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AWHB Stories: Freaky Friday

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Freaky Friday
An adult Super Robot Wars fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

Tensions ran high aboard the Hiryu Custom as its mech contingent disembarked from the afternoon’s exercise in lunar orbit.
              “Heh, the Shooting Star had today’s second-lowest kill count. Why Filio thinks you worthy of Team TD’s ultimate machine, I’ll never know.”
              “Lay off, Sleigh. We all saw that Ibis’s vernier sticking out there was an honest error. Once she gets the thrust sensitivity taken care of-“
              “Don’t you go defending her, Miss ‘I got brainwashed forty fucking times and all I got was this massive rack’!” Seolla instinctively moved to cover up her (already amply shielded) bust as Sleigh continued to rail into her. “Just ‘cause you wound up with the LOWEST score today thanks to your chest getting in the way of your HUD doesn’t give you the right to kiss ass for everyone above you!”
              “Yeah, well, just because YOU posted today’s highest scores doesn’t give you the right to take the piss on everyone el-“
              “You can stuff it too, Mister ‘Four-helpings-a-meal’!” Sleigh sighed after cutting off Arado’s attempt at encouragement. “…You know what, I have better things to do than listen to you all stick up for the doe-eyed doofus. She knows she can make it up to me later tonight.” A wink sent shivers down Ibis’s spine as the Scarlet Comet floated through the hangar exit.
              Once Sleigh was well out of earshot, Seolla took her turn to get in a huff. “Grrr…where does she get off, mocking people left and right like that?”
              “…Figuratively or literally?”
              “Ibis, I don’t think that’s a wholly appropriate question to be answering Seolla with.”
              “Because of what I’m implying?”
              “No, because with her, it’s too damn hard to see where one stops and the other starts.”
              The two ladies sighed as the realization set in, following Arado through the exit.

[The Hiryu’s galley, a short time later…]

              Excellen spied the day’s poor performers off in their own corner of the dining room, more sulking than eating. Checking to make sure no one else would detect anything amiss (and confirming that Kyosuke was seated such that he didn’t care either way), she slinked toward the duo. “What’s got you two down? Normally your off days don’t leave either of you so glum.”
              “Ugh, don’t rub it in.” Ibis absent-mindedly poked her fork into her cheesecake at an odd angle, mutilating the filling.
              Whoa, this is serious. Ibis never lets good cheesecake go to waste. “Maybe there’s a way I can help out? Coaching, extra sim time…pouring itching powder in the offender’s laundry?”
              “What’s the use?” It was Seolla’s turn to take out her frustration on her otherwise untouched meal. “All the training in the world won’t be worth a damn if everyone’s eyes are gonna be drawn to my tits instead of my skill…”
              “At least you HAVE tits for everyone to be distracted by.” Ibis’s voice took on a tinge of indignation. “I’ve got to deal with people knocking me for being flat AND useless!”
              “Trust me, you wouldn’t want THESE. Every damn day, they either get in my way or get blamed for being in my way…Oppai Dickeido, destroyer of dreams…” Seolla leaned back as she uttered the mangled catchphrase, letting the arch of her spine bear the burden of the breasts in question.
              “Interesting, interesting…” Excellen twirled a strand of hair that’d blown out of her ponytail. “Looks like we’ve got a case of mutual mammary envy. And I think I’ve got just the solution.”
              “How are you going to solve THIS without a trip to the medical bay?”
              *pfft* “Duh!” Excellen’s left eye flashed a familiar shade of crimson. “I’m going to give you an evening to take a walk in each other’s shoes. Or, perchance, in each other’s bras. Either way, I want to see if your self-esteem issues are really an issue of how big you are –“ Excellen caught herself and turned to Ibis. “-or how small you are, sorry, or if there’s something greater at stake. Either way, I want to hear your progress tomorrow morning. And try not to let on what you’re doing in each other’s bodies to anyone else, understood?”
              “Yes, Big Sis Excell!” The two shouted in unison…then gasped as they realized the deed that had just been done.
              Seolla!Ibis patted herself down, then up, cupping her chest a second longer than sensible to confirm. “…I could get used to this. You holding up in there, Ibis?”
              “It feels a little strange, but I think I can manage.” Ibis!Seolla had similarly taken to feeling up her borrowed body. “I’ll try not to do anything too wild with these as long as you’re as careful with mine.”
              “In the garage by ten and in bed by eleven. Sounds fair enough.”
              “Well, it looks like the two of you are eager to experiment. I hope you can both keep up appearances for your obligations tonight.”
              Ibis!Seolla shuddered as she recalled what was in store for her body that evening. Similarly, Seolla!Ibis’s face went pale with shock. “Oh dear, I didn’t think it’d be that serious for both of you. I can’t take it back until morning, though, so I guess you’ll have to improvise!”
              As Excellen skipped away to toy with some other cafeteria occupants, the bodyswapped girls tried to figure their own ways out of what was to come later.

