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AWHB Stories: A Lioness and a Kraken

(If anything seems wonky,'s a dream sequence. Deal with it.)

A Lioness and a Kraken
An adult Super Robot Wars Quest fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

    Between exploiting the Red Zoids and Blue Zoids’ conflict to her advantage and keeping Kurou from getting himself bent out of shape after his altercation with her posse’s latest hanger-on, Katina Tarask had worked up quite the sweat today.
    And while cleaning up after dark was usually anathema to her tastes, the prospect of a before-bed shower was beginning to jive rather well with her “take-what-you-can-ASAP” mentality picked up from some mix of School training and Shadow Mirror guerilla fighting. So it was that the heterochromic hellion slipped into the women’s showers aboard the Aderu, trademark orange-sherbet dress safely stuffed into a cubby before stepping under the nozzle.
    If only explaining the presence of the equally battle-hardened redhead next to her was anywhere near as easy.
    “Faruko? But…you…the Scabbard…”
    “Hmm? Oh…” Shura general Faruko Albark turned to face Katina, nary the worse for wear after the several magical arrows Kurou had shot into her head hours before. “Worry not about my travel arrangements. I’ve persuaded Argo to resume his previous duties as the Scabbard’s helmsman, at least for the evening.”
    Katina’s gaze turned steely at the mention of Faruko’s contingency. “You DO remember what I told you earlier, right?”
    “Rest assured, I’ve not defaulted to our…previous arrangement.”
    “I AM holding you to that, y’know…but more importantly, WHY are you here?”
    Faruko turned to let the water droplets assault her hair. “It is customary among the Shura for diplomats to bathe together in celebration of favorable negotiations. A goodwill gesture, if you will. Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of more…private accommodations…”
    “Ummm…wow. I think you’ve got a WAAAAAAAY sexier definition of ‘bathing’ than I do.”
    The redhead perked up an eyebrow. “Wait, what?”
    “Oh, come on. First you come rambling in, talking about sisterhood and feminine strength and blah blah blah. Next you’re trying to catch potential ‘sisters’ alone and unawares – I know EXACTLY where this is going.”
    “Really, now?”
    “Yeah…and I think I might like it.” Katina began inching towards the flabbergasted Faruko.
    “N-Now hold on a minute-“
    “And that quip
earlier about a lioness drinking milk from a bowl, and you being SO above that…” Subtlety went down the drain as Katina took the Shura warrior’s hand. “That’s the kind of metaphor someone obsessed with bodily fluids uses.” The next bit was whispered into Faruko’s ear: “Go on ahead, name your poison.”
    Still slightly frazzled by Katina’s advance, Faruko struggled to piece syllables together for a moment.
    “OK, maybe I’m being a little TOO forward. Maybe you’re just in it for the touch, the feeling of someone against you. Is that what you’re after?”
    The frog in Faruko’s throat finally evened out. “Uh…ummm…y-yes…”
    “I figured as much…we ARE sort of alike after all…” Purple and green eyes darted up and down the redhead’s body, taking note of a light but prevalent muscle tone that defined Faruko’s features from the neck down, and even slightly out to her B-cup bust. “It took ME quite a while to get the subtle part of intimacy down pat, too.”
    “Shhh…” A finger from the blonde’s free hand crossed Faruko’s lips. “Just give me five minutes and that bar of soap, and I’ll make sure you get everything you could ever want out of this.”


