Thursday, April 1, 2010

AWHB Stories: The Trouble With Layovers

No time to play April Fool's with such serious lovers - here's some early chocolate for your Easter basket.

The Trouble With Layovers
An adult (mostly) Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “Well…shit.” Saya slumped onto the wall of the crystal outcropping where she and T-elos were taking refuge.
              “Well, what?”
              “You couldn’t feel it? Just a little while after that cowboy and his pals did their Evel Kinevel thing–“ The fox-woman’s finger traced along the horizon, marking off the route of the Zeit Krokodil’s recent jump from the top of the Schlafen Celeste. “-the Flux got torn open with whatever it is that smushed all these worlds back together. I could feel it pulling THOSE three back, but…”
              “…We’re still here, obviously.”
              “Ayup. So NOW what? There’s no telling when the next person who knows how to travel via the Flux will get here, there’s gonna be people crawling all over the place just trying to redraw the maps for the Frontier, and…”
              “…And what?”
              “’Nothing’ my ass, you just don’t want to admit we’ve still got THOSE two.”
              “Funny story about that…turns out we don’t.” Saya rose. “Dokugozu and Dokumezu got pulled along for the ride as well – and I KNOW they probably didn’t want to be at this point. And even if we DID have them, they’d be useless.”
              “So it’s just the two of us, then.”
              Several minutes passed as Saya and T-elos tossed this around in their minds…and then the former broke into a smirk.
              “You heard me.” T-elos pulled out her Heaven Tracker and leveled it at Saya’s head. “What the hell’s with that grin on your face?”
              “I was just thinking…about it just being the two of us, stuck in this world where nobody seems to take anything seriously…this might work out, even IF we don’t make it back.”
              “How so? Pretty much EVERYTHING hinges on us getting out of this place.”
              “Yeah…if you mean the everything our bumbling masters at Ouma and Vector had lined up for us. But this…this gives us a whole new everything to work with.”
              T-elos returned her pistol to…wherever it was she pulled it from. Saya took a second to theorize that the gynoid was quite literally pulling it out of that nice, taut ass of hers…
              The chocolate-skinned robot cocked an eyebrow as the fox-girl blushed. “Oh, great…what is it now?”
              “I just saw you put away your gun, and I thought…you’re practically pulling that thing outta your ass every time you whip it out…and then I started thinking about-“
              “You’re coming onto me, aren’t you?”
              “…Is that going to be a problem?”
              “…Not if it’s part of testing this new theory of yours.”
              “Oh, it is. Have you ever thought about just…living and going into business for yourself instead of just being told why and how you exist?”
              “Not really. Most of my thinking time was spent computing how to deal with HER…”
              “Yeah, that’s kind of an unhealthy obsession.” Saya took T-elos’s hand. “If you’re gonna live for someone other than yourself, it’s probably not a good idea to spend your time pondering how to eviscerate that person.”
              “But…KOS-MOS is my-“
              “KOS-MOS is NOT on this plane of existence. So quit worrying about her, dammit!” Saya reeled the android in, lips furiously pressing against their equals.
              “Wh…what the hell was-“
              “Oh shit…I’m sorry, I kinda got caught up in the moment.
              “I didn’t say stop.” Reversing the grasp Saya had on her hand, T-elos returned the favor with interest, tongues briefly clashing before the duo pulled away for air.
              “You seem to be warming up to this plan rather fast.”
              “I won’t say I’m planning to give up everything and move in with you, if that’s what you’re shooting for. However…” The gynoid’s arms closed around the were-fox’s abdomen. “…If I’m going to be stuck taking a vacation from my mission, I may as well enjoy it.”
              “Vacation, eh? Well, we SHOULD still be a short distance away from the beach…”
              “Too risky – we’re wanted women, remember?”
              “…Damn, you’re right. Now what?”
              “Don’t worry, I think we’ve got everything we need for a romantic getaway right here…”
              “Clothing optional, I bet?”
              “Of course.”