[Seolla’s evening as Ibis…]

              “Hey, you’re a little early.”
              “Hm?” Seolla!Ibis turned to face the crack in the door that Sleigh was speaking from. “Ugh…I’m feeling kinda under the weather, you can take it out on me tomorrow.”
              “Nonsense!” Sleigh opened the door fully and pulled Ibis in before slamming it back shut. “You’ve never missed a punishment session before, even for sickness…and I especially know you’re lying about being sick.” Lips locked as Sleigh tried to cast off Ibis’s jacket.
              What the hell kind of punishment is this? Seolla wondered as Ibis’s body was further embraced and disrobed. But at least she’s softened since earlier…Maybe I can just play along and make it quick…
              Ibis’s hand tried to snake down Sleigh’s pants, only for the Scarlet Comet to snatch away the wrist. “Eager for the main event already? Uh-uh, you know the rules. You move as I tell you to move – otherwise…” She fished out a paddle from deep inside one of the room’s chests. “…there will be consequences. Do I make myself clear?”
              Oh hell, she really IS a dom. Best to use the classic suck-up lines. “Yes, Mistress.”
              Seolla!Ibis winced as the paddle shot across her butt. “But…but I called you Mistress!”
              “Exactly, Number 4. I’ve told you before, there’s only one thing I’ll answer to when we do this!”
              Seolla grimaced inwardly as the indignation of being called a number hit home. But still, she’d try to keep up the façade – or at least a reasonable approximation of a submissive Ibis. “I…I’m sorry, Number 1.”
              “Not good enough!” Another paddling. “When you screw up, you don’t screw up the apology too! Say it right!”
              Damn, she’s throwing me for a loop! Maybe I can lead her into it… “…I…I forgot, Number 1, please forgive me.”
              “What, did you hit your head in the cockpit today? I only accept apologies made in the third person!”
              Seolla struggled to swallow the lump in Ibis’s throat. “Num…Number 4 remembers now, Number 1.”
              “Good, now you can do the apology right. Make sure you tell me everything you’re sorry for – and how much it BURNS you to have done so much that needs forgiving.”
              “N-Number 4 is sorry for…” Seolla!Ibis was suddenly at a loss for words – half because Seolla didn’t have a firsthand account of everything Ibis should be sorry for, and half because her last nerve had been agitated. “Sorry for…for…oh, fuck this shit.
              “WHAT?” Sleigh reared back for another paddle strike, but Ibis’s arm caught her swing in the descent.
              “You heard me. This is shit. Therefore, fuck it.”
              “What’s gotten into you?”
              Oh, if only I could tell you straight up. But maybe her situation is close enough for it to work… “All my life I’ve had to put up with people calling me a number. Do you have any idea how that eats away at your humanity?”
              “Y…You’ve never said this sort of thing before…”
              “Well, I’m saying it now.” Seolla!Ibis squeezed Sleigh’s wrist, loosening the grip on the paddle so it could be retrieved with Ibis’s other hand. “I don’t feel like being some number tonight. And more importantly…” With the paddle secured, Ibis’s gripping hand moved to dispossess Sleigh of her undergarments. “…If you want to be Number 1 so badly, then I’ll make sure you become unworthy of a name in my presence.”
              “Role reversal, eh? Fine, I’ll play along…” Sleigh bent over as she finished the work of removing her panties, inviting Ibis with a wiggle of her ass. “But I know that the last time you tried to be the dom, you couldn’t stop tripping over yourself long enough to get either of us off.”
              “IDIOT!” Seolla!Ibis let loose with a two-armed swing into Sleigh’s left cheek. “Who said this was about anyone getting off?” Dropping the paddle, Seolla!Ibis pulled Sleigh’s arms behind her back, securing them at the wrist with one hand. “This is about you overstepping your bounds, Number 1 – and I need to teach you your place!” Ibis’s other hand rummaged through another drawer, producing a pair of fuzzy handcuffs from the bottom. Why the heck would they have these? …More importantly, how did I know they were there?
              “Th-those’ll never work…”
              “What was that, Number 1?”
              “The handcuffs, Mistress. Those are the ones with the extended chain – they’ll never work if both my hands are behind my back.”
              “Extended chain, huh? I like where this is going.” Ibis’s grip loosened on Sleigh’s right wrist. “Keep that in front of you. No touching yourself now. …And just call me ‘Miss Ibis’, since I’m still new at this, OK?”
              “…OK, Mistr-Miss Ibis.” Sleigh shivered as the words escaped her lips, distracting her from the sensation of one of the cuffs clicking in place on her right arm.
              “Very good, Number 1,” Seolla!Ibis cooed as the cuff chain was threaded between Sleigh’s legs and pulled into position. “You’ve been so cooperative in helping me keep you from playing with yourself without my permission…almost like you were up to something.” The second cuff locked into place, pulling the chain just taut enough to block access to Sleigh’s nether regions without itself being used for pleasure. “Which means I’ll have to cut to the chase.”
