this room until I’m done.” Athrun didn’t seem to respond at first, so Rezin tried to get a rise out of the pilot by teasing his slowly reviving cock with her foot while spreading her lower lips open with both hands, “…what, do I need to spell it out for you?”
Athrun, for his part, simply rose from the couch – his dick as hard as it had been earlier. Had Rezin known better, she might have noticed that Athrun’s eyes were dilated to a rather bizarre degree – and the Coordinator certainly seemed much more confident than he had been before. A chill went up Rezin’s spine as Athrun slid a hand along her bare back, his thick shaft poking menacingly at her awaiting pink. As Athrun began to push himself deep within Rezin, everything seemed to fade to white for the Neo Zeon ace.


What felt like a pleasurable eternity later, Rezin let out a low moan as she finally slid out from beneath Athrun, leaving her with the sensation of being full... and yet empty at the same time. The Blue Cougar was strangely silent as she started to put her normal suit back on, not caring about cleaning up the evidence of their teamwork just yet. Athrun simply sat there in shock – though he couldn’t help but be saddened when Rezin did up the final clasp on her normal suit.
Clothed again, though a faint sheen of sweat on her forehead and a flush on her cheeks gave away what just happened, Rezin leaned in to Athrun. Winking, Rezin took a deep kiss from her new lover – finally pulling back a minute later, teasing his upper lip with a flick from her tongue as she pulled away.
Before Athrun could respond in some form, the lights in the pilot lounge moved from normal to red. Both the Coordinator and Cougar knew what this meant: time to go out and fight the enemy.
“You were good, kid,” Rezin finally spoke up as she walked away, stopping just shy of the door to the lounge, “A little more practice and I’ll let you take me anyhow, anywhere… whenever you want.” Rezin turned around one last time, watching her latest conquest try and put his own normal suit back on. A smirk slid across her face again as she opened the door, adding, “…I’ll see you after the battle, Zala…”

As Rezin left, Athrun could swear he heard Rezin mutter something about Newtypes and how their psychic bullshit compensates for something. But that was quickly forgotten, as Athrun felt a shudder go up his spine. He could only pray Rezin never found out about Kira's reputation currently streaking throughout ZAFT as "the anal guy."

The End?

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