Saturday, March 6, 2010

Couch's Stories: There's Something About Synthflesh

Original /m/erotica content, you say? Why yes, it is!

(Couch even says he's got a series deal in the works.)

There's something to be said for the smooth curve of synthetic flesh. Ryan Gresset couldn’t help but take a look over the gynoid in front of his viewscreen as she approached from the outside of his shuttlecruiser. A gleaming, angular mix of red and silver, Carnelian had a certain elegance to her in full armor, a dazzling radiance as the sunlight twisted gently around the pylons of her graviton wings. She was graceful, yet Ryan knew she was equally deadly, fifty times stronger than a human and armed with an array of weaponry that made her well-suited to being his protector. Frontier exploration was a dangerous business, after all, and it paid to have a guardian. Not to mention...

“I’ve finished mapping – we’re ready to make planetfall.”

“Roger…” Ryan sighed – after being in space for the past week, it was finally time to be under gravity again. “Opening the hatch-“

“Erm, actually?” Carnelian’s tone turned sheepish as she interrupted him. “I was wondering if I could ride the shuttle down, maybe?”


“Well, it’s just…I’d heard about surfing, and I thought it might be nice to give it a try…”

Ryan considered this for a moment, then shook his head and grinned. “Sure, sure…if you think you can handle re-entry. It gets hot out there.”

“Oh, definitely!”

“Then hop on, gorgeous, and let’s go surfing.”

“D-Don’t call me that~” Carnelian whined, even as she got on top of the shuttlecraft and clamped her boots onto it.

“Okay, entering gravity well in three…two…one…”

The ship dropped into the atmosphere of the alien world, a controlled dive that slid down at an angle to reduce the stress on the cruiser’s hull and thrusters. Over the communicator, Ryan heard Carnelian give a giddy cry – the explorer shook his head and smiled. At least it’s not lonely with her around…


It was about half an hour before they made landing, settling down on the edge of a large lake. Alien plantlife surrounded the ship, while Carnelian took a little bit to regain her composure before dropping inside.

“Have fun?” Ryan asked, smiling.

“It was great! Can we do it again sometime?”

He laughed, running a hand through his short brown hair. “Sure, sure…next time, though. Right now I think we’re stuck here for a bit while the ship refuels.”

“Ah, that’s right…” Carnelian looked briefly disappointed, but then gave an odd smile. “Say…since we’re stuck here~?”


“Well, we haven’t been under gravity in a long while…and I was hoping you might…recalibrate my ballast~?”

Ryan shook his head and grinned. “All you had to do was ask, gorgeous.”


The thick gauntlets on her forearms were first to come off. Beneath the wrist guns and clawed gloves lay sleek arms with slender fingers, the synthetic flesh a dazzling silver color like it was on her upper arms and thighs. Many of the combat gynoids were made with flesh approximating a human color – Ryan had asked that Carnelia look from head to toe as though she’d been dipped in silver paint. The leggings came off next, one at a time – without the heeled boots, the natural arch of her feet showed, and he gave each a kiss as they came into view. Next came the torso, a particularly bulky piece that contained not only armor, weapons, and wings, but also a respectable bust, her nipples a dark matte gray in contrast to the shine of the rest of her synthflesh. Her helm was last to come off, revealing a short mane of red hair and one of her few external components that wasn’t coated in synthflesh – her sensor wings, the four-inch-long projections that stuck out and back from either side of her helm, were affixed to her head in place of normal ears, and separated from the rest of her helm when it was removed. Unable to resist the urge to tease, Ryan leaned forward and took a long, slow lick up the length of her left wing, earning a shocked cry. “Ahn~!”

“Mmm~” Giving a sly grin, Ryan clamped his lips over the wing, starting to suck on it. Carnelian let out a yelp, squirming as a crimson flush showed up clearly on her silver synthflesh. “A-Aaahn...nooooo, d-don’t suck on them like that~!”

“Hmmm?” The human gave a teasing grin, rolling his tongue along the sleek metal to Carnelian’s writhing pleasure.

“Nooo…st-stop, Ryan~!” she whined, grinding her thighs together in desperation – finally it was too much, and the gynoid yelped once more as she found release. Ryan withdrew from her wing, stick giving the teasing grin.

“You came from just that? You really are too sensitive…”

“But…ah~!” Carnelian gasped as her neck was subjected to some light nibbling, trailing down to her ample chest. “You - ah! – you’re the one who had them build me this way~!”

“Mmmhmmm~” Feather-light trails of kisses made their way across the gynoid’s breasts, making slow, deliberate spirals towards the darker synthflesh of her nipples. The first time his tongue flicked across one, Carnelian gasped. The second, she moaned. The third, and she gave a drawling noise as her head rolled back. “Y-You’re always such a tease, Ryan~!”