              “To the chase, Miss Ibis?”
              “Don’t just parrot me, knowing full well what you did to deserve this!” Seolla!Ibis retrieved the paddle and sent it crashing down on Sleigh’s bum once more. “Every day of our training, Number 1 – Every day, you outdid me out of some high-and-mighty sense that you NEEDED to. Why?” *crack*
              “Y-you know why, Miss Ibis…”
              “Then you should be more comfortable telling me!” *crack*
              “Ah, yes, your brother. You must’ve been thinking I was trying to steal his heart, with my haphazard successes and spectacular failures…” *crack* “YOU THOUGHT WRONG!”
              Several more sharp raps with the paddle sent Sleigh’s midsection grinding onto the chain. Cold steel ground against warm, moist flesh…and yet, only tears of pain formed in the Scarlet Comet’s eyes.
              “Did you think I honestly wanted such a soft man, Number 1? Or were you just afraid I’d stumble upon some incestuous affair between the two of you?” *crack* “Or maybe it isn’t really him at all – I mean, he’s not here with us right now, right?”
              “N…No, Miss Ibis, he isn’t…”
              “Then if he isn’t the reason you have to be better than everyone else and lord it over everyone, then what is?” *crack* “Is it Tsugumi? She’s here, she’s queer as Filio, and we’re both pretty used to it, right?”
              The newest series of shocks ground Sleigh’s clit and asshole further against the chain. But she needed something more, something deeper…and the only way to get it was to keep playing Ibis’s game. “No, Miss Ibis…It’s not her, either…”
              “Then who, Number 1? Who is it that’s so important to you that you have to defy me at every turn?”
              “I…I don’t-“ *crack* “N-Number 1 doesn’t…” *crack*
              “You know damn well who it is, Number 1! You can’t put on such airs of hatred for someone you don’t know!” *crack*
              “Y…you, Miss Ibis…”
              “Me? But you went to such lengths to hate me – to make me hate YOU, even! How could you do that and still be trying to prove your worth to me?” Seolla started to wonder how much anger was hers and how much was Ibis’s as the Shooting Star’s paddling hand reared backward once more.
              “…P-Please, Miss Ibis…please let Number 1 call herself ‘I’, so she can explain it better…”
              “I’ll allow it this once.” Seolla!Ibis stayed her hand.
              “I…I didn’t want you to be disappointed by the sea of stars…Space is cruel, empty, lonely…And, so was my heart. I had to open it to you so you’d be prepared for what came next…And I thought our make-up sessions would ease that pain afterward…I wanted you to belong to me, Miss Ibis. You’d belong to me so there’d be someone to pull you home from the loneliness of the stars…”
              Whoa, this got deep. Wish I could take notes…Or maybe our minds bleeding together like this works both ways? “…You’ve done nicely, Number 1.”
              “Miss Ibis?”
              “You’re making things too complicated, and pissing off too many people in the process, and even forgetting the whole point of us being together in Team TD.” Seolla was losing further track of whether it was herself or Ibis talking. “I always wanted us to explore the stars together…All four of us, just the two of us, whichever. I’d belong to you and you’d belong to me, and that way, space wouldn’t be so cold and lonely.
              “Wi…Will you forgive Number 1, Miss Ibis?”
              “Of course. But all this time, you’ve really been hurting the me that wants to belong to you, so I’m going to have to make you beg for it.” One last paddling, but just hard enough to ripple through Sleigh’s rump. “I’ll bet those handcuffs are making it hard to attend to your needs, aren’t they?”
              “Y-Yes, Miss Ibis…They make it so hard for Number 1 to put her fingers in her…”
              “Hey, no skimping on the dirty talk now that I’m finally turned on. Beg for it. Tell me what you are, what you are to me, and what you want from me.”
              “I…I’m Number 1…I want to be Miss Ibis’s Number 1…And I want Miss Ibis to free me…”
              “You mean ‘free my hands’, right?”
              “No…I want Miss Ibis to free ME…free me to belong to her the way I’ve been making her belong to me…”
              “Very well.” Seolla!Ibis reached back into the drawer, feeling around for a key to the cuffs. Once she found the metal lump in question, she undid the cuff locking Sleigh’s left arm to her back…then spun around to her front, pulling the chain out from between her legs.
              “You’re forgetting the other arm, Miss Ibis.”
              “Am I, now?” The cuff that had been around Sleigh’s left wrist was now locked around Ibis’s left. “Remember, you belong to me now, as I belong to you.”
              Grinning giddily, Sleigh pulled her cuffed arm downward to Ibis’s waist – predictably dragging Ibis’s own arm toward her own midsection. “I love being yours, Miss Ibis.”
              “And I love being yours, Number 1.”
              Seolla’s consciousness tried to take a back seat as Ibis and Sleigh started going at it, free hands embracing one another mid-kiss as cuffed hands poked at each other’s love holes. But something felt amiss about her home body…as if Ibis’s mind was privy to a similar dream…