    The ensuing five minutes wound up becoming the most exhilarating scrubdown Faruko had ever experienced. Armed with little more than a soapy washcloth and a greedy grin, Katina had managed to reach every spot of her body with exacting pressure – every movement of the cloth against her skin was as rough or as smooth as it needed to be.
    And yet, an apprehensive frown curled across her face as the Shura woman considered the places Katina had so far neglected to touch. “Pardon my callousness, but…you missed a spot.”
    “Well, well, you’ve finally figured out SOMETHING was amiss.” The blonde idly balled up the washcloth, briefly considering squeezing out the remaining suds before staying her hand. “I’m sure you know what will happen if I start working with THOSE…”
    “Oh?” Faruko tensed up slightly as her hand moved to cup her own breast. “I…I know I was kind of planning on this, but…”
    “Just making sure you’ve grasped the consequences of such a sexy encounter, is all. Once I start working on your boobs-“ Katina resumed her position behind Faruko, fingers poised to snake across her bust from behind. “-we’ll become something slightly closer than a couple of celebrating diplomats.”
    The redhead drew a deep, slow breath. “…Do it.”
    “Okey-dokey!” Katina took Faruko’s chest in an approximation of a bear hug, squeezing the brawler close as the washcloth went to work on her breasts. Soap suds danced across the redhead’s bust and down her cleavage as the blonde took to gentle teasing, the cloth brushing just so around and across her nipples as Katina’s other hand felt its way down Faruko’s abdomen. “Something tells me you haven’t had it this good since…well, at LEAST since the Patchwork was formed.”
    “Is that a ‘no, I haven’t’ or a ‘no, I have’?”
    “I h-haven’t…”
    “Well then…” A quick peck on Faruko’s collarbone. “…I guess I ought to be honored to be your first in a long while.”
    “I…I’d like to return the favor…”
    “You never…got around to scrubbing yourself, did you?”
    Katina’s cheeks broke into a rosy blush as Faruko extracted herself from the embrace, turning to face the PT pilot-turned-Valkyrie pilot.
    “Now then…allow me to show you how a proper Shura cares for her sisters.” The general’s lips locked with Katina’s, allowing Faruko to prolong her surprise and scoop the washcloth into her own hand.
    Though obvious in its difference from Katina’s everywhere-but-the-erogenous-zones scrubbing, Faruko’s method of choice was no less deliberate – one hand gently kneading the washcloth across the blonde’s right boob while the other thumbed the left nipple made it clear that the bathing session had become explicitly erotic. Fighting back the urge to moan, Katina cracked a smile at the thought of being serviced by a woman who fucked as ferociously as she fought.
    She couldn’t fight for long. A faint cry escaped the School reject’s lips as her body started to lapse in keeping itself upright, begging to slump into Faruko, to share her body heat…especially the heat beginning to rise down THERE…
    “I guess you’ve been waiting as long for this as I have. Very well, the time of one individual serving another has long passed, anyway.” One hand cut off the water as another dragged Katina’s body lower and lower, settling it atop Faruko’s own newly prone form. “Come, Katina, let us partake of one another…as is our right as sisters…”
    Not even bothering to
call the Shura woman on that, the blonde obliged, lips pressing onto the redhead’s collarbone as a hand resumed its journey down Faruko’s abdomen, hesitating momentarily at the warmth of its destination before slipping a couple fingers across its folds.
    Faruko let out her own gasp as she began to repay Katina in kind, one hand keeping the blonde’s head nuzzled into her cleavage as the other reached across her bottom to stroke at the other honeypot.
    With the shower long since disengaged, it wasn’t long before the scents and sensations of womanhood began to overtake the duo, the luckily-vacated hall of showers echoing with their cries of ecstasy as a wholly different sort of waterworks commenced its release.
    Gasping for air and burrowing into each other’s arms, Katina and Faruko were worlds away from a certain blue-haired boozehound’s intrusion into the Aderu’s female restroom…


    “What th-Aww, c’mon!” Haken threw up his hands in disbelief as the footage abruptly terminated. “And just as it was getting good, too!”
    “I know, I know…” Marion moved to cut the power on her new Transdimensional Brainwave Decoder. “…But sadly, that IS where the dream ends, at least for safety’s sake. Somehow whoever originally dreamt that up became aware of it partway in, and terminated REM sleep. The feedback nearly blew a fuse in Gespy-san’s tertiary cognitive processing array.”
    “Regardless, it looks like your new invention’s a success in more ways than one. Kaguya, ring up the satellite company real quick.”
    The princess turned to the cowboy as she fished for a cell phone. “You’re really going to cancel the ship’s TV subscription?”
    “Well…at least the pay-per-view channels.” Haken sidled up to Kaguya as she began dialing. “Between you, the other girls, and Marion’s new dream catcher, I’m not sure scripted porn can do it for me anymore…”


