Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.

Whoever the character designer for Infinite Space was, they need more work and more work fast. There wasn't a single rated unfuckable woman in the game (with the exception of Pipra, naturally), I wanted to write fapfics of all of them. However, that is a bit unreasonable so I narrowed down the list to Nia, Mariana, Musin, Soneto, Phyllis, and Glorinda. Phyllis is a bit young, so she might be getting replaced, but that is in the future. Anyway, this is part 1 with Nia. The fics after this will be more or less spoilery if you haven't played the game, but this one should be fine if you've only seen the first ten minutes. Nia and Yuri have obvious chemistry. Thus, this.

Bodysuits are inconvenient, Yuri thought for about the thousandth time, as he struggled with his libido to avoid public embarrassment. Ever since he got to space he had been fighting with the downsides of puberty. The women out here were much less modest than on Ropesk, and all these skin-tight bodysuits, or worse, when they wore whatever they wanted, were playing havoc with his mind and body. He was here on a mission. That thought repeated itself in his head repeatedly as he talked up the foreign dignitaries. He shouldn't think about how that dress pushed Nia's breasts up and together. Just as he was deciding this dignitary was hopeless, the delicious caramel cleavage he had been trying to put in the back of his mind showed up in front of him. She'd played the good girl all night and it was clear she was fed up.

"C'mon kid, we're done here." Nia growled. The official seemed shocked at her sudden change of demeanor, and wilted from her glare. "None of these people seem to care about a threat if they can't see it." She grabbed a glass of wine and tossed it back and emptied it in one gulp. Wiping a sleeve across her mouth, she started off in her usual hip-rolling stride that threatened to turn his waist into jelly. Leaving the apalled man behind, he fetched Katida from her conversation and followed suit. He managed to keep his eyes off Nia's chest for at least a couple of minutes on the ride back up the elevator, as Katida yammered on and on to him about something.

Back on his ship, he quickly excused himself to his cabin and checked his schedule to make sure he didn't have anything to do for at least thirty minutes. The worst part of this whole experience is the complete lack of free time he had. He had to relieve himself virtually every time he had any, which was rare, just to stay sane. He quickly unzipped his suit, and brought up his favorite picture of Nia. His penis needed no convincing as he began his tri-daily ritual.

"Kid, I need to talk to-" ohfuckiforgottolockmydoor. Yuri turned around mortified. Nia looked at him, with his dick in his hand, at her picture on the screen, then shut and locked his door with an expressionless look on her face. "Usually a captain works somethin' out with someone in his crew. I always thought you and Kira had somethin' goin' on." She glanced at her picture again. "You couldn't get a better picture? You can't even see my ass in that." Yuri was still petrified as she strode over to him, and looked him over. "I can see I'm going to need to do somethin' about this."

Nia removed the cloth from her head, and brushed her wild ivory locks away from her face as she knelt. Though she was back in her usual attire, the makeup from the ball was still on, and lips painted a vibrant purple wrapped around the head of his cock. He left arm grasped his thigh firmly, as if to hold him in place, as her right hand wrapped suprisingly delicate fingers around his shaft. Yuri groaned as she began trepidly probing the entrance of his penis with her tounge, lapping the juices within. As her tongue started moving with greater strength, her hand began pumping faster and faster, with her pinky daintily in the air. Nia's creamy brown cheeks dimpled as she began sucking on him vigorously, moving her head back and forth slightly with her faint lilac-shadowed eyes closed. Depressingly soon, Nia realized Yuri was about to blow. Still sucking, she removed her mouth from his head with a loud pop and began stroking him vigorously, faster than he had ever done to himself while staring up at him with a grin on her face. Moaning embarassedly loud, Yuri could only stare back as he began spraying his seed on her face, covering her right eye and the entirity of her nose in his spunk.

"That was, mm, quick." Nia said teasingly while wiping her face off and sucking her fingers as she stood, smearing her makeup slightly as Yuri collapsed to his bed. "How'd a cute boy like you stay a virgin for so long?" she continued jokingly, unbuttoning her top with one hand and sliding out of it by rolling her shoulders in a way that made Yuri sit up stare at her newly revealed breasts. She sat down next to Yuri and rolled on her back to pull off her boots, before continuing, "You really shoulda just told me. I wouldn'ta minded with you." Yuri's brain started back up and tried processing this before his brain shut down again as she stood and bent over to pull down her pants and underwear in the same action, wiggling her hips and looking back at him. He didn't realize he was still erect until she slid, legs folded to either side of him, into his lap and felt his rod pressed between her cool stomach and his.

Nia looked down at him with a strangely caring face. "I really like your hair," she said, combing her fingers through it before pulling her young lover's face up to hers with for a kiss. It was soft, gentle and quick, and she pulled back to look at Yuri with another gentle expression, before giving him a quick peck on the lips and shoving him back onto the bed. She brought her hand between her legs and back up to her face and looked at a strand of liquid between her fingers. "I guess I'm gettin' more into this than I thought..." she said with a slightly surprised tone. Lifting her hips up, she reached down and grabbed his cock with an underhanded grip. She brought his tip against her entrance and slid it up and down it.

"Wh-why are you waiting?" Yuri panted out as his hips strained to plunge in. His shoulder was held down by Nia's other arm as she grinned and licked her lips, still teasing his cock.

"I've been aggressive so far, but a girl likes to feel like she's wanted." She said, a feverish look gleaming in her eyes at Yuri's face.

"I do! I do want you!" Yuri all but shouted, embarassed that this was all he had said so far.

"Say please." Nia continued.


"Mistress Nia."

"Please, Mistress Nia!"

"What do you want to do?"

"Please, Mistress Nia, let me fuck you!"

"Such a good little boy," Nia said, plunging her hips down. Yuri moaned pitifully again as the warmth wrapped around his shaft, squeezing him roughly. Both of Her slender caramel arms held his shoulders down, and her chest bounced in time to the rapid bucking of her hips. Yuri grabbed her thighs, but could otherwise do nothing as he was being used by the older woman, whose eyes were closed and was making pleased noises in her throat. Her glazed over eyes snapped to attention as she felt Yuri tense up. "Cummin' kid?" her gaze was filled with a sadistic excitement as she continued, "Not without my permission." She sat up and reached behind her, grabbing him at the base of his cock with a fierce grip. Her pace seemed to get wilder as she felt him pulse in desperate need to release. Yuri could only groan wordlessly at the delightful torment, the pleasure mounting again and again. "Shoulda, nngh, expected, mmmf, it from a, ohhhh, virgin," Nia panted out, "They always need to be, ummng, trained." Yuri barely even heard the words as the walls around his dick began to clamp on him wildly, producing even more half-orgasms from him. Nia looked down, with drool leaking from her open mouthed lazy smile and said, "Here you go kid."
When Nia released her grip he could only shout out incoherently as a flood of semen gushed out of his dick, and an orgasm that lasted longer than he could imagine rocked his hips and whited out his brain.

After he recovered Nia lay panting next to him, a pool of his cum leaking out of her. She looked over at him satisfied. "You'll make a good man one day," she said in a nurturing fashion, while stroking his hair.

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