[Ibis’s evening as Seolla…]

              I don’t remember having this sort of slouch in my step… Ibis wondered as Seolla stumbled into her room. Is that really from her breasts, or…?
              “Hey, Seolla!” Arado had apparently been following her. “I didn’t see you at dinner. Did you skip eating ‘cause of this afternoon?”
              “You weren’t looking hard enough. But then again…I was kinda going through the motions. Not that I wasn’t hungry, just that I WAS…for something else, y’know?”
              “Oh, I think I know where this is going. But you and I made plans to do it tomorrow night…you sure you want to do it now instead?”
              Ibis!Seolla pondered this. Were Seolla and Arado really this methodical about their liaisons? Must be a School thing…but I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I broke up the schedule a bit. “Well, if it’s alright with you…I’d really been counting more on just being with you rather than being with you, but I’ve just been extra tense lately, and maybe it’d be nice to-“
              “Don’t speak.” Arado leaned in to embrace Seolla. “Don’t focus so hard on what’s wrong. I hate being led into the ‘magical healing cock’ scenario.”
              Ibis!Seolla’s hand drifted across Arado’s hip, resting on (and sizing up) the telltale bulge in his pants. “But it works so well…I mean, your wand feels ready for some magic tricks already.”
              “OK, now I KNOW something’s wrong with you. You haven’t been this forward since our first time…” Seolla’s eyes went wide as Ibis worried about her cover being blown. “…But I kinda like it. You think we can make it feel as good as our first?”
              Reassured by Arado’s ‘run-with-it’ attitude, Ibis!Seolla exhaled with relief as the two tossed aside their clothes. “I think I’ve forgotten enough to keep it fresh.”
              “Heh-heh, if you say so. But I always wonder…would you have forgotten it by accident or on purpose?”
              “On purpose?”
              “Never mind.” Arado cut that line of thinking short as he fished through his pants for the condom in his wallet. Best not to kill the mood by bringing up Seolla’s bad history of School-induced programming.
              “Hey, before you put that on…”
              Ibis!Seolla reclined on the bed. “You’re always focusing on my tits whenever you try to calm me down, right? I want to know…is it because of how big they are, or who they’re attached to?”
              “…If I answer honestly, do I wind up not getting laid?”
              “No, but I think I’ve got a good idea what your answer would be now.” Ibis!Seolla beckoned for Arado to join her. “I’ve been considering these a nuisance more and more often lately…Give me a good reason to keep them like this.”
              “Well…I like ‘em that way.”
              “So do a lot of men.”
              “But can they get as much mileage out of ‘em as I do?” Arado straddled Seolla’s chest a little high for penetration, but just right for… “Most men see breasts like these, and all they care about is the jiggle factor. I see these, and I find an extra way to make my girl happy.” Arado briefly squished the mounds together for emphasis before tasking a hand with properly aligning his boner. Sensing what was about to happen next, Ibis!Seolla positioned her hands accordingly to provide balance against the slow, initial thrust.
              “Mmmm…as much flesh as I’ve got to spare, it must feel as good as down there, doesn’t it?”
              “Sometimes even better than that!” Unaccustomed to having breasts big enough for a proper titfuck, Ibis!Seolla fumbled a bit in trying to match her kneading to Arado’s pumps. Eventually, though, she settled for a vertical motion that kept Arado close to her sternum. “Huh, you really are trying to make it like our first…No fancy tricks, just whatever makes us feel good, eh?”