              A deep red accented the horizon as the sun retreated from Lost Herencia (or at least this particular chunk thereof) for the evening, the shadows of the crystal outgrowths obscuring the ‘resort’ Saya and T-elos had constructed for themselves. Off to one side was a disheveled mass of clothing formed by the pair’s discarded garments, bits and bobs of T-elos’s armor being the only indicator that the robot had been the latter to disrobe. Next to that was a pile of assorted weapons and survival supplies (mostly things Saya was carrying, though the Heaven Tracker was on top because the were-fox had insisted on a coat check), accompanied by the discarded minibottles of some eclectic mix of liquors.
              The cornerstone, of course, was the women themselves – a thoroughly inebriated Saya entangling herself in T-elos’s limbs as the two writhed next to a yet-unlit pile of kindling.
              “Whush…whusha deal witcha not drinkin’? I thought…I thought robotsh needed alcohol to run…”
              “That’s just TV, you pickled dolt. And I can’t believe you went through so much – you’re really trying to make it hard on me, aren’t you?”
              “Hard on? But I – I don’ have a penish-“
              “Don’t make me dignify that with a response.” The booze on Saya’s breath wafted into T-elos’s nose as the fox-woman squeezed in for another snog. “Ugh, if it was just you being buzzed, I could tolerate it, but-“ Saya silenced her grievance with her lips clamping onto the robot’s. Ugh, I can taste it! This haphazard mix of whatever she had on hand…and yet, just this little taste…
              T-elos smirked as the duo broke off the kiss. “Y’know, maybe this won’t be such a bad thing after all. Alcohol might dull the senses, but at least we’re in prime position to burn it away.”
              “Run that by me again? Prefer’bly without the robo-talk.”
              “…I was hoping you’d ask.” The smirk expanded into a cunning grin – the grin T-elos originally planned to reserve for her ultimate triumph over KOS-MOS. “You’re piss drunk, and I’m gonna fuck you sober.”
              With that, the gynoid practically let Saya’s body melt into her own, as hips began grinding, fingers began stroking, breasts squished into one another…
              “Hey, b’fore we go all the way…y’mind if I start the fire?”
              “Huh? You saying I’m not warm enough for you?”
              “No, it’s just…it’s getting dark, and I’d like to see where I’m going…”
              “Oh, fine.” Saya pried herself off and crawled toward the provisions pile, fishing for a lighter…only for a rap on her buttocks to greet her once she secured the device.
              “OW! What the-“ She turned around to see T-elos, on all fours just like her, grinning just like a moment ago.
              “All afternoon, you were thinking about my ass…you ought to have worried about your own.”
              The next few seconds were a blur to Saya’s liquor-addled brain. All she knew once they were done was, the fire had somehow become lit, and Saya herself was propped off the ground next to it, T-elos’s arms groping her from behind as the mocha mechanoid took to spooning her from beneath.
              “Wha…How’d this…”
              A whisper into her ear. “Never mind how…Just relax and let me handle everything…”
              A pinch at her left ass cheek, followed by a poke at her right nipple. “T…T-elos?”
              A lick at her earlobe as the left hand brushed toward the base of Saya’s spine. “…Well, OK, there’s ONE thing I’ll let you take care of yourself, but first…”
              A finger wriggling into… “Kgh! That’s…that’s not…”
              “Is it the wrong hole? REALLY?”
              “Good.” The scent of Saya’s unattended sex began to overpower the lingering alcohol. “Go ahead. I’ll be right behind you…”
              “A…All right…” The fox-girl crossed her right arm over where T-elos’s own right was kneading her breast, resting her palm over her snowy pubes as her fingers dipped inside…
              The duo’s shadows jolted across the crystal backdrop as their ministrations continued, Saya splayed out on top of T-elos as her body bucked from the fingers dancing in both halves of her privates. “T-elos…you’re doing so much for me…are you feeling…”
              “I can manage…” The gynoid let out a gasp. “Your body sliding against mine feels so good…and the hand…playing with your a-AAAAAAH!” She let her hips speak for themselves, her clit grinding against the knuckle of the middle finger currently wedged in Saya’s colon.
              “Good…so good to know you’re right there with me…” The were-fox’s own left hand quickened. “Please…keep going…don’t stop…want to…feel you, always…”
              “I won’t stop…don’t wanna stop…you’re too good…”
              The hand on Saya’s breast shifted underneath her bust as the pair’s platitudes devolved into carnal moaning, T-elos hugging all of the were-fox’s abdomen into her own in anticipation of their release. The left hand Saya had left free for balance joined it in response, fingers interlocking as their climaxes left them slumping back.


              Saya awoke to dawn breaking over the horizon and an intense pain in the forehead. “Ugh…how is this…”
              Behind her (but no longer underneath; gravity had seen to that in the middle of the night), T-elos’s whisper caught against her earlobe once more. “Damn, I thought we burned all the booze sugars out of you last night.”
              “No dice on that, I guess…now I know what Reiji feels with that scar I gave him…”
              “Hey, what are you trying to pull, talking about him?”
              “All that talk about us setting aside our lives during this little layover…if I can’t worry about KOS-MOS, you can’t worry about Reiji. Only fair, right?”
              “…I guess.”
              “And as for the REST of our banter last night…” T-elos gestured for Saya to turn towards her, which she did. “Did you really mean it when you said you always wanted to feel me?”
              “…Eh, as long as we’re stuck here, at least.”
              “Well then…” A peck on the fox-girl’s cheek. “Maybe tonight, I’ll let you try and make the feeling mutual.”
              “Why should I wait for tonight?” Saya returned the favor. “After all, we’re wanted women…”
              “What’s that got to do with anything?”
              “Well, I want you, and you want me, so I’d say it’s got to do with EVERYTHING.”
              The pair squished back into each other, resolute to enjoy their enforced vacation.



  1. Wow. Never thought I'd see this pairing, but I'm not complaining. In fact, THOSE two together is one really arousing image......and how did you know I had a thing for chocolate? ^_^

  2. Why, EVERYONE loves chocolate. Some take it sweet, others like it raw and bitter, but the appeal of the cacao bean is universal.