Tuesday, March 30, 2010

V! V! V!

As an aside, I was originally going to have Ms. Nanbara getting it on with four dudes at once and having the title be Combine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. When the, ah, logistics proved to be too confusing I went with something else. This is another "faceless" fic, since I like them more. Also a bit of a confession, Chizuru was one of my first animated crushes.

Chizuru giggled as she gave the man a quick peck on the lips, then another as she tried to find a good position for her head. After the third light kiss, Chizuru's arms went around the sides of his neck, and one hand bent back to go into his hair and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. Greedy hands traced the back of her jumpsuit, one lacing itself into her wild green mane of hair, and the other down to her rump. As he began groping her firm ass hungrily, the young female pilot pulled back and gave him a playful slap on the shoulder.

With mock seriousness Chizuru glanced around the corridor and scolded, "Shouldn't that wait till we're in private?" The man, with a look of concentrated seriousness, brought his other hand down to her rear and grabbed it with extremely exaggerated motions, and shrugged unapologetically before breaking out into a grin. Laughing, Chizuru entwined her arms around his head again and continued their kiss. Her lover's hands strayed past what could only graciously be called a skirt and grabbed her bare thighs, lifting her up as she giggled into his mouth. Stumbling around, he almost dropped her, soliciting more giggles as she wrapped her toned legs tightly around his waist and pressed against his chest.

This graceless kissed continued for some time, until the young couple collided into a wall. Letting go of Chizuru, the man's kisses left her mouth and started to wander down her neck. The green haired beauty's laughs turned into sighs of pleasure as he lingered there, nursing her neck affectionately. He began unzipping her jumpsuit, pulling the zipper down between the yellow V, and stopping after he had pulled it down to the belt. He glanced down to his newly freed bounty, before stopping.

"An undershirt?" The man said disappointedly.

"Where did you think these sleeves came from?" Chizuru said teasingly, as she brushed his arms aside and reached into her jump suit. She pulled the trunk of the shirt up until it exposed her lacey-white bra. Her mate reached in the suit and began fumbling with the hook.

"How the hell am I supposed to get this off you?" He said after unlatching it and staring at the maze of clothing that was her outfit.

"You're certainly impatient," Chizuru said jokingly and began shrugging off her layers. Sliding her arms first out of the top of the pink suit, then pulling her shirt off over her head and tossing it casually to the side, and finally shrugging out of her bra and throwing it away in the same casual manner.

"Mm, I like the suit on, though." Her lover said as he pulled the sides up. Chizuru looked at him in amused exasperation as she pulled her arms back through it.

With slight annoyance and a grin Chizuru said, "Can we get back to what we were doing now?" Laughing, the man closed back in on her neck, pawing at her breast this time. The green haired pilot bit her lip as he pinched at her nipple, and his kisses strayed to her cleavage. One of her hands pressed his head into her chest while the other idly rubbed her thigh. Unconciously, it drifted between her legs and began petting there. The man reached his free arm, previously braced against the wall, down between her legs before crashing into Chizuru's hand.

Looking up, he said with a grin, "Who is the impatient one now?" Chizuru gave an embarassed smile as her lover knelt down and reached up into her skirt. After he pulled the panties down to her knees, she stepped out of it with one leg. Chizuru gasped in delight as his tongue took its first taste. Roughly, he explored her entrance, making broad strokes that causing waves of pleasure throughout the green haired woman. He pushed past her labia lovingly, wiggling his tongue between her walls, and lapping up the juices. She began rolling her hips back and forth at his attentions, making very pleased sounds. He stopped and looked up at her with a grin, wiping his mouth.

"Oh, you jerk! Don't stop there!" Chizuru said angrily. With a self-satisfied grin her lover put his face forward again and began sucking at her clit. Wrapping his hair in her hands, Chizuru began grinding her hips up and down against his face. Her unladylike grunts continued until her body jerked and she gave out a yelp of delight. She stood against the wall, panting and barely standing up as the man rose and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his shaft, throbbing, with precum covering the tip, and began jerking it lightly as he placed it at her entrance. His tip poked against and slid up and down against her entrance, and eventually his whole shaft was sliding up and down it, pressed between their stomachs.

"Mmmm, stop that! No more teasing! Just put it in!"

"Put what in?" The man said jokingly, "I'm afraid I don't know what you're requesting."

"Rrgghh! Put that thing in me!"

"That's no way to ask," He said, continuing the motions.

"Fuck me already, I want your cock inside of me, please!"

A wet slapping sound was covered by Chizuru's loud moan as he slammed his shaft all the way to the base inside of her, balls clapping against her buttocks. He held himself there, hands on her hips, feeling her walls tight around him until she gasped, "Move, damn you!" He pulled back slowly and slammed in roughly again, holding until he solicited more curses, more vulgar than the last. Her lover repeated this a few more times, before losing control him self. Rhythmically, he pumping into her, his strokes punctuated by Chizuru gasping "Fuck me" over and over. As her tempo and pitch increased so did the tempo and strength of his thrusts, until she was only making a wild animal noise and he had lost all sense of rhythm and control. Breasts bouncing, she began to clinch him spasmodically and let out a loud moan, twitching in obvious pleasure. At her climax, the man thrust in deeply one last time and blew his load there.

The couple stood there like that, gasping for a moment. Chizuru looked at her lover and cupped his face before affectionately saying, "You're such a jerk."

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