              “Mmm…that ridge toward the tip DOES feel good against the inside of my chest…but is it really worth having them THIS big? I could do just fine with a size or two less…”
              “Don’t say that…man, you really HAVE forgotten. For starters, you’re cupping yourself all wrong.” One of Arado’s bracing hands shifted to take Seolla’s, spreading her fingers to better cover her size. “You’ll really be feeling it once you apply a little pressure to each nipple.”
              Hands spread out properly, Ibis!Seolla contracted her index and middle fingers to pinch herself slightly – just as Arado resumed his thrusts. “Uwaaaaaaaaa! Oh God, now it feels like I’m on fire!”
              Arado took that as his cue to speed up, his cock furiously rubbing against the inside of Seolla’s chest. “On fire…huh? I’m…feeling it too…”
              “Feels so warm…all over…even down there…”
              “Do you want me to…”
              “You’re good like you are…Just…let me burn…and douse me in your…”
              “Oh, I’m gonna…Do you…where do you want it?”
              “I don’t care…Just keep rubbing…You being in my breasts like this is making me-AAAAAHH!” Ibis’s mind was thrown against a wall as Seolla’s waterworks gushed in time with Arado’s white-hot ribbons gracing her face. “I LOVE YOU LOVING MY BREASTS! I LOVE MY BREASTS!”
              And Ibis hoped that somewhere in her own body, Seolla would come to appreciate that someone loved her breasts just the way they were.

[The following morning…]

              Ibis awoke in a daze, head still ringing from the previous night’s hazily recollected events. When the ringing finally ceased, she took note of her surroundings – apparently she was back in her own body.
              Which was handcuffed to Sleigh’s. “…Sleigh? Sleigh, wake up! Where’s the keys for these?”
              “Mmmm…Miss Ibis…You make it feel so good to be your Number 1…”
              Sleigh’s sleep-mumbling indicated that she wouldn’t be much help in getting out of the fuzzy cuffs.
              Similarly, Seolla awoke to an odd warmth in her chest and a passed-out Arado sharing the bed. “Huh, I’ll be having words about giving him a preview of tonig-“
              Seolla’s oath was interrupted by the surprise of seeing her face in the mirror – coated in the dried-out tracks and splotches of expired semen.
              An hour later, in the Hiryu’s cafeteria, the two ladies had just one thing to say to each other after taking their seats for breakfast.
              “Just what did you DO last night?”



              Author!Haken faced the camera with an inordinately beaming grin. “Today’s presentation is brought to you by CLOMAX the new topical ointment from Super Pharma Time Pharmaceuticals that brings the speed and stamina of a hero of justice right under your skin! Just rub into the skin of whatever body part needs its functions enhanced, and CLOMAX infuses it with the energy it needs to work at peak performance from start to finish! WARNING: For external use only. Side effects may include Catchprases, Signature Moves, and Finishing Attacks. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should avoid using CLOMAX, because Rider Fetus is a pain in the ass to clean up. If your Finishing Attack lasts more than four parts or develops Special Editions, discontinue use of CLOMAX and consult a physician immediately. Avoid exposing electronic devices to CLOMAX, especially computer keyboards as CLOMAX reinforces unwanted reflexes to press the ‘o’ key.

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