    Faruko gazed at the woman slumped on top of herself as the two basked in the raw pleasure following their erotic scrubdown. “Well, Katina…it seems the ‘Thunderous Fury’ is a name you’ve earned for yourself in far more than battle…”
    “I can’t exactly call what we just did thunderous or furious.” The blonde turned over, letting the redhead spoon her as she caught her breath. “It was more like…”
    The silence snapped Faruko out of the afterglow after several seconds. “Well, like what?”
    “Hold that thought…” Katina’s purple eye darted across the path out of the shower room, settling on its newest occupant.
    “Hmmm…blue hair and a- *sniff* …Is that brandy?”
    “Whiskey, usually.” Kusuha Mizuha’s unmistakable scent (no, not THAT one) began to waft through the showers as the Shadow Mirror medical officer swaggered closer to the duo. “I mean, I wouldn’t mind her joining us, but…”
    “But what?”
    “She was never on board the Aderu. Which means…” Katina rose from atop the Shura’s naked body, steeling herself to respond to a yet-unknown threat.
    “What in the…” Faruko pulled herself upwards. “Is this how you mean to greet an innocent bystander?”
    “Nope. The one sending her to us, on the other hand…”

    Katina’s eyes snapped open as she awakened from the shared Anti-Psychodriver wet dream, shuddering as she sensed her body reconciling with Jamie’s subconscious fantasies thereof.
Jeez, what a perv! I mean, I’m pretty sure Faruko MIGHT be a good lay, but… Briefly pondering the slight dampness in her panties, she decided her next course of action and made sure all the “tools” from the day’s dress were in place before slipping it back on.


    The door to Jamie’s bunk was unlocked, and the mousy assistant to Dr. Cooplowski (and more recently, man-slave to Faruko) was still fast asleep, no doubt sustaining the dream world where Faruko was currently lathering up Kusuha. Katina crept inside, noting the pup tent the man was currently pitching.
Perfect…Here goes for Phase 1.


    “Mmmm, Faruko…You sure know how to make a woman feel right at h-OW!” A sharp pang near Kusuha’s crotch mysteriously snapped her OUT of the alcohol-and-sex haze beginning to permeate the shower.
    “Kuh!” The phantom pain coursed through the Shura general as well, prompting one hand to drop the bar of soap and the other to let go of the inebriated medic’s breast. “What was that…my head…”
    Things started fading to black for the two women, the dream shower scenery following close behind.


    A damn shame I’ve got to let him keep that mallet,
Katina thought as she bolted down the hallway of the Aderu. But I should still have everything I need to handle Phase 2…


    Dammit, this sort of thing is why I didn’t bother with Generation III…
Author!Haken pored over the vast expanse of data the Pokemon generator demanded he fill in. Stupid EV and IV tweaking, how the game kept from turning into Melee or Brawl is beyond me…
    Luckily for a certain someone, the baseball that connected with his noggin didn’t manage to get beyond him. Unluckily for the author, that someone was…
    “Hey, you’re the guy who makes the subtitle batches for my show!”
    “Subtitle ba- wait, SHOW?”
    “Y’know, Super Robot Wars Q! Comes on right before Super Hero Time, right?”
    Author!Haken stared at the orange-and-white-clad woman clutching the baseball bat. “Umm…you must be mistaken. I just re-link the archives of the script…and occasionally write the porn.”
    “Oh. Well then…” Katina’s grip on the bat tightened. “YOU HIJACKED MY ENDING, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” The first swing connected where the baseball previously impacted, followed by wild strikes that shattered a couple of bones (along with the computer monitor and keyboard). “If you’re gonna write about people having sex, then make sure you fill in what they do afterward, too! Quit pulling this self-referential cutaway bullshit!”
    “Alright, alright! Jeez! I’m sorry!” Author!Haken struggled to check for a bloody nose as Katina’s onslaught abated. “It won’t happen again, I promise!”
    “Good.” As Katina slipped back through the gap in the Fourth Wall, she passed by a queasy-looking Jamie (queasier than usual, anyway) fidgeting with the elastic in his briefs. “And as for YOU…we’re not quite finished yet…”
    The Jersey boy ‘eep’ed as the blonde raised the bat for another strike or seven. Or seventy.

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