“And that’s why I asked when you were built…” He smiled, starting to kiss her teat more regularly. “I asked that my partner not only be a gorgeous silver beauty…” His voice dropped to a husky whisper as his body slid lower over hers. “…but that she like being teased…” A hot breath blew across the surface of her slender abdomen, making Carnelia writhe.

“Ohhhh…” She shone every time she squirmed, Ryan thought to himself, as his tongue slid down over her belly to brush her hairless nethers. “P-Please…”

“Hm~?” He looked up, giving a smile. “Please what?”

“Please…I can’t bear it anymore…I need you, in me, please~!”

The smile softened, its edge fading. “As you wish…” Carnelia couldn’t help but pant a little in anticipation as she watched him undo his belt, pants sliding down to reveal a healthy member – not enormous, but seven inches put him on the uppermost end of average. She couldn’t help but smile – she hadn’t touched him yet, but he was already fully prepared.

“Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

“Of course. There’s a reason I call you gorgeous, isn’t there? Now, hold still.” Making an effort to keep himself even in the face of anticipation, he spread her silver lips and pressed inside. She'd been given special care here to emulate the feel of a woman around him, with the twist that full control over her tightness and muscles brought. Instinctive programming kicked in, and her nethers gave a tug, a gulping motion that Ryan deliberately resisted a little for her pleasure and his own. She was allowed to swallow his length, but on his terms. He enjoyed watching Carnelian's face shift from an embarrassed cringe to a look of pleasure that was almost shocked. No matter how many times she had it, being stuffed drove the gynoid up the wall.

“Perfect fit as always.” Ryan gave a calming smile, lifting Carnelian up into a sitting position, her breasts squishing against his chest as she was pulled in for a kiss. Though at first it was the human's lead alone, it didn't take much effort to start Carnelian reciprocating, her arms wrapping around his back as their tongues weaved a slow, gentle dance. Her hips didn't move, but her nether lips squeezed and sucked gently upon his buried member, keeping him fully erect but well away from orgasm. She felt an arm slide under her right leg to lift it as the kiss broke off, guiding Carnelian into turning on her side, and from there onto her front. The twisting motion within her was unbearable heaven, as the ridge near her deepest turned itself over within her belly. Carnelian tried to suppress a squeak - for a moment she was successful, but then Ryan's assault on her sensor wings resumed, four inches of temperature, pressure and moisture sensors utterly ravaged by the wet warmth of his tongue. She yelped, squirmed, and squealed, all to no avail. The human's hands slid under her breasts and gave a firm squeeze, driving her sensory input into overload - her jaw went slack once more, her synthesizer only barely managing to squeeze out a "P-Please...!"

"Please what?" Ryan purred along her wing, the vibrations driving her mad.

"Please...d-do it...fuck me~!" Carnelian cried out, her hips bucking against his. It was a request her partner was all too willing to fulfill, mercifully releasing her wing from his lips so that his hips could properly start their motions. The gynoid gasped, arching her back as the first thrusts started - she was more sensitive than any human woman could be, a white-hot jolt running through her sensors every time the intruding shaft plunged to her core. Her melodious cries filled the room - Ryan contrasted them with steady, even breathing, a smile on his face as he watched her writhe underneath him, each cry accompanied by a milking squeeze and a surge of her synthetic honey.

“Haah...that's it, gorgeous...”

“Aah...aaah...haaah~! N-No, please…say my name! Say what you named me~!”

“Alright, alright…” Ryan leaned in close, whispering along her wing. “Carnelian…beautiful Carnelian…”

The gynoid whined. “N-Not just beautiful…don’t tease me anymore, Ryan~!”

“Of course, you’re not just beautiful…you’re also mine, and only mine.” The whisper she heard as he twitched within her was full of more passion and love than she could bear. “Myyyyy Carnelian~!”

“Y-yes…YES~!” She screamed, tightening around him to milk his ensuing orgasm for every last drop of precious seed. His own cry of passion was much softer, but equally full of satisfaction. He reflexively attempted to pull away, but her body clamped tightly around him, holding him firmly in place. “No, don’t pull away from me…stay right here.”

“Can I turn you around, at least?”

Carnelian blushed as she realized what he wanted. “Ah…y-yes…”

Turning her around, Ryan promptly snuggled his face into her chest as though it were a set of pillows, muffling his voice. “Big day tomorrow…rest up, Carnelian.”

“Aah…” The gynoid regained her composure and smiled. “You…you too, Ryan…”

There is, in fact, something to be said for the smooth curve of synthetic flesh. Particularly when one’s tired, and needs a warm set of pillows for the